Project Review: Plant Empires

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I. Overview: Plant Empires

Plant Empires is a mobile game that brings together the concepts of tower defense, role-playing, and other strategy gaming genres. With the hybrid gameplay of Plant Empires, consumers from both traditional and blockchain gaming sectors will be drawn to the game. Players can quickly pick up the game thanks to its well-known themes and simple gameplay. In Plant Empires, each type of plant has its own skin, power, and skills, which makes for interesting confrontations for players. Players can use plants to destroy zombies, monsters, and bosses, triumph in PvE and PvP battles, and obtain valuable rewards when they enter the world of Plant Empires. 

The strongest squad that the players can put together allows them to work together to take out powerful monsters. Players can develop their squad to become stronger by defeating monsters, which gives them the resources they need. Plant Empires is now available on both mobile devices and PC for players to download and ẹnoy.

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II. Unique Selling Points

  • Perfect Combination: Both blockchain users and traditional gamers can profit from and take use of numerous incredible gaming features.
  • Anti-Inflation: The Plant Empires team buys back $PEFI using the proceeds from in-game shops’ non-NFT sales and advertising revenue. Then, we reinvest in the game for players by contributing back 60% of the revenue from bought-back tokens into the reward pool. Because revenue is used to buy back tokens and preserve the overall supply amount, this mechanism prevents token inflation.
  • Anchored to the Traditional: On Google Play and other popular gaming platforms, Plant Empires will be made available. This will draw some players to the game, along with the gameplay that has been proven to be successful. Additionally, in-app purchases and advertising money will increase user stability.
  • Consignment System: Users can assign NFTs to the ROFI Multiverse team, including Heroes. We put the NFTs in the in-game shop after receiving them from the sellers and selling them to non-blockchain users. This method was developed to link gamers who use blockchain technology and those who do not, enabling both groups to trade with one another more readily and improving the game’s economics.

III. Tokenomics & Utilities


  • Init Price: $0.004
  • Circulating Supply(Token): 300.000.000
  • Initial Market Cap: $1.100.000
  • Spec: BEP-20
  • Contract address: 0xa83Bfcf9E252Adf1F39937984A4E113Eda6E445b

Use Cases:

  • Convert to gPEFI for Plant or Land upgrades
  • Open Gacha chest
  • Buy items from the Marketplace
  • Stake to earn NFTs


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IV. Team & Backers


Technological business CSCMobi was founded in 2015. Aiming to provide high-quality game products for youth in the fourth industrial revolution, the company now has 65 individuals, many of whom are passionate about the gaming industry. The employees of CSC consistently propose lofty goals, ground-breaking concepts, and breakthroughs under the motto “CREATIVE – SPEED – CRAZY.” With over 100M users across Google Play and the Apple Store, CSCMobi Studio has a wealth of gaming development knowledge.

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V. Roadmap

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VI. Socials

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VII. Summary

The gameplay is straightforward and well-known, which enables players to get the most enjoyment out of it. With unique skins, strengths, and skills, the game’s crops, heroes, monsters, and bosses provide a wide range of gameplay material.

With its groundbreaking metaverse of games, Plant Empires hopes to provide gamers with a satisfying and enduring experience. The team’s long-term objective and greatest passion is the Plant Empires Metaverse. Building a vibrant community, paying attention to player input, and making game improvements are all prioritized in order to provide players the best possible experience when they join Plant Empires.


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