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Basic information

  • Time: 16th December, 2021 at 2PM UTC
  • Project name: Calo
  • Host: Henry from Blockchain Army
  • Guest speakers: Ms. Diep Pham | Head of CM from CALO
  • Main content:
    • Part 1: Project Overview
    • Part 2: Team
    • Part 3: Tokenomics
    • Part 4: Roadmap
    • Part 5: Community
    • Part 6: Community Q&A



1. Can you introduce yourself and CALO?

Ms. Diep: I’m Katie, head of CM from CALO. First of all, it is my pleasure today to be on the BSC Army channel and to be sharing with you guys about CALO universe, our project. At the beginning of the show you’ve been seeing our teaser for the virtual event that coming up on the 18th of December at 11 p.m UTC yeah so that is our global launching introducing CALO metaverse to the world and first of all, I want to explain a little bit about CALO metaverse as you attending the AMA today really looking forward too. So our project called CALO is a digital health and fitness platform that is based on blockchain technology and with the AI and all of the high-end technology right now like AR combining and the purpose of CALO metaverse is to encourage users to work out more through the burn to earn concept. Burn here is the burn you burn the calorie through working out and exercising and then when you track the data in CALO, then we will reward you with the tokens in the CALO metaverse and the NFT rewards and besides all of the rewards that you receive, Calo metaverse is one for the community where you know the metaverse is the world that can connect everyone regardless of the time, the geography of the race so all of the people who enjoy fitness, enjoy exercising, enjoy this sport then they can connect through the Calo metaverse, that what I want to introduce about our project.

2. How did you come up with the idea of burn to earn and also combining blockchain with running and working out?

Ms. Diep: Let’s start it from the very beginning. Our CEO as well as founder Mr. Stefan, he really loved to run. He enjoyed running a lot, especially the trail marathon and he said that the feeling when you are on the trail, it’s more of the reward you receive when you finish the when you come to the finish line. It’s more than the feeling of you overcoming yourself, the feeling of victory inside and you feel happy, you feel more healthy and he wants to spread out that spirit, that energy to everyone and then he sees that why everyone knows that exercising is good for your health, it helps you a lot, but not many people start exercising. When they exercise or work out, they do not stay for long, so he found out that most of the users, most of the people, lack motivation and they feel like they don’t receive recognition when they achieve something and they don’t have friends or community to get along with. So that you know there are many many reasons for people to quit exercising. So he came up with the idea of why don’t we create something that really motivated, that really fun that really like an adventure for everyone whenever they working out like the marathon trail that feeling and then he comes up with the idea that we should create an app to bring you to know people in with the challenge with the fitness challenge. In CALO with gamification, we will bring a whole new experience to the user whenever it comes to exercise. For example when people when user during the workout in Calo metaverse they can think of the fantasy of working out like imagine you run with the dinosaur or the king kong is chasing behind you or if you love to explore the world and you can do the jogging in Paris or go to New York for a run something like that, so we created a whole new experience in working out and that’s the idea at the beginning and why we bring it on the blockchains because you know the transparency of the blockchains helps a lot with the reward like that will make sure that users get you to know the equivalent reward when they track to lock in the data and also blockchains. Right now is a unique tool for us to develop the game, the gamification of the NFT and the tokens, it has a lot of trading inside the Calo metaverse. So that’s why we came up with the CALO Metaverse on the blockchains.

Part 2: TEAM

3. Can you give us more detail about your team and how do you work together to develop this project?

Ms. Diep: Our team is like more than 30 people right now and most of the team I have come from a variety of fields of expertise like marketing development, teaming. Everything is really diversified and we are young and our love for exercising is a lot. So when we come together and we form a team like that we can do a lot and internally like when I draw in Calo is on paper, so I can feel it’s milestone of us achieving the work and I feel like our team are very passionate and we spend hours on this project actually when Calo starts is it’s nearly four months and right now we we think that we make the progress already so that proves a lot on what our team has done and yeah for the for the team, we worked over over time like until 1 2 a.m and then waking up early in the morning to to continue the work so right now we are trying really hard to get the product done as well as the ideo is launching soon and then our team we are lucky to have a lot of expertise in the crypto and blockchains as well as the operation view we got our ceo mr stefan is very good at you know operation he got the marketing background and he got experience in the fitness industry as well as the e-commerce and then we got mr tree is the cto he got his master in develop in i.t and developing the product and we have the advisory board very credential mr from the chairman of ecom and mr leon is the chairman of the dts and yeah we also have the ball of leader right there to support the team so we are really not confident but we believe that we can make achievements


4. What is the name of your token used inside the tokenomics and how does your tokenomics work?

Ms. Diep: So for CALO, we will have two tokens inside the catalog one is FAT token and one is CALO tokens and the fat token is will be issued unlimited and it will be the support tokens for the user at the beginning because our app is free to install and free to play so we need a token to give the user at the beginning so they can start working out and they can move on with the gamification inside the Calo verse. So when you’re working out and you track the data in then we will give you an irrelevant amount of FAT token and then you will use that token to buy the ticket to join the fitness challenge in Calo and the second token is a CALO token and it will be the main token for trading for buying the ticket for buying the NFT buying and selling and it will be the main token and it will be listed on the exchange as well for the investor to to to trade and the Calo tokens will be minted through the fitness challenge so with the FAT token you buy tickets right and then you join in the challenge so there will be a variety of challenges that at different levels and then at a specific challenge it will give you the CALO token when you finish off the requirement in the challenge and with that, with CALO token fat token then you will continue not only to buy the ticket to another at another challenge at a higher level and you will also get more tokens.


5. What does the project currently focus on right now and what are you planning to do in 2022?

Ms. Diep: So for the roadmap right now on the side of the product, we are ahead of the plan right now for Q1 of 2022. We finished the basic function for the MVP versions and we’re testing right now and also we create the NFC inside for the Calo and on the strategy right now we are done with the private sale is fulfilled and then we’re moving forward for the IDO on December 20th and it will be launched on five launchpads, BSC Station, Poker Bridge, JLaunchpad, Roseon, Infinitypad, Certified launchpad on the same training so make sure you watch out for us on those launchpads. And for the next year, we will release the Calo verse, you can install the app on December 15th that we anticipated after launching day and we will continue with the function in the app to improve it to the beta version for the user which will be more focused on the second and the NFT and the marketplace for the users to trade the NFT. And after IDO we will have the blind box selling and then when you buy the blind box they will receive our NFT of the game


6. How is the community growing right now?

Ms. Diep: Right now we reach nearly 100 000 members in our global community on telegram and then it’s still growing. Besides we create a local community for different countries that’s speaking the local language to support the users as well as well as the investor to make sure you follow our social network and enjoy the needs and updates and for the community because our project is not just for the investors and the crypto folks, we also target a non-crypto one because our product is working out exercising so we make sure that everyone got benefit from that, so we reaching out for the non-crypto community as well like the sports organization, the sport community running community and we’re trying to reach out more to those different kind of sport community like soccer, running, swimming, gym, all kinds of fitness activities that we’re trying to reach out and we are working on a partnership with those big organizations so they can come in and sponsor the fitness challenge in our color metaphors so that new year users when they join the challenge they can get the reward from the brand, they can get the reward from the organization that sponsored the challenge so yeah we’re still working on.

7. How can you clarify the blockchain technology to the user to your people that do not have the background in the blockchain field or they don’t know anything about crypto?

Ms. Diep: Actually at the beginning when we bring it to blockchain, we ask the same question. So for the none crypto user actually when you use the app it’s not about the trading it’s about the benefit that you get from the the column managers which is you know you got the motivation to work out is you got a better health you feel better in your life and you can do more you can achieve more so we focus on that more than you know the the the trading inside the column universe and in that way of thinking we created the app to be you know really really easy to sign up and really easy to follow the function and join the game on the calendar but so we make the guideline for an encrypted user when they sign in what should they do how can they use the token how can they start and how can they store the token inside of the telemeter bus can haven’t used them and trade them on the marketplace we have the timeline and also when we design the product we make it as simple as possible for everyone even like the younger one or the older people who you know doesn’t know much about technology they can use and it will make it easier for everyone because when a user sign up for us they we don’t need kyc they don’t need to you know prove the identification because we want them to you know make make it easy for everyone to join so which is a simple question like checking your health data by asking about your lifestyle how many times per week that you work out how your sleep how is your weight and height so that we can analyze the data and then we will provide you an appropriate challenge appropriate game for you to join so it will be mixed we will making it step by step for everyone you know for beginners who never work out before we make the whole program for them we make the way for them to you know step by step to be you know more active in their real life by working out more and you know improve the health side and for like professional personals and already working out we make it differently because their starting point is different with the beginners so we will suggest the appropriate program for them so that we do we design a personalized you know program for everyone to join and make it easier for everyone to enjoy the kind of universe besides the tokens and the mfd so yeah along with that we will educate them about the tokens and the items in the game.


8. What are the best benefits for holders to stay with the project for a long time?

Ms Diep: It’s the demand of the market right now and what we’re doing is we’re catching the future trend, so right now you know like the biggest social network just made a bus so it is the next way of investment, like big investor, big company out there starting to do the metaverse like Nike, Adidas, Gucci and many people they do the photoshop on metaverse, so what I said is like the third example is metaverse it’s the next trend and especially the fitness made over. What Calo is doing, so we are really really with the future trend right now and when the big investor and the big VCs start to invest in the Calo metaverse so the fitness field is very potential and not so many updates during the fitness manifest and carlo is one of them so most of the investors are really really you know eager to invest in the fitness field so when we’re with the trend we believe that we can make the big achievement in this field and the value of the tokens or the value of your investment will be increased by time as we release the product, as we improve the version and also when we’re doing the fitness metabolism. It’s more like the need of everyone, so everyone needs to work out, everyone needs good health, that’s why we focus on that and we give back the value to the community. So when we’re talking about Calo it’s more of the value there and in the long term because when you when you’re thinking of like playing game it’s off the current trend, when you play in a while and you quit but when you’re working out, you get better life and then you got better health you’re doing better then it’s more than addiction and when we create a routine already through Calo metaverse we have users create a routine the habit of working out then the users stay long for us and the more user signing up for Calo metaverse the more valuable able of the project so when I say invest in Calo metaverse, I would suggest that you go along and it will maximize the profit. So you can see that there are many benefits like that, I mean that right now it may be very somehow difficult for people to imagine but in the future, it will be a trend it will become a wave of the new wave of technology when blockchain metaverse is applying to every aspect of our life and so is fitness so and actually it’s come really fast.

9. In order to make the CALO project better, can it give consumers nutritional information?

Ms Diep: Right now there are many apps on the market already did really well with the nutrition nutritional information so we want to help in the pipeline of developing in the nutrition side, but we’ll be more focused on doing our job of giving the motivation and encouragement for people to work out more and to start working out, so right now we focus on that but maybe in the future when once we’re done with this project and we see that if the community needs more of you know besides working out they need more information, they need more support on how to maintain the healthy lifestyle how to be fit, then we will consider doing that, but right now I think there are quite a few projects out there did really well on the nutritional project.

10. Are the features in CALO easy to use and can people who don’t have a lot of time make money from the project?

Ms. Diep: I think I explained it before right because we made this for everyone to enjoy and to be benefited from it. So on the function in the catalog universe will be really easy and then we will guide you step by step for the first time and then you can get along with it really easy and can people don’t have a lot of time to make money from the project, come back to the value of the Calo metaverse we want people to work out more not earning, working out and being healthy is a top priority than just the reward and the money in the tokens, so I think when people come to us, I think they will have good mindset inside that good mindset that they want to be better, they want to have the new habit in their life, they want to work out more, they want to be healthy, they want to be fit, they want to lose weight, that’s why people come to us to get that benefit and along with that, we make it easier for everyone to do it because we live at the reward so when you can make time for the exercise then you can make time for the income and besides doing the exercise to have the income then sure why not we bringing up the feature of the gaming inside the Calo. First, so people can enjoy more so in fact we between the energy pad inside of the Calo metaverse, so the NFT which is called Lolo, Lolo booster will be accompanied with the user when they exercise and the purpose of Lolo in metaverse is to help you get the ticket at the discount price and when you finish the challenge you get more reward, but when you finish when you participate in a challenge and you win that challenge you will receive an egg and then you have to raise the egg by feeding it the calories through working out and then when the egg is breaking and the Lolo comes out you have to continue to fit in with the calories and the CALO token and the FAT tokens to buy the items for it and after you have different values. When it reached to the higher level and it will be more valuable and depend on the rarity of the Lolo booster,, it will have different value as well and you can trade the Lolo booster on the market, so in terms of people want to make more money then you can you know raise the roller booster by working out by invest into it the items to level up and then trade it at a better price and also we bring the mini game into the Calo metaverse in which you know people have limited time to work out every day right the maximum you can spend in a gym or running is one or two hours, so besides that time of working out you can play the mini game with the Lolo booster inside of the Calo metaverse, you can create the challenge between the users so it will have the roller booster and then they will visit each other and then when you win you got to reward from that from that people, so that’s how people can make more money in the project but yeah come back to this question can people don’t have a lot of time making money then I think we should ask back like do you have time to work out yeah if you have time for exercise then you can benefit from it.

11. Does the CALO app organize fitness tournaments with workout challenges for project users?

Ms. Diep: This question is very interesting because it’s mentioned one of our features in Calo, which is the fitness challenge, and the internal challenge. We have four types of balance in the Calo metaverse that you can enjoy and of course for four types of this challenge will be at a different level. It depends on the condition of the user’s health. So the first challenge is the personal one. It is very easy to accomplish. For example, you finish five kilometers in two days or you burn one thousand kilocalories for three days, so when you finish the challenge you will receive the Calo tokens. The second challenge is the group challenge or the charity challenge. So the group challenge is, for example you have a group of friends and you want to challenge each other if you know football or basketball then you will create that challenge inside Calo and then you will enjoy that challenge. Once you finish, the winner will get the rewards or you can donate the reward to the charity organization that signs up with us. And the third challenge is more of the community challenge which is you know the size of the city or the country. For example, in the place, I leave Ho Chi Minh City we have the Techcombank marathon or in Singapore, we have a Standard Chartered marathon, so we will partner up with those organizations to create big events for everyone in the city or in the country to join and we’ve got a lot of the rewards in terms of Calo token and NFTs or maybe a part of a ticket to join the fourth challenge which is the tournament or the seasonal one. So it will be organized one or two times per year and it’s a big event to participate it in that kind of tournament you have to collect a piece of the ticket throughout the year, through the challenge, we will give you a small piece of the ticket and at the end of the year when you put it all together you got the whole ticket to the tournament and what will be really big. we will be really valuable for the user to join so that what we do for the challenge in Calo, people can benefit from the improvement in their working out ability too because they enjoy, they will try to challenge every week every month and at the end of the year, they will have like the big challenge coming to you know challenge themselves overcome to test the ability, to break their personal records, so that’s what we do.

12. How does CALO prevent cheating in sports activity results because you can see that there are many many apps right now you can create a fake running check lock or use bicycles in running events?

Ms. Diep: Right now cheating is not prevented, because people always try and brainstorm to create new tech, new methods to cheat. But actually, when we create my parallel challenge and Calo game, we think about how we can prevent cheating. We cannot do it one hundred percent but we can reduce the cheating in CALO. So you know when people work out they have the limit right, nobody can work out the whole day. So when you sign up as a user in the Calo app, we will ask you the question. There will be a survey for you to feel about your health conditions, how often you work out, what is your ability like how far you can run,… Some kind of question like that is for us to categorize your ability in terms of fitness, and then we will estimate the number of calories that you can burn per day. For example, for me, the maximum I can work out per day, I can burn like 600 calories. So if I reach more than that then Calo will know that oh something wrong with this person why she burned a lot today, and then we will be limited in the counting of the calories that you can track on that day. So that is what we do right now, we put up the upper limit for everyone to count the Calo and come back to the value of our product, we want to bring more benefit in terms of looking out for everyone. I think that most people will come to us for that reason. Hopefully, they won’t just for the money. I can do that and I can listen to you right now but our team is working really hard to put up a formula or a technical team trying to build up something to prevent more so yeah we will update.


Up to now, Calo has had outstanding growth with an ever-expanding ecosystem, promising to thrive in the near future.

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