AMA Recap: CD3D

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Basic information

  • Time: October 4th, 2021 at 3PM UTC
  • Project name: CD3D
  • Host: Kristen from BSC Army
  • Guest speakers: Edwardo Jackson|CEO, Founder of CD3D
  • Main content:
    • Part 1: Project overview
    • Part 2: Team
    • Part 3: Products and Services
    • Part 4: Tokenomics
    • Part 5: Security
    • Part 6: Marketing Strategy
    • Part 7: Community Q&A



1. Would you like to introduce yourself and the project a little bit before we show the introduction video about CD3D?

Edwardo: I’m Edwardo Jackson. I’m the founder, CEO and creator of the CinemaDraft game. It’s basically a daily fantasy sports-style movie game. Instead of picking athletes from teams, you’re picking actors from movies and how those movies would perform at the box office or in the critical ratings, you’d earn points for your call sheet or roster stars. And basically, this is the gaming platform that will be fueled by the CD3D token which I’m very excited to present to you today. It’s basically where DeFi and gaming meet so on one hand, you’ll have excellent utility in using CD3D on our platform to play in our CinemaDraft and DraftStream games earning. You know, for playing free rolls or winning, putting up CD3D to win more CD3D and then also, we have the DeFi side where we’re building out a decentralized exchange, an automated self-service decentralized exchange where anyone can launch their token, projects for cheap and with a lot of cool tools as for a token sale and an example of one we are launching our fair launch, 100% fair launch, no pre-sales, no line cutting, no VCs in the back pulling the strings. All 20 million of our ICO tokens are going to be available for a 24-hour period starting October 7th 12PM UTC or GMT, and so we’ll give the world one full day to put in their bids in what’s called a batch auction. And the way that works, it’s kind of like the classic dutch auction where you put up or putting up 20 million tokens, people will submit their bids somewhat anonymously, you don’t know what the price is, it’s what you determine the price. And after 24 hours, the sale closes and the protocol organizes the bids from highest to lowest and sells them from highest to lowest until all 20 million tokens are sold. So if you like what you hear today, you’re interested in owning some tokens, then, don’t be cheap! Bid high!

2. What is the meaning behind the project’s name, CD3D? And, what did you get the idea for and how did you come up with that?

Edwardo: So back in the crypto winter of 2018 when no one wasn’t making any money, I stumbled across this project called P3D, which was an Ethereum-based smart contract protocol where you would exchange Ethereum for tokens. In doing so, everyone paid a tax, 10% in, 10% out, 10% of your transferring between wallets and at the time, no one was doing this or if someone had done it, I hadn’t heard of it. And I was fascinated by the idea of it, but they’re kind of a victim, they’re partially victim of their own success, got so popular and kind of crippled the Ethereum blockchain in the summer, cost like eighty dollars make any transaction at its height and it was really good but it wasn’t sustainable. There was a great community around it but there weren’t any products around there that were sustainable, so I kept thinking well what if we took that whole taxation model and applied it to something that had sustainability, had utility like my game. And so I started plotting out CD3D then, giving the 3D as an homage to P3D and whereas they joked around their pyramid scheme, everything like that, they weren’t sustainable. We were trying to do everything opposite and it just kept evolving over the years. For a while we were thinking about being on the tron blockchain because the Ethereum prices were too high, then the Binance Smart Chain got really popular last year and so, now Binance made more sense so that’s how we arrived to be on the Binance Smart Chain.

Part 2: TEAM

3. Apart from you, as I know, the founder of the project, do you have any other team members that have been going along with you from the beginning of the project? What do they do in the project and how did they contribute to CD3D?

Edwardo: I love my team. We’re great, obviously I couldn’t do this alone. I’ve been at this for five years. So I am the CEO founder, I’ve been at this the longest. My CTO, Yash Agarwal out of Mumbai, ITB which I hear is a very prestigious university out of Mumbai and his partnership with Mangal, he’s our business development director. They’re great, they’ve really been instrumental over the last year and a half in helping take this back from prototype and idea into something that we’re actually building and looking to release. If not by the end of this year then by Q1 next year. Also, the site design, it’s just beautiful. Palak Kathuria is probably the best hire I may ever have in my career. She is outstanding, she is our visionary, UI/UX designer. She’s incredible. I love her. She’s extremely talented, also India-based. George is a recent acquisition, he’s our community manager, they’re based in the Philippines and they take care of our Telegram community and they do an excellent job, and Discord as well. And then Anton is an old friend from my native Seattle, Washington, and he’s been advising me every step of the way. So these are the core members of our squad, we are definitely a distributed remote team. I rarely sleep so it kind of works out for me and this is who we are.

4. I’ve noticed that they all come from different places around the world so how have you guys been working together? Did you get any struggles along the way and how did you all overcome it?

Edwardo: Personally, for me it’s been a journey as I mentioned it’s been five years. We had an initial investment to get us to a minimum viable product which we put out in 2016-2017, ran that about 11 months to work out the game mechanics and then, eventually ran out of money. While I did pursue and shop this round to pretty much every VC I could find, every venture capitalist I could find no one wanted to fund us and there is sadly a well-worn statistic here in the United States that African-American founders like myself, yet receive one to less than one percent of venture capital funds. So I was kind of in the wilderness for a while trying to find a new team to take us higher and that’s when I came across Yesh and Shiva from Nurture Labs and they’ve been great and so we were working on on the site and everything and then the pandemic hit, so we kind of had to pivot away from just the movies because the movie theaters were shut down, and that brought us our drop stream game. And DraftStream is a TV and movie streaming content game with the same kind of mechanics as the movie game except we’re using critical and audience ratings to score our actors and then so that brings us you know pretty much up to today. It’s kind of been working in the background and saving up my money once again still no VC funds, no one wants to fund us. I don’t know what it is. We went to crypto people this past summer. Literally a thousand crypto investors they all said no or we’ll wait and see or you’re too early whatever so we decided to do it ourselves. I’ve had an eight-year career in Bitcoin, in blockchain. My blog,, is probably the oldest African-American blog about blockchain and Bitcoin issues and it’s just kind of combined my passions. I also have a Hollywood screenwriter, published author and a professional poker player so CD3D and CinemaDraft really does coalesce all of my strengths into one little basket and here’s a chair real quick. This is blacks and drastic and stuff as well we have been out here since this has been up since 2014. I’ve been a Bitcoin investor since March or May of 2013, April 2013.


5. As we see right now on the market, there’s a trend going on about GameFi, a lot of other gameplay projects are going in the idea of getting those kinds of heroes and soldiers fighting together. Those kinds of games are getting a lot of attention, clearly your game has a different vision from them, so do you think this will be one of the drawbacks or would it be making a difference and blow up in the market?

Edwardo: One, there’s plenty of room for all sorts of games in GameFi space. Number two, as far as I know, we’re pretty much the only company that’s kind of targeting fancy Hollywood entertainment in this way. We had a competitor, the pandemic hit, they shut down, they haven’t come back, RIP. So we’re bill and as far as I know, they don’t have anything going on with blockchain or crypto or anything. Because this truly comes out of my passion, I was the one running around telling people about Bitcoin in 2013, giving out $5 a Bitcoin at Christmas. A friend of mine actually just yesterday texted me that her $5 of Bitcoin saturday Christmas 2013 is now worth $375. We’ve been in this for a while. Another thing is the DFS because you qualify us as DFS which stands for Daily Fantasy Sports. The DFS market, especially North America, is a $20 billion-a-year market. The major players you may have heard of are DraftKings, Fanduel. CinemaDraft is the DraftKings of Hollywood because basically, they have competition but DraftKings has really built a great brand in cornering the market successfully in our public company in attracting players from around the globe to play these games where fantasy sports takes precedence so no one’s really doing this for movies or entertainment and not the way we’re doing with CD3D. So, we hope to have a decent leg up on the competition before everyone starts copying us.

6. Another thing that you have been doing differently from other projects that I’ve seen right now is that you guys are going for the ICO and not the ideal, right? Would you like to explain more about the decision why you do that and not going for the ideal?

Edwardo: Once again we went around to a bunch of platforms and they all said no. So I’m an only child so I’m used to not only entertaining myself but doing things for myself. After a certain amount of time, I got annoyed enough to be like “Let’s just do it ourselves” and actually I don’t even take credit for that so much. Yes, our CTO was like “Why don’t we just do an ICO? We’ve got the goods, we saved up enough money. Let’s just do it”. After a while, I’m a little hard headed sometimes, you know, an only child, eventually I came around and really really got behind this and even if I weren’t the only child I’m also of the mindset that if you want something done right sometimes, you usually have to do it yourself. So we’re just doing it for ourselves, the VCs and people, we gave them a shot to help fully fund this so we could actually build out the game, the decentralized platform and the token and present the entire package as a huge value proposition but no one wanted to fund us so we’re doing it for ourselves and we’ll let the market decide.


7. We talked a lot about the idea of the project and everything on the surface but when we get deeper into the business part, would you like to talk more about the tokenomic distribution? How did you guys divide all the parts and do you think it was distributed wisely?

Edwardo: When everyone said no and so this is the opportunity, like I said, the fancy sports market is really big, and our initial target market is generally gonna be North America but as we get bigger we’ll expand out to the rest of the world. And basically now, in our use case as I mentioned, a decentralized token launch pad which we will be the first token on there, we’ll be the exchange token, of course. So, there’s definitely a perpetual stream of revenue right there. We’re also conducting a batch auction or what’s also known as a dutch auction but we want to also have a launchpad with a variety of different sales styles, let people figure out what works for them and then also have it be self-service almost like what DX sale does but better. If your sale doesn’t go through, you can’t get your tokens. There’s a bunch of stuff about a lot of these other platforms that I didn’t like when i was looking around for self-starting or launching with the IDO so we want to do it a little bit better and for cheap and we figure we’ll attract a lot of other gaming tokens who are looking to launch their own projects on our site. This is the token itself, where our native pair is going to be BUSD finance stable coin backed, some of the features are we have an anti-whale protocol where after the ICO there will be a maximum transaction of only 0.15% of the token supply so basically you can’t buy more than 150,000 tokens after the ICO so get it while you can. We have an anti-dumping protocol which means we’ve added a 5% fee if you try to sell on exchanges so basically incentivize hobbling. Also our basic 10% transaction fee includes 6% as dividends, 1.6% as buybacks and burn and then 2.4% in straight burn, so basically 4% is getting heated into the fire forever, reducing supply and making it all that more scarce and we are not one of these meme coin, joke coins that are 100 billion or a trillion or quadrillion token supply. We’re 100 million, It’s only five times the amount of Bitcoin. It’s logical and we are actually very deflationary, there’s not going to be any more of them after this. Other dividends, 75% goes back to you, the holder, 15% will go to us for operations, 7% is going to this pot we called community rewards. This is basically where we not only reward some of our most active and involved members in the community but also this will be the pot from which we will pay out people for the Star Cards universe so the more popular and the more transactional activity we have with the token, the more money there will be for Star Cards. And while all NFTs are interesting in general, there isn’t a natural value to it, It’s just honestly what people think of it whereas with our Star Cards, It’s built into the organic use of our game that you can actually earn money off of holding Star Cards. And then 3% for staking rewards. Once again i’m all about the long-term hole, we are not a pump and dump coin, we’re pumping and farm, we’re a pump and hold, we’re pumping and save coin because 3% of every of the transactional dividends will go towards staking rewards so wallets that have tokens that are 30 days or older will be eligible to get their share of the staking rewards pool. And then tokenomics, 40% is being burned, that’s the 2.4% in the transaction fee, so 40 million bur have been burnt already, we’ve deployed our tokens, 20 million will go towards liquidity. By that we’re actually taking a different approach to liquidity, we’re only releasing 500,000 CD3D tokens/month for the next 40 months. So after the sale is done, whether your bids earned you tokens or not, we will have a liquidity pool of 500,000 tokens after the sale versus the 20 million that hopefully we will all sell. Now, every month we aim to put 70% of that 500,000 onto our site exclusively so we want you coming back to, we want you trading with us, we want you getting the best deals possible with us. And then the other 150,000 each month we will use for yield farming, for liquidity on other exchanges and sites, but once a month is how that will roll out. Once again, we’re keeping this thing scarce, we realize that there are organized groups of people who come to pump and dump. That is fine, that is your prerogative but we’ll always have liquidity out there for people in fairly scarce portions and also, each month we plan on buying back some of the tokens that are out there and holding. These ones won’t burn, we want to have a healthy ecosystem of keeping the buy pressure up by not only putting out liquidity so people can trade and exchange and sell but also, buying some of that excess liquidity and holding it for ourselves. And then 10% for marketing 10 million tokens, 33% have been locked away for two years so we don’t blow our wad on the first year or so. And then, community jackpot fund, this one is exclusively for the players. If you’re an active player on the CinemaDraft platform, every 90 days we will have a lottery for people bait and you’ll have entries based on the frequency of your play and you basically have a chance to win extra CD3D tokens for just being an active player in the community. And then team tokens, just 2%, 2 million, we don’t need your tokens, we’re good, but the way we’ve broken that up is that we won’t get any tokens for the first 90 days, It’s already been locked up. After that, It’s broken up into quarters so then 500,000 every 90 days will be released to the team in that way, so you guys are pretty much safe, we’re not here to pump and dump, we’re not siphoning money out like some other safe moon-ish like projects do with their development team. We’re in this for the long haul. And then of course, the 20 million ICO, which hopefully will sell all on the 7th. Also, we have a referral system for those who sign up and buy via our site. If you have a referral link, anyone who buys under your link, you can get 33% of their dividends in perpetuity. We all have ongoing sensitive marketing, with marketing partners, we will have a supplementary site called Kristen, I’ve been squatting on this domain for like four years, I can’t wait to get to use it. It’s basically going to be like a strategy and support site for the CinemaDraft game and the gaming platform and then also mention the community rewards. You’ll have private leagues and one-on-one challenges or you can play with your friends and CinemaDraft and DraftStream, free roll contest every week. If you don’t want to put up money, we’ll be giving away both money and CD3D tokens to get you a chance to play for free.


8. Apart from all those amazing things, I would love to hear more about the security system that you are planning on using for CD3D? What is the oddest company that you guys plan on collaborating with so that you can secure, for your users’ trust and for your users’ wallets?

Edwardo: Security obviously is a paramount in this space. One thing that the technical side of our team has found is that the audit companies can be fallible. Some of the bigger name ones, they’re community driven, very famous ones that we looked into that were somewhat affordable for an audit. You’re essentially just buying a name to be honest with you. Considering the fact that we are almost entirely bootstrapped, like 95 bootstrap, all of our own money, we didn’t have a lot of money to spare, we want to put a lot of money into promotion because you can’t sell a secret. We figure people know about CD3D and the DraftStream game coming up, and they’ll be more inclined to buy tokens and support the cause. So we went with a freelancer who had done good work for us before, audits sound, it’s up on the site. If you go to under the more section, there should be a link to the audit so you can check it out for yourselves, the code is open source so definitely check it out for yourselves again. If we deem it necessary, we will engage in a post sale with a big name audit firm in case we feel like we missed anything. We feel pretty comfortable with the odds that we’ve purchased so far.


9. What is your marketing strategy? What are your plans on expanding the community and getting your project to a wider community and getting everyone to know about CD3D?

Edwardo: The referral program, free rolls, everyone loves stuff for free, Star Cards I think will be a very interesting program for us because the Star Cards themselves as NFT collectibles, as components in the game will be interesting. They’ll be a secondary market for Star Cards outside of the game. I’m sure you know people who want to have Samuel Jackson or Maggie Q or whoever. they’ll want to have their Star Cards so they’ll probably attract some of the NFT interest. We will also engage in some fairly traditional online DFS marketing. There are marketing agencies that we’ve used in the past when we were in beta that were really instrumental in helping us get some new users and players to the site. So we’ll basically have two cohorts, you can have people coming in who are players, who may be into cryptocurrency, they may not, but they’ll get into it because they’ll be winning it for free. Then you’ll have investors who maybe players, may not, may not even go onto the game site, who’ll be earning CD3D dividends because of all the activity going on over here and also in the decks. So i think word of mouth will spread and also i’m very available, this is the third of five AMAs and got crammed in before our launch on the 7th.


10. It’s about the fourth solution for content revenue conundrum of Who Pays? Could you please elaborate?

Edwardo: It’s a combination of all of those people being part of the revenue solution so you’re earning money by other people paying the transaction fee and you sitting there holding dividends. You’re also making money from the gaming side and DeFi side and you can earn it passively or actively. When people are starting businesses, they’re always trying to figure out what’s the revenue model, how’s it going to work out with the revenue model. That’s why I said it’s kind of like a fourth way where it’s all the above. You’re paying but you’re also making money, someone else is paying so you’re making money.

11. Given the novelty of this game model, how will the balance of fun and accessibility be achieved?

Edwardo: So one of my previous lives, I was associated with a fledgling Bitcoin poker site called Infinity Poker. I was also the poker room manager as we were trying to develop the site and I studied how the major online poker rooms, which the current Daily Fantasy Sports ma sites, have taken a lot of energy from and adapted into their model. Just like with online poker, just like with Daily Fantasy Sports, there’s always this balance you want to maintain between the casual players, the recreational players, and the professional players. Generally, the professional players tend to feast on the recreational players because the professional players are taking more time out of it and we saw this in our game as well. We had a very long alpha period with the DraftStream game and whereas it’s on Google Sheets. A friend of mine, also a poker player, was so good and so dedicated to the game, he would create an optimizer model where he would create a spreadsheet and a formula and come out with the best call sheets every week. We were wondering “How do you do it?” and I interviewed him once and he was like “I have an optimizer”. So the way you do balance it out is by having a lot of free rolls, recreational contests for new players. One thing that is popular which I think we probably will do is age gating. Basically if you’re a player, if you’ve played over a hundred contests in CD3D, there’s a whole class of contests that you can’t play, so that keeps it wreck-friendly and just makes it continue to innovate. I think by continuing innovation. doing different game variants, just making it fun and then eventually expanding to other genres. That’s how we feel like we’ll achieve the balance of fun and accessibility.

12. How many ways can I earn money with CD3D? Is there any farming or staking plan in the future?

Edwardo: You can earn it through just dividends, just straight holding, you can earn it through providing liquidity on our decentralized exchange. We’ll also provide farming as well. The plan’s still taking shape because we keep coming up with such good ideas. Right now, like I said, 70% of the liquidity each month will go to our site and then 30% will go to other sites. But of that, we want to provide liquidity with some and then also provide farming and staking rewards for others so that way more people holding and earning your free CD3D will keep the economy healthy. And then also have a robust, staking and farming community outside the platform as well and provide liquidity on places like PancakeSwap and we’ll eventually get to exchanges month by month but we’re very interested in building up the health of our exchange first. That’s why we’re doing 70% of liquidity each month to our platform, so in most normal ways, staking, farming, dividends and of course, playing the game. Whether you play for free ,earn it for free or you put up CD3D to win more CD3D and guaranteed prize pool games. And then Star Cards, it’s going to be a thing that’s going to be the flywheel effect, it’s going to keep turning those tokens over and over because this thing also that CD3D is a reaction it gets. Like I mentioned, I’m in this group of crypto investors and all we see all day long, every day are just these projects that come through, scam coins, [ __ ] coins, MLMs, just all these schemes, they’re not sustainable. All i want to do is, one, create a very fun and exciting game everyone can enjoy and play. But two, to have… (doan nay mat audio tram anh chiu) … The thing about Star Cards is that because the use of the Star Cards is tied to the game itself, it will have actual utility and value from the beginning and then also sentimental value and a secondary auction market where you can buy it that way so there’s so many ways you can be able to earn money with CD3D. Honestly, I think the simplest and easiest way to make money with CD3D is just to hold it and stake it, hold it and farm it, because the utility that we are developing and will develop, all these token lock releases like that, they’re based on minimum four-year plans the LP tokens they’re providing for liquidity, we’re burning so we’re not going to profit off the liquidity tokens. You can have confidence that the liquidity is always going to be there on CD3D. We are in this for the long haul and everything we’ve done with this token and this ecosystem is designed for long-term profitability so yes, we will hopefully sell all 20 million tokens on the 7th and the 8th and then there will be some dumping as there always is. But, because we have such limited liquidity and because people who will have bid and missed out are waiting to get CD3D, the price is going to keep going up. I promise you we’ll be back in there with some of the funds that we’ve earned trying to buy back tokens to enhance our position as well.

13. The Star Cards are unique NFTs that provide several benefits, so how can participants own them?

Edwardo: On our road map, I do believe we’ve got star card slated for maybe Q2 2022 because it’ll probably take about six months so we want to take our time with this, we want to build out the site correctly, we want to build out the game correct, we want to get people comfortable with the CinemaDraft game and as well as the game mechanics of how all that stuff works and then we’re going to launch Star Cards. You’ll have to wait a little bit, maybe six months for us to get the whole thing done right. Each week in the CinemaDraft game we have what’s called a Talent Pool, a new fresh crop of entertainment, movies or tv shows, that’s gonna be on these streaming platforms. From that we will select maybe 10 actors from each project, put them up into the town pool for their particular show and people can go and with each game people can pick which actors they think they’re going to do pretty well, put them on their call sheet. The same thing will be with Star Cards, each week corresponding with the new actors in the Talent Pool they’ll be new Star Cards, or if they’re already created they’ll be old Star Cards, or if someone already owns Star Cards that means your Star Cards is earning money this week. We have a few different ways we can earn money with it. Please believe that we’ve got it ingrained into the lifeblood of the CinemaDraft game of Star Cards and how their earning potential is going to be both organic and perpetual. Another and the last way I’ll mention as far as a way to earn Star Cards that we’re very fascinating, at least I’m personally fascinated by…… (mat audio) …. going on largely in Asia, kind of spreading around the globe right now. I’m pretty fascinated by that. I love the idea of being able to get people on boarded into this ecosystem for free and if that means that maybe we’re taking 50% or 60% of the revenue but you get to have a Star Card for free and when your actor’s Star Card comes up in the week of play you’re in money then we’ll have a nice little split and you get into this ecosystem for free. That’s how you can get some Star Cards.

Kristen: I’ve noticed six months is not really a short time. Do you think there would be some kind of drawbacks for your project since they’re gonna have to wait a little while.

Edwardo: We were no strangers to setbacks. We’ve persevered that’s gonna be fine, we’re gonna have plenty of stuff to entertain you all in the meantime, besides the initial ICO and having the token find its natural market value. We’re hard at work right now on the CinemaDraft game, the DraftStream game or probably a good six to eight weeks out from it being complete but we’re gonna constantly engage the community to get their feedback. We’ll be having events and AMAs like that around our monthly liquidity releases so people feel engaged and connected to the community. We look forward to bringing this all to you in hopefully a couple months.

14. There’s a 10% transaction cost which is nice for price pumping but I believe it is a deterrent for major VCs to participate. Do you agree and will there be any adjustments in the future?

Edwardo: Nope! The contract’s deployed, the anti-whale protocol has been deployed so if any VCs want to get their hands on a lot of tokens, they have a 24-hour period, October 7th to October 8th to do so. And, even with that, there’s a 200,000 limit to how much CD3D you can own, at least in this sale. As my personal story can attest, I can’t say the VC community’s been very friendly to me so I find no reason to be friendly to them. Be a normal customer, be a normal investor. It’s okay, you can buy things at retail price, it won’t kill you. Doing as much press as possible to get the word out of CD3D because if there is ever a chance to get your hands on a large amount of CD3D at whatever price you think it’s worth, October 7th to October 8th, 12PM GMT to 12PM GMT.


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