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On 29 June 2021, Luke – host from BSC Army conducted a successful Youtube AMA with KenTheCrypto – CEO and founder of 100XCoin.

As usual, the Community has a lot of questions about 100XCoin’s path. Our guest from 100XCoin took part in a fascinating AMA session that included the introduction, project in-depth review, and audience questions. If you missed the live AMA in person, read this recap for a more comprehensive look at 100XCoin.


Luke: Hi, I am Luke from BSC Army – the first decentralized autonomous organization for social media industries on Binance Smart Chain. Our mission is to promote better and adapt the BSC project for a better DeFi space. It is a great pleasure for us to have this live AMA session with Mr. Ken The Crypto from 100XCoin.

This live AMA shall be brought live broadcast from our Youtube channel of BSC Army. If you are new here, remember to try to hit the like button, and subscribe to us because we are coming back with more live AMAs and cool stuff in new weeks.

Good to have you here, Ken.

Ken: Thank you, Luke. I am happy to be here, and I am very happy that we are working together as an ecosystem rather than competing.

It is good to have other faces of other Binance Smart Chain projects. I am glad you guys do live streams. I do not think many other projects do that. I mean, I am all about transparency. Yeah, I am glad to be partnering with you guys on certain things that we cannot announce yet.

Before we get to the main section, do you want to introduce yourself to our community a little bit?

Ken: For those of you who do not know me, my name is Ken The Crypto. I am the CEO and the founder of a project called 100XCoin. Our coin was formerly known as 100XElon. I have been in crypto since 2017.

I started as a crypto influencer back in 2017. I talked about primary coins that nobody talks about yet before it is too late. In the top 1000s rather than just the regular Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin, I usually talk about coins in the Binance Smart Chain and other networks where it is tough to access. That is what 100XCoin is all about.

We aim to bridge the masses into different crypto networks because that is one of the biggest problems in crypto. People hear about all these other coins, but they do not know how to get in them, how to invest in them because all they know is Coinbase, here is Binance, here is Bitcoin, here are the top hundred coins you can invest in. I believe that money is where you are getting in things very, very early. That is why we decided to create 100XCoin and to be transparent.

When I first started 100XCoin, I had no idea what I was doing. I was just a new founder, and I wanted to enter the crypto space because I saw the biggest problem was rug pulls and a lack of transparency. When we started 100XCoin, my primary mission was to ensure enough transparency in the space that other projects want to do the same thing. That is why I live stream almost every single day on my Youtube channel. When I first started 100XCoin, I was live streaming twice a day. Last week I just finished my 24-hour live stream.

That is something about 100XCoin. We aim to bridge the masses into different smart chains where it is tough to get access to. We also created our first product called the 100xAltbase, in which you can buy coins inside the Binance Smart Chain with a debit card or credit card. So it is more narrowed down rather than focusing on every single crypto project there is.

Yeah, what we do is we aim to select very transparent projects that have a use case that have a long-term vision for the growth of cryptocurrency as a whole.

Main Content

Part 1: ABOUT 100XCoin

Luke: There are a few things I learned about you. First, you are an evolutionist because in this space, when everybody is talking about top corner stuff, you are choosing a whole different path. The second thing is that 100XCoin sees this blockchain technology’s true potential, space, and everything, not just rug pulls and stuff. It makes me proud to have you as our partner.


1. We all know that to build a new project, have a team that has the same mission, and vision is also a very long journey. Do you want to talk more about your team, and who has been on your side this whole journey of building 100XCoin?

When I started 100XCoin, it was a purely community-driven project. I put myself, and my vision, my mission out there for what 100XCoin would be all about. Then out of nowhere, these people started showing up that wanted to be a part of it.

We have COO – chief operating officer Cow Jump Moon. What he does is making sure that things do not go wrong. He made sure that the smart contract worked properly since we had two failed launches which were very unfortunate. We reached an all-time high of 80 million market cap for our second launch, but unfortunately, the smart contract wasn’t fully functional until our third one, which is right here right now that we are on. We’ve had some bad luck, but I made sure that I am in this for the long haul, and I got a tattoo of the 100XCoin logo on my neck.

We also have GH, and he is a community director. Underneath him is a team of about 40+ moderators from all around the world. We are in about 20 communities which means that there are 20 other telegram groups in each area of the world. We are going to be adding more communities.

We also have contracts with our developers who made our mobile app.

A lot of our team is very experienced in what they do, and most importantly, they have passion for what they do. They came here because they saw the mission division we are still building even through these challenging times.

Honestly, I do not know what it is. Is it just a mixture of passion? We are all here for a reason – we want to make crypto a better place, we want to make crypto more transparent, and we welcome every investor without getting rugged.

Luke: That is a spirit. It is very important to have that kind of passion, and motivation to get through all the tough times. I do not think that there is any factor of luck that is actually pushing you to this point.

2. When you first started building this project, what made you think that community and transparency should be the two keywords that you are going to follow throughout the whole process?

Ken: The community is everything. In the beginning, I was slaving away at 100XCoin. I was doing everything, and I had like ten jobs at once. But once the community was built, it started building in itself. Memes started showing around, and then people started sharing it, people started talking about it. Now we have a fully organic community, and I want to keep focusing on that. Because at the end of the day, crypto did not start as this one big thing where it is just so techy, and there is just so much innovation happening. Crypto started as a community that was a small group of people who wanted change and to make the world a better place.

I want to start 100XCoin and start together with different projects such as you guys LaunchZone, and BSC Army.


3. Do you want to share a little bit about how you’ve been able to utilize your community in your business model in 100XCoin?

Ken: Regarding the business model with 100XCoin, there is a 10% transaction fee, and about 1.5% of that is the development and marketing. The rest goes to an auto burn function and then auto liquidity.

I have thrown every penny into marketing, and we spent over a million dollars on marketing and development. It cost us over $200,000 to build this app and rush it because it took three weeks to get this app out, and it is a fully functional app. We are just waiting on the IOS to finally approve us because they are a lot stricter on crypto apps, and Android is entirely out – we have about 50 to 20,000 users.

Honestly, it is crazy to think that I bootstrapped 100XCoin using my funds because I traded many meme coins before 100XCoins. I had my businesses on the side, and I just bootstrapped 100XCoin with my own money to start with.

Thanks to the development and marketing wallet, I can just throw everything back in there and keep it growing. I reinvest everything in 100XCoin. I am all in.

Luke: You know what they say, ‘Put your money where your mouth is, and you can see that you have put more than just your money but also your time, and motivation.’

4. Long story short, what would be the three most priceless lessons that you’ve got so far since your entering the DeFi space, and the blockchain?

Ken: Are we speaking in terms of a founder or an investor?

Luke: I am just naming three things, whatever that you think that helped you the most in surviving in this space?

Ken: I mean, there are many lessons I’ve learned throughout these past few weeks as a founder, and just putting everything I’ve had into 100XCoin.

One of them is just taking so much risk, and that has just been my philosophy with crypto in general. I’ve taken so much risk. I’ve lost so much money in crypto investing. When I thought I was going to go to zero, and I was actually in the negatives before, I just kept taking risks, and eventually, it started to show. You can make a hundred mistakes, but all you need sometimes is that one win. One win will make up for all those losses. I am gonna just leave with that lesson because I could tie it with everything.

The name 100XCoin or that number 100X means 100 mistakes, 100 tries, 100 times the effort. Sometimes, you have to do it over and over again until you find something that works or it works out. It is like you never give up, and I know that it is the answer to everything, as cliche as that sounds. The coins that are here now are worth billions of dollars because they just kept trying things over and over hundreds of times. Now they are in the top hundreds.

Luke: Well, we are on the same pitch. If I could sum it up, I would say what helped you the most would be your loyalty to your own mission, and also your belief.

Ken: The more mistakes I’ve made and survived those mistakes, my self-confidence keeps growing and growing for 100XCoin as a CEO. And I am very excited as well to work together. I am confident that I built from those mistakes so I can now take on together as a strategic partner, and joint venture.

Luke: Wow, you also need a lot of patience to be loyal to your mission.

Ken: Absolutely. I really believe that we are really going to kill it in this thing we are doing which I cannot announce.


5. After all the hardships, and all the lessons that you got in this space, there must be a plan that you are about to do for the community to bring 100XCoin to a whole new level, right?

Ken: Let’s just say that we are building. We are going to be one of the first to do it, and I do not think other projects have the same level of transparency as the 100XCoin community as well as the LaunchZone, and BSC Army community.

I think I’ll leave it off with that for now.

Luke: We can actually disclose to our community right now. Recently, 100XCoin, BSC Army, and LaunchZone have been in a mutual business alliance. We are trying to build a whole new product that is promised to be a new hit for the whole device space and community. If you want to know what it is, stay tuned to us, and Ken The Crypto.

Ken: Absolutely, I am very excited.

Luke: So far, I think that the one quality that both BSC Army and 100XCoin share in common is that we are both very loyal to our community because we all know how the money flows and how it is generated. That is why it is indeed our core value.

In our economics and business model, you can also see that our token model is very beneficial for our holders and community because that is the evident proof that we are building this for the whole community, and we are sticking with the long-term values.

Ken: I also believe that LaunchZone and BSC Army are some of the few projects right now that are still building things in this market, while other projects are so discouraged, and they do not want to build anything because it is a lack of money, passion or it is just despair, and they give it up. In fact, why didn’t they just build together? I believe we both share the same mission and vision which I really like. I said I am excited to have this.

6. Our corporations as I once we get on to this new product. Would there be any change that is really major to 100XCoin as an individual project?

Ken: I believe the biggest change is that we welcome an entirely new base of users into 100XCoin. As well as imagining the projects that started very early in the Binance Smart Chain where they are now, the ones that stuck around are absolutely killing you right now.

That is some sort of benefit of 100XCoin.

Luke: It is kind of funny because normally when I first got to know about meme coins, and sh** coins. But you are only turning the picture upside down, and I really like that.

Ken: 100XCoin or formerly known as 100XElon started with no purpose. I was very transparent in the first video when I released 100XElon with no purpose, no value, just an experiment, just a test.

It evolved into something that is now bigger than what I imagined it to be, and it did that organically. I am so happy that it turned out like that, and as I said I am all in 100XCoin.

Luke: In my own opinion, no matter what the purpose of the new project is, it should make the world a better place. And I think what BSC Army and 100XCoin are both trying to do now is not only giving a project its purpose, and use cases but also a healthier adaptation, a better connection between the community, and the project developer.

I think that would be the true value of what blockchain technology can offer to the world. We can stay connected, and we can be transparent no matter where we are in the world.

I never actually speak to you personally but after this session, I can say 100% why we should be partners.

Ken: 100% agree. I think CZ Binance follows both of our communities or all three of our BSC Army, LaunchZone, and 100XCoin. That is crazy. I wonder what he thinks about that.

Luke: It is a good connection because CZ is the one who started this whole space. Getting his following is getting the key to BSC town.

Ken: It gives me an idea that we are going about things the right way, and I just feel it.

Luke: Well, we both do for sure.


7. Regarding this business alliance, how do you see its future in the next few years?

Ken: I do not want to rely on the market sentiment in the future. However, I think that as long as I always come back to this, as long as we continue to build relationships with other projects, and have it be a whole synergistic ecosystem rather than an ecosystem where coins always compete with one another and encourage other people to build with us.

I think in the next few years, it’ll be a billion-dollar-plus project.

Luke: So we are still together, and keep doing things.

Ken: We are fine. There is no wrong move except not to do anything. Imagine that Bitcoin had the same users as the internet when it was in 1998. We are early. Companies started back when the internet was blowing up. That stuck around, that survived, is worth billions and billions of dollars right now, and they have changed the world because they are one of the first. I think the crypto market is a new internet that gives people the way to make a difference globally and change the way money works.

I think this is a once-in-a-lifetime thing as long as we keep building things working together and building this ecosystem and community, I cannot even imagine wow.

Luke: They say about history, which constantly repeats itself, and I agree with you that we are actually in the same shoes that bitcoin is like years ago. No doubt that we are changing the world for sure.

8. If there are two things you want to offer to this DeFi space, what would be the two things that you want to offer?

Ken: One of them is education. I want to educate people on the value of crypto and getting in early. I want to make sure that people are educated. People get destroyed in crypto because they get into something they’re not educated on. They invest in something they do not know.

That is also one of the main reasons why I started as an influencer in crypto before 100XCoin, before anything that I’ve done. It is because I like educating people. It is just that feeling.

The second thing is trust. The more scams and the more rugs happen, the less trust is being built within the crypto space. That is something I want to prioritize as well.

Luke: Let’s just come back to your apps a little bit, shall we?

9. Since you mentioned education, and trust, how have you turned those two factors into your apps, or how do you do the marketing?

Ken: We post many blogs on our website. For that reason, it is actually why 100XCoin is ranking on the first pages of google search. If you type in meme coins, 100XCoin is on the first page, and it is the top five. Then, if you type in community coins, it is ranked on the first page as well. If you type in 100X, it is ranked at the very top, actually, on top of BitMEX, and BitMEX is billions of dollars.

We are constantly pumping out content on my Twitter, on my Youtube, on our blogs, on AltBase – this product that we built.

We want to make sure only transparent coins are internally doxxed, meaning that we know who exactly they are, these coins have a purpose, a utility, and they are here for the long term. Those are the coins we want to work with, those we want to list on 100XAltBase – the products we want to build to empower the masses and bridge the gap.

Look, there is Dogecoin. I will invest in it because people are investing in it rather than investing in this project. After all, I love it. I like this project, I want to invest in this project because I believe in the team of this project, I believe in the vision of this project. That is why people should invest, not because other people are investing.

Luke: The more I speak to you, the more I see why you are the perfect fit for our picture because the way LaunchZone launches IDOs on PadX is the same. They also evaluate if the product has a working product or if the team is transparent enough before doing the IDOs.

I do not doubt that we create a healthy and sustainable ecosystem by having us all together and moving forward in the bar. It is for the long term and the long future of the DeFi space.

So far, we’ve got quite a lot of information about you, what you believe, and also how 100XCoin has been doing and surviving in this market.

10. Is there anything that you want to share with our community before we wrap this session up?

Ken: I want to share that in the market right now, everyone is scared, and everyone is worried. Are we in a bear market? I always want to share my opinion on the market.

I do not think we are in a bear market, and I think we are just stable. I think the market is going to go sideways for about one or two months. I’ve seen this same thing that happened in the summer of 2017. That was right around the time when I started investing in crypto and many meme coins. Furthermore, I got wrecked around this time in 2017 because I sold too early, and then a month later, I think it was like October or November, I started entire moving in, but I am glad I got in a bit still early until January 2018 all-time high.

So the market is a way of tricking you, right it is? Just stop playing these headphones hedge funds, start playing your own game, invest, and hold the projects you believe in.

Luke: As I said, history will repeat itself, and your story of being wrecked in 2017. It is exactly what happened to me, but I am glad that we are both here. Because after all the hardship we have been through and decided to study. We all believe that the whole blockchain and DeFi are bringing a big change to the whole world.

11. As a project founder, is there any tip that you want to share with other project developers in building their community or pulling a successful project?

Ken: I think the biggest thing is communication with your community. If you put yourself out there, it is a live stream once a week. It is taking your community throughout your day as a developer, founder, or key team.

People will get to know you outside of the project. Because no matter what anyone says, the people that run the project are essential, what makes the project, when people think about Ken The Crypto, they all say I am 100XCoin.

100XCoin is the team that runs 100XCoin. It is communicating to your audience via replying to DMs, replying to texts. I know I do not have thousands of DMs, but when I have time, I’ll go on my official chat, and what we do is this thing called the airdrop song where we just chant airdrops all day for no apparent reason. It is hilarious, and it bonds with the community. It just shows them that I am a natural person, and then outside of 100XCoin.

I do not take things seriously. Within 100XCoin, I think I take things very seriously.

It is like how Elon Musk does. When you see his memes, you know it seems he does not take things seriously, but I am sure he does take it very seriously inside his businesses.

Luke: Well, who knows, Ken The Crypto can be the next Elon Musk, or at least you can invest in some spaceship. So far, we have wrapped things up with Ken and also 100XCoin. Thank you, Ken, for having you here explaining everything about you, such an energetic leader of 100XCoin.

Part 2: Q&A

Luke: Since we have gotten to this point of the live session, we are getting to our final session of answering the questions from our community. I can see some cool questions here.

12. Do you have a solution so that the price of your coin project does not depend on the price of bitcoin? If there is, please explain.

Ken: We are still at our very early stages. We started around late, I believe late March, and we went through the highs and lows. We are just learning things along the way; we are still building things. The price is very volatile right now. The solution is that we keep staying in the game for as long as possible, and we are implementing a staking feature. Later on, that way, people can stake 100XCoin and earn more interest. That way incentivizes people as well to hold 100XCoin.

We are also going to use 100XCoin inside the app. We are coming out with many products right now, and we have our product called the 100XRocket. It is essentially a platform in which you could build other launchpads and other meme coins. Of course, anyone has to be doxxed to us internally, and we have to vet who exactly is going to launch these projects.

So, it would help if you held 100XCoin essentially to use any in all of our products. That would be the answer to that.

Luke: You view more use cases, and you try to survive the longest possible.

Whenever the market is decreasing, it is a better chance to gather more coins and tokens, and it can give you considerable leverage on income once the market is recovering again. A project like 100XCoin is very beneficial because they are just staying in the game.

Ken: We have got the worst, and we have survived the worst. We have had a couple of failed launches, one of them being the smart contract was not working, and the second one meaning someone messed with our liquidity on the PancakeSwap and set the price at 1,000 times. Moreover, we survived that. We are still here, which gave me all the confidence in the world to keep doing things, keep building things, and keep up the same energy I have now despite market conditions.

Luke: I do not mean to be biased here. I feel safe to have you by my side.

Ken: I have gotten to a point where I think it might sound too much. I believe that things do happen for a reason, and things are happening right now within 100XCoin. The way we partnered together, the way CZ Binance started following 100XCoin, the way my team was built because I was putting myself out there even despite the hard times, I think things are starting to fall in place. Moreover, of course, I am expecting mistakes along the way, but it will be minimal when looking back five years from now.

13. Actually, I do not understand, and the purpose of the 100XCoin project. Could you please explain in more detail?

Ken: Our biggest purpose right now is the 100XAltBase. As I said, we want to build this vetting system for new projects to enter the space, for new founders to enter the space, and just really bridge all the masses in a narrower sense.

We do not want people inside the Bitcoin network, we want people inside different chains starting inside the Binance Smart Chain, and then future cross-chain such as Matic, Tron,… Those are just examples of other future chains.

14. What makes investors, and users safe when working with your project?

Ken: I mean the fact that I am here, and my face is here. I am live streaming every single day. And the fact that I’ve shown my wallet the first few weeks of starting 100XCoin. I put it all out there. People can google me, and people can search me up. I just got done with a 24-hour live stream last week when I live-streamed on my Youtube channel for 24 hours straight, non-stop. I had a live stream where we were manually swapping people’s addresses. We manually swapped over three or four thousand addresses of people from the old smart contract to the new one.

For these reasons, you know you can ask yourself like: who does it, what founder does it, what CEO does it. On top of that, our smart contract is also audited. We work with multiple projects. CZ Binance follows me. Hopefully, that makes you feel a little bit safer.

I am a founder, a CEO, and you can google me because I’ve put everything out there.

Luke: What I can say until this point is that 100XCoin has everything you need: a good community, actual products, confirmed cases of use, and the most important of all, they have an influential and trustworthy leader.

It has been such a great session having you, Ken. I hope that we can see more sessions like this in the future, and I believe in the future we are creating.

Ken: I want to make crypto be a place where founders or executives or developers just start speaking and putting themselves out there. Who knows what would happen to crypto.

Luke: So far, we have pretty wrapped up the whole life-a-day session, and that is still one more thing that we want to give to our community.

For this live AMA session, 100XCoin is sponsoring some small giveaways and rewards to the specific question chosen for this live AMA session.

Ken, do you want to name the prize that you are sponsoring for our community?

Ken: We are giving away a combo combination of a gaming keyboard. These are for people who spend a lot of time in front of the computer, such as regular crypto investors. It will help you maneuver around trades and do your research. We are giving away to a few lucky winners.

Luke: We guess the only thing left until now is to wait until the reward is distributed and announced.

Ken: Feel free to announce it, and we will send it over there to that.

Luke: That was 100XCoin on BSC Army live AMA session. It has been a great session having you here, Ken. Thank you, guys, for your attention, so please stay tuned, and do not forget to subscribe to us for the next live AMA session.


Up to now, 100XCoin has had outstanding growth with an ever-expanding ecosystem, promising to thrive in the near future.

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