AMA Recap: Dstarlights Coin

DStarlightsCoin Live AMA Recap

Basic information

  • Time: December 1st, 2021 at 2PM UTC
  • Project name: Dstarslightcoin
  • Host: Henry from Blockchain Army
  • Guest speakers: Lionified Okenwa | Founder of Dstarlights Coin
  • Main content:
    • Part 1: Project Overview
    • Part 2: Tokenomics
    • Part 3: Community
    • Part 4: Security
    • Part 5: Community Q&A



1. Can you introduce yourself?

Okenwa: I am Lionified Okenwa, now I’m a music artist, a web developer, and an entrepreneur, I also run an online shopping store.

2. Let’s talk a little bit about your project first, these Dstarlightscoin, can you introduce about your project?

Okenwa: About Dstarlightscoin, I’ll just give a brief on how we coined out the idea. We run an e-commerce store, we’ve been running out for over a year on, we ship products to and from any part of the world to our different customers. So one time we were having an in-house meeting and we talked how about we make a platform where our users can use crypto to make payments for the products on our online store, you could go check that out and so we were brainstorming and this idea popped up and since a lot of our clients around the world use their fiat currency and we get to receive their payments for their products and purchases in US dollars. We then said how about we make a platform we make something or we develop something where they can also use their tokens their coin or whatever tokens they have to make payment and we still get to receive it in US dollars. So we can also give all of our different users an extra layer of payment options and so that’s how Dstarlightscoin began to develop. We began to look out for developers who were well to do in the crypto space and we got to ask them some questions and we got to talk to them and show them our idea and say is this possible, is this going to work, can this thing be achieved, can these things be done and we have to contact a couple of developers and we’re given a go-ahead that yes it can be done. We’ll develop this so that’s how the idea of the virtual coin card came about. So the virtual coin card is going to be used for tradings online, making payments online. So get ready it’s going to be on a lot of online stores so when you want to make payment as long as you are a holder or you have an account with a virtual coin card, you’ll be able to use your tokens to make payments and the receiving end just get to receive it in US dollars depending on the dashboard that they get to receive depending on the currency. They’re good to receive on that dashboard so I’ll just give a brief rundown. Take for instance you want to make payments in our e-commerce store and then you select, you want to make payments selected in the virtual coin card, so once you click the virtual coin card it’s going to take you to a portal where you fill in your details to log in and then when you’re logged in you get to select whatever token you want to use to make the payment and once you click to approve the payment, the payment is complete and we at the receiving end and get to receive whatever payment equivalent in US dollars. So that’s the brief rundown of Dstarlightscoin and we saw that in crypto, a lot of people want some utilities as one reason to hold your tokens. We also now implemented an NFT since NFT is the trend these days, we implemented the NFT marketplace which is already live and we also implemented a staking platform where investors who have already held Dstarlightscoin can stake their tokens end the Dstarlightscoin has rewards. So they are not just getting reflections in reward they are also getting rewards in staking the tokens. So that’s a brief rundown of the Dstarlights Coin project

3. Where did you get the idea for the name as it’s very interesting?

Okenwa: I’m kind of an introvert, I like to stay indoors to do my things on my own just inside my little space. So one time I was in our home yard and I just walked over to the backyard and I sat alone. Sometimes when I go I sit there to think of a reason to get some inspiration when the environment is entirely noiseless and everywhere is calm. So I sat there and I was looking at these stars in the sky and my imagination was jumping off me to get hold of one of the stars up there and then I thought about working on my project because I had a lot of ideas to implement, so I just thought about all of this how everything is going to assimilate together and once that is done I’m able to touch the sky, it just popped up in me on my head so let’s do something. The starlight if you look at our sky you see the light of the stars, we’re actually looking out to light the stars.

4. How many developers are working with you to develop the project?

Okenwa: We have developers, I’m working on a staking platform about three developers working on a staking platform, we have two developers working on a virtual coin card and we have one developer who is working on our contract code and we have a solidity team who are going to be auditing all of our developments. So we have all of those arranged for this project and we have a team a core team of about nine people and we have a moderating team of about seven people

5. Do you face any challenges during the time you develop the project and how did you overcome these challenges?

Okenwa: First, our challenge was finding a legit developer, you realize in the BSC space there are lots of car scammers, lots of people who want to take advantage of your ignorance or want to take advantage of your simplicity. So one of our most difficult times we’re having to find a proper developer to work on each of every other development like the NFT marketplace, the virtual coin card. Especially the virtual coin card, it took us about four months to find one developer who clearly understood what we wanted to do, and immediately we found him well, it was easy for us to go through. We just had to sign an NDA agreement so that the ideas can easily be stolen. We got to sign up on NDA so the idea was kept between both parties and then another challenge was marketing. We had some issues with marketing and that’s why we came through to partner with BSC Army. We wanted to have a strong team who already up there already know how the game is played on this BSC space and we wanted to say okay let’s partner with you guys and see how you push us in marketing as much as we’re doing other telegram marketing, using huge telegram groups and different AMAs, and different telegram communities and discord communities as well so one of our most issues with finding legit developers and finding the right platform for marketing

6. Is there anything about the upcoming updates or the upcoming feature of your project that you want to share with us?

Okenwa: We just sent out a contract to be audited by solidity which should be in two to three days. Usually, solidity tells you your contract will be back in three to five days so we’re looking at getting a contract between Friday and Saturday, and then we’ll be able to set a tentative day date for the pre-sale. So once we said that we began to fast-track things on how to get a pre-sale spiked off.

7. When is the card available for the users?

Okenwa: The card will be available, we are looking at putting the card live the third week of December when we are 95 percent done. We just need one more license to appropriate things so mark the third week of December, the card should go live. Our NFC marketplace is live already the staking platform will be live on launch

8. Do you find any of your competitors who provide a similar service to you?

Okenwa: We made a search and we figured out that this project is a stand alone that just visa cards and fiat currency and all of that Dstarlights Coin is entirely standalone

9. Can you give me three key points to convince people to invest in your project and to hold the token for the long term?

Okenwa: The first one is the safety of the project. We have one of the biggest audit firms working partnering with us to make sure every other development are audited and passes the audit so every investor coming into our project is 100% safe and then for that one also we are KYC with a big ecosystem so we know that’s why we are even doing on this AMA so we’re telling the world we don’t have anything to hide we don’t have anywhere to run to everyone can come partner with us invest in this project, everything is going to be safe we are making sure your funds are safe. And the second point is a clear utility project, not the main coin, this is clear utility investors are going to see this virtual coin card spread around the world because we see it to be something huge that everyone who is getting involved in the Dstarlightscoin as much as you’re. Also going to get to use the virtual pointer you are signing up for something long term so this is not just a one day stuff and then marketing we are also marketing part and partnering with BSC Army for a month which we are also looking at to extend it further as we grow from there because we want investors to know this is long term, so that’s already why we are working with BSC army for a whole 30 days. And then the third point is this is safe we are going to be giving investors rewards ranging from the reflections on buy and sales and ranging from staking your tokens and you also get rewards in BSC there.


10. Can you explain a little bit more about your token distribution?

Okenwa: We have 10 trillion total supply and we have 10 marketing wallets, everyone knows in the BSC space marketing is a huge things because we look to be listed on a couple of exchanges immediately we are launched and grow from there, so we set out 10 for marketing to make sure every now and then we want to go into getting huge marketing. We have some funds in there for us and then there is a five percent developers wallet, that five percent covers the fees for paying the mods, for paying developers, for maintaining all of our products as well to pay the mods the shill team. Also as well do some giveaways to community members that have shown impressive work rates and then we have 25% set out for private sale and for pre-sale and then we then our tax there is a 12 tax on buy and there is a 15 tax on the sale, six percent on buy is going it goes to be reflected our holders because this product is simply about rewarding holders so on buying six percent is reflected to hold us two percent is sent to add to liquidity and two percent is sent to a market a development wallet and then two percent bonds. So the bond is to make sure our total supply is reduced to make sure the value of the token keeps increasing. There is the bond on every transaction and on the sell-side, there is eight percent reflected to hold us when there is three percent reflected to this marketing wallet.


11. Have you built your community on Telegram or Twitter?

Okenwa: We’ve been building and we currently have about 600 telegram member around it and then I really I’m really not a discord fan somebody’s handling discord for us, I just spoke to him before i came on and he said the discord team is growing perfectly, so I’ll get to check that i don’t really have the figure on there but we have an Indonesian community of about 13000 and we have a Chinese community of about 600 members and we have a telegram community of about 6 000

12. Do you have any plans to expand your community and also who are your targeted users?

Okenwa: Targeted users are first crypto enthusiasts and most importantly anyone who does anything online you make payments online you make subscriptions online, you make online bookings. That is what I didn’t mention earlier, virtual coin card is going to have a function where you can make online bookings for hotels and for flights reservations and all of that so as long as you make payments online as long as you use your fiat currency or your credit card the virtual coin card is for you it’s for everyone so you make payments you make subscription you can use the virtual coin card using just your cryptos to make all of this payment to make all the hotel bookings and reservations and all of that. Continue about expanding at our community, yes we are also putting that in the works, I’ve always loved everything to be purely organic that’s why we are not bots in our group we want everything to grow organically so that’s why our group is still relatively small what we’re looking at to hit a minimum of 5 000 members before the pre-sale kicks off. So that’s our aim that’s what we’re looking out for so we are also as well building the community

13. Do you have any other partnerships or backers that are working on your project?

Okenwa: We have about three partners but we haven’t signed the agreement hundred percent yet but once the agreements are hundred percent we release the information to everyone


14. The security of using virtual coin cards is critical, is there any new security technology in this coin, and how is the virtual coin card released?

Okenwa: Earlier on I mentioned that we have the solidity finance team auditing every single thing. We’re developing and if solidity they are among the top three audience firms worldwide so we know investors are going to put their security their financial security first, so we said let’s go for the very best, let’s go for the top audit firms out there to make sure we tell our investors, hey look your phones are safe with us, your phones are safe on this virtual pointer. So it’s going to bedeveloped and we are developing a customized server for the virtual coin card. It’s not going to be hosted on any online platform so no one can launch an attack on them. So that’s why we are partnering with the solidified finance team, the virtual hosted on its own dedicated server so everything that has been done is audited by solidity and it’s extra safe

Henry: How will the card be released?

Okenwa: We’re going to release the web app version where you click on the link and sign up online and you’ll get to fill in your details and all of that and the second we’re going to be releasing the app itself, it’s going to be available to download on google play store and apple store.


15. Is the purchase and sell fee of this Dstarlightscoin high and for what purpose is the fee high?

Okenwa: We’re still discussing the field, we’ll make sure it is accessible to everyone. Now if you look at the virtual coin card, it’s fitted into five categories. There is a gem category which is the lowest, there is a silver category and which is the second,there is a diamond category which is a third, there’s a gold category which is the fourth and there’s a platinum category. All of these have their different features where you can use so if you can’t use if you can’t afford the platinum you can afford the gold you can afford the gold we can afford the diamond you can afford the diamond you can afford the silver so we made it so every investor have access to this virtual coin carrier. And also there will be a ranking in the card. With the gold, diamond, gem, platinum, so one of these has their different features.

I’ll start with the platinum, you can use it with the Dstarlightscoin and about nine tokens across different blockchains, so you can have the BNB, you can have the Etherium and whatever the other blockchain you want to use. And then there is the gem which is the first category the gem category just gives you access to one blockchain so if you look at the the white paper it’s clearly stated the first category gives you access to just one token and on one blockchain, the second category gives you one blockchain and about three tokens, the next category gives you two blockchains and about five tokens, the next category gives you about two blockchains and about six tokens and the platinum is infinite you can use as many blockchains as you want. We split that so if you depending on what you want to do, depending on which you want to use you can go ahead and select whichever of those five

16. How do you guys promoting liquidity globally and many people can so many people can join earn reward with liquidity?

Okenwa: We once do the pre-sale, eighty percent of funds raised on the pre-sale will be sent straight into PancakeSwap liquidity, that’s the first point. Why there is a continuous liquidity tax, if you look at the economics on buys there is two percent on liquidity going straight into liquidity on sales as well there is two percent going into liquidity we want to keep a stable flow for this project to fly so and then joining products staking and yes we are going we are having a sticking platform, the staking platform will go live in two days we want to open it up to the community. We’ll be opening up the NFT marketplace in about 18 hours and then we’ll open the staking platform for everyone to see in about 48 hours from now and then the staking platform will be live as well, so investors can go in and stake their tokens and earn rewards

17. What method will be employed to entice investors, what elements encourage future investors to actively participate and believe in the project?

Okenwa: Entice investors, that’s why we are putting all of our utilities from day one. We want all our investors to know we’re not just promising you of something we are showing you that this thing is already done, this thing is already available for you to use this is already available for you to begin using immediately when once we are launched, so that is number one on how we are going to entice new investors and our aim is to put in a strong marketing for this so we are not just relenting on a one-day marketing, we’ll continue this marketing to make sure we push this to more and more investors and also we’re also looking at hitting a couple of exchanges two to three weeks after lunch. We want to put the Dstarlightscoin on every single place, on every single platform, so that we can find investors. So we want to put it there and show them our utilities and show them our products can be usable and then it should be enough to entice much more wise investors

Henry: Do you plan to involve the non-crypto user in your project?

Okenwa: Yeah sure, we plan to walk them through the virtual coin. It can also have a function where you can send your dollars to another person the person gets to receive the dollar in the virtual coin card. There is a swap server, so you can swap your tokens to dollars and send it to someone.

18. What are the differences between traditional e-commerce and crypto metaverse business as you described?

Okenwa: We are not entirely doing metaverse, the Dstarlights is not about metaverse. We want sometimes people tend to run to something extraordinarily out of this world, we don’t want to follow the trend of the metaverse, we want everyone to see okay there is an e-commerce everyone knows how the e-commerce system works and we are implementing something as an extra layer for e-commerce shopping for e-commerce users, so we are not

diving into the metaverse yet. If we want to maybe in future but for now we’re sticking to e-commerce online payments and purchases. Compared to the traditional one, what are the advantages of using the dstarlights coin card, so that is I think the advantages are you don’t have to immediately find, take for instance you are somewhere and you want to makethe payment you want to make an instant payment to anyone. Once you have the Dstarlight virtual coin cut at any point at any place you find yourself you can always make payments you can always make trade without having to convert your crypto. We’re making sure you don’t have to wherever you are at any moment at any time you don’t have to come, you don’t have to really look around for a merchant or an exchanger to convert your tokens to fiat. We’re giving you the virtual coin card which is going to do all of that for you at an instant, so for instance, you send fiat currency to your friends, your families.


Up to now, Dstarlights Coin has had outstanding growth with an ever-expanding ecosystem, promising to thrive in the near future.

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