AMA Recap: CowboySnake

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Basic information

  • Time: 10th December, 2021 at 2PM UTC
  • Project name: CowboySnake
  • Host: Henry from BSC Army
  • Guest speakers: Mr. Jacky Vu|CMO of CowboySnake & Mr. Chung Le|CEO of CowboySnake
  • Main content:
    • Part 1: Project Overview
    • Part 2: Tokenomics
    • Part 3: Roadmap
    • Part 4: Security
    • Part 5: Challenges
    • Part 6: Community
    • Part 7: Community Q&A



1. Can you introduce yourself and your position in the project?

Jacky: I’m really happy to be here today. My name is Jacky Vu, I am currently the CMO of CowboySnake. Joining here with me today, I am very honored to introduce our Founder and CEO of the project, Mr. Chung Le.

2. Could you please tell more information about CowboySnake and also the vision of the project as well?

Jacky: Inspired by the monument of all time – Snake game, Cowboy Snake creates a play ground where each player will control their own snake to eat food that appears around and fight with others around the world. Players only need to control their snake with the pointer and a click each time they want tospeed up. That simple operation allows everyone to join.

However, the inner game is not that simple, Play to Earn is the key attraction of the game. Players are competing to collect Snake Rinium ($RIM), a type of Snake Gem and the NFT items. The NFT items that players hunt are fully owned by them. This is considered a reward for your contributions to the ecosystem.

With the situation of the Covid pandemic and the global economic crisis, millions of businesses have to go bankrupt and cause tens of millions of workers to lose their jobs. Cowboy Snake is expected to be a new monetization solution for all of you.

3. Why did you choose Cowboy and Snake to put into the name of the project?

Jacky: As I have mentioned above, Cowboy Snake is heavily inspired by the OG Snake game – Eating and evolving. Similar to, each player will control their snake to eat food on the way and combat other snakes – which are controlled by players all over the world. Still, despite the similarities to its predecessors, Cowboy Snake offers a much wider range of activities as well as complexity. Not just eating and fighting, from the simple gameplay, Cowboy Snake also developed a ranking system, game modes, tournaments, missions, and treasure hunting. With the Cowboy image, we develop the hat of the snake following the image of Western Cowboy, and this hat will be an important NFT in the game, with different hats, the snake can gain more strength, power, and ability. That is why we combined the two images in the name of the project.

4. Can you give more details about your team and how do you work together to develop CowboySnake?

Jacky: All of the core members have had years of experience in their profession as well as 5+ years relating to blockchain and cryptocurrency. Some of them have founded and co-founded numerous companies before – such as Mr. Chung Le, the CEO of the company, was the Founder & CEO ORENCT Limited, and Founder of KGSHARK Investment Fund. That for sure would give Cowboy Snake a solid business base.

Regarding game development, we have Mr. Soo Sean – The Game Technical Lead, has had 20 years of experience in programming and operating games. Mr. Jamie Waters – The UX/UI Leader, has had 15 years of experience in designing UI/UX for games. The other core members also have at least 8 years of background in game-related fields.

As you can see, with such a strong and firm team, we believe Cowboy Snake can greatly burgeon.


5. Can you tell me about your tokenomics?

Jacky: There will be two tokens used in our tokenomics. The first one is $RIM: Snake Rinium Token (RIM) is a token BEP-20 used for rewards for Cowboy Snake players. RIM holders can get weekly rewards from the treasure exploited in the game. $RIM is used for three purposes:

• Break the Egg: The fee for breaking eggs is 5 BUSD per time.

• Egg Combination: The Egg combination fee is 1 BUSD per time.

• Pay to join the game room: Each turn, snakes need a small amount of RIM to participate in the mortal combat room.

• Food for NFT snakes: If it is over time but the snake with a turn of 300,000 points has not been fed, it will automatically consume an amount of RIM equivalent to 0.1 BUSD/hour. This consumption will be displayed on the player’s account

The second one is the main token, $COWS. It can be used to buy NFT items, join the tournament, and primary means of exchange on MarketPlace


6. Do you have any further plans that you want to share with us about the beta test and when the game is released?

Jacky: With a very enthusiastic project team, with a game that is interesting and supported by many international communities, we are sure that our game will attract gamers to participate.

Another highlight is that we always have the latest game updates, attracting the most players according to the project’s schedule.

In addition, we will always organize in-game events on the occasion of major holidays such as Christmas, New Year, etc. to attract gamers to participate in the game to receive rewards.

Cowboy Snake will have a specific plan first that in the next two years the project can develop exactly like in the Roadmap, moreover we firmly believe that with the support from the international community, bringing the project to the world is what we project team can do and develop it.

And for the top 100 Cryptocurrencies, I can not firmly state that. But one thing I can promise is that the CowboySnake team will listen to feedback from the audience and adapt to the market in order to fully develop.


7. How can the investors feel safe when investing and holding COWS in the long term?

Jacky: We are working with audit companies in the blockchain field. There will be an announcement about this audit process as soon as possible. This will help investors and players to enjoy the game with peace of mind. Besides, CowboySnake will continuously release new game-related updates and features. This will increase the appeal of the game and help the project get new leads. From our side, the project will also launch new gameplay forms to renew the experience for old players. But CowboySnake needs time to adapt, to receive player feedback about the game, to be able to have the most accurate analysis and assessment of player behavior. So everyone can rest assured to play games and make money from playing games, and we will take care of the rest.


8. What have you found to be the most difficult part of designing a blockchain-based game?

Jacky: In my opinion, the hardest part of making a blockchain-based game is how to attract non-crypto gamers and investors. You know Blockchain tech and GameFi has just been at the very beginning, so the potential of these fields is so huge. The problem here is when you have a great idea, an interesting game and you want to share it to as many people as possible to raise brand awareness. This will result in a high market cap of the CowboySnake ecosystem, which enables us to grow quickly. And we solve that problem with an excellent marketing strategy as you can see: 4 launchpads and lots of AMAs with famous names like BSC Army, CMC Capital, KAI, etc.


9. Are you planning to expand globally by partnering with Local Communities in other countries?

Chung Le: Our mission is to bring NFT games in general and Cowboy snake in particular to reach gamers around the world, and fortunately after announcing the project, there are many international communities such as China, Philippines, Thailand….has enthusiastically supported and wished to cooperate with the project, so that our project can develop all over the world!

10. How do you plan to get people to play the game you’ve created and what specific marketing channels are you using?

Chung Le: As I said above, we have collaborated with LaunchZone, their Telegram community has more than 55k members and their Twitter has more than 150k followers. It will be a big advantage for us to expand and find more new potential customers. Besides, we will do AMAs with many big communities in crypto space for marketing our project such as: BSC Army, CMC Capital, KIWI and KAI. For today We are working with partners who are private investors: both are large joint ventures and influential KOLs. These teams are an important part of our project which help us develop communication and stick with the project. We have a specific marketing strategy and we will continually update the game from partner media channels while releasing the project and creating great community-events for players. We also prepare some giveaway, airdrop, minigame and bounty program in the near future not only to honour our loyal users but also to create more attraction with new users. In addition, we will organize AMA sessions to international communities such as China, Thailand, Philippines …. to promote our project to the international community.


 11. If the BEAR market comes, will your token probably dump? Do you have any plan to prepare for this bear market? How will you handle the panic sell?

Jacky: During the time if the market goes down, it will also affect the project a little bit, but we think that we have nothing to worry about. Because at the first stage, for the volume, the token is still rare and little, and with the dumpers, they cannot hold or own many tokens to affect the graph. Besides, the token is the main way for any transaction in the market, like buying or selling items, so that is why, even when the market is down, but the utility of the token is still there and in the short term, I believe it will recover.

12. This snake game is pretty popular in the streamer world, does CowboySnake plan to collaborate with any notable streamer in the near future?

Chung Le: Right now, the game has not been released, so we have not decided on this part. But we have the list of streamers and partners here already and when the game is released, we will focus on marketing and spreading the image of CowboySnake. The detailed plan will be announced to the community as soon as possible.

 13. What criteria will CowboySnake be based on to evaluate cheats in the game? And what actions will be taken to limit that fraud to create a fair playing field for the players?

Jacky: Actually, we have the vesting scheme, and for each round, we have already calculated exactly the allocation so this will ensure that all the investors and players can enjoy their benefits but at the same time, ensure the health of the economy inside the game. For cheating and hacks, this is also a big problem, but right now, we have not faced any sign of cheating in our system, also in the future, we will cooperate with a partner in hacking prevention named Dorahacks. So they will help us a lot in preventing hacking in the game.

 14. How can I buy your token or is it difficult for me? Which exchange should I buy your token from?

Chung Le: At the first stage, we have a plan to list on Pancake Swap on 21st December, and after that, COWS will be listed on other exchange platforms, the information will be announced to you later on our social media.

15. How do you plan to spread about the project in different countries where English is not good?

Jacky: We are working with a lot of KOLs in different countries and they help us to spread our news in their language to the local communities in order to make it easier for the gamers to understand.


Up to now, CowboySnake has had outstanding growth with an ever-expanding ecosystem, promising to thrive in the near future.

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