AMA Recap: Dawn of Gods

Dawn of Gods Live AMA Recap

Basic information

  • Time: 30th December 2021 at 2 PM UTC
  • Project name: Dawn of Gods
  • Host: Kristen from Blockchain Army
  • Guest speakers: Will Luc | Head of marketing
  • Main content:
    • Part 1: Project Overview
    • Part 2: Community Q&A
    • Part 3: Giveaway


Part 1: Project Review

1. Can you introduce yourself?

Will Luc: Hello everyone my name is Will Luc, I’m the head of marketing of Dawn of Gods. Today I’m so proud to present the team and to discuss with the BSC Army community about our project and visions. I am also really glad to answer any questions from you guys and I hope that everyone can have a better view of Dawn of Gods after this live session. 

2. Can you go briefly over your team members?

Will Luc: so our core team currently consists of six members, all of us like have more than 12 years working in the software development and the game industry. We also have been in crypto markets in 2016 and have a lot of experience in multi-international projects from Asia to the Middle East or to Europe and our developers are all exposed to software development as they have worked in top touch companies in Vietnam, Finland, Sweden, Canada, Japan. We also have a solid experience in outsourcing blockchain projects but more importantly, we are all hardcore gamers so we are quite confident that we always know how to satisfy gamers, as well as how to make our game interesting and keep the gamers staying in the game and attract new players. As you can see our team is small, for now, but everyone is doing our best. I’m in charge of the marketing and the execution of the project and we also have writers Yui and Dynading and Logan Lee – they are all top tier developers and can solve any technical problem that we have faced. Hatake is our data analysis who will turn our player’s analytical data into research and make ideas for us to attract more players and improve the game features. Last but not least we also have our community leader Tia Lee. She has the responsibility to manage all of our communities and answer the members and also collect feedback and give them to the developer. So far everyone is doing an amazing job, so that’s why I can be here and properly present the project to you

3. How did you guys meet up?

Will Luc: We actually know each other previously in real life, we used to work together but and then we know that the market of NFT gaming has really become attractive to us. We are all gamers and we have already researched other games currently in the market and we analyze that some of them have weaknesses, some of them have really strong points. So that’s why we want to learn from them and we create our own games that will benefit both the game developers and the player.

4. What are the unique points of Dawn of Gods:

Will Luc: The biggest problem in play to earn gaming right now ís inflation and there are multiple reasons leading to that. we already carefully researched about that and we kind of invented a new mechanism in our game to avoid that problem. To make the token price stable and to ensure that the profit of the players will be maintained for longer period and become more sustainable.

5. Can you tell more about the tokenomics of the game:

Will Luc: Let me share my screen. As you can see we have like most of our token was dedicated to the reward pool which is used mostly to give the reward to the players while playing the game. We dedicate like 45% for the player pool and the second biggest one is for public sales and you might already notice that we don’t have a private pool here to sell it to the private investors. We only have only tiny percent for the seed investor which is our private investor and they would have a really small allocation for that. There are also other allocations: 7.5% for the team, 9% for the liquidity pool, 5% for marketing, and 2.5% for community and airdrop campaigns. About the token usability so our game has been decided to enrich the token usability of the game. So yeah just like every game the main use music of the $DAGO token is to spend in the in-game transactions so you can buy and sell NFT collectibles like NFT heroes or items in our in-game. In our in-game shop like the hero freshman, the energy, the chests, and Estate,  which will be a huge future that coming later in the game. The $DAGO token can be used to mint a new hero and players will receive $DAGO token when playing the game modes. 

6. Can you tell more about the gameplay:

Will Luc: Let me first quickly introduce about what is Dawn of Gods and how it works. So Dawn of God is a blockchain-based game and the game revolves around the holy war battle between humans, gods, guardians, and evil to bring back peace to the human land. So Dawn of Gods has not only provided standard click turn gameplay but also implemented multiple features that I will explain later. Those are carefully researched to enable players to explore and enjoy the game. So our goal is to create a game that provides the best profit for both the game developer and the players while still keeping the stability of the economy and I think that Dawn of Gods is the first game that we implement the gas compensation feature. So this is really useful for the players because they are now less worried about running out of gas when playing the games which are, something that really is annoying when playing.

7. Can you explain more about that feature:

Will Luc: So the game will require players to install Metamasks in order to play that so I guess everyone is already familiar with this so let’s just straight going to the game. Let’s look at the overview of the screen, so here you can see the energy so we which is required. When the hero starts the battle, by default we have two energy and when the hero runs out of energy she or he cannot battle anymore. You can see here this is the hero and we have like the writing of the hero here. So the writing of the hero is really important: the higher the rank is the higher chance to win better. This is the monster selection screen where you will be given four random monsters that you can choose to fight, each of them has a different difficulty, so this one is hard and therefore the win rate is lower but you will receive a higher reward. This one is normal so you will earn less reward and all of them only cost one energy to fight

8. What are the requirements for new users to have when they join the testnet: 

Will Luc: The testnet is totally free to play at the moment you can. When new users join the game they can press this button to receive free tokenw in the testnet. We would like to announce that the main net will be released on the 2nd of January and the game will be officially launched on that day. We will have our ideal event tomorrow at 2 p.m UTC time.

(Continue to show gameplay)

I would like to give the viewers some sneak peek about our upcoming feature, so if you look at our roadmap right now in the first quarter of 2022 we will release a couple of features and this one, in my opinion, is really interesting. So the chat system, the hero crafting system, unlock and reset hero are really attractive to the user and encourage them to stick to the game and farming every day, so stay tuned and we will have more announcements for this feature very soon. The estimated time of arrival for this feature is only about two to four weeks after the official launch.

9. Is your project audited by any company:

Will Luc: Our token contract is already updated and approved by Solid Group, which is one of the popular well-known security auditing firms in the market and our plan is to fully out audit all our token contracts in the next few weeks. So to show to the user that we are really focusing on security and give everything transparent to the players. 

10. How would you plan to expand your community:

Will Luc: Right now even though our project is really young, we only launched our community group two weeks ago, but I’m glad to say that at the moment we are we have reached 22k members in the global community group and we already have solid numbers for Chinese and Vietnamese group. We also create our community in nine different languages, including Vietnam, Chinese, Thai, Indonesia, Japan, Turkey et cetera. The number is still going up every day and we are currently actively looking for moderators to manage our group.

11. What kind of challenges or difficulties that you guys as a whole team and how do you solve them:

Will Luc: I would say there are a couple of issues that we have met at the beginning or maybe until now, some from the internal problem some from an external problem. For example, our team is working in a different time zone so it is really difficult to concentrate or to gather everyone and work for a long period of time, but luckily uh we are all hard working so we try to manage our time as best as possible so eventually, we were able to solve that. One of the biggest external issues that we have met is about we are quite a small team and we don’t have enough reputation to attract the investor or the venture capitals, so that’s why you might notice that we don’t have a private server, but it is actually not a really bad thing. Because of that, we decided that we will go without the vcs and the big investor and instead we decide to give our allocation to the public and to the people who want to join the game and that’s why we have like a huge amount for the public sales. I think there are not many games in the market that do that 

Part 2: Community Q&A

12. Most GameFi projects have 2 tokens to operate the project, please explain the advantages of using 1 type of governance token compared to using 2 types of tokens:

Will Luc: I would say that normally when the game has two types of token one of them is a stabilized token and only used to buy the NFT at the beginning and the second one is the inflation token that the players will be rewarded when playing the game. Most of the time the supply of the inflation token is really high and that’s not the goal of the inflation token. But when it comes to the only single token for the games then you will know that the user will become much more interested in the reward, we only have 100 million for total supply, and if we can control the price of the token and maintain the sustainability of the project, the player we will receive much higher reward compared to two tokens.

13. Will a player who tries Dawn Of God and discovers a bug in the game be rewarded? Because this is also a way to assist in the improvement of the game:

Will Luc: Yeah you know actually that that’s a really interesting question. Right now we already have received multiple reports from the user who plays the test net and we try to fix them as as soon as possible to like provide the game a smooth experience for everyone and we always welcome players or anyone, even investors who don’t really playing the game to contact us regarding the bugs and any issue or we welcome to any suggestion that we can collect them and carefully \consider them to implement the game. Obviously, we haven’t made any official announcement regarding the rewards but yes, I would say that if the problem that players file is huge and big enough and have a critical impact on the game and obviously they win when we play by playback first and they will receive some extra reward for that right 

14. There are only 100,000 heroes; what is the project’s plan if the heroes are sold out before the marketplace opens? Since if new players can’t buy champions, they could possibly leave:

Will Luc: So it looks like someone really carefully researched our white paper. So yeah I haven’t mentioned that the limit of heroes is 100 000 but let me clarify it a bit more clearly. So this 100 000 hero is not limited in the game but instead, the user can only recruit 100 000 heroes, so if the number of recruited hero reach 100 000 then there are multiple ways to create a new one. So it’s not only about the recruit. Recruit is like you spend your $DAGO token to create a new hero but we will implement new features like the NFT crafting that you can collect the small component of heroes and merge them into a new hero and that small component is also collectible when playing the game. So this is like another channel for the players to like to earn besides the main reward in $DAGO token they can have they have a chance to receive the the the hero fragments to sell it to the market or they can just save it and merge it into the heroes and sell the hero into the market. And that question also raises a concern about the marketplace so I would like to assure you that the marketplace function is already developed and we just wait for the appropriate time to release that feature so the users don’t have to worry that they run out of 100 000 heroes before the marketplace feature release you will always have a chance to join the game. The goal of limiting the heroes is not only to force the user to find another channel to recruit the hero but also to increase the value of the hero because it’s a limited supply. 

15. A few days ago, I have read the Korean news that “Play To Earn” is banned. How do you feel about this? Can you share with us the global expansion plan of the project?

Will Luc: That was really bad news and to be honest I feel sad for Korean because they’re missing a huge opportunity to join the really trending market at the moment but yeah each government has its own idea about how to control the economy and how to protect the citizen. We’re a little bit sad about that but it cannot interfere with our global expansion plan. At the moment we are focusing on the Chinese and South Asia markets but then, later on, we will try to expand to the Middle East and European market later. I don’t think we can do anything about the Korean market unless the government changed the idea but if it doesn’t we might have to consider another country. start ban later but you see I don’t think this is a problem for us at the moment we still continue growing yeah.

16. For a Game like Dawn of Gods, skills are very important. People who are new to playing the game or not playing well will not be able to get to the top. So how do they make a profit?

Thanks for the question but if you watch our demo previously you will see that our gameplay is super simple and the user only has to mostly rely on the lack of the hero and the writing of the hero they own. So right now the basic feature of the game is PvE which is really simple and easy for the user to play but obviously in the future when we have multiple other features like PvP and boss force fighting we will implement some strategy elements into the model that the user will have to think about how to assign the hero, how to prepare for the battle to maximize their winning chance. I would say that right now the game is really standard to play and it doesn’t take too much time to earn which is I think it’s a really good point for the player because it will not track attract more casual players than hardcore players. Right now there are some games that I would say are too difficult to play and take like half an hour or maybe one hour to be completed and receive the reward but our game is only two minutes maybe 10 minutes per day yeah from what I can see is very you know like time-saving and it’s pretty much very easy for even like new players. 


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