Adroverse – A Beautifully Crafted Futuristic Ecosystem on Blockchain

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Adroverse is a new promising blockchain project that will develop NFTs into other applications that will reach beyond gaming, such as representing physical assets that can be rented. For now, Adroverse is offering a multiplayer mobile game that will surely be compelling enough to draw in blockchain gaming experts and novices alike.

About Adroverse

Adroverse is a decentralized multi-chain project that evolves continuously. The first key part of the project is Adroverse Battle Arena (ABA), a multiplayer mobile simulation game following a turn-based strategy CCG (Collectible Card Game) model that operates on Binance Smart Chain. Adroverse endorses a Free-to-play and Play-to-earn model, which join together to create a lucrative Free-to-earn model.

A gripping concept coupled with a robust gaming ecosystem

The storyline of Adroverse is set in a galaxy called the Adroverse and takes players on a ride to the future, specifically the 3000s, where a group of survivors has to fight for their lives and other human beings. Taking on the roles of 31st-century doomsday survivors, players get to conquer the universe, fight, collect and exploit space resources, rebuild space cities, and create beautiful planets. They are called the Heroes the Adroverse.

At its core, NFTs are simply collectibles – the digital version of a rare or one-of-a-kind item that, thanks to blockchain, can be cryptographically verified for authenticity without the need for any central authority. This concept is a match made in heaven for collectible card games, as they also honor the uniqueness and rareness of collectibles, and have been gamers’ favorite for years. Adroverse makes use of this in Adroverse Battle Arena, where players need to acquire new cards and set up tactical decks in order to win the battles. Think of it as Pokémon, but with a futuristic theme and intricate 3D designs. Adroverse has hundreds of NFT characters with different attributes in the form of cards and weekly new releases.

In the near future, Adroverse will develop an Adroverse Monopoly Arena and Adroverse Galaxy United to expand its ecosystem with interactive NFTs and transform it into a true MetaFi platform.

The myriad of ways for players to earn with Adroverse

There is a reason why Adroverse is on the blockchain. It is so that the platform can help the crypto community become more financially stable through various ways of earning assets that can be translated into real-world value. For starters, the game offers In-game rewards like cards or card packs and even ADR tokens through game quests, PvP battles, and other in-game activities. These rewards can be sold later to earn profit. There are also Gacha mini-games occurring frequently to reward lucky players.

The marketplace is where users can freely trade NFT cards and other tradable resources, and it is one of many blessings coming from the DeFi (Decentralized Finance) world. Other DeFi built-in instruments can be exploited on the platform, such as lending assets, AMM (Automated Market Making) on various asset pairs to earn trade fees, or performing Yield Farming activities. Staking is a must-have for any blockchain project that allows users to earn money passively, and the more you stake, the higher reward you can gain. Adroverse also has a Renting feature to let players increase their earnings by renting out assets like Generals, Warriors, Buildings, Structures, etc.

Further down the line, Adroverse will reward Co-production as users participate in creating and upgrading digital assets of the metaverse. Users can also become Adroverse official distributors to participate in periodical NFT pre-sale events and open their own shop to trade digital assets. Player-created content is another strategic program of Adroverse that encourages self-made content to be added into the games as long as they follow the standards. Co-governance is another special feature of Adroverse that allows players to participate in the DAO governance system, and to gain some share from transaction fees of the whole metaverse.


ADR token is the main token for the game and opens up a vast ecosystem for users to explore and earn more. Adroverse also has a secondary token called ADD token.


– Token name: Adroverse

– Token ticker: $ADR

– Type: BEP-20

– Network: Binance Smart Chain

– Total supply: 1,000,000,000

Use case:

– Purchasing in-game items

– Other DeFi features: Staking, Yield farming, governance, etc.

Token distribution:

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Final Thoughts

Adroverse is striving to set itself apart from a swarm of blockchain gaming projects in the market today by offering attractive games for both casual and P2E players, while also appealing to non-gaming users. It is basically building a robust ecosystem with interactive NFTs, crowd metanomy, and a MetaFi platform, which is very inviting to the crypto community.


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