AMA Recap: DragonKart

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Basic information

  • Time: October 23th, 2021 at 1PM UTC
  • Project name: DragonKart
  • Host: Kristen from BSC Army
  • Guest speakers: Mr. Robert Nguyen | CMO & Advisor from DragonKart
  • Main content:
    • Part 1: Project overview
    • Part 2: Team
    • Part 3: Products and Services
    • Part 4: Tokenomics
    • Part 5: Security
    • Part 6: Roadmap
    • Part 7: Community
    • Part 8: Challenge and Solution
    • Part 9: Community Q&A



1. Would you like to introduce yourself a little bit and also the vision of your project?

Mr. Robert Nguyen: Hello everyone, I’m Robert Nguyen, I’m the CMO of DragonKart. About myself, I have more than 10 years in marketing online and 5 years in the Crypto industry. I also manage and develop community income in Crypto. Now I’m also owning ventures to invest in our Blockchain and Crypto industry. DragonKart is the first 3D NFT and platoon and Free-To-Play battle racing game built on Binance Smart Chain. The characters in the game are taken from the Pikalong series by Vietnamese famous artist Thang Fly. He is down with 1.5 million followers on Facebook fanpage and DragonKart and the Pikalong character is very famous in Vietnam.

2. I would like to know more about the inspiration behind your project. We’ve known that you guys were based on the Pikalong character that is already famous in Vietnam right now but can you tell more deeply into that?

Mr. Robert Nguyen: With other games, most of them focus on the hero. I think with this community, in the community view, the competition is very hard to compete so in DragonKart we selected battle racing which is very unique now in the market and we think the project will make a difference from others. So, in DragonKart, we start from the Pikalong because the Pikalong is very famous in Vietnam and we want to make the famous comic creators to become a very famous writer in one game and with the DeFi and GameFi very developed now I think it’s an opportunity to bring the Pikalong and their friends such as the DragonKart to the global buyer of Crypto and Blockchain. I think it is a very big opportunity for us. That’s why we started the project DragonKart.

Part 2: TEAM

3. I would like to know more about your team, your members and what are their positions in the project right now? How do they contribute to DragonKart?

Mr. Robert Nguyen: With the team, we have been friends for many years, such as the CEO, Mr. Phuong. He’s the CEO and the founder of DragonKart. He had more than 10 years of research in networking with a high – low system and six years experience in building, in developing high – low systems, in real-time data processing and big data. He also connected with artists Thang Fly with the artist enterprises the author of the Pikalong, with the other team and also me. Also he has his own technology company, also outsourcing for this big corporation. In some Crypto projects, he and his team also had experience in technology and also in Blockchain and Crypto. Regarding me, after hearing about the Pikalong and the DragonKart project, I’m very interested in it and so I want to bring my experience in the Crypto market to help this project, so it can be developed in Crypto and bring to the global. We now have 30 people in our team with different roles in many positions, and it will increase.


4. What products have you guys come up with for DragonKart? What services are you guys offering right now? What are your plans for the future?

Mr. Robert Nguyen: We’ve started this project for a long time but still in the planning. But after we start to do the project, for a very short time, just 2 months from the beginning, now we already have some MVP in the demo. MVP for everyone who plays, but just in the private mode not the public one. We plan to publicize it in the next few weeks, I think before we do the IDO public sale. We have a plan to develop the Pikalong in a 3D game and of course we will add DeFi to the game. We also add NFT to the game, so we have this platoon and are Free-To-Play so everyone can play without paying any cost. Also, everyone can earn money by playing, by racing. Also have the defined that people can stick. About the product, now we have the MVP for the demo. We will have the first version of the game, so people can start to play it. We also have the marketplace for everyone to buy and sell on it.

5. You know there are a lot of GameFi projects with the same motto. Do you have anything to say that would make your project stand out from the crowd that would appeal more users to DragonKart?

Mr. Robert Nguyen: First, like I said before, we choose the racing field, it’s a very neat market in this GameFi, not many games in our field. Most of the game is on the Hero field. With better racing, we let the users interact with others while racing. Also with better racing, we choose because we have advantages of the racing battle and with the Free-To-Play, we have the shield modes for users. The first one is Free-To-Play so with everyone from the child such as 5-6 years old to people 60-70 years old, they can also play the game as the traditional game and they don’t need to pay anything. They don’t need to pay any money. They don’t need to understand about Crypto or Blockchain or anything else like this. They just play for fun and of course we have many fans of Thang Fly and Pikalong in Vietnam and in South Asia so it’s also our users, our market. We can bring 1 million friends to become a certain user who is ready to pay. We also have many services, such that people can race very easily. People don’t need to study many skills to race, they can race just by selecting left, right. Something like this is very easy and everyone can start to play without studying anything. Most people don’t have much time to study or to understand a game so with racing they just know how to laugh. There is plenty of fun and while they have fun they also can get the money by getting the drop token. After they get the top ranking, they also have the reward. Also we also have so many services with partners and the user can have money and have fun. That will make us different from others.


6. I would love to know more about the tokenomics. What are the details that users and investors who are watching this live should know about? How are they distributed to the team?

Mr. Robert Nguyen: About the token, I think most of the investors and traders are very curious about this. Actually we haven’t published it, but I think I can give a brief information about it. This token will be on both private and public sale. We’ll have this sale on both private and public sale, about 14% of the total tokens and we have the total supplies 100 million tokens and we will raise the total 1.76 million dollars on the private and public sale. With the team, we have the allocation of 15% and I have a locket and we have a fair amount of clicks from upgrades for at least one years for luck. With the advisors, we are allocated 5%. With liquidity, 5%, incentive is 35%, for instance, the player can earn money from the game incentive allocation. With marketing, we allocate 10% and we have the reserve for 10%. These are some things about the tokenomics.


7. How does your security system work? Do you know how to guarantee your users’ wallet and their trust in DragonKart?

Mr. Robert Nguyen: If someone wants to trust our project, they must trust two things. The first is the team which is the people behind this project, and the second is a technologist of the project. First is our team, we have famous people like Thang Fly who is a famous artist who has 1.5 million followers on Facebook and also appeared in many IT magazines and newspapers in Vietnam. Our CEO and also our team are in public. I think both investors and players can trust us, because we publish every information and we have famous people also. The second one is about technology in the product. Our guests have experienced our sources of other products. Also we have the authorized contract by the third party to make sure all the functions work well. The important thing is we also have an advisor. The advisor helps our project, our technology and specially the contract. The contract is very important and that is the breaking point in the Crypto market.


8. How is the business going? Where are you guys on the roadmap right now? What are the next milestones that you guys are planning on achieving?

Mr. Robert Nguyen: If you take a look at the DragonKart website, you can check our roadmap. Actually, we are already in Q3 and we are already having this private sale. With the private demo, we’ve done it. With the public demo and MVP on the website, we will release it soon. We will have the public sale at the beginning, I think the first half of November. We will have a public sale on Monday for the IDO monthly LaunchPad. After listing, we will add LP liquidity and we will have the first NFT sale for 1,000 users. The first 1,000 users can place their version one. It’s very important because just 1,000 users can play the first game in the first month. If you have the NFT, you will have the opportunity to join and become one of 1,000 users that can earn money and can try our game on the official first month. On our Q4, we also have a stacking and farming $KART. We also have to release the first version on Android for mobile. Our game is on a web version and on mobile version also.


9. Do you have any plans to attract more and expand the community globally and also improve the users’ experience? Do you have a particular marketing strategy in your mind right now?

Mr. Robert Nguyen: We will check on the fans of the Pikalong. That is a very important point in our strategies, because Pikalong has a huge number of fans. The Pikalong is very famous and it can help the brand to be easier to recognize. The second strategy is attracting people by earning tokens. Because they can interact with people around the world while they are racing in battles. They also can earn money so that will attract people to raise energy to earn and have money. Next we will have the partnership road. Let me explain about it. We will have partners in other projects. If the user earns nft, they not only can earn the kraft tokens, they can also earn another token. This can help our project to connect with other communities.


10. Did you guys face any kind of challenges or difficulties while you guys were working together as a team? What was your solution to get through that difficult phase?

Mr. Robert Nguyen: With any project, they also have many challenges and difficulties to overcome. We have a short time to develop games so we have so many things to do in a short time. It’s very challenging and also needs more systems, most people expect that having experience in the GameFi limp is very important because with the people who have experience, they will help us to understand more how to develop, how to attract and how to keep the users playing the game for a long time. We have this solution such that we will find the advice because with a good advisor, they can help us on strategies and can help us to connect with other resources. They can understand both our advantages and disadvantages. They’re going to help us and they can connect with others who can help. Advisor is very important, it’s also our solution to solve the challenges and difficulties on working projects.


11. Because this is a racing game, how significant are characters when the vehicles are the most important thing?

Mr. Robert Nguyen: If you guys know about Pikalong, it’s very famous and with his friend I think it’s very cute. I think most people love it, especially in Vietnam. In Asia countries communities, they also have the same behavior and the same view so I think Pikalong and their friends will make the project very different because most people have already seen it before. It makes the project different. Also, we have the plan to develop the greatest to us as a market and we also developed in Europe or in the USA. We will have the other characters or maybe the outsides of the characters also have something changed to. The lead artist is Thang Fly, he’s a very talented artist and with our 3D designers and team, they have experience in the game industry so they know how to attract the players. We also have this NFT sale and the NFT market so I think the characters have so many things such as beauty, the varieties can attract one so the user can own and play. All the characters and all the items such as Scratcher are just one kind of the items we have. There’s three main kinds of items in our game, the first one is characters such as Pikalong and his friends, the second is a KART car, the third is a weapon such as this bomb or fire or water everyone can battle with. Those NFT are tradable on the marketplace.

12. People love to play games with friends and teammates. Would there be a team-up function in DragonKart which could make this game more interesting?

Mr. Robert Nguyen: We have the two motor plays, the first player a bbc which is a player registers on the computer, and the second is a bpp is a player which is a player. So everyone can play with others at the same time and they also can have the team to raise on one road, but in one road, the technology only allows 10 users to be placed on one road and there can be many roads at once. I think if you have 10 people, you can build a team and join together on one road. We also have the buy/ rent map market so the player can buy or rent from it, so the players can organize the maps by themselves.

13. How does your project DragonKart generate revenue? What is the revenue model? How can it be beneficial for both investors and for the project itself?

Mr. Robert Nguyen: Besides the Crypto market, we also build a business model. It means how we make money and can keep the project for a long life. With the business model of how we can earn the first one, we can earn from those NFT cells but it’s not much and it’s very limited because our NFT is limited so we cannot sell it forever. Just cancelling is the first one but also is our revenues for our support business. The second is we can make money when people trade and exchange on the NFT marketplace because if someone has NFT such as Bitcoin and is empty, they can have two choices, they can raise to earn or they can sell it on NFT marketplace. If you sell it on the marketplace, we also have this commission from it, we will track at least for 2% for the selling side, it’s also our revenue. Maybe in the beginning, it’s very small but with the development of GameFi and NFT market, I think it’s very huge in the near future. It is the second and the third way we can, as I said before, just before we have the renting service and selling service such as we will for people to rent the map. We can also sell the map for organizers for any company if they want to own their own map and they are organized by themselves. We can also check for it and now also we have this on the renting service and you can understand as the PvP of renting such as someone has the NFT and someone has not. If you want to rent NFT to play then we are also in the middle with the man and the chuckle beast is very lovely. With the health volume, we also have the revenue from it. It is some way we can make money and we also have a DeFi on our project by staking, farming. It also has a cap holder which can decrease the total supply of a circulating supply and also helps our token and have the potential to develop to grow. It also helps us to have more value. It eases out some way to make our business model beneficial for investors. With the project, I already said with you and with the investor and maybe the trader and holder, they also have many benefits such as they can have the NFT to race, they can earn money and they can have funds. They can have those renting service, many things that they can do on our project.

14. Would it be possible for a player with a common hero to win against someone with a higher rarity hero during a race? Is it fair to everyone, not just those with race heroes?

Mr. Robert Nguyen: The lower level Pikalong can battle with the higher level Pikalong. Because in our game, it is related to skill. You must have the skill on your character. If a user has a level 10 Pikalong, maybe it cannot win the level 5 Pikalong. Because the lower Pikalong might have a higher skill, that Pikalong might update a lot to gain the good skills, so the lower Pikalong might have a chance to win.

15. What is your strongest advantage that will make your team lead the market?

Mr. Robert Nguyen: I think I will share some points about our advantages. The first one is the Pikalong, he is the biggest advantage in our project. Because he is a very famous character and people can recognize him easily. The second one is about our artist – Thang Fly. He is also very famous in Vietnam and also in Asia. Our team has a lot of experience in the game industry. Only in 2 months, we already released the MVP. Also we started our project on the basic things. We believe our model is very creative, it can attract people and also the community from other projects to join us.


Up to now, DragonKart has had outstanding growth with an ever-expanding ecosystem, promising to thrive in the near future.

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