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LiveAMA Epic Hero Recap 2

Basic information

  • Time: October 17th, 2021 at 2PM UTC
  • Project name: EpicHero
  • Host: Kristen from BSC Army
  • Guest speakers: Mr J| Chief Partnership Manager from EpicHero
  • Main content:
    • Part 1: Project overview
    • Part 2: Team
    • Part 3: Products and Services
    • Part 4: Tokenomics
    • Part 5: Security
    • Part 6: Community Q&A



1. Can you tell us a little bit more about the project and also your position in EpicHero?

Mr J: My name is Mr J and I am the chief partnership manager for and EpicHero and super excited to introduce you and your users to our latest project, EpicHero. Let me start by stating that EpicHero is going to be the largest 3D NFT war game on the Binance Smart Chain network, period. That’s categorically true across the board. For those of you guys that are excited about NFTs and gaming and the gamification of NFTs, EpicHero is where you want to be. Our users will be able to collect and build unstoppable forces of characters by choosing from their favorite heroes from different regions and cultures. We’ve got collections of these NFTs, these NFTs in themselves are beautiful, they’re interactive, they’re 3D, you can zoom in on them, we just haven’t seen anything like it in the Binance Smart Chain. Having them look this stunning is one thing, because of that the value is going to increase as the game progresses. The problem that we have with NFTs normally is that the only way that you can normally get profit from an NFT is at the point where you sell it. The problem with that is you then no longer hold it in your hand so it’s always this speculative position. With EpicHero, what we’re super excited for is through our partnership with Thoreum, those guys have been running for three or four months now in the DeFi space and everyone’s well aware of Thoreum and how Thoreum works. What we’ve been able to do through them is produce a set of tokenomics which gives our users both passive and active income from just simply holding these NFTs. So you’re never in a position where you have to sell these epic heroes, you can actually make back your initial income in passive and active reflections. At the point later on down the line, if you want to sell them, you have that option also. There’s two different currencies that you need to be aware of, so we have Thoreum which is like the governance token, it’s the grandfather project, it’s the inspiration and they were our fair launch platform. Then you have the EpicHero token itself. You’re already working with two different forms of currency on the site. Both of those tokens have reflections built into them similar to SafeMoon so anyone that comes from a SafeMoon background will know about holding on to these tokens. As other people buy and sell, there’s a proportion of those buys and sells which then come back to the users as reflections. So just simply holding EpicHero and holding Thoreum will give you reflections in EpicHero and Thoreum. You then have the option to purchase these EpicHero NFTs which are separate to the EpicHero token. All of the users which hold the EpicHero NFTs will actually get reflections from every other person that buys and sells NFTs on our marketplace. Someone that just wants to purchase and collect up these beautiful NFTs and doesn’t want to do anything with them, they’re still going to gain huge amounts of income just by sitting on top of their pile of NFTs. It’s a really cool way to both hold and the value of those accumulates and also to get reflections. Those reflections are actually in BNB, they come into you directly in BNB so you don’t have to swap them out from something else. Obviously because we have this inbuilt feature where you can get reflections of BNB, that is going to increase the value of the NFTs as well. From that side, we should see the value of our NFTs increasing over time. If passive income isn’t enough for you, whilst you’re increasing the value of your NFT and receiving passive reflections in BNB, you can then actively stake your NFTs into our staking pools. We’ve been a little bit creative with them so it’s not just a matter of clicking and staking. With the daily tasks, this is a fun way for your NFTs to be doing work for you. The lower level heroes are just going to be doing basic farming and things like that. As your heroes get to higher and higher levels, they’ll be able to kill beasts, they’ll be able to kill gods and titans and these fun things. But the effect is that you’re hiring out your hero to do work on your behalf so you will gain active APR for staking your NFTs with us. Already, you can get value from the NFT itself, you can get passive income from the marketplace as other people buy and sell and you can get active APR for staking in these daily tasks. As we move forward from there, we have lots of exciting things that are lined up for our users. We’re super excited for the most recent game that we’ve had which is a thousands versus thousands clan style battle, where there’s a big boss that’s needed to be taken down and users have been able to build up their own armies of their NFTs and get together with their friends to form these parties to take down this big character. The amount of damage that your army was able to do gives you proportionally a bigger percentage of the rewards for taking down that big bad guy and each of the teams gets a proportion depending on the amount that their army did towards taking down that character as well. So, really cool integration with the community and getting users behind it. It’s not just a simple matter of just dropping the heroes in and letting them do the work, there’s a very definite meta to it. Is it better to level up your characters? Is it better to equip extra equipment, armor, weapons, things like this? Is it better to just buy another hero and get access to a second NFT and all the fun that comes along with it? When you talk about the gamification side, it was super fun because everybody got to pick one of three different teams and everybody made a great income during the event itself. But for the final 24 hours, the winning team got double rewards and the two losing teams got their rewards halved for 24 hours so there was a section of the community that made out like bandits for a 24-hour period.

Part 2: TEAM

2. As a team, of course you have a lot of other people in the team that help you along the way so that you guys can have the products, the website and the community that you guys have today. Would you like to share more about the people that have contributed a lot to EpicHero? What are their positions? What are they doing in the project?

Mr J: Thoreum is the big daddy of this and they’ve been established for a long time and their ITO platform, their fair launch platform, really set the tone for EpicHero in the very early days because Thoreum’s background is in safety. They really want to make sure that they move away from this idea of rugs and scams and all these kinds of things that happen in the DeFi space. so they wanted a tried and tested product which users could really believe in and any project which launches through their platform has to be vetted by the Thoreum team. Before EpicHero was even allowed to launch, they had to provide all of the documentation, they had to provide all of the code, they had to provide everything before they could even launch. People always talk about audits and these kinds of things. For me, personally, the fact that we were pre-vetted by Thoreum was the icing on the cake. After that, I knew that all the other audits and everything that came through was gonna be perfect so I wasn’t concerned in the slightest. Thoreum has launched a number of projects which have done very well. When EpicHero launched underneath them, it’s from the same top guy with a different development team below it. Having that experience from Thoreum has really helped out but then it has its own development team so there are artists here, there are coders, there are programmers. Then you have guys like me that are helping to run the community side of it as well. Having great moderators that are engaging with the community, having awesome artists who are cracking out these NFTs for us, the guys working on the coding to get those tokenomics, really sweet. We’re constantly able to outshine ourselves. Every time we have an event, it seems to be coming out at a higher and higher income for the users so they seem to be really happy with it as well.


4. You mentioned that you guys have a dual currency mechanism. You have two tokens, is that correct?

Mr J: As I said, the NFT is the primary one. These were some of the things that we were talking about. This is the staking part of the game that’s available at the moment. Anyone that’s got an EpicHero NFTs is able to come here and stake their NFTs to do these jobs. Even for the most basic part-time job, 300% which is an APY of 2,176%. On this account, you can see my pending rewards are just ticking up as we talk. This is a common pool, this one has level 2 so any NFTs that I’ve got staked here and leveled up to this level. As we go along, you can see the other pools that we’ve got going, as you get higher and higher and as you get to these crazy ones, 12,500% APR for getting into these top ones. You need to have been lucky enough to have pulled a rare NFT so when we first launched, we had the mystery chests which was your access to get hold of these genesis pack NFTs. We’ve actually already sold out all of the original line of genesis NFTs. If you still want to get hold of them, you do have options. Because we now have our marketplace so users can jump in here and actually pick up genesis hero NFTs.

5. Usually, for one project, they have two tokens, they would use one for exchanges and trading and one for in-game features like buying, sell entities in the marketplace. Which one is used the most in-game?

Mr J: EpicHero is our in-game token. It’s used for most of the stuff that you’re going to do in-game, any leveling up that you’re going to do is going to be done with EpicHero. Thoreum is more like the governance token. If we go back to the mystery chest, you’ll see quite often that you need access to both. You’ll need some Thoreum and some EpicHero, you need an amount of both. What actually happened though is that our genesis heroes sold out initially and these ones are great because these are the ones that give you the reflections in BNB for every trade that happens on the marketplace. The value of the NFTs went sky high and people were crying out for an entry-level NFT option so that’s when we released our demi hero packs. This is like an entry level, when we release them, I think it was about $36 to get access to one of these guys. If your users are looking for an entry point which they can get into more affordably, you still have access to these demi heroes. They’re not as powerful because they’re not as expensive. There’s an unlimited number of them in circulation but when you level them up strategically, you can still get them up to the same power level as a genesis hero. For those that want to get those genesis ones, that’s certainly my favorite ones, the marketplace is the place to go.


6. Since you have two tokens, could you talk about the tokenomic distribution?

Mr J: For EpicHero, we started with a billion units and 50% of those were burnt at launch, there’s 5% which have been held back for angel investors which are fully locked for a month, our advisors got 2.5% which is six months locked, the team got 5%. Then there’s 17.5% which has been held back for in-game incentives, there’s an amount for airdrops, 5% went on to public sale and 1.25% goes to liquidity. Your users can go to our White docs and see all of that information that’s available now. We really wanted to make sure that the game incentives pool was large enough. We don’t want to run out of in-game incentives at any point so we made sure that’s a sizable amount.


7. There’s a lot of scam projects out there in the market and we are completely aware of it but some might not because there are beginners everywhere in every field. What would you like to say to somehow guarantee their trust in your project? And explain how your security system works that is fine enough to protect their wallets and gain more transparency from the user and also from the team?

Mr J: The fundamental in all of the DeFi space is there has to be an element of trust. When you’re talking about finances, you can’t just trust somebody straight off the bat. It doesn’t matter how secure a network is, there’s always the potential for hacks. You have to build up trust and the best thing about this project is, with it being backed by Thoreum, we already have the proof that we can trust Thoreum. I’ll give you an example of something that happened because they’re not infallible either, they’re still humans, there’s still potential for error. Early on in the days of Thoreum, we had a pool which was set up with one of our partnership projects for safer. This was a project where you could stake your Thoreum and you could get say fern as a reflection token and there was an error with the code, there was just a problem with it and that pool got locked. It basically became a burn wallet because there was no way for anybody to get access to those tokens. From the user’s point of view, it’s very cool that it’s locked because it means that the developers couldn’t even get access to it and clear it out if they wanted to. Not cool because everybody had all their funds locked up in that pool and there’s just no way to get them out. In the most extreme cases, the developers had refunded to every user, Thoreum for Thoreum, safer for safer and BNB for BNB. Their entire staked amount plus what they had generated during that period as well. It would have been super easy for them to just be like “oh there’s a fault” or lock it up but I think it cost them $1.4million or something like that to rectify that. It was something crazy but having developers has been a blessing for us in the end. Obviously it wasn’t great but the fact that I now have this story to tell is really cool. It proves that the developers are behind the users. Everything that’s been built has been built around the long-term holders. That provides a level of safety as well because although we appreciate whales coming in, we don’t want them coming in and manipulating the value of these tokens. The fact that with EpicHero, you have to put quite a bit of value down to get the income in the long run. We want these to be stable projects, we want them to be here for a long time. This isn’t a pump and dump, this is something here for the long term. When I hear talk like that, it makes me happy to invest.


8. Is there any condition for creating a new hero based on community votes? Can an individual player request a new hero? I want to learn more about this mechanism.

Mr J: We’ve been going on about the NFTs and the potential for income and the great APR that users can get, but the other side of this is the community. That’s the part that really makes it epic, having everybody come together. There’s a little bit of banter between the different warring factions, which team are you one kind of thing. But there is also a real sense of unity and people wanting everybody to do well and come away with great rewards, part of that reward is the community aspect. We’re super happy to listen to what excites you, what do you want to see, do you want heroes from your culture, do you want integration with comics, do you want integration with movies that are coming out. At the moment, there’s only a limited number of heroes but two of the heroes that are out right now were from the community vote. We put it out to the community and said “Who do you want to see?”. There’s no point in us just rolling out heroes if they don’t get very excited to play the game. What’s really nice is that we can borrow from any part of history or culture or law or anything like that, and then the community just jumps behind those ones that we did launch and absolutely snatch them all up within a few moments.

9. How is your plan to build up your in-game community and create loyal gamers?

Mr J: Leaning hard on the clan style battles so that you join a faction and you wore as part of that faction, you bring your epic heroes into and you build up an army and then you add those to other people’s armies. When you take down one of these big bosses and all of a sudden, all of your friends are getting double APR for 24 hours. Those numbers that I was just showing you, that’s our regular daily staking. The Olympus battles are nearly twice as much as that and then to get double that again for 24 hours, you’re talking thousands of percent APR which is just incredible. That’s before leveling any of these guys up. If you strap some equipment to them, if you spend some EpicHero in and level these guys up, the rate of returns becomes crazy. So yeah, in-game community and creating loyal gamers, the two go hand in hand. Having loyal gamers and then having a game that’s worth playing, that means there’s two sides worth playing. The income that people get and the actual game itself needs to be fun and engaging, it’s gotta be something that the people want to play. We’re working hard on both of those, we’ve still got lots and lots of things coming up in the future, PvP, PvE, lots of plans for the future.

10. What solutions does the developer have for balancing the games entertainment factor while also creating a long-term source of income for all game players and investors

Mr J: Providing something which is financially stable, long-term, is tough because if you go in too hard and give too high of an amount of APR or in-game rewards. Then you burn up your rewards pool too quickly and you can’t drop it off because people go “oh, you know, these rewards aren’t what I was expecting, i’m out of here” kind of thing. But what’s really nice again is that we have Thoreum, they’ve been running for months, they know how these pools work, they know what gets people excited, they know how to set those APRs at just that sweet point that’s exciting enough to bring people in and maintainable long-term. We also have many in-game burn features and features for restocking our prize pool. Some of the things that you do like leveling up actually goes to restock our gaming pool. There’s going to be infinite effectively amounts of rewards to be handed out because there’s always going to be that advantage for users to level up their heroes. Balancing the in-game entertainment factor, I think entertainment is also really interesting because there are certain people that want to play these games differently. For certain people, they just want to hold these NFTs, they just get pleasure out of holding a whole set. Some people want to just play the passive game and place their tokens long-term in which case our daily task is a great place for it. For those that actually want to get into the nitty-gritty, really enjoy the maths and see what percentage increase do I get for this combo bonus, perhaps between having these 3 or 4 heroes that all have similar features and all of the fun that comes from that side of it. As I said, we haven’t seen anything yet, there’s so, so much more to come out from this game. There’s certainly going to be plenty to keep you guys entertained in the long run.

11. Many games have struggled to balance the rewards for champion levels; what about EpicHero?

Mr J: As you can see here, we’re on our Genesis tab and this is basically a breakdown of the multipliers that you can get from leveling up. This is one of our Level 5 heroes here and you can see that at the common level, their multiplier is 1x and their rate of return is 1x. As you take that same common hero and you take them up to level 5, this is your cost multiplier so you’ve basically paid 11 times the amount that you initially paid and your multiplier is 22 times what you’re getting. So you’re getting 22 times somebody that just picked up the same hero and kept them at level 1. Because you’ve only paid 11 times the amount and you’re getting 22 times the return, you’re nearly at 2 times the amount of somebody else that just purchased the same heroes over and over and over again. That’s just with a common, if you were lucky enough to draw one of those epic heroes from a chest and you leveled them up only to level 5, which is nothing, we go up to level 13, but if you take them up to a level five you’re already 7.5 times better off. You’ll have spent the same amount as somebody in common, but you’ll be 7.5 times better off than somebody that picked up the same hero in common and just left them. That’s including the amount that you’ve paid to level them up to that level. If you just look at the multiplier, it’s actually 88 times higher but that’s not really fair, you have to factor in the cost of getting them up to that level. You might say “Oh, okay Mr J, that’s cool at level five, but what about at level four? What about at level three? Even at level two?”. We’ve done the maths and it is always worth leveling up your hero. There’s never a point where this drops into a negative figure. Having a huge stable of heroes available to you is cool, the reflections that you get from everybody else buying and selling them works out in your favor, BNB wise. But if you’re talking about damage, if you’re talking about getting the maximum multiplier from the Olympus battles, it all comes down to leveling up your heroes and then getting that multiplier for making sure that you have the right combos of heroes. The gamification side of it is really cool and anyone that’s saying “Oh, that’s fine for genesis heroes. What about for demi heroes which are our entry level heroes?”. The maths is exactly the same, so you still get 7.5 times and you still get 4.9 times at the level 2 so it’s all proportional. There’s no disparity between our entry level ones and our genesis level ones. The only difference is that the genesis ones, there’s a limited number of them and you get reflections in BNB, our demi heroes, you get reflections in Thoreum and there’s an unlimited number of them.

12. Community is the key to a GameFi project? What are your long-term strategies for building it stronger and stronger?

Mr J: It’s a fundamental cornerstone. Without a community, there’s no way to build up a successful project. We have to have a strong community and we do everything in our power to build that up. You’ll see our advertising everywhere, we’re all over PooCoin, CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko then rolling out these AMAs, I’m doing nothing but AMAs. If you jump into our Telegram chats, we’ve got moderators that just sit there all day chatting to the users, helping them out if they’ve misunderstood something or not understood exactly how something works but also just chatting and getting people excited for the game. Building up trust is what you were talking about before. If you go into this battle that you’re going to cover your entry fees, because we can’t control the gas fees, you do need to do a little bit of research, but if you go in at a level that’s realistic you will always break even or do better and a lot of times you will do much better. If you’re in a winning fraction of these Olympus events, which is one in three chances, and we do the draws live to make sure that everything is fair and transparent, you can make out, you can really return huge returns for your investment in these projects. Once people trust you like they’ve been doing with Thoreum, then you have the ability to continue to expand because you’re always bringing in new people, you’re always bringing in more value which means you have a bigger scope to do bigger and bigger things. We’ve got so much in the plan. In the plan and in the pipe works, it’s more a matter of trying to stem the flow a little bit, trying to bring it out piece by piece so that people don’t get overwhelmed by the amount of plans that we have for this project. Community is the cornerstone of these projects and we’ll do whatever it takes to keep bolstering that.


Up to now, EpicHero has had outstanding growth with an ever-expanding ecosystem, promising to thrive in the near future.

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