AMA Recap: CanonCrypto

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Basic information

  • Time: November 12th, 2021 at 12 PM UTC
  • Project name: CanonCrypto
  • Host: Henry from Blockchain Army
  • Guest speakers: Jasmine | Head of CM from CanonCrypto
  • Main content:
    • Part 1: Project overview
    • Part 2: Bussines Plan
    • Part 3: Marketing Strategy
    • Part 4: Community Q&A



1. Would you like to introduce yourself and your positions in the project?

Jasmine: Hi everyone, welcome to CanonCrypto’s community, you can call our project “CATO” for short. First of all, right now I will introduce myself. My name is Jasmine. I am a Head Community Manager. I’m staying here and I’m really excited to share more details about this project with you. Glad to see you all

2. What’s the meaning of this project’s name? Where did you get the idea for that?

Jasmine: Yeah, I also think this is an amazing question to all players who want to know most about CATO. Recently, you may have heard this name. Our answer, Canon, is the XEBEL army who want to dominate our galaxy – the earth is the first target, they raise the shark in the deep ocean and provide them with a lot of weapons to conquer this planet. Kill all the ocean creatures who are against them. We get inspiration from our childhood with fish shooting games.

3. How many team members do you have and how many developers are working for you?

Jasmine: Our team consists of fully passionate members with 4 years of experience in the crypto industry, has been a core member of several successful GameFi on BSC, before which we have technical management for many projects built on blockchain.

Our team is divided into 2 main divisions:

– Dev & Chain: 5 members, who have spent recent years building DeFi products, from a variety of backgrounds. As the project progresses, expanding the team is REQUIRED, to ensure we can keep up with usage and ensure the best user experience.

– Development team: 4 members, including 1 growth team leader & 1 social team. We allocate 4 members to take care of the community, as members are the heart of our operation.

And last but not least, we want to introduce Our Founder/CEO Kayrin who has 5 years in Blockchain Finance. He has been helping build many Blockchain platforms over the years. And about our project, CATO is a launchpad in conjunction with NFT Platform, Marketplace, Gamehub to provide interesting options for the Blockchain community around the world.

4. What makes your project appealing to the users?

It’s easy to see why CATO is so extremely attractive in the NFT community. It can be said that members of our team are very confident. We have been working for the near future after some key points such as The essence of CATO is to bring value to players. The value will be the fun to play & the income of the game economy involved. Combining those, CATO offers players the first product of Enjoy – & – Earn on the NFT marketplace. Besides, you can also earn passive money by farming.

5. Are there any big events? new updates/features on the project?

Jasmine: We are focusing on the IDO campaign. In such a short time, we have received a lot of attention from you guys and this makes us really grateful and we are proud to announce that our social media up to now has received some incredible numbers thanks to your support. We are focusing on social media like Twitter, Telegram, Youtube, and Facebook so I hope that you can focus us on social media. We will hold multiple events, mini-games to attract new users as well as expand the market and we are creating some AMA sessions like today’s AMA session. We approach potential investors from major crypto markets in the world such as Turkey, China, Japan, Korea, Brazil, India, Vietnam. Every week, Infinite will organize awarding activities such as AMA, QUIZ, MINIGAME, and some other activities so that users can update information and Infinite groups are always active.

6. Can you explain your tokenomics distribution? Do you think it was distributed wisely?

Jasmine: Oh yes, of course, we completely believe in our decision of CATO up to now. Let’s talk about Tokenomics distribution, it’s beyond the model of fair launch where our holders can buy it in private sale and IDO at the same price. About 15% of the tokens are for private sale and IDO but these models enable us to be completely decentralized Public sales unlock 25% at TGE and the remaining will be distributed at the rate of 25% per month for 3 months Private sale will release 6% in TGE and then pay 6% every month in 16 months Team and Advisor will be locked in 6 months and then distributed in the remaining 36 months. Staking reward token will be locked: issuance starts in Q4/2021­ Q1/2022. Token for community and marketing will be unlocked 2% per month, in a total of 50 months. Play-to-earn reward token will be locked: issuance starts in Q4/2021­ Q1/2022.

7. Could you give me 3 key points to convince me and other investors to invest in the project for the long term?

Jasmine: I know that in order to develop a strong community, widely market, security is the main concern that our players and owners care about. That is also our top priority. We always update the latest for the project, the features as well as the event airdrop, NFT box. with an attractive redemption mechanism and simple gameplay – we believe the game will appeal to the vast majority of players. With the tokenomics presented above, we believe that partners, as well as investors, will accompany the project for a long time.

8. We would like to know more about your business model. Can you give more details about this?

Jasmine: If you check out the website, you can check out our roadmap. In fact, we were in Q4 and we had a private sale. After listing we will add LP liquidity and we will have the first sale of NFT to 1,000 users. The first 1,000 users can purchase CATO’s Random Eggs and hatch Family shark lines to breed with each other, the main purpose of which is to produce their version of Shark warrior. This is important because only 1,000 users can play the first game in the first month. If you have NFT you will have a chance to join and be one of 1,000 users who can earn by Staking them into our earn CATO Pools and be able to try out our game in the first-month officially. In our Q4 we also accumulated and farmed $CATO. We also have to release the first version on Android, IOS for mobile phones. Our game has versions on both ios and android platforms


9. We would like to know about the roadmap. How has the business been doing? Where are you now on the roadmap?

Jasmine: I really want to do this as a present to you. Right now, we will share a screen. Please follow us! You will know how to access our website and read the road map.


10. Which area are you focusing on at the moment and what are your goals for this year?

Jasmine: We shoved this information under your nose to respond about the area. Before, we were focusing on approaching potential investors in major crypto markets for example, Turkey, China, Japan, Korea, Brazil, India, Vietnam.

11. Any challenges that the team faced or is facing right now? How do you overcome it?

Jasmine: CATO was originally developed from a game communication system, its name is Shoot Fish Online and we have included blockchain art inside the game. Before that, the game was used by many people and became one of the leading players in the market at the time. But when we bring blockchain art into the game, we aim for the larger goal where we want to spread the game, not only to the players but also to the consultants. Also, as you can see the blockchain of the game is going mainstream right now with many companies, many organizations will try to get in and try to showcase their games, their projects every month so I think That is very prosperous not only for the creators, but also for the participants who can participate and can earn money, which is earned by paying money from playing the game. I think the future of blockchain gaming is very bright.

12. There are a lot of scam projects out there, how does your security system work to guarantee your users’ wallets as well as their trust in your project?

Jasmine: You know, keeping the environment safe was our top priority when we first developed the game. We are working with a third-party audit agency to make the community and investors more confident in the project. For game safety, with hacks, bugs and cheats, there will be a problem solving system that we put in the game using an AI system so that will be a feature. Any strange in-game phenomenon that occurs will be immediately monitored by our servers and reported immediately to the Dev team, and they can easily solve and try to avoid the consequences. With hacking, not from us but from the community, we really need your help so that we can maintain a very healthy environment, so if you spot anyone or any strange things appear while you are playing then you can report it to us through the reporting system. That’s how we can keep track of what’s happening in the game because the more people we put in effort, the more effective it will be. Those are some of the things that I would like to share about maintaining security for both players and investors. We really strive to make it a safe place and a healthy, friendly environment for not only when you play but also for investors. Those are some of the things that I would like to share about maintaining security for both players and investors. We really strive to make it a safe place and a healthy, friendly environment for not only when you play but also for investors. Those are some of the things that I would like to share about maintaining security for both players and investors. We really strive to make it a safe place and a healthy, friendly environment for not only when you play but also for investors.


13. How is the community growing (Telegram, twitter)?

Jasmine: About the community, the community is the main part of the game, community building is very important for the game to be healthy and also to grow. We are aware of that too and with the community right now before the game we try to bring CATO to as many communities as we can, not only at sea but many other large communities with experience. cryptocurrency experience around the world. In each community, we try to contact their community manager and we try to get our news translated into their language so that it is very accessible and very easy for them to read. access to many people. That is our outreach strategy. We are not only targeting young people but also working people or even elderly people who have time and money so that they can invest in a game and spend time enjoying it. That is our outreach strategy. We are not only targeting young people but also working people or even elderly people who have time and money so that they can invest in a game and spend time enjoying it . That is our outreach strategy.

14. Community support is one of the most important aspects of a project’s success. Most projects have programs that interact with their users. Do you have any plans to attract and expand the community globally and improve the user experience?

Jasmine: Beside that, we also have the AMA, we have many mini-games or tackle pre-game events to attract more people to come. In addition, there are many country-only events that increase the individualism of each community. That was before the game came out. After the game launches, we will also host and host many AMAs so we can listen to the community. We try to collect and absorb feedback from players and try to listen and update because there will be things that we think are good but the majority think this needs to be updated. That will make CATO even better. There is an important thing, in the current market, we have a lot of competitors, in a month there are many projects that are promoted so as to win the hearts of the community, win the hearts of the people. We try to reach out to the non-crypto community by briefly introducing them to what blockchain is, what GameFi is in games, and how you can earn in-game money. With this community, they don’t have the slightest knowledge of blockchain so we need to educate them about the game, about blockchain technology so that they can easily join the game and join the game. Also in the game, all the older systems or features are very user-friendly. We simplified it to reach as many people as possible. We are not only targeting young people but also working people or even elderly people who have time and money so that they can invest in a game and spend time enjoying it.


15. Can you explain the game mechanics and how to get the rewards? What is the in-game bonus?

Jasmine: In the game we have $CATO, it is the main token and also $GOLD, and the game is played simply surrounding these two tokens. Basically, we destroy everything we see in the ocean and then you can earn $GOLD. This $GOLD can be exchanged into $CATO for profit, you can also find shark NFT and stake them for profit. For more details, please follow our channel.

16. How are NFT items priced? Because of its fighting ability or just its beauty?

Jasmine: NFT items willl be priced using the strength and rarity òf each NFT. We will have a full scale of rarity during stage 1.

17. CATO is quite similar to shooting fish in Vietnam and it is associated with social evils. What do you think about this prejudice? and is this a problem for CATO?

Jasmine: I have answered about this. If you want to throw back your childhood and get many good memories, you can choose CATO for playing games and earning money. CATO serves the global community. In some countries it has been around for a long time and there are some bad opinions about it. But blockchain has changed everything, and play-to-earn will change everything, change awareness about that. And for sure, CATO games will not violate any evils.

18. How do you balance the game economy and how does the anti inflation mechanism work?

Jasmine: I think inflation is important in this society, and to CATO it is not an exception. Right now, the use of two different tokens in the in-game economy will help us to mitigate the effects of inflation happening as long as possible.

19. When will the NFT Aquarium sale take place? Is there anything elses I can do to earn Aquarium NFT?

Jasmine: As expected after the game launching, we will open the sale of NFT Aquarium in Q1/2022. Only 50 NFT aquariums will be sold to the whole community. Please note that they are very rare. In addition, there will be a small NFT Aquarium that will be given to the KOLs and leaders of the community who contribute the most to CATO.


Up to now, CanonCrypto has had outstanding growth with an ever-expanding ecosystem, promising to thrive in the near future.

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