AMA Recap: DexSport

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Basic information

  • Time: November 15th, 2021 at 2PM UTC
  • Project name: DexSport
  • Host: Kristen from Blockchain Army
  • Guest speakers: Dmitry Kryshtal | CMO of Dexsport
  • Main content:
    • Part 1: Project Overview
    • Part 2: Team
    • Part 3: Products & Services
    • Part 4: Roadmap
    • Part 5: Security
    • Part 6: Challenges
    • Part 7: Community
    • Part 8: Community Q&A



1. Would you like to introduce a little bit about your position and also the project, DexSport?

Dmitry: My name is Dmitry, I’m the CMO of DexSport. I have a pretty big experience in marketing in the Crypto field. I have been working with Crypto financial projects, the Crypto finances and I’m one of the Top 11 Marketers in the Crypto field by News BBC.

2. Where did you get the inspiration for DexSport?

Dmitry: Actually, too bad that it wasn’t my idea and I didn’t come to the company when they just started. But I’m very interested in this idea because of the big amount of problems that the real sector of betting is having right now. For example, the centralization of companies, the likelihood of hacking and theft of funds, lack of key users, government bans, and KYC,.. So as I know and as I understand the market that Dexport is the probably the best solution for those who want to bet, who like to bet, and for those who don’t believe in centralized companies. So you have your own funds, you are playing with a liquidity pool. Let’s say you’re not playing between the people between themselves but you’re playing like with the pool of liquidity and you can see the amount of liquidity that the platform has. So it’s pretty visible and it’s not complicated.

Part 2: TEAM

3. How many members are there that are working together with you right now? How do they contribute to DexSport?

Dmitry: Actually I’m taking my hat off about the team. We have a great team of specialists and every team member is helping every other in the team, so the team is so fast and it’s so motivating. Even though I’ve just started to work in the export industry about maybe seven or eight days ago, it’s a big honor for me to work 24 hours a day. The team is so professional. Also Vyacheslav Ermakov, the founder of the project, is actually covering everything and when they came to a position on CMO, he’s a CEO, CFO, CMO in one place so it’s pretty inspiring. Also we have a lot of great advisors, for example Eman Pulis, he’s the CEO and founder of Sigma group, maybe some of you have been to the events of Sigma crew. He’s a pretty big guy and it’s very great to have him on board with such kind of support.


4. What kind of products and services have you guys built up until today and are offering right now ?

Dmitry: At the moment we have an absolutely working product. We built it on Binance Smart Chain but at the moment it’s in the test that we are not going to push the product into the main net before having the exact amount of audits. At the moment, we have two audits from a pessimistic and certic, so after we do the third one, we will go to the mainnet. At the moment as a project we have like a betting line fully worked and I have bad news about the one who is liking the Ethereum blockchain, you’re not going to make and implement the product on Ethereum blockchain because of the fees. So as the fees are pretty high we decided not to move on and not to move forward with Ethereum. We decided to move forward with BSC, but also we are planning to add the multi-chains as in Avalanche Solana and Polygon, so we are going to add their stable coins. Also just to be sure that for people who have the stable coins in different blockchains, it would be great if we give the possibility of using them in an easy way on our platform. We are going also to implement our own blockchain because truly to say I am very proud of that this idea came to live about four months ago and till the moment we don’t have any competitors, so it’s actually the first decentralized crypto betting platform and we’re thinking that a lot of new projects will come on and with the blockchain. We want to provide accurate validation of odds, so we understand that it’s very important for new projects who are coming into the field. So in this way we want to make the infrastructure that can be able and can be available for all the new projects.

5. Do you guys plan on expanding DexSport into other aspects as well in the future?

Dmitry: We have sports betting but also we have pretty big and straight ideas and plans to get to P2E games. It’s been a big hype for a decade, as I think because we all know Axie Infinity or big p2e games and it’s just the beginning. We want to implement the P2E games betting, so we understand that it might not be even not a big hype, but it could be a very interesting field to work. Also we are going to make P2P betting on cryptocurrency rates. It’s like a kind of totalizer, you can bet what will be the price for Bitcoin for example in one hour, in 12 hours, next day etc. We want to build the entity marketplace with which we will work with our partners and with the esports teams, with the footballers, with the basketballers, with all of the big names from the sport with whom we will work. We want to create the entities for them and sell them straight away from Dexport and those who will have the NFTs from the guys which we are sponsorshipping or cooperating with them. We want to make the special conditions for those who have the NFTs on their side.


6. What are the most focused events that are coming up next for DexSport on the roadmap?

Dmitry: Actually it’s the last token sale event that would be held on round zero. It will be tomorrow. So tomorrow will be the last chance to buy the token. For those who registered on round zero and, we are doing the strategic things right now that is we are focusing and we are planning activities straight after the IDO and these activities will be related to the Esports teams, to sponsor the two cooperation in MMA fighters. So we are planning to go viral straight after the IDO, with all forthcoming partnerships and sponsorships with esports. But unfortunately I can’t tell you now, but we have some hints on our Twitter, you can come over to our Twitter and check what we are planning and what we are saying about our next partners sponsors and so on and so forth


7. Right now, out there in the economy in general, we can see a lot of scam projects, they just take their profit and run away with the money. What would you say to comfort your users who are watching right now that you guys are different from that and your security system works fine enough to guarantee all that won’t happen that would save their wallets and also the trust from the investors to DexSport?

Dmitry: as I mentioned before, we did the audits from big companies as well as certificate and we are choosing who will do the third audit for us and also we are backed by tier one projects like blue moon, ground zero, yey games so it will be too hard to scan out or to create some problems for users and for investors. So we are here for a long term and we are the first in the market who have done such a product, so we really want to see and to check more projects related to crypto betting to decentralized crypto betting. It’s a big honor to be the first one in the market and we are not going to make such mistakes. It’s even worse than a bad joke.


8. What kind of challenges and difficulties did you guys face when first starting the project? What are the solutions that you guys have to overcome all that?

Dmitry: From the betting side and from the product side, as I think and as I see also, we did a great job. So only one thing with which we are struggling is the user experience, the UI and UX. We’re giving the possibility to register from the metamask wallet not to conduct the KYC procedures. So first of all we are aiming to do the best user experience for newbies because it will be pretty hard for those who are not into crypto to download the metamask to get money to metamask. So for us the main aim to make the best user experience for those who are not into crypto our product is on beta on test net so every one of you 1,000 BUSD and you can just check your luck and you can see how it works.


9. How do you plan on attracting more users? What are your marketing programs to expand the community globally even more and improve their experience while playing DexSport?

Dmitry: Thanks to our backers, most of our backers are helping us with the marketing. We have a lot of communities worldwide. We have Chinese community, French community, Turkish community, Russian community. I don’t even remember all of them. They’re pretty big and we have a lot of communities worldwide. We have a bunch of marketers from our backers and they are helping us to spread the word with dale with their leaders and with the guys who are supporting them as their like tier one projects so we have a lot of support on their side and they’re trying to spread the word about us for their backers. We have a pretty strong marketing team and pretty strong marketing partners with which we can do a lot of things and a lot of big things. You can check our communities in the Dexport announcement channel on Twitter and Telegram and I really want you to warn that even every few hours a day, we are getting a lot of spam and a lot on a lot of scam groups and the scam announcement channel. They’re pretending to be a Dexsport so please be careful and always watch the groups on which you’re adding yourself and always check the https line.


10. Quality betting data provides players with more information to consider before making a decision so what will the team do to ensure a high quality data system for players?

Dmitry: That’s an awesome question. We were just speaking with the team about this yesterday. Sowe will have a call and we will think about how to implement the additional data for those who are making bets in traditional sports or esports. We will think about it and it’s in our interest for further fast feeder plans.

11. In addition to staking a strategy opening game baiting model that would export develop in the upcoming period please share specifically your orientation in 2022

Dmitry: So first of all, we want to get a product live on the mainnet. The second one on which we are focusing right now and we will focus in the next year is that we want to have on board tier two and tier one esports teams and we want to get mentioned by team tier one, tier two esports and also from just regular sportsmen. So we want to be sponsors for them and also we have a thought and we have a plan to make our own esport team on Dota or CS-GO so it’s in the future plans. But we will start to make them into like to realize and to release them in a few months only after the project launch on main-net.

12. With all the Metaverse and gaming projects coming out, will there be betting available towards the Metaverse games?

Dmitry: We are thinking in a way like metaverse games and so on and so forth. But first of all, we are trying to get the p2e in p2e games, we are thinking that at the moment they are much more powerful in future. But we also think and look forward to Metaverse games great i love your answer um yeah i hope this solves a lot of people concerned out there

13. How will you deal with the situation if there aren’t enough people interested in the project despite excellent marketing?

Dmitry: Let me talk in numbers on testnet, we have more than 12 000 users or so and it’s only in test-net, so believe me, and imagine how many people we can get on the mainnet and how many backers we have right now and how many users we have that are waiting and willing to get the product done.

14. People are accustomed to placing bets in the traditional manner so what is the team’s solution for educating users to change their betting habits to betting with blockchain?

Dmitry: As I said before, one of the best and one of the biggest struggles that we will have is the user experience and we will work on it by educating users. So I don’t think that we will make a kind of academy, but we will make a course into the blockchain that comes up into the blockchain and opens the understanding and all the possibilities how it works, how it does, how to do that, how to like how to work with the platform, and also how to work in crypto fields so it will be like kind of typical tips and tricks and it will be like in a video manner for sure.

Kristen: You mentioned that you guys will plan a course for educating the user so have you guys had a clear vision of that like when will it be launched or how would you guys do it like how would you guys process it?

Dmitry: Still no, it will be like a bunch of videos about how to but we didn’t think too strictly and we didn’t plan any additional moves on how we will do it. We will work with the community in this way and we will learn about people in a way of community. So first of all they will come in community and they will be able to ask any kinds of questions of questions there and totally sure that community will help all of the guys and all of the people users who will come into. We decide to make the best user interface that we can and due to this user interface it’s pretty understandable enough to use it because it’s it looks like the betting from the real sector like the original ones, let’s say non-blockchain, and the biggest struggle is to get total understand in how to work with metamask and how to place a bet in the crypto field using the wallet. So this is the main struggle.

15. What do you think are the significant differences for beginners when they start betting with a traditional platform and then they move on to blockchain betting platform? What kind of challenges and difficulties will they face?

Dmitry: Initially I think that the first likely struggle that they will face is the liquidity pool, for non-crypto people. It’s pretty hard to understand how the pool works and I always do, even for my friends. I’m always trying to understand to explain as easy as I can so the first struggle as I think it will be the mechanics and how the liquidity pools are working because in any way they will read and they will understand that they are betting on liquidity pool and the first question that they will have like what is the liquidity pool. That is one changing from a traditional project into one that combines with blockchain a lot of other projects in the market would face kind of the same problems with smart contracts or like a liquidity pool or something like that. Basically the same kind of issues but it’s important how you guys like the dev team know how to help them and how to support them along the way and we always be there for them and, always willing to solve the problems whenever some occur and that’s like the most important factor for a project to run for a long period of time.


Up to now, DexSport has had outstanding growth with an ever-expanding ecosystem, promising to thrive in the near future.

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