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Cryptocurrency launchpads are gaining momentum as blockchain takes the spotlight in recent years because they help identify early-stage crypto projects and encourage early participation to make huge returns on investment. AceStarter, a new promising project, is confident it can leverage DeFi innovations to provide a secure, transparent, and fully decentralized crowdfunding service, and extends its definition of launchpad further.

About AceStarter

AceStarter is a launchpad project on Binance Smart Chain that curates and launches world-class crypto projects on a global scale. AceStarter is focused on a community-centric model and proves its commitment to this model by implementing a hybrid fair launch of its very own token, $ASTAR. The project aims to equitably distribute investment opportunities to investors with even the smallest budgets by aligning their incentives and contribution with the projects they back.

AceStarter keeps investors’ and users’ best interests in mind

AceStarter makes the investment journey more personal and convenient for users by going all out to ensure they get the best “treatment”. For starters, no pun intended, the project implements a frequent reminder of Investment Schedules through emails and phones so investors do not miss out on important investment opportunities.

After thorough and careful consideration, AceStarter opted to go for the “Fairlaunch” approach to enhance sustainability and stay true to the decentralization nature of blockchain projects. This model has been proven to significantly reduce strong waves and encourage teams and partners to drive business, develop products, and wholeheartedly take care of the community. Fair launch is where everyone can participate on equal footing, 100% token unlock at TGE, and no vesting. The rounds’ names and addresses will be fully transparent with a weekly financial report to support the DYOR process. This model also helps establish credible blockchain projects by eliminating unfortunate pump-and-dump situations and providing benefits to actual and long-term businesses.

AceStarter also provides an All-in-one fundraising method for crypto projects including IDO, IGO, private crowd sales, and IMO. The users can freely join in any deals they desire and reap the benefit they deserve as early investors. AceStarter also focuses on Community-building service and user acquisition model as it is, as mentioned above, a community-centric platform. Part of the profit AceStarter gains from their services such as the Subscription fee or Transaction fee will be used to buy back ASTAR tokens and increase their value. The Monthly Subscription fee is where users pay a small monthly fee to participate in IDO and INO contracts and AutoClaimed services, while the Transaction fee is derived from transactions on the marketplace and exchange platforms.

A highly multifunctional ecosystem

Per their commitment to being the first-rate decentralized fundraising platform and project accelerator that operates on Binance Smart Chain, AceStarter collaborates with start-up incubators and well-established blockchain partners as well as keeping a close eye on the current situation of the crypto community to make necessary innovations. Hundreds and thousands of members of the extensive crypto community are welcome to join the AceStarter ecosystem, and there’s always something for everyone. As the launchpad progresses, additional revenue from investments after cooperation with game studios and incubators will be used to continuously explore, approach, and invest in new and promising projects.

Early investors and future-unicorn chasers can enjoy their shares of the highest standards for crypto start-ups as AceStarter focuses on hosting the launching of the most promising and groundbreaking projects in order to ensure long-term and sustainable profits. For users with a taste for entertainment, they can gain access to blockchain games on ChainVerse platform and play mini-games in Gami Zone. For users as a whole, there is a farming and staking function as well as a thriving NFT Marketplace.


The AceStarter token is the main token for the AceStarter ecosystem.


– Token name: AceStarter

– Token ticker: $ASTAR

– Type: BEP-20

– Network: Binance Smart Chain

– Total supply: 1,000,000,000 $ASTAR

Use case:

– Making purchases within the ecosystem

– Farming and staking

Token distribution:

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Team Members

AceStarter is a product of Ever City Global Ltd. and is backed by Appota Group, a smartphone application distribution and game publishing company with a large user base and a strong presence in Asia.

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Social Channels

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Final Thoughts

AceStarter aims to build a comprehensive blockchain project-kickstart ecosystem and promote financial independence, which should attract a great number of budding launchpads and crypto investors. The crypto community should be on the lookout for the project’s IDO coming in early 2022.


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