AMA Recap: Chainwars

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Basic information

  • Time: November 21th, 2021 at 2PM UTC
  • Project name: Chainwars
  • Host: Kristen from Blockchain Army
  • Guest speakers: Nikki Murset | Co-founder &  Jan Hendriks | Content Manager
  • Main content:
    • Part 1: Project Overview
    • Part 2: Team
    • Part 3: Products & Services
    • Part 4: Tokenomics
    • Part 5: Security
    • Part 6: Community
    • Part 7: Roadmap
    • Part 8: Marketing Strategy
    • Part 9: Community Q&A



1. Would you like to give a little introduction about the both of you? What are you guys doing in the project?

Nikki: I’m Nikki Murset from the Netherlands. I started this company together with my twin brother, we are gamers ourselves. I’m running the Design teams for the NFTs, that’s my main job.

Jan: I’m Jan Hendriks, I’m also from the Netherlands. I’m the Content Manager for Chainwars. I met Nikki and Jordi through our same interests like gaming and Crypto.

2. I wanna know more about the concept of Chainwars. When did it all start? Where did you guys get the inspiration or the idea for this project?

Jan: We assembled our core team some time ago because we had the same interest, Crypto and gaming. Quickly we realized that we could combine our specialties together to accomplish bigger things in our opinion. It’s interesting about Crypto, it’s decentralizing and it takes away the middleman. With this in our mind, we’re being obvious gamers ourselves. When the concept of plane earnings hit us, we instantly became curious and started doing our own research. We found similar projects that are quite far in their development and also some projects that unfortunately have been stranded. We tried to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the ongoing projects. Afterwards we’re trying to find a name that sounds uh good and references back to the concept that we use such as Blockchain. When the name Chainwars was mentioned, we all liked the sound of it and recalled. It might also trigger recognition for other people.

Nikki: Following this progress, we came to what aspire Chainwars to be in the future. Chainwars will be a space themed Blockchain driving game, so you can play with your own NFTs. All the cards are owned by you, so you can trade it, you can sell it to your friends, you can battle for it. So our vision in this project is that we value decentral identity. We don’t see why people shouldn’t. Most cases without realizing, just all the NFTs are owned by yourself. That’s the most important part of the game.

3. What’s the meaning of the name of this project?

Nikki: The meaning behind “Chain” was just the Blockchain. The game is just one big one. We have the Humans, Origons and the Nimbles. We are busy with the trailer but the storyline is the Humans develop AI technology, that’s Nimble. They turn bad and fight against the Humans and the Humans have to leave Earth and they travel through the galaxy finding a new planet to live. But then there’s the Origons as alien species, the Humans get in the territory of the Origons and they get wild with the Origons and all. So you have three races that are battling each other and that’s the main story.

Part 2: TEAM

4. As a whole business model, how many team members are there in Chainwars right now? What kind of positions are you guys in and how do you contribute to the project?

Nikki: Our Core team consists of myself, Jan, Jordi Murset – my brother, Peter Kleijne, Luc Hendriks, Glenn, Richie and Logino. Me, Nikki Murset and Jordi are the Co-founders. Jordi is my twin brother. Management roles in the project besides Jan, Peter is specialized in Human Resources Management, he makes sure all our excellent employees are well informed. The Designers are working together with the storyline. Luc, our Business Manager, takes care of all facilities, meetings, necessary recognitions, he assists wherever you can. Then we have Glenn, he’s our Web Developer, he focuses on the security, visuality, translating and the branding on the web. Richie, our Marketing Specialist, shares his vision and we can learn a lot from him. Then we have the last one, Logino, he’s a specialist in Business & Growth. We have a strong Core team together.


5. What kind of products and services that you guys are offering right now to the players, the users and to the market in general?

Jan: We have the game that we’re working on. We have a lot more products that we’re working on. One of them is the NFT Marketplace where we’re gonna sell NFTs. We’re also working on loot boxes where people can buy a loot box for about $5 in CWE tokens. They can draw cards from it and those cards are NFTs that they could use in the game. They own their sales and they also can sell in the future if they want. So these are a few of the main products that we have for now.

Nikki: We are also busy with the Land-game. I think you guys all know the Land-game from Axie. So we are creating one big platform in space with the Oregons, Nimbles, Humans. That’s the Land game. You can buy Land, you can buy a piece of NFT in the Marketplace so you own a bit of our NFT. We will start with the general platform, where Nimbles, Humans and Oregons can come together. So there’s no PvP or something. After, we will develop the Nimble planet and Oregon planet and then we have three different planets and we can be together.

6. What is the specialty of your gameplay?

Nikki: From the Card-game, the specialty is they have their own storyline, all the Cards are unique designs. They are also tradable, some Cards are very rare, NFTs got sold for millions. We will make sure some of the Cards are really rare, but it doesn’t mean it’s strong in-game. It’s not a Pay to Win situation if you have a very expensive NFT. It doesn’t mean you are stronger in the game, it’s just there’s a thing behind it in the end of the market itself. The Land-game, we want to connect the games together, so you can bulk in game with your character. The character can also be an NFT. Your clothing you have on can also be NFTs. You can walk to an auction house, you can walk through a NFT Marketplace and you can buy NFTs or trade NFTs. We will organize events. We’ll set up an arena in-game, so you can battle each other and from that you will just go further.


7. I want to know more about the tokenomics of your project. What are the utilities and what can it be used for in the game?

Nikki: We have 35% for Reserve, 15% for the Team, Seed is 10%, Treasury we have 25% and the Marketing/Listings is 15%. Token allocation, total supply is 250 million. Then we have here our Treasury Market, we recycle the coins so we have the season prize pool building up so you have a pool building up and then you have a market inflow that goes like a recycling. You have a reward pool building up, ready for market inflow. Then we have the $CWE market inflow by earning rewards, rewards from the people. $CWE market inflow by winning season and tournament prizes. Then you have the treasury from the events. It’s gonna all recycle.

CWE tokens, we have tiers. Depending how much CWE tokens you hold, you get more rewards. For tier 1, you need at least one CWE token to 2000 CWE. From 2, 3, 4, 5 to 6 and the 6th is named Super. Here are the max rewards per game, if you hold one token you get 0.03 more tokens rewards. The more tokens you hold, the more reward you get.


8. Since there are a lot of issues in the market about projects being scammed or hacked and that’s raised numerous questions and concerns from users. How can you assure the security system for your project to work good enough to guarantee your users’ wallets and trust?

Jan: We have been audited by Hacken and it went very well, no notices on it, so that went perfectly. We also have a good team that watches out constantly on the project and watches out for the stage for our community. So we can assure that everything will be safe for them.



9. How can you grow your community even more in the future? What’s your marketing plan for the project to expand even more globally?

Jan: We’re trying to expand. We are doing daily AMAs, multiple per day. So that we try to really communicate with our community, answer all the questions that they have. We’re also doing a lot of advertisements online. We were doing our very best to build up the community and make it a very big and trustful community. That’s the most part that we do a lot of marketing.


10. What other plans are you guys focusing on in the next few months or even in the next year?

Nikki: We are now focusing on backup partners. They can help us to grow the community like the BSC Army. They will help us around. The main focus now is on the game, so we can release a beta version. Our community can play the game by the NFTs and that kind of stuff. That’s the main goal.

11. What milestones have you guys achieved so far? Where are you guys right now on the roadmap? What kind of challenges and the most difficult things that you guys have been through? What are your solutions for them?

Nikki: The most difficult was in the beginning one year ago, to develop the game, to get the right partners for it, the right people on the right spot. Game developers that we can trust. That was the hardest thing. For us so far we achieved all the designs and the website release, this was just two days ago. The first thing on the roadmap that comes close is Chainwars Alpha release and the token release itself of course.


12. What can you say to make Chainwars different from other projects in the Metaverse ecosystem?

Jan: We’re aware of the growth of Crypto and its users. We also see a large increase in GameFi users. When time comes, we will expand our target audience by adjusting our marketing and community strategies. To all new game players, we will offer guidance on our website and in-game tutorials for everyone to engage with the project. An eye-opener in this new strategy is maybe that the items that they earn in traditional games are not truly theirs. Our project is totally different because all items that you buy, you own them yourself. All items that you have are tokenized in our game and fully tradable for the NFT marketplace so I think that’s a really big difference.


13. How do you balance the game economy and how does the anti-inflation mechanism work?

Nikki: This is more of a question for our developer. We are more from the content. I don’t think I can explain it in detail. We’re making a tutorial for the game itself, how the ecosystem works.

Kristen: I think maybe finding the pitch deck and the white paper would help a lot in the process. For those who are still wondering about this, you can find them on the website and on their whitepaper as well. Hopefully, the team can give you guys a detailed answer for this in the future too on their socials.

14. What is your launch plan? How can I join the whitelist?

Nikki: Our launch plan is first the IDO on LaunchZone. You can join the whitelist on our website. After that we’ll launch on Moonlift. After that we’ll go to PancakeSwap and then Uniswap. The IDO is $0.15 and the launch price is $0.25.

15. Can you share a bit about the NFT market in the game? What effect does it have on players as well as benefits for the Chainwars ecosystem?

Nikki: We can’t share anything about the NFT market because it’s not done yet. I don’t want to share anything that I can’t promise.

16. What are the requirements I should have to start and play Chainwars?

Nikki: The requirements are Wi-fi, Internet and one CWE token.

Jan: You can play it on your mobile phone or on your computer, it doesn’t matter. We are launching the app on MOBA. It is on both Android and IOS and will be playable through your web browser. Just like what Nikki told us, you only need one CWE token to play the game, that’s all.

Kristen: What are the biggest differences from traditional games and Chainwars? It’s obvious Blockchain games are more complicated than traditional games but can you tell the major difference between those two?

Jan: You have multiple Card-games and Land-games but in a traditional game, you can’t earn anything. Whatever you spend on the game, when you ever quit the game and decide to stop for a long time, everything you bought is just gone. That’s the advantage of an NFT Crypto game, whatever you buy and you decide in the future that you want to quit with the game or whatsoever, you can sell all your items that you have so you won’t lose money at all. That’s a very big advantage.

Kristen: What’s the biggest difficulty or concern that users will be most confused about when starting the game?

Jan: We’re gonna make a very clear walkthrough for the game. I want to grab everyone that wants to play the game by the hand and take them through the game and explain to them every part of the game, every step they do so they don’t get lost or do stupid things whether it’s losing money or anything. We’re working really hard to do a really good walkthrough. In the beginning of the game, if you’re a newbie or an experienced gamer, it doesn’t matter. We’re really trying to pick the player by their hand and welcome through the game with every part so they know what they do and what they can expect.

17. Security is important for most projects. So can you share about the security features of your project?

Nikki: The most important security feature for our community is the 4-month cliff of our team tokens. Our team tokens are just frozen so there’s no rug pull or anything possible.

Kristen: Do you have any plan B if your project ever gets hacked in the process or somehow gets fraud inside?

Nikki: Yes, we separate the game from the Blockchain. It’s separated, it’s not in-game that you can hack the game and you can reach all the wallets, just separate.


Up to now, Chainwars has had outstanding growth with an ever-expanding ecosystem, promising to thrive in the near future.

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