AMA Recap #2: Lord Arena

Lord Arena Tele AMA Recap 1

Basic information

Time: 2 PM UTC | Dec 1st

Project name: Lord Arena

Host: Reginald from BSC Army

Guest speakers:

  • Charlotte Grace – CMO of Lord Arena
  • Mark – Lord Arena

Main content:

  • Segment 1: Introduction
  • Segment 2: Twitter’s questions    Lucas
  • Segment 3: Live Q&A


Reginald: We will start this AMA session with Ten Finance in a few minutes. Hope everyone will take a moment to monitor and evaluate the investment opportunity. 

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Welcome to our guest: Charlotte Grace – CMO of Lord Arena. How do you feel today? 😊

Mark: Hi everyone, I’m Mark, one of two guests from Lord Arena

It’s a pleasure for us to be here

Reginald: Welcome Mark to our AMA today. Nice to meet you 👋

Mark: Hi Reginald and all members of Barmy Community

Reginald: Yes, that’s Mark from Lord Arena ladies and gentlemen. By the way I’m Reginald – the AMA Host. 😁

Segment 1: Introduction (5 questions)

1. Could you please introduce a little bit about yourself and your project?

Mark:  I’m Mark, PA of Lord Arena. And joining with me today is our CMO, who is in charge of marketing, content creation and partner relation, Charlotte Grace.

About Lord Arena, it is a blockchain-based action, play-to-earn RPG game built and run on Binance Smart Chain and Solana where everyone can play and earn tokens through intellectual gameplay and ecosystem engagement.

Players can recruit and train heroes to join campaigns and battle with each other. Heroes can reach more than 40 with their own strengths and weaknesses. Heroes can become stronger throughout the game as they level up or are equipped with NFT items.

Reginald:  Wow, I have to admit that is such an impressive introduction 😁

2. Could you tell me about your team members and what are their roles in your team?

Mark: As I just introduced above, our CMO, Charlotte Grace will be in charge of marketing, partner relation, and content creation. Our CEO and CTO will be the ones who are in charge of technology, controlling the development of the game and website along with the development team.

Reginald: Oh, sounds interesting. I’d love to know more.

3. Strategic partner and backers is a key CRITERIA which investors look at a project to decide whether or not they will invest in. What are they?

Mark: Lord Arena’s honored to have opportunity to cooperate with nearly 30 investors and strategic partners, including GD10, Poolz, X21, Oxbull, GameStarter, Basics Capital, … These partnerships will be a solid fulcrum because they’re all investment funds with strong communities and their own strengths to contribute to the development of the project! Please rest assured, we’re all looking forward to developing a long-term project and making a big impact on the market in the future!

Reginald:  Very detailed, good job 😍

4. What is the most unique feature of Lord Arena that make your project become different to other similar projects?

Mark:  Firstly, Lord Arena is the NFT game with advanced graphics and a variety of gameplays compared to other famous games.

Secondly, our characters and items are built with futuristic technology aspects, players can relate them with world-renowned sci-fi movies. We have more than 40 characters and dozens of different maps for players to experience.

Thirdly, we have 5 sides for players to choose, and each side has its own strengths and different playstyles.

Finally, our game has both Web and Mobile Versions and it’ll be available on both IOS and Android platforms.

Reginald: Here is the last questions of segment 1.

5. Could you please describe about your tokenomics and what are the use cases of your token?

Mark: Total supply: 1,000,000,000

  • 45% of all tokens will go to our Game Pool, which can be understood as Staking and Farming
  • 20% will be spent on Seed Round
  • 13,5% will be held by our advisors and our team
  • 12% we have spent and will keep spending on Marketing and Strategic Partnership
  • 5% Liquidity
  • 4,5% for IDO

– For $LORDA, people can use them to buy our NFT to play game and earn rewards from winning games, completing daily missions and joining events and tournaments.

– Farming, players who own NFT can have Hash power to boost mining Token in a mining farm. Farming LP token to earn $LORDA.

– Players can sell NFTs on the marketplace to earn $LORDA.

– Or they can put $LORDA into our staking pool to receive Points, then exchange Points for NFT.

Reginald: That is really impressive. 💪

 So I will move to the next segment now.

Segment 2: Twitter questions (5 questions)

Reginald: We have chosen 5 best questions from our audience from Twitter

6. Mobile games are popular this year and possibly in the future, because they are simple & can be played anywhere & at any time. Will your game be available on the Playstore/Appstore ? How can I play @LordArenaNFT in this time? @Herbertchandl18

Mark: Our game will be released on mobile next year, and will be available on both iOS and Android platforms as I said above.

Abd for now you can try playing Lord Arena via our Testnet link, here is the link: 

Reginald: Great

7. Since the majority of NFT’s have little or no value, it is difficult to survive liquidity because people do not constantly trade them in pairs, so it is difficult to liquidate NFT. “LordArena” have NFT ecosystem, Can you tell me how “LordArena” plans to solve this big problem? @PiloT9804

Mr Ten: To be able to play our game Lord Arena, player must have at least 3 heroes.

And after entering the game, for each mode, the difficulty will increase gradually and if your hero is not upgraded by evolving or being equipped with NFT items, you will definitely not be able to win. 

And as for the NFT burn mechanism, you will have to sacrifice a hero to upgrade another hero, so the value of each NFT is very high!

Reginald: That is really cool

8. Any project’s community is a valuable resource. How will you convince us that the initiative you’re proposing is long-term? Do you have the funding and a solid team in place to continue developing this project? @flowerama809

Mark: I think that there is nothing can be more evident than practical action. We will follow the roadmap and release the game later this year. Lord Arena game will be extremely attractive and we are confident to create an ecosystem that creates for players a place of entertainment and also a source of money.

Reginald:  Let’s move to the next question

9. As NFT gaming is trending particularly those featuring a Play-to-Earn mechanism is clearly the new trend these days. Lord Arena has really attractive features. Can you explain Play-to-Earn mechanism in more details & how users can generate passive income from this model? @tanmoy284910957

Mark:  There are many ways to earn money from the Lord Arena project.

If you are a gamer and both want to earn money and play our game, you can join our game and earn rewards by completing daily missions, participating in Events or Tournaments, winning PVP or PVE battles. You can trade the rewards collected on the marketplace for a profit, or upgrade your hero with the material you earn and trade for a higher price than the original.

Or if you are just a holder, you can put your tokens and NFTs in the staking pool and earn as passive income, we will announce APY as soon as possible!

Or be a trader and you can hold the token and trade when the price goes higher!

Reginald:  Here is the last question of segment 2

10. I read LORD ARENA is a play-to-earn game. but every play-to-earn game demands a huge initial deposit before users can begin playing. As a result, I’m curious if users will be required to make an initial deposit in order to begin playing LORD ARENA games? @Moongirl9732

Mark:  You must own an adequate number of tokens to buy 3 heroes if you want to play the game. Before INO, we will announce the price of NFT and the tokens that you can use to buy NFT on the market, please follow all our social platforms to stay up to date!

Reginald:  So, now, we will move to the last segment of our AMA today.

Segment 3: Live Q&A (5 questions) 

11. How did you get the community involved in developing the project? and how do you build a strong community to grow globally? @Nina_Bower_65

Charlotte Grace:  Community is one of the most important things for a project in the crypto market

We have a team working 24/7 to answer questions from investors. Investors can also talk directly to the dev team if needed

In order to build a strong community, I think it is necessary to support them all the time, and at the same time provide all the necessary information for investors to keep up date

12. STAKING is one of the STRATEGIES to ATTRACT USERS and HOLD Them and long term.  Does your GREAT PROJECT have  plan about to Staking? @JennaDupree

Charlotte Grace: We gonna have staking and farming tomorrow. We have announce it on all our social media. you guys can check for more information. And we encourage investors will join in our staking event

13. Can you explain in detail how the token burn with buying back and burning tokens from the open market on a quarterly basis will work? How do you ensure that  the token utility of your tokens remains stable and slows down the inflation rate? @ExynTriarky

Charlotte Grace: Our burn mechanism works when players upgrade their nft in the game. For example they would need 2 rank B nft to make 1 rank A nft

We have made an announcement to the community about the buy back token and it was done through the event stake lorda to earn more lorda.

For keeping the price of the project, we work closely with market markers and always create heat for the community through events.

14. I am an EXPERIENCED DEVELOPER AND ETHICAL HACKER, does you have plans for HACKATHON so as to check the security of your ecosytem periodically and also invite developers to build? @Avengelinea

Charlotte Grace: It’s gonna be really difficult if you want to hack on the smart contract ! I am sure if you can do it you can hack on every project run on bsc chain not just only Lord arena project. About the game, our base is come from game team . Our product is strong and we guaranteer about our system in game

15. Do you have a whitepaper?  if yes please share it with us and secondly are you working to AUDIT your project, to make its security more secure and reliable? @ondson1991

Charlotte Grace: We already post our WP on social media. and for sure we have already done our  audit . We have audited with verichains – already announce it to our commuity .

This is 5 best questions.

Reginald: Congratulations on successfully completing the hardest part of each AMA session, which is interacting with investors and the questions they want to know.

This is the end of our AMA today. 😊

Thank you for joining us, it is our pleasure to have you here today, @CharlotteGrace_2712 and @entm0704

Charlotte Grace: Thank you so much ^^!


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