AirNFT – Breaking the Boundaries with NFT Launchpad

8.13 AirNFTs Breaking the Boundaries with NFT Launchpad

AirNFT has been a force to reckon with in the NFT market ever since its official launch in April 2021. The project has the ambition to make NFTs mainstream by focusing on user experience, operating crosschain, creating more use cases for NFT, and improving accessibility to NFT. By continuously delivering on their promises, AirNFT has achieved many impressive milestones in less than four months: 

  • Top 10 best NFT marketplaces across all chains (DappRadar)
  • More than a million visitors
  • More than 100k NFTs minted
  • $7-8M in volume without DeFi functionality

And they for sure do not stop there.

The First NFT Launchpad on Binance Smart Chain

On August 11, 2021, AirNFT released the first-ever NFT Launchpad on Binance Smart Chain as laid out in their roadmap. The AirNFT Launchpad is unique in many ways.

On the part of the investors, an investor buys an NFT package (or as many as he desires) on . Then at the end of the launchpad, he will receive the NFT along with the amount of $AIRT as specified in the NFT package he buys. So, an investor receives both $AIRT tokens and NFTs when he participates in the NFT launchpad. This will massively increase the chance of making profits for the investor as both the $AIRT and NFT can be traded later on.

On the part of crypto projects and NFT artists, this model allows newcomers to gain more traction, interact with investors in an engaging fundraising process, and secure a foothold in the demanding NFT market. They can get creative with their NFT launchpad packages and provide investors with many exciting options rather than old plain tokens like other forms of public sales. With the recent rise of blockchain gaming, gaming projects may take advantage of this NFT launchpad and have a compelling public sale that offers special in-game items or characters. It is also a fantastic way for new artists to get support from the community for their next works.

On the part of AirNFT, the new NFT Launchpad will likely attract even more investors, artists, and crypto project owners to the site, because the launchpad is not only original and special, but it is very easy to use as well.

The Creator Is Also the First Project to Raise Fund on NFT Launchpad

AirNFT is a special project from inception as it has only run on the team’s resources and has never had any form of token sale. Now, as the NFT Launchpad is live, AirNFT hosts its first public sale on the platform. 20% of total supply of $AIRT is allocated to this launchpad sale and there are four NFT packages to choose from: Air Superhero, Air Commander, Air Ninja, and Air Astronaut.

airnft nft bsc launchpad token sale public sale binance smart chain

The launchpad is the only chance for investors to get $AIRT at the price of $0.05 per $AIRT.

When it ends, investors get their $AIRT allocation and one of these super cute NFTs.

Owning $AIRT grants holders many benefits, which include:

  • Engaging in all activities on the AirNFT platform (as $AIRT is the utility token of AirNFT)
  • Participation in the governance of AirNFT
  • Staking and providing liquidity to earn rewards
  • Exclusive allocation spots in future launchpads
  • Discounts on many activities in the AirNFT ecosystem
  • Price increase in the long run as the token is deflationary

This public sale will allow AirNFT to have more resources to further develop their ecosystem and consolidate their position as one of the best places to create NFTs on BSC.

Final Thoughts

AirNFT has proved to be a project with ambition and integrity so far, as they keep delivering on their promises and building based on the roadmap. (Check out their roadmap here)

NFT is the craze at the moment, but it is still very much in its infancy. By combining the power of both DeFi and NFT, together with creating a user-friendly environment for everyone, AirNFT Launchpad creates a win-win-win situation for the platform, project owners, and investors.

AirNFT sure is a formidable force for innovation that is driving the development of NFT forwards.


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