AMA Recap: Clash Of Gods

Clash of Gods Text AMA Recap

Basic information

Time: 12PM UTC | Jan 9th

Project name: Clash Of Gods

Host: Reginald from BSC Army

Guest speakers:  Tien Nguyen | Marketing Leader

Main content:

  • Segment 1: Introduction
  • Segment 2: Twitter’s questions
  • Segment 3: Live Q&A


Reginald: We will start this AMA session with Clash Of Gods in a few minutes. Hope everyone will take a moment to monitor and evaluate the investment opportunity. You must follow the following channels in order to participate in AMA:

Welcome to our guest: Tien Nguyen – Marketing Leader of Clash Of Gods. How do you feel today? 

Nguyen Duc Tien: yes. I am ready

Reginald: Yes, that’s Tien Nguyen – Marketing Leader of Clash Of Gods ladies and gentlemen. By the way I’m Reginald – the AMA Host. 😁

Please send a sticker or ‘Done ✅’ every time you finish your answer.

Have you got it? @advannguyen 😊

Nguyen Duc Tien: yes

Reginald: So, we are ready on the move.

Segment 1: Introduction (5 questions)

1. Could you please introduce a little bit about yourself and your project? 

Nguyen Duc Tien: Hello everyone. I am so excited to be here today.

First, I would like to thank Hoppy and the community for hosting today’s AMA section.

I am Tien Nguyen, CEO of Clash of Gods project.

I have over ten years of marketing experience in the gaming industry and approximately three years of experience with crypto projects.

And I am also a hardcore gamer myself ;).

Our team is a passionate game studio with a lot of experience in the game industry, especially web and mobile platforms.

Some of you might be familiar with our games, such as Super Chef World, Block Puzzle Legend.

Reginald:  Thank you. I have to admit that is such an impressive introduction 😁

2. Could you tell me about your team members and what are their roles in your team?

Nguyen Duc Tien: Currently we have more than 20 members that’s working for Clash Of Gods.

We have a lot of experience in making games, more than 10 years.  CEO, Mr. Nguyen has more than 15 years in making games.

For me, I have more than 10 years making and publishing games. Our CMO has more than 12 years in digital marketing and 6 years in gaming marketing.

Each of us is specialized in our special field

Beside the in-house team, we also have partners who are working with us to improve the game’s ability to improve what we are lacking like communities, how we are going to market and the security of the Blockchain technology and many more.

That’s how we are currently working together to make Clash of Gods the best game.

Reginald: Cool. Sounds very promising 💪

3. What is the most unique feature of your marketplace compared to other famous competitors?

Nguyen Duc Tien: Ah. It is a good question .

We use price oracle for smart contract

The price oracle’s purpose is to balance the ATHEN payout gained through combat, along with minting costs to the current dollar value of ATHEN. This mechanism allow the game economic to be stabilized when the token price is too high or too low.

The following will happen if the dollar value per ATHEN increases:

  • ATHEN payouts decrease
  • Mint Heroes costs less ATHEN 
  • Mint Items costs less ATHEN 
  • Mint Pets costs less ATHEN 

Conversely, if ATHEN price in dollar falls under a specific amount the opposite of the above becomes true.

The oracle will ensure that daily income will always be larger than gas fee costs, unless the player chooses to lose a majority of their daily fights.

Reginald: Very details, hope that this plan could promote Clash Of Gods much more in the upcoming time

4. Could you please describe your tokenomic and what are the use cases of your token?

Nguyen Duc Tien:  I can list you the full details of our tokonomics

We have 5% for public sale, 1,5% for private sale, 10% for team, 13,5% for marketing, 2.5% for airdrop, 25% for stacking reward, 35% for Play to Earn reward and 7% for liquidity.

Some highlights for the tokenomics is that for public sale, we will have 50% unlocked at TGE so as you participate in our IDO, when you claim the token, you claim 100% of what you already bought. That’s one of the highlights.

The next one is the core team, we have 10% for the core team. In the tokenomics, we have specifically locked core team for 12 month vesting  . This is to show everybody that we are committed to this project and we really want it to last long and be with us for a long time

As you can see in our tokenomics, we have 25% for staking reward and 35% for Play to Earn reward, so almost half of the tokonomics is for the gamers. That’s what we are trying to do to have games for everybody to play and actually earn their share.

Reginald:  Welldone you guys, I’d love this strategy you’ve shown

Here is the last questions of segment 1

5. Marketing is always seen as a big problem in every project. So what is your plan to implement your marketing strategy to make your project become more popular?

Nguyen Duc Tien:  Yes. It is an important question today.

We have a marketing plan for viral our product.

It includes social media like  ( youtube,facebook,twitter, discord,telegram )

For advertiser , we choose google ads, facebook ads and twitter ads.

Because our product is a strategy game so we have getting started library by video and images for players. It will help our player will win the game . It will make players stay with us.

Reginald: That is really impressive.

I really like what you have shown in the first 5 questions. I believe in your experience.

Let’s move to the next question from our Twitter audience.

Segment 2: Twitter questions (5 questions)

Reginald: We have chosen 5 best questions from our audience from Twitter

6. Now in crypto the biggest problems are security in recent days there are many project that had been hack that took the user assets,So how do you insure the security of your project do you have any insurance for this and what are you doing for security of your platform? @Susan13727847

Nguyen Duc Tien: Yes. It is the popular problem.

we have got many questions for this problem. So when we start this project. It is the first thing we have done

After a long time  research, we have decided to choose SOLID GROUP. The famous team that verify many projects.

They help us for checking and fixing bugs

You can find the detail for verify here : 

Reginald: Great! I’m looking forward to it.

Let’s move to the next question

7. There are many investors who only focus on the token price in the short term instead of the real technology of the project. Can you tell us the motivation and benefits for your project investors in the long term? @Nairobi48927153

Nguyen Duc Tien: Yes. It is very nice to question long-term investors.

We are planning for a long-term project. So with the short-term investor, they can focus on token price, but long-term investors, they can see the potential of this project.

We just released the game with PVE  mode and we have many more mode that will make the project become good. It will release in the future. You can see the roadmap.

Reginald: Yah, can agree with you more

8. Are you planning to burn or buy back any tokens from the market in the future? Do you have such programs?Are you planning to burn or buy back any tokens from the market in the future? Do you have such programs? @Hannie17713359

Nguyen Duc Tien: Yes. It has been planned in our project. We have some Venture and Capital that will take care of our project. They have a buy-back program for keeping the price and the stability of our token. It will make us feel safe, and we can make our project better.

Reginald: Yes, i feel very excited about your project

9. Truth be told, most games are either boring or too technical and most platforms only use Play to Earn to promote their lackluster game. For Clash of Gods,how  stimulating, loving and graphically engaging game is the game?How interesting is the storyline ?Can you tell us about it? @Akash97321

Nguyen Duc Tien: Woa. It is a long story .

We are a game development team that was inspired by strategy games. So we have chosen the Clash Of Gods gameplay. It is a card game with blockchain. It will make people feel happy and relax .

If the player can play card games and the reward when they choose the right strategy. It is the best game.

Reginald: Great! Here is the last questions of segment 2.

10. Most game players focus on playing games and unaware that a game Blockchain technology also exists for them. How will @infoclashofgods team educate the gamers with zero knowledge of things related to blockchain technology? Will this game be on mobile version too? @Miraakter11

Nguyen Duc Tien: Yes. We have planned for this

First players need to watching our youtube.

It has getting stated for our game step-by-step.

Beside that. Player can check more detail at: 

It is the fully document that will help player win in our game.

That is all  and it is very easy for players.

Reginald:  Wow, we could see it. 😁 And you are doing really great at this side 🔥

So, now, we will move to the last segment of our AMA today.

Segment 3: Live Q&A (5 questions)

11. Have you being audited ? Have not heard you talk about that security of funds is what every investor craves for and plans to escape incase of insecurity if funds,scams and rug pulls ? How strongly built are your security put in place? @anhdrrewka

Nguyen Duc Tien:  Yes. We have been audited by solid group. And they guided us more for security . 

You can check more at the link above.

12. Where i can get all the latest news about ? Do you have Twitter/Telegram/Discord community? If yes can you share the link here because there is a lot of fake telegram/twitter groups? @AlfredoBickford53

Nguyen Duc Tien: Woah. This is the problem that i think i have to answer  your question. 

Before listing we was face  to face with scammer so i will send the detail here. For more information:

13. How do users participate in #ClashOfGods ? I think this is the most important. I hope you see my question sir 🙏🙏🙏 @ItsMeGebi

Nguyen Duc Tien: It is the strategy game so I think it is a popular game and you will use your brain to take your reward . It is the way we want player love our game. 

Thank for supporting us.

14. Crypto market has recently been in a bear market and in this scenario it is very hard for investors to trust and invest in any project. How do you see these challenges and why should we invest in your project? @tjeuw

Nguyen Duc Tien: It is a good question . We are planning for this bear market. We have experiment for the history of market. So we believe we can make our project hype in this year.

15. Is your project a community only for English speaking an countries or for users not of other languages? @Margo_mcclure_1990

Nguyen Duc Tien: Yes. As you can see. We have many local group that will help player understand our game.

You can join our telegram and choose your best local group.

Official Telegram: 

Reginald: Congratulations on successfully completing the hardest part of each AMA session, which is interacting with investors and the questions they want to know. 👏

This is the end of our AMA today. 😊 Stay tuned for more information you guys! 

Thank you for joining us, it is our pleasure to have you here today, @advannguyen

Do you have anything to tell the BSC Army community?

Nguyen Duc Tien: Yes. I am so happy to ama with everybody. Hope you guys will support and love our project.

If you have any feedback please let me know.

Many thank for your love !

Reginald: Thank you again for being here today. Have a nice day! 😁


Up to now, Clash Of Gods has had outstanding growth with an ever-expanding ecosystem, promising to thrive in the near future.

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