A new platform developed by Fujitsu has been made available to assist Web3 developers everywhere

Fujitsu da cong bo ra mat mot nen tang moi duoc thiet ke de ho tro

The global Web3 developer community will now be supported by a new platform, according to Japanese tech giant Fujitsu.

The Web3 Acceleration Platform from Fujitsu, according to a report by the Fintech Times, aims to offer a development environment, blockchain-based service APIs, high-computing technologies, simulations, AI, and combinatorial optimization for start-ups, partner companies, and universities developing Web3 applications and services.

In a statement on February 8, the company stated that their platform seeks to promote the development of a varied ecosystem of Web3 apps for a variety of use cases, including digital content rights management, business transactions, contracts, and workflows.

Select members of its global partner program, the Fujitsu Accelerator Program for containers as a service, will also be given free access (CaaS). Program partners can now utilize the platform in Japan as of March, and the business plans to make it available worldwide later in the year.

The realization of a co-creation society through decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), rights management and the use of digital information, and the establishment of digital trust are the three main principles Fujitsu articulated for its Web3 platform. Fujitsu intends to organize a global planning and development competition with the goal of establishing DAO communities, implementing new Web3 services, and supporting the growth of its new platform.

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