AMA Recap: CremePieSwap

Recap Live AMA vs CremePie Swap BSCArmy

On the 3rd of July 2021, Kristen and Anita – two hosts from BSC Army conducted a successful Youtube AMA with CL, Ken the Crypto, and GH – representatives from CremePieSwap.

As usual, the Community has a lot of questions about CremePieSwap’s path. Our guest from CremePieSwap took part in an amusing AMA session that included the introduction, project in-depth review, and audience questions. If you missed the live AMA in person, read this recap for a more comprehensive look at CremePieSwap.


Anita: Hi, my name is Anita and this is Kristen, so we are from bsc army the first decentralized autonomous organization for the social media industry on Binance Smart Chain and I will be the host today of this AMA, and joining with us will be Mr. Ken and GH from 100xCoin and CL from LaunchZone.

Kristen: Again, we’re broadcasting from the BSC Army Youtube channel so if you’re new here don’t forget to, like, subscribe, and put a comment down below; we’ll come back with more interesting videos and also live AMA sessions like this in the future so stay tuned guys. Also, please stay until the end of this live show because we’re having a giveaway with the total reward of two hundred dollars and we’ll be choosing the five best comments or questions so start dropping yours right now.

Anita: So, hello Ken, GH, CL

Ken the Crypto: Yep, loud and clear

CL: Solid

Kristen: That’s great

Anita: Gladly to know that. So, today we will not talk about 100xCoin or LaunchZone but we will talk about a brand new, mystery project. So before we move into the project can you please share with us information from you, can we have an introduction from your side.

Ken the Crypto: My name is Ken the Crypto, the founder, and CEO of 100xCoin and I believe we had an AMA a couple of days ago with LaunchZone but we essentially have an app that allows users to invest in Binance Smart Chain with a credit card/debit card along with our many other apps. And now we’re teaming up together with LaunchZone to come up with CremepieSwap which I’m very excited to be here.

CL: Yep, we also did this before so, hi again, I’m the CEO BD of LaunchZone. So I was one of the guys who started this project quite early with our CEO Tony and luckily I got a chance to meet another very energetic leader who is Ken the Crypto so we started this whole CremepieSwap together. It’s gonna be totally new with brand new ideas and products so we hope that this is gonna be like a hit and we are putting all our force in it, and hopefully, we can take this session to deliver to you all the information that we have so far and hype up the atmosphere.

GH: Alright. Hey guys, my name is GH. I have a community here with CremepieSwap and kind of get this all going. I’ve helped bring 100xCoin from a couple of hundred followers or about 100 members in the telegram to about 75 000+ and that’s just our regular English channel/our main channel. We have also built another 15 world language channels and we continue to grow those and we continue to shill very hard. I’m excited to do the same thing with cream pie swap and really get the name out there and be the first or the best fully loaded AMM on the Matic chain. I’m excited to be here.



1. That was really nice! So, everyone is looking forward to hearing from you guys about the project, and most of us are attracted by the name so I’m sure you guys have a story to back that up. How did you guys come up with this idea?

Ken the Crypto: It actually started off from LaunchZone. I think they reached out to us. I’ve actually been a fan of LaunchZone for a while since I even started 100x coin because I’ve been a crypto investor for many years now and I got into one of their products, BSCX, early in January or February. I believe I’m a big fan of what they were doing and we hopped on a team call. We told each other’s vision and mission and what we’re trying to do

in the crypto space in the Binance Smart Chain, the things that we’re trying to build and it turned out that we both had the same vision and we thought: “Why not build things together?”. And then we started brainstorming, eventually, we came up with this crazy idea: “Hey let’s launch on Polygon or Matic network!”. We were thinking of ways of how we can capitalize on this network that is so early, that is growing right now. The numbers show, the graph shows, it is similar to how the Binance Smart Chain was growing in its very early stages. “What if we were like the pancake swap?”. Thus, that idea was born. From there we brainstormed the names. We had some weird names, like BlueWaffleSwap. Well, we kept it a little bit PG-er and we thought of CremepieSwap.

2. Let’s talk about the team. Many of us, as well as the investors, are very curious about the things that make the three of you join together to build this project. We want to ask if this is going to be fully supported by all or just some part of the crew?

CL: Well, this is going to be a fully joined force, kind of like an alliance; because we are specialized in different fields so it’s kind of funny since Ken mentioned that he was one of our fans from the first because what we do was really just technology and we wanted to deliver products so during applicant there was also a time when 100xCoin was around and we got to know about Ken. Somehow we became his friend and it appears to us that 100xCoin can gather a really huge community strength so that’s their strength and we have the products, BSC Army and LaunchZone were already in business before. We do products while you do the social media and promotion so these three pieces just somehow

kicked in and balanced out each other so once we get this project in motion, I’m pretty sure that we are just gonna be like the three main pillars of this whole project to get the wheels going.

3. This is a collaboration between the big two projects of you guys so are there any intersections in those projects? This project has these kinds of key features and the other one has its own so do you guys have anything in common?

CL: There were a lot of differences but there were also a lot of similarities as well. It’s good to see that we have very different ways to approach and build our communities because LaunchZone is pretty product-based while 100xCoin is fully community-based so our perspective and experience are entirely different. We had a lot of discussions and there were a lot of things that were seen from a different perspective but it’s really good to see that we have a similar vision and mission of building DeFi space a better place and bringing the real value of technology to this world. Just by having those similarities and differences, it seems to be the motivation for us to brainstorm more ideas. I can say that we

made a balanced team so far, it’s been fun working with you, man.

Ken the Crypto: And to add to that, We get reached out to a lot of projects every single day. We turn down a lot of projects just because the vision and mission don’t fit in. They either have the same sort of field that we’re in, it’s not complementary to each other or we’re just straight up in competition.

But with LaunchZone, it seemed like a very good fit because 100xCoin, our community is cold in here and I believe in order to build something large, something big in the future you have to start small, narrow and that starts with community and I believe we have the face, we have the trust, we have the transparency because that’s what we’re all about since the very beginning.

I live-streamed a lot on my youtube channel at the beginning of 100xCoin. I was live-streaming almost every single day or twice a day to show that I’m not going anywhere and then when LaunchZone came up to us, we saw that they had the technology, they had resources and infrastructure to build products at a very fast rate and here at 100xCoin, we’re all about speed and LaunchZone was that perfect partner for us. We have the vision, we have the community, we have the marketing, they have the products, they have the infrastructure, they have developers, and together I think it is a very symbiotic relationship and as long as we take our skill sets together and put them on a new chain, it’s like PancakeSwap when it was very early on in stages or UniSwap. For that, I always emphasize that we’re very early on. And I think one of our visions and missions together is to make it clear that this is a revolution.

4. Let’s talk more clearly about your products, so what actually are the products this project offers? Can you guys explain to us more about this?

CL: When we started our business with LaunchZone, it was originally BSCX. So the idea was that we’re going to create a fully functional decentralized financial ecosystem. In simple terms, it’s going to be a fully functional decentralized exchange where people can just do whatever they want and find any possible services for the tokens; which is why after I decided, with that definition, we came up with our current products which are

SwapX, the AMM aggregator, and the PoolX for yield farming, and also PadX for IDO launching.

After months of operations, we’ve seen how the pieces kicked in. In other words, CremepieSwap is a more upgraded version of our experience dealing with and also constantly working with SwapX, PoolX, and PadX. So CremepieSwap is going to be like a

fully functional decentralized exchange but not just simply an exchange, it’s going to be like the one place for all services relating to tokens, but on Polygon network with better transactions speed and with all the advantages it has. So it’s like a superior update version of LaunchZone current products with 100xCoin join hands in it.

GH: I see pretty much a big mass adoption with it and it’s hard to get in there. I think once people figure out how to get on the chain and the word gets out, this partnership was probably the best thing that could have happened for Matic and Polygon. Creating this product for that chain really bridge people from different networks onto that a little bit easier and create a very trusted space because again as Ken and CL said, it’s all about

transparency from bottom to the top and so I think this will be one of the most popular decentralized exchanges on Matic.

Ken the Crypto: I want to add to the fact that we want to set a clear example for founders and new projects to have the same vision as we do, which is a space where projects or founders launch a project with a good idea and not rug people. We want to inspire a new generation of founders, entrepreneurs, builders, developers to build on different networks, build Dapps, and in the ideas of transparency, trust, and that we’re all working together rather than competing with one another.

CL: It’s very true. That is normally the selling point of the project, which would be like the white paper and the mission and the vision that it’s named on. But most of the time, what differentiates a real project and the scam project is how the project developers stick and be loyal to their mission and vision. Just like Ken said, we are loyal to our mission and vision so we just want to set a good example for that by building a really successful product that can give anyone a lot of value when approaching our ecosystem.
As you guys mentioned that you guys chose Polygon to work on and not other chains such as Solana or Cardano but as we know, Polygon has some liquidity issues as it’s just a pretty new chain so how do you guys plan on solving the problem and making it somehow more user-friendly?

Ken the Crypto: I believe that in terms of liquidity, it will fix itself more than founders built on the network, and back to what I was saying, we want to inspire others to build in other networks rather than trying to chase the hype of the already existing networks. Basically, we want to set trends and once we do that I believe liquidity is just going to fix itself from there and as far as Polygon, Matic it’s at its very early stages and I think that’s going to continue to improve along the way as the founders keep making interactions of the network to make it easier to access for other people. And with CremepieSwap, we could build other tools that will enable bridges from other networks.

CL: Regarding the product and the technical issue, one thing that’s really visible about the Polygon network is that it’s a very new network without too many people building anything on it so there’s a lot of space for exploitation and exploration. Since this is our key point to technology and I’m not really in the shoes to discuss everything, what I can tell you is that from the time I’ve been working with our tech team, we can see that there’s a lot of features on Polygon network that can be benefiting to our product designs, which is why we believe that no matter what issue it has out there, it would be a feature that we can exploit to get better values to our products. And since everything is all too new, the network itself is really giving us a very good position to set the trend and to feel like the entire design of ourselves.

GH: To add on to that, it’s pretty much the product that brings the most people the easiest access over to that bridge or that exchange is going to win plain and simple. It’s like if you can teach someone from the ground up how to trade, how to start your wallet, how to do everything like that from one chain to another or even from just someone from the outside. If you can capture those people, you win and so I think that we have the perfect formula for that and we’re ready for it.

5. As Ken mentioned that you want to create trends and somehow fix the liquidity issues, what kind of trends are you guys talking about? Can you give three examples of the upcoming trends that you guys want to create?

Ken the Crypto: Think of projects like SafeMoon, it created this trend in the Binance Smart Chain. Whereat the beginning of Binance Smart Chain, hype coin wasn’t really around, meme coin wasn’t a thing, community coins weren’t a thing inside Binance Smart Chain until SafeMoon showed up and started that trend and now you see a lot of these other coins starting up behind SafeMoon because of that trend that followed. And I believe with CremepieSwap, it’s almost the exact same thing, it’s like we’re just taking something that worked into another network and seeing if that trend will follow. The name itself is just catchy enough: CremepieSwap, it just catches the tensions.

6. Speaking of multi-integration, do you have plans to integrate more chains into your project rather than BSC (Binance Smart Chain) and Polygon?

CL: Of course yes, because we are joining hands but each of us has an individual project of ourselves so the idea is that we’re gonna develop a new thing but it doesn’t mean that we’re just gonna leave our current project hanging loose. It just doesn’t make sense that way so in addition to the previous questions about the trend that we’re making, what I can see is that in this DeFi space, there are many factors that can create new technology, the marketing strategy, or the community-based strategy. What we want to set an example here is working on all three of those keywords in terms of technology. After we have got the CremepiSwap really in motion, it would be like a very good infrastructure for us to bridge our current project on 100xCoin or BSCX token from LaunchZone, and that will create a better bridge between the network and also by bridging it that way, it can also open up a bigger picture of reaching different communities on different entrepreneur networks into one bigger committee.

Despite having three different keywords, the community, the technology, and the marketing, it is actually the bridge that expands, currently creating the motion of everything. Instead of just creating separate puzzles, we put in a bigger picture by creating new parts, and once the parts are big enough and strong enough we’re gonna get a very good motion to get everything in and we all know that the bigger the community, the bigger the trust, the more power we get in this space. So the idea is that once we can set the goals to that and achieve the common committee of CremepieSwap, 100xCoin, or LaunchZone, it is gonna be one big family and it and it’s gonna give it a lot more transparency and also a lot more educational content because of all the different perspectives from different networks are joined hands together for this bridge.


7. Can you give a description of your business model? I’m sure the audience would love to hear this. How do your team get profit from it?

CL: As I mentioned earlier, the CremepieSwap is going to be a more superior, upgraded version of LaunchZone, so this means that it’s also going to get the decentralized exchange model. The way we’re going to generate the income from the project comes from two things: First, the services, the circulation of the project and of other projects, also the token that is run and traded on our platform; The other source of income would be the stable price and also the stable development of our token on a mobile device. In simple terms, as we are a decentralized exchange, we’re gonna create all the benefits, products, and features to help create a really stable circulation. So this model is roughly based on the circulation of the tokens and also the interruption on it so that’s how we get the power from it.

Ken the Crypto: To make it simple for people to understand as well, I want to paint a picture. Imagine we’re building a ship and inside the ship, there are different things. There is a food store, there’s a massage store, there are different stores; each providing different services, each serving a specific purpose to the people inside that ship and all we’re doing is that we’re moving the ship as far as possible. In this case, in Matic or Polygon, and then bridging it to other networks, we move that ship as far as possible while simultaneously building things inside that ship to keep the ship going, and eventually we’ll get to our destination. Which is the long-term vision of us wanting to inspire others. We want to create trends and we want to take over Matic and Polygon, so hopefully, I’ve successfully painted a picture in people’s heads.

8. Can you explain your tokenomics distribution? How many tokens will be minded and how many tokens will be locked by the team?

Ken the Crypto: It’s gonna mimic SafeMoon tokenomics, where there’s gonna be auto-burn, auto-liquidity. Just to keep it simple that way it’s not just simple tokenomics like any other decks but actual tools to benefit holders in the long term. The actual percentages and values should be released by tomorrow when we open our whitelist registration.

Will the name of the tokenomics be something related to ‘Cremepie’ as well?

Ken the Crypto: the name of the token itself will be ‘CPIE’

We would like to know about your roadmap, would it be a long-term project and fully supported by your ecosystem?

CL: We might not be able to share everything right now because it’s just going to spoil all the fun. You will get to know everything about us anyway because transparency is the key. The product that we’re having for this project since the keyword here is transparency and also trust so of course we’re building for the long term. So that’s solid; and for the roadmap, what I can tell you is that we’re going to have all currently working products for liquidity, for swapping, for reaching audiences whatsoever but the attempt skill for it is pretty sure that you may want to stay tuned to our next marketing campaign.

Have you guys faced any challenge or difficulty and how did you overcome it?

Ken the Crypto: We had a lot of discussion about what the marketing plans would be, what the token sale allocation would be; which will be released by tomorrow: the token allocation details and everything. We had a lot of going back and forth to decide exactly which works best for the community. Until people start saying: “This is gonna be a good investment to make as well as the marketing plans”. We thought about what things can we implement in order to generate the most hype possible and have the most views on us so that we can take users into the Matic and also welcome users into our own platforms that would also funnel into LaunchZone and 100xCoin separately or together even. Because like i said we want to create an ecosystem not just this project’s performance and this other goes bad. No, we want all the coins to complement each other, all the projects to complement each other. So to answer your question, yes, we had some going back and forth with ideas but we’re still here and I think that’s business in general. The other team might disagree on that, another team might agree on this, and it just comes to a compromise at the end of the day.

Part 2: Q&A

9. Can you tell us about the $CPIE lottery and how does it work to ensure fairness for everyone involved?

GH: If it was fair, everyone would win so as far as entering the lotto, that’ll be the same way as everyone else does, and then as far as winning, everyone else has the same chance as the others. There’s really no way to spend lotteries fairly. Besides, you have this fairness, you have the same chance of winning as everybody else, so that’s how fair it would be.

CL: On the technical perspective, normally when we do the lottery we’re just gonna leave it to be randomized by the blockchain itself so no one can actually have any control over the lottery price so it’s all solid. Because it’s blockchain we’re talking about, we cannot adjust anyone’s fairness so it’s fair for anyone and we’re using a system that no one can actually get a hold of.

One of the viewers has put down this question that CremepieSwap is expected to be the second PancakeSwap in the Polygon network so what makes CremepieSwap stand out from the crowd?

CL: Well I’m pretty sure that when we say that by being the second PancakeSwap, we are not mimicking them. It is their success that we are talking about. In terms of the level of success that will be similar because we all know how big of a name PancakeSwap is, since we are like the pioneers of the Matic network with such an ambitious product, we see that our success can be that huge, not really on the tech side of mimicking anything.

Are you guys going to take after any features from the PancakeSwap or just completely different from it?

Ken the Crypto: It’s a good question because you could say the same thing about other projects that are hitting billion-dollar market caps and yet they still do the exact same thing. For instance, what is the difference between DogeCoin and Shiba? Really, the only difference is the fact that there are different people tweeting about them at the end of the day, that they’re still the same hype coin. For us, we don’t necessarily want to be the second PancakeSwap because PancakeSwap is our own thing and we can model PancakeSwap.

We’re big fans of PancakeSwap as well, and we’ve seen success, we’ve seen the case study that Pancake swappers have done the users, that it has brought

on to the BSC so we thought ‘Why not bring that into a new network, welcome new users into that network and grow along with that network and to complement it rather than competing with it?’ Essentially, we’re not going to be the second PancakeSwap. We would be the first of its kind or one of the first of its kind inside Polygon and I think a big reason is that we, the founders, the team, have already established the infrastructures, everything in place to succeed. We have the name, we have the campaigns ready. You could think about it as the PancakeSwap in its very early stages but already equipped with skill sets and we were able to learn from the mistakes, from the innovations that they made, and just take this on into an entirely new market.

CL: I think that we have involved too much, it’s really hard to get away from the basics so if there’s one thing that would make us really different from PancakeSwap is our team and the individuals in it because just like Ken said, we’ll live not on just their experience but also on our own experience. A lot of features are going to be similar in the way, such as farming and liquidity because it’s similar to any other DeFi tokens but what’s different is how we utilize the pieces that we get with our test. It’s just like PancakeSwap, LaunchZone,100xCoin, and BSC Army altogether. The elements that create the outcome just make it so much different so we see ourselves as one of its kind on the Polygon network.

10. What do you say about the idea of creating NFTs and giving users random rewards as NFT’s inside of CremepieSwap?

GH: With 100xCoin, that is on the roadmap for us too. Creating an NFT-based platform as well and so is definitely something that could be integrated into that as something that is a little bit different than other AMMs or decentralized exchanges. Yes, that could be something that we will do and NFTs aren’t going to go away so that is definitely a possibility.

CL: Since we have so far done NFT upgrades with our current products in LaunchZone so this is gonna be like a very possible operation that we’re gonna carry out in the future. After all, NFT is a really valuable trend happening now so it’s just kind of ridiculous if we just skip it.

11. What do you think about the current rug pull incident? Will the market recover what we expect?

Ken the Crypto: That’s one of our main visions. It’s really just to get that idea of investing in crypto without having your money just wiped away overnight. We want to make it a safe place for people to invest in crypto without worrying about ‘Is my money going to be gone?’. I think that’s also what makes us different, we have trust and transparency that we’ve already built inside the BSC and now just taking it onto another chain. Like I said, bringing the users into our ship and from there we could set the bar for what a coin has, in order to even get people to invest in it because right now there’s a lot of rug pulls happening on the Polygon network. We want to break that, we want to stop that, and really be that glimmer of light that less and less rug pulls will happen. Obviously, we can never fix

rug pulls but at least we can move it forward to where it happens less.

GH: At least within our ecosystem, we can definitely prevent that between all the projects that we’ve partnered with. That’s our goal to make sure everyone’s docs. We know who they are, we trust them, we don’t work with anyone that we don’t trust. As Ken said, we had a lot of projects reaching out to us and some don’t want to reveal themselves and so that’s one of the big things that we pride ourselves on. We have no problem showing our faces because we have nothing to hide. To continue on that question where it says will the market recover; to what we expect, right now it’s kind of moving sideways a lot of the general sentiment around a couple of months and then it’ll kind of have that second end of the pull run so that’s kind of the feelings of what’s going on and I believe it’s been a perfect storm, a perfect recipe for this kind of lull in the market for us to be able to build and not get too caught up in the crazy high market cap or anything like that. So it’s giving us time to build and make sure this product comes out right and along with building our community from the ground up.

CL: The thing about history is that it always repeats itself so we always see a lot of ups and downs in any market and of course we always like thumbs up rug pulls, not just in this market but also any other markets so it’s really important to see that where do you choose yourself to be. For us, we just don’t choose to be another rug pull project because we have a clear goal and we have a clear destination of where we want to go so at least to us, on a personal level, we fully have our trust in ourselves so we’re going to build it no matter what

the community wants to believe in, it’s just going to be a matter of time before people have enough evidence and they can see enough to believe that this project right here is the bar, this project right here is what we want to invest in and we just cannot stop history so it’s just gonna happen with this but we can always charge our energies and decide on what we do with our own nations.

12. What are the big benefits for top CremepieSwap holders? What are the use cases of your token, and how are we as users motivated to buy and hold long term?

CL: A few things about us is that what creates our revenue is circulations of our services and also our tokens are going to be mimicking some features of Safemoon’s token model. So just by having the same features, it’s already benefiting the holders because the taxation from every transaction is going to be burned partially. Thus, the total supply of the token will be decreased to create more scarcity and at some point, the taxation is going to be redistributed to the holders according to their hold in the project. The Safemoon features also ensure that by holding the token, you can still have the passive income and also the passive increase from the token. The next factor here would be our services and our operational model since we’re going to be covering the decentralized exchange features with a lot of tokens being traded on our platform. We are also going to be creating eight(?) for projects maybe in terms of IDO just like what we’re doing with LaunchZone and also in tech support. This whole scale of the business model keeps the project up and running so it can stabilize our price with our operation, and the tokenomics are just going to give benefits to the holders.


Kristen: It’s really important how you guys keep the viewers expecting new things every day and I’m sure we’re going to expect a lot more in the future but for now time is up and we should be closing the live also we’ll announce the giveaway winners on our official BARMY Twitter account later but thank you guys for the talk today. We really enjoyed it and we learned a lot more about CremepieSwap.


CremepieSwap aims to become the first project on the Polygon network offering all of the upgraded Binance Exchange services from LaunchZone and 100xCoin combined. So far, we have seen striking community growth and remarkable achievements from CremepieSwap and promising to thrive in the future.

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