AMA Recap: DeHR

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Basic information

  • Time: December 8th, 2021 at 11AM UTC
  • Project name: DeHR
  • Host: Kristen from Blockchain Army
  • Guest speakers: Vince Hoang | CEO & Co-founder
  • Main content:
    • Part 1: Introduction
    • Part 2: Tokenomics
    • Part 3: Marketing
    • Part 4: Gleam Questions
    • Part 5: Community Q&A



1. Would you like to introduce yourself a little bit?

Vince: Yeah sure. Thanks for inviting me today. It’s my pleasure to talk about our DeHR. My name is Vince, CEO and co-founder of DeHR standing for decentralized human relationship – a career metaphor for the last 10 years. My career is all about finance recruitment and data business especially since 2016, I began to trade crypto just the same as many people here. We started from a trader and then actually from then I learned a lot about blockchain, about the technology and I really like that. With this kind of technology, we can bring a lot of value to many businesses now and in the future, especially the recruitment market. That’s why I and my founding team, we reform together and we will try our best to bring the best game to the community.

2. Would you like to explain more about the project? What are the missions? Where are you guys heading in the future?

Vince: I can give some kind of comparison. Some people when they first hear about our concept, they think about Linkedin and what we can say here is a decentralized Linkedin. Basically, when we go to Linkedin, we connect with others, we try to find information about their education, their working experience. So basically what we’re trying to do is the same but we combine the token and with more trust later. That’s the key. I have to make sure that the connecting mechanism is by DeHR and will be based on social networking. We had NFT item trading. Some asked us about the career metaverse. At the beginning, every one of us when we create a profile DeHR, we have a chance to create an avatar. That’s a character that we will build up from time to time. We combine with other functions like recruitment training defi and then later on, we review our trust later in the system. One more thing is in the future, we are trying to build a weaponry later economy because what we’re trying to do is we understand each user’s behavior just based on their preference about what kind of data they will need to share and to sell to the buyers. That basically will be the basic core of the related economy.


3. What are you guys offering to the market to the users right now? What is the role of your token?

Vince: What we already wrote on the ABB version right now, so many of the users can test our application. At the beginning, we started to platform PC and carrier chains. In the future, we will support multi chains also. So basically, we have three components. The first one is the later marketplace so everyone needs data and they can share. They can explain what cut data are. They are willing to sell to others just as an example of recruitment. It will be your proof of your personal information, your cell phone number and your email address so that every company can unlock it. Then they approach you to offer the job activity. That’s the core thing. The second one when we already have the user database, we will expand to the defi integration. It means we will try to implement more financial service in our ecosystem. The third one is the social network. We will deploy a new logic to increase the integration to the user of not only an app but job posting recruitment. They will have some kind of new experience in our application. So I can say that DeHR will be a global career token that everyone can use to pay for any kind of services,any kind of data and to experience a new way of job matching. So that is basically our token and for sure that people ask us about how they can earn their share token in our system. We have many kinds of missions. Anybody will be free to join and then they create a profile, they do the verification and then they can earn tokens from the agent. Later on, they will earn token from other people as well

4. How are your DeHR tokens distributed? How many percent will be divided among the team? How many will be for the marketing fee and something like that?

Vince: Let me show our token metric a little bit so that you guys understand more about our metrics. Do you see my screen? I’m trying to share our website right here. You see it crystal clear. I think it’s showing up right now, wait a second let me check with the team. Have you got the link? One of my members will send it to you so uh


5. What have you guys been planning for a program or any kind of specific strategy to attract more new users and also to keep the loyal users and investors to stay in your project for a long time?

Vince: So we start with the first audience is the crypto one. Right now, as you can see in our website, we have many makers and global investors. They do have their own community and many investors they invest in our project and then they will go a long time. They are handling a lot of crypto projects right now. They are hunting talents. What we’re trying to do is we go along with them in DeHR. We will help them to find talents. That’s the first market and I see that is very potential. The second one, we will try to go global at the beginning. There are some places I can think of in my mind. It could be Indonesia, Africa or some European countries that we already have a network of experts. They have helped us to expand to the community as well.


6. What’s the stage of your project right now? Where are you guys right now on the overall plan?

Vince: About our project status, let’s say about a product like I just mentioned earlier, we will launch the beta version probably in December and next quarter we will try to to launch the official version in the Android and IOS app store. About marketing, we already hit many big Telegram groups and with a lot of followers from twitter. On December 12nd, we will launch the idea on three launch pads. The first one was basically Station, the second one Ponzi and the third one on Kickstarter. So please remember, this very special day, we will launch our project. That’s a very special event that you guys can be the first one to buy the DeHR token and to be the tool holders.

7. How can users earn on the DeHR platform? How can they use the tokens for different purposes?

Vince: The first way they can earn is just by uploading their CV or just filling in the information in their profile at the beginning. When they create a profile, they already earned the token. We create many different kind of missions for example filling your information, do the KYC, filling the experience and then you do the verification like I and you, we are working in the same company and we do the verification that: “Hey I know you so you know me” and then you get the token from the agent later on. We implement like I said it’s a data marketplace. There are many expert freelancers around the world, they can go to DeHR, they post their service, their products, and then they can sell it or they can take some kind of survey. Any company wants to take the survey. They can launch it on DeHR and they can attend. Then they can get a token. The second one we will launch is a stacking pool for the ideal investor. When they have already bought the token, they can stack, they can earn more. The third one is we will launch the NFT market that can bring many items to trade. DeHR will be like a game and a hub that connects many other projects, other companies like crypto companies. They create a page and then they can transfer your users to their projects to use it and then bring back the items and they can sell it here. So we are like a global NFT marketplace and there’s many more like in the future we will launch many different features in financial services and insurance.

8. How do you see the adoption of this project in the year after release? How do you intend to promote it besides saying it’s just a blockchain Linkedin?

Vince: We’re trying to go out and we talk about our concept to the public, to the investor. We all know that gamefi is a big trend right now. Many investors really believe in our long-term vision and you can see it right now. Our Telegram group, we already hit more than a hundred thousand people each on our group and then with around more than 50,000 followers in Twitter. So I think a lot of people already get attracted about how we could bring value to the community, especially data marketplace, web3, and career metaverse. At this time, I think they will try to research more about projects and they are willing to try it. That’s why I think when we launch our better versions, many people will go and try it.

9. How can the authenticity and transparency of your known user data collection be controlled?

Vince: That’s a good question. There are two sides I want to mention. The first one is every user when they create a profile in DeHR, they have to pass through a KYC process. It means I want to make sure that every single user will be a real human. They are not about what we already think about the Telegram group, there’s many fake accounts that people just created. The first thing is we make sure that people who go here are really human. The second one is we already create a mechanism we call it connect to earn. When you create a profile, you are just someone, you are an individual, you have to connect with some college friends and both you guys have to verify each other. Just like in Shopee, in Lazada, when you create a seller account, you just pop your services, there’s no other people that know “Hey, who is this guy?”. You have to build your trust so later on the more you get connected and the longer you stay in the system, the more legit you are.

10. Since you guys have got transparency from the user side, how do you maintain transparency from your own self to the users? How would you guarantee the trust of your users?

Vince: We don’t guarantee the trust, we will create a mechanism that lets people know “Hey, this guy is trustable” or not. Like I said, for example, when we look at a profile of any person right now on any platform, what we see is the one they show to us right. There’s no other source of information that would verify that this information is correct or not. But in this platform and every profile we will have much of a small batch. For example, this profile has already been verified by 50 people, there’re two, and 20 people have already given some feedback about this kind of person. That’s very different from any other platform in the world right now. That’s the way we can make our own judgment that “Hey, this guy looks legit” or not. We will not make it the community. The community, the users will make their own challenge.

11. How can DeHR keep private information of users?

Vince: Every single data in our system will be divided into two kinds of information. The first one is the private one and the second is the public information. Public is the one that we’re willing to show to the public like in a profile we can show that: “Hey in the past three years, I worked for company A, company B. If you guys want to approach me, you have to unlock my cell phone number or email address some other way”. You decide which one you want to hide and how many tokens or how much you want to get for the cap information when people want to show. That’s your choice, that’s your control. We will not control that. That’s why every single piece of data we have will be converted into the hash we encrypted and only the one that created that’s you right. That’s any single person, we will hold the key and then any other buyer when they make a transaction, a smart contract and then they can get it, we will store any data in your system.

12. I have an idea for auctioning corporate recruitment billboards by DeHR business that can attract high quality talent. Businesses can also use billboards for advertising or selling training and career guidance packages. This option will attract businesses or investors who will soon join the dDeHR network. What do you think about this idea?

Vince: That’s a brilliant idea. That’s very interesting. To be honest, we already think about it in some ways because in the beginning when we think about our data marketplace, it’s kind of boring to the user. Even us for example, we just had like one or two years. We’re already really good in our current company and we don’t have a motivation to change jobs, so is there any other reason to stay in the asia network? That’s why we already right now the product team is creating what we say is a house of CVs. When a user creates a profile, we will create an environment for them to show to other people what they have in our house even if the company is the same about the function of auctioning. I think that’s a good way to think in the future. We really have a plan to do it in a marketplace but for sure I think that along the way, we will try to deploy this idea into the community so every single company will experience a new way just to get attractive attention from the community. So yeah, thanks for the idea, I will seriously look for it. A lot of uh people who really care about the project would really come up with a lot of insightful questions and ideas. Being a developer, the best thing you can do is to take that into consideration and make that dream come true. That’s why we really want to hear a lot of feedback from our Telegram group community. We’re willing to open it. That’s also one way to nourish the community and expand that even more in the future.

13. How do you attract people who are not related to crypto to the project DeHR?

Vince: I think this question is also a big question to any other crypto projects as well because the market right now is still small. Look at the market out there is huge and we think we’re trying to build a bridge that educates what we call a mainstream market. The people out there don’t understand crypto. They understand how blockchain can bring much more value for them. For the strategy, I think we have some couple in my mind right now. The first one, we will go into partnership with many associations like universities, some big companies because when we can make a partnership with big companies, many small companies will follow. That’s the strategy we will follow in the beginning. The second one, we want to educate people about how they can earn a DEHR token, how they can earn the benefits because right now when we apply, when we submit our CVs on any other platform, what we receive is just a phone call from a company. We don’t really see any network right but in DeHR, when you apply for a job, let’s say 10 companies open your CV, then you can get 10 tokens. That’s a symbol, that’s easy. Therefore, I strongly believe that if we educate the market, they will realize that there’s a new way for them to earn.

Kristen: Thank you. You know a lot of projects on blockchain or crypto have faced these problems since the market outside this industry have a lot of trust issues about the whole system like the whole way blockchain works. Hence, I think gaining more users from that side is the most difficult thing to even think about.

Vince: We also try our best to tap into the very big market out there because crypto is something that not so many people understand: how to create a wallet, how to transfer their cash into the token. So we need more adoption from crypto.


14. Do you have an audit certificate or are you working to audit your project so that the security of the project becomes more secure and reliable?

Vince: We have already worked with the audit company named Verichains which is a very famous one in the crypto market. We have already got the certificate so don’t worry about it. We are also working with a very famous cryptography team who is trying to research how to encrypt the data. They’re gonna make sure that every single piece of data in our system is secure and later on we will announce how we can get it and what’s the protocol. So stay tuned. The announcement will be out soon so don’t worry about the security issues of DeHR anymore guys.

15. What are the strategies and core competencies of your product that can differentiate in the crypto market and become attractive to investors and participants?

Vince: The first one is there’s so many projects they are trying to create a market or a need. Look at markets we already mentioned in our website, there’s a huge market out there revenue about more than 700 billion dollars. It means if we just tap into like one percent, we can get a market cap of let’s say seven billion dollars because every single one of us has to look for a job. We have to look for some training courses to upgrade our career. The market is out there, it’s ready. We’re just trying to serve them so that’s the first one. The second one is right now there’s no other projects like us offering a way for people to earn a token just by receiving. If we talk about the game fee, it’s free to join but you have to buy some kind of NFT items and then you build up your corrector. However for your CV, it’s free, it’s your information. You grow up and then you earn a lot from the DeHR network, you earn a token, you earn job opportunities, you earn maybe a relationship and even you earn your legit image in the future. You can transfer into any metaphors and then you look different than anybody. That’s the key thing I strongly believe our product can differentiate to other projects right now and even in the future. Since social interaction is one of the things that has been lacking ever since the pandemic happened, I think this project really puts it on top of all about how to gain more relationships and even earn at the same time.

16. What are some of the major challenges you and your team have encountered in trying to achieve great success on your project?

Vince: Ithink is related to the question of how to educate people. The first one is about crypto for the mainstream. I already mentioned that a big challenge at the beginning is not about educating how to use the network, how to use a token nor how to use a token house to create a wallet. Firstly, for some people, they might think that crypto is a scam. That’s why I think that’s the challenge to all projects. We can say another minor problem with the legal one because what I said we’re trying to approach to go global in the beginning and for some countries we were facing some websites. They don’t favor a model that can bring many services and use just the token not the fiat money. For us, we just thought that we spread our value and our model to the whole world. Then for example this country, they don’t buy in at the beginning so we just move on to their other countries. We will just do it gradually and we will try to come back later if the country already has some kind of better favor to our model.

17. When you say DeHR’s career metaverse and VR passport, it may sound confusing to the general public. How do you plan to educate the users with this concept?

Vince: I know for sure that many people will be a little bit confused about the terms. Let me explain a little bit. When I talk about career metaverse at first, it’s a metaphor which means that we will try to bring the 3D experience to every single step in a job application process. For example, when you create a profile for now, you have to type your CV right? You fill in your information in the 2D but in the network you have an environment to bring your information and you can exhibit your information to the world. For the job matching process, a company when they look at the screen, they have to scroll and link the stream to all the CVs but in DeHR, we will create a 3D environment. They can go like a collector, they see many people out there, they see that “Hey Kristen from the committee and then she has experience, she has 50 people already know her” for example. So in the middle of us, every single action we do is very different from the one right now. For sure that is a long way for us to develop the features but we already have a big plan to deploy it perfectly.

18. Which area are you focusing on at the moment: DeFi, Apps, farming entities or gaming? What are your goals this year for DeHR?

Vince: Let me explain a little. We have already had the roadmap in our website so we try our best to deliver the app. When we launch our idea on three launchpads, we will also launch a sticky book for our early investors so they can earn more tokens. We’ve also tried to implement the NFT marketplace so I think the three key things that we will try and also give me a very interesting thing because right now a lot of gamefi projects they come to us say that “Hey help us to find talents”. We’re thinking that we can create a game that every single user engine can see a list of gamefi projects and how they can earn the token and when they click it they transfer to the game they play and they earn and then they put it, they bring back their items. We will create a game portal in the future so that’s also in our mind.


Up to now, DeHR has had outstanding growth with an ever-expanding ecosystem, promising to thrive in the near future.

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