AMA Recap 2: CanonCrypto

Cato Tele AMA Recap

Basic information

Time: 2:30 PM UTC | Dec 14th

Project name: CanonCrypto (CATO) 

Host: Otis from Blockchain Army

Guest speakers: Sunshine | Head CM of CATO

Main content:

  • Segment 1: Q&A
  • Segment 2: Minigame


Otis: We will start this AMA session with the representative of a great name CATO in a few minutes. Hope everyone will take a moment to monitor and evaluate the investment opportunity. You must follow the following channels in order to participate in AMA:

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Let me introduce our guest today: Sunshine from CATO. Are you excited today? 😊

Sunshine: Hello everyone, my name is Sunshine – head CM of CATO. I’m very excited to be here and talk to you about the next movement from CATO. Thanks #Barmy for having me here today.

Segment 1: Q&A (10 questions)

1. Can you give an overview of the project before diving into the Cato project?

Sunshine: CATO is a shooting fish game that many people connect with their childhood, and its popularity shows no signs of waning. 

CATO launched this game with the goal of understanding people’s psyche and injecting some new life into the blockchain market. 

It is a hybrid of classic games and cutting-edge blockchain technology. Joining CATO allows you to have fun while simultaneously making money. 

CATO is a game of action and adventure. In this game, you can engage in shooting fish in the first stage to gain tokens, buy eggs to hatch into NFTs, raise them and convert them into warriors to conquer new regions, and spend money to kill other species on the battlefield to live and win rewards in the second stage. 

We work toward the objective of establishing a society in which everyone may make a living while still being able to enjoy interesting games on the digital gaming platform. 

We believe in our players and provide them with the resources they need to contribute financially and emotionally.

Otis:  Wow! I can’t wait for the upcoming releases of CATO 🥳

2. As I know, you have just launched the IDO event in early December, and achieved a lot of success. Can you share more about this event?

Sunshine: Yes. IDO Cato debuted on December 2nd and operates on three primary platforms: LaunchZone, Safelaunch, and BSCStation. 

IDO’s starting price was $0.05, and the ATH reached a dreadful level: x 680 times when listed on the floor ($34).

This IDO launch was a success, not just for investors and users, but also for the DEV team. Everyone worked extremely hard and gave their all. By the way, I’d like to thank everyone and the team for their love and support in making Cato have the position at this moment. 

Otis: Congratulations 💪

3. Do you have any plans for diversifying your game characters or another way of playing to make the Game more engaging?

Sunshine:  In stage 2, CATO will introduce ARENA mode, sometimes known as ‘fish eat fish’.

That is, users can purchase fish eggs and hatch NFTs, then construct a team out of these NFTs and compete in the competition. 

We also launch game rooms, and gamers may choose the room they want to play in.

More information about the communication channels will be provided by the mechanism in the near future.

4. I don’t know if the Cato project like other projects will have staking or farming for tokens in the near future?

Sunshine:  Yes, CATO will, of course, introduce the Staking function shortly after the game’s release. 

However, CATO’s staking process differs from that of the other Game Fi projects. 

CATO allows users to stake $ CATO and receive their reward in $CATO if they are the same as in the Reward Pool. Each member transforms and combines the protocol’s revenue share into more CATO tokens by staking their $CATO.

This vault is for users who want to convert and pool the protocol’s income share into extra CATO tokens. Details will be sent as soon as possible; please stay tuned to CATO’s worldwide telegram.

5. How to operate and grow the token, can you share more for everyone to know? What is the mechanism to help combat token price dump?

Sunshine: Currently, the GameFi trend is trending. 

Many games now use two Tokens to avoid inflation, one is used in Gameplay and the other is used as a reward. 

Our game only uses 1 token, CATO, but our conversion mechanism is very different with an extremely simple game-play, so it will be easy to reach users and from there we will collect money. attract potential customers to CATO.

Players earn Cato and convert to gold and then use gold to earn Cato. 

CATO’s cash flow is always rotated in such a way that the token is not subject to inflation, and the price of the token is always pushed up. 

However, we always have a way to tailor it to both new and old players. So I believe CATO will be an interesting game-play in the near future. Stay tuned for our next events!

6. Do you have a strategy and plan to attract new players, please share more with us?

Sunshine: Cato directs Mkt’s work from the prestige of the forerunner or celebrity to attract you. 

In the near future, MKT will be promoted, CATO will look for more new and potential partners. 

In addition, we will coordinate with famous KOLs of other countries to bring CATO everywhere. at the same time, actively communicate on entertainment channels, Youtube …. That is the upcoming plan of CATO.

According to the roadmap, we will release the game at the end of Q4 but the team has tried their best to introduce it to players earlier. It is expected to be released on December 20 as a gift to everyone who has supported and followed CATO this Christmas.

Many new features as well as arena mode are expected in Q1-Q2.

In addition, we have made changes to create maximum conditions for players to have access to the game. 

That is changing the conversion mechanism between Cato and gold. As before it was: 1 Cato = 25 Gold but now it’s 1 Cato = 5000 Gold. This helps players both satisfy their entertainment needs and Free to Earn.

7. Recently, the market has been volatile, hackers are more active, some projects have been attacked. This makes many users panic and do not dare to invest, has Cato side taken measures to avoid risks? How can investors and users confidently trust the project?

Sunshine: We have been audited by Verichain – one of the leading blockchain auditing companies in the world, which makes our products absolutely safe in terms of security, with no technical vulnerabilities, from That is the maximum guarantee for investors and players.

CATO already has a number of trusted partnerships across the network such as: Duck Crypto, RedHat, BSCSstation, of course LaunchZOne . . . and many more in the near future.

The CATO team are members who are passionate about Game and have many years of experience in the cryptocurrency industry, they have been core members of several successful gamefi on BSC, which we have carefully managed before. technique for many projects built on blockchain, the ability to handle situations when attacked can be considered fast and efficient.

We develop products based on credibility and quality. 

The game has been censored by Googleplay and is in the process of completing the procedure with the Appstore, the game app after launch will be downloaded through these 2 (Browser), we do not use virtual apps, APK files like some Other games currently released. 

This is a big plus about the reputation of the Cato project. 

8. Do you have any plans for the official game release in the near future? Reveal a little bit!

Sunshine: Yes, as previously stated, we intend to launch the game next Christmas. 

Currently, the Marketing team is working hard to communicate and promote this fantastic event to more GameFi gamers. 

Of course, it’s a good method for those who come before you to experience it and pass it on to you guys later, which is something we’re working on. 

Furthermore, we have launched our own DIScord channel, the first local community – this is the first step in Cato’s quest to conquer the GameFi world. 

Today is also the first day of the Minigame series of activities to prepare for the approaching launch, with a total prize pool of $500$ on the line. Please see Cato’s media channels for more information.

9. CATO is a fighting gaming platform with blockchain networks. I see that in your game, players can engage in combat with other players who are also on quests. But is your game free to play or do we have to buy the CATO character or equip the CATO NFT for the first time?

Sunshine:  At the start of the game, each player will be handed $10,000 GOLD. 

It is free to play, therefore new players can join at any moment. 

There will be no financial requirements, and gamers will be able to make money simply by playing the game. 

So, I’d like to reconfirm to everyone that the player will be awarded $10,000 GOLD at the start of the game. As a result, we are optimistic that this game will draw a big number of players in the long run. 

When playing the game, you have several options: Fish Shooting Game, Slot Game, Arena, and Kingdom. 

Each Gamepad has its own set of traits and regulations. CATO wishes to transmit to players a wide range of content.

Segment 2: Minigame

Otis: We’ll have a great minigame from CATO, a demo game ‘fish eat fish’. Please press the button to join the game and the Top 3 with highest scores will receive the reward of total $100


Up to now, CATOs has had an outstanding strategy with an ever-expanding ecosystem, promising to thrive in the near future.

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