AMA Recap: Ftribe Fighters

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Basic information

  • Time: December 13th, 2021 at 2PM UTC
  • Project name: Ftribe Fighters
  • Host: Kristen from Blockchain Army
  • Guest speakers: Anthony Phan | CEO & Cao Phan | CPO
  • Main content:
    • Part 1: Introduction
    • Part 2: Team
    • Part 3: Products & Services
    • Part 4: Roadmap
    • Part 5: Strategy
    • Part 6: Community
    • Part 7: Focused Aspect
    • Part 8: Challenges
    • Part 9: Security
    • Part 10: Transparency
    • Part 11: Tokenomics
    • Part 12: Game Updates
    • Part 13: Community Q&A



1. Would you like to introduce yourself a little bit to our lovely audience right here?

Anthony: I’m Anthony Phan, I’m the CEO of F2NFT

Cao: I’m Cao Phan, CPO of F2NFT.

2. Would you like to talk about the vision of Ftribe Fighters?

Cao: Our dreams. Let’s say the reason. First, my dream is creating a universe, a metaverse for NFT games. It likes gaming platforms which contain a lot of games inside and can bring an NFT item from one game to another. So that is our dream. Ftribe Fighters is the first game in our metaverse.

3. Do you have any backup story for the name of Ftribe Fighters which is also known as F2 NFT?

Cao: F is the future. Ftribe is a future tribe. It is a kind of moba game so it includes console quality graphics and a better game place compared to the other NFT titles. So that’s what we are aiming to do. We will create a better game for these users not only to earn but for them to play and have fun during earning. So that’s what we are into.

Part 2: TEAM

4. Would you like to talk about your team a little bit? How many members are there that are working with you guys together right now? What are their positions and how do they contribute to this whole project of Ftribe Fighters?

Cao: Our team is quite big. We have around 40 members. We have blockchain developers; we have game developers; we have 3D artists; we have game designers and QA testers. We also have a marketing team here. So we have a lot of people in the company. It’s like faith when we meet each other. We have a very good blockchain team. We have one who is the head of InfinityLab, the first blockchain lab in Vietnam. The developers and myself have a lot of experience in getting off. We have worked there for more than 10 years and we have a lot of experience in creating games for mobile platforms. We also have a BSC technician Steven, he’s the co-founder of DSE. He has a lot of experience in the platform. So all of us combined together can be a very good team. We are confident to create a very good product


5. What kind of game is it? What are you guys offering like the benefits and advantages of playing this game to the user, to the community?

Cao: Our game is free to play but also we serve the play to end users meaning that you don’t need to pay anything before playing our games. If you invest in buying the items, your winning chance will increase and then you can earn from it. So we serve both free users and play to earn users.

6. What kind of specialties do you guys have for F2NFT that makes the whole project stand out from the crowd?

Cao: From my point of view right now, most of the NFT games on the market are quite in the early stage. They are mostly 2D games. The gameplay is quite simple so what we want to bring is to increase the quality of NFT gaming standards. We want to bring the console gaming quality 3D and better MOBA gameplay combined to one game that attracts finders.

7. What is the significance of NFTs to your project?

Cao: The NFT is very important here. It is the item that you obtain, own and bring out the money value of course. Not only that, you can also clean up the asset like you can have the AR features where you can show your item on the table. You have the VR features where you can view you have entered our metaverse and you can sell it off. Not only that brings the end of the item from one game to another as I said. Later on our metaverse, we have several games and you can bring one NFT item from one game to another. For example, if you have a character, you can bring it to the racing games.


8. What is the plan for the official release of your game? When will all these details come out?

Cao: The plan is we will release the VR metavest first on 28th and the alpha version of Ftribe Fighters on 8th January next year. Then we have a beta version in March and we release it on both Apple and Google Play store.


9. How do you plan on expanding F2NFT going global and trying to get the name out to the world as much as you can? What is your strategy on that?

Anthony: Let’s talk about the marketing plan. We have four pillars for this. First we try to build a strong gaming. That means when people come to our project, play our game, if they feel satisfied and have fun, if they spend time and feel “okay, it’s quite good”, they help you. The second one is we will have the leader. I mean leader in the skill, leader in the investment in our game. They buy the NFT, they own it, they build a team and they fight for the championship. It’s very interesting. People like “wow, I can invest and I can play”. That’s cool right. Besides that, we also put the sound and music mixed in our gallery. Let’s imagine that when you wear the VR glasses, you come into our lobby and you can choose a lot of things from your item to your music, to your video. A lot of things and you will feel okay, another life, your future life in this. So as I say, you see all the things. I believe that people will enjoy it and that’s what we’re looking for. That is something that we can spread out into words. We are able to publish this on the Apple store because we are free to play. When we use multi-data center gaming servers, a lot of people rather work, enjoy, and play together without worrying about a networking performance for example.

Kristen: I can see that you guys focus on the products and services to be perfect as much as possible. When you get your project out, it will just go very smoothly and go very well for the marketing side. So it wouldn’t be a problem to get the name out pretty much

Anthony: We make people come and stay.


10. How would you show that you really appreciate the support of your community, the users, and the loyal investors to your project in the future?

Cao: Regarding this, because we choose the DAO, this means that the campaign of the games is designed by the users. So we start from the characters. We have seven characters in queues but we do not release them all because we’re not sure that people love it. So we released them one by one. We released one character for weapons and we wait for the response from the user. What do they want? What do they expect from the games? Then we collect them. We keep growing the game day by day so that’s how we respect the user and partner.


11. Which aspect that you guys are focusing on the most right now?

Cao: We are focused mostly on Ftribe Fighter games but in parallel, we are developing the platform for the metaverse doing that in the future. We will incubate the small developer teams who have no knowledge in finance and blockchain. They just know how to do games so we incubate them to turn our metaverse so that we can enrich the number of titles inside the Ftribe metaverse. Our three method step is to create an energy gaming metaverse for the NFT games.


12. What kind of challenges and difficulties have you guys faced? How did you get over that and have some solutions if any occurrence like that happens in the future so you would know how to face it?

Cao: Well about the difficulties, we have quite a lot since we were a very small team. We don’t have anything, we just have a blockchain team and small gaming teams. Then a lot of friends came to see us. We form these 40 people, 40 employees inside NFT games. Normally a NFT game company will have only about 10 to 15 maximum but we have 40 and even more right now. So mostly it’s about the human resource. We have a lot of good people in blockchain, gaming, marketing, and finance. All of them contribute and create a very strong thing right now.

Anthony: But I feel that our team is very hungry. They want to make a game, make the people feel “wow, it’s quite good” and be very excited when playing. I’m going to tell you a lot of things very difficult but it will become easier it’s smaller because people enough hungering to cover the eager to do everything.

Cao: Another thing is that we want to bring the games into the original meaning right now. The game is just used for three to one. For example it’s not a game. The game will bring fun to the user. So when they pay something they will forget about the amount of money that they spend for the games. They will forget it. So that’s what we want


13. A lot of NFT projects have been scammed, hacked or crashed in just one second and go away. How would you guys prevent things like that from happening?

Cao: For F2NFT in the future regarding this, looking at our tokenomics, you can understand everything because we lock the token for one year.

Anthony: Our contracts are audited by Verichains and we are only with celtics for sure. That’s our contract is good enough. You see that our partner likes DAO Maker, a very high level in launchpad. They have a lot of requirements for our team but yeah we passed it already. The thing you talked about maybe about the bot right. Yes we also have the bot, anti bot inside our contract and I hope that we do the best to protect the investor. Yes, that’s what we are looking for. We try our best. All the knowledge we have, all the experience we have to use this and try to make anti bot events good and hope that they protect people and investors. Our game is a mobile game sort of. But when we unite with the blockchain, we make a very powerful security that people cannot cheat easily. If they want, they must spend a lot of time, a lot of time to do it.


14. How about the human resource side? How do you keep in touch with your community? How do you interact with them to guarantee trust and faith in your project?

Anthony: Because we are blockchain so everything is transparent. Everybody can view and check our contract and see if our hoof keeps the token, do we have any command or functions that are not good or not right to people, to the investors. You can view it. As I said, we already passed the audit test from Verichains and up to the same thickness. So don’t worry about it.


15. How does tokenomics work in the game? How is it distributed for the team, the marketing side and the community? Can you tell in detail about that part?

Anthony: I think you can see our token numbers on the website pitch deck and all the information that we published already. A few key things and I want to highlight first is our team is just only 11 percent around it. We lock it for one year and we release this in the next three years doesn’t mean that our team will go minimum before years for this project. The second thing is we have only sold 23 for the public sale and sell ourselves. I believe that this percentage is half the people who have the token for a raise for playing the game. The play to earn will be the best thing in our token mix doesn’t mean that we bring back the values to the player. We don’t keep it for ourselves and the marketing. The marketing is very wide because our game is a mobile game so the most important thing is community. We need to build up and we have a lot of championship tournaments. There are a lot of things in the game so we will spend the money on marketing. As I say, it will be back the value to the gamers and investors. We just give it 10 percent.

16. Do you have rounds for the token sale of two NFTs like public round and private rounds? What is the information about the strategic sale?

Anthony: Private sale, I already did it. IDO for public sale will be 18 and 20 for DAO Maker and Roseon launchpad and 21 on GameFi. I hope that the investor will be happy with the IDO list this December.

17. How can the tokens be used as a reward in the game?

Anthony: I’ll reward a token called F5 Meta coin. This is one step to show the people that our project will be a step in the metaverse and this coin will be the main thing of this metaverse, the main currency in our metaverse. But in the first phase, the winner in our game Ftribe Fighters will get the $FMC and can swap into the stable coin and get the heavy income when they play our game. If somebody asked about the burning token, I will say that because we are a game studio, we will create a lot of features and funds in-game to help people who burn the token. It’s true and we believe that because we are a game studio so we can do it easier than modern people because if the game doesn’t have the activity, the function, the feature in-game you cannot spend the token to show that documentary too much the price will go down and nobody likes it.


18. How do you keep the players excited for every stage of your game? How do you keep updating the game for them?

Cao: We have planned to grow the game from a very small game to a big game like the other one. So first we release only two characters. Then for each quarter we will release one game mode, one new map and two new characters to enter the content of the games. We also listen to the user what they want and then we include it in the release so we will update it frequently.


19. What benefits can I get from holding your NFTs?

Cao: Because our game is really in the early stage so if you hold our NFT, you have a chance because anyway I will check you bigger and bigger and of course you will gain the benefit from it.

Anthony: The thing is we will sell the box item. In the box item, we have the gun, hand, T-shirt, and trousers. But in our first step, one represents the gun and the gun is very important in our game. As you know that we are games are very important, so this 24th we will open the box store and 100 percent will drop the gun. If you can fly and hold, for sure that is not easy when we release the game officially. It’s not easy to get a gun, I can tell you that so try to buy it.

Kristen: So what is the probability for getting the gun in this box opening event?

Anthony: 100%. So that’s why I say that you try to buy.

Cao: One among four because lately when you open the box the 10 percent that will be decreased because we have a lot more items for example the ammo and some accessories. So this is time for you to obtain weekends from the course.

Kristen: So basically it’s really rare and really special. So thank you for what you say and hold your box, hold your NFT right now until the box opening event so you will have a big advantage

Anthony: I believe that people will love to buy out anything. The reason why I say that is because when they buy our NFT and open the box, they can see it in the VR gallery. I believe it’s not many projects that can provide it right now. Imagine that you buy a suit, a gun and you wear the VR glass and you will see it flow in the air and you can see it. Not only that you can put it on a table with AR technology and take a picture of it and then sell it to your friend or you can survive with it in front of you when you take the same file. So that’s what we said previously and not only bring up the money value of an item, we want to bring out also the visuality of it.

20. Most players of the P2E game only care about profit. What will you do to make them interested in the game and commit to F2NFT for a long time?

Cao: Most games right now are taking money from the later user and giving it to the user who first owns the game. So it’s not that stable and it won’t last long but we go in different ways. We take the money from the user who paid to experience our game so the income will be more stable and our game will last longer until the game is dead because we don’t create any new content but it will not happen of course.

21. Currently a lot of people are looking at the NFT metaverse and games. Can you tell me what advantages will you have in this field in the future?

Cao: We want to create a metaverse of the gaming world like a gaming platform in a traditional game. The thing is that we have NFT which means that you can bring down the end of the item from one game to the others. We integrate developers with genres because we have experience in blockchain, we have experience in platform, we also have experience in gaming of course so we can equate them to ask them to be turners. We can help them to feel their disadvantage and then they can grow faster and enrich our matters. So imagine that when you enter the metaverse, you can choose the portal to enter a lot of them inside. You can charge it like a social network and you can exchange the items for sale and then purchase inside so that’s what we are dreaming about.

Kristen: I could see that like a lot of game projects, they are scaling up to a metaverse. How would a metaverse work for F2NFT right here because I see a lot of projects having metaverse VR like a game but a lot of the users are really confused about this idea. So what can you guys say to clarify this to your users?

Cao: Because the metaverse definition is various among a lot of users. For some of them, they’re trying to create an unlimited creation inside. Again this means that a user can create the lens unlimited in their game. Because it’s unlimited, they will call it a metaverse but we are different. What we want is not only the content is unlimited but they need to connect to each other. Not only that, the most important part here because you will live in the real world and bring the VR and then you can do a lot of things inside and exchanging the item or exchanging the money is the part of it so it’s just like you’re living in the real life. You can go just for shopping, you can just chit chat, you can voice over with them, you can invite them to play again, you got to make vessels so that’s the two Metaverse(s) that I’m into.

22. Liquidity is one of the important factors of a project. How can you tell how profitable your project is? What is the revenue model and how does it work?

Anthony: We will list on the central exchange first and as you know liquidity is very important. Yes everybody knows that. So how profitable are my projects? How to say that? Well the answer should come from my CMO but he’s not here but okay I can tell you that. It’s true, let them say something like that. Okay we are hopeful that’s our game, we’ll build a community and the community will play again as you know the game in the world is locked right and some game people spend a lot of money for playing not earn anything for playing only earn anything and they still grow up a lot. We hope that if we build a game with the same thing that the people can spend the money and feel satisfied with it then a little bit we can earn the revenue model. Yes we try to rebuild the game and again the income will be shared back to the gamer. We don’t aim to make anyone pay for the early birds. We don’t do that. We don’t imply that so. We hope that our model will move for a long time because we will balance the investors and the gamers. The gamers can earn but as I said the gamers cannot earn the money like buying a house or a car. I think it’s not it’s not like that. The gamers still have the income but are stable. The investor will earn more because they spend a lot of money to build the team, to build the system of their team something like that. Then when they view the tournament, they get a big prize. So that’s the revenue model that we want to share. Everybody has a chance to earn on

23. Can you talk about the types of combat in the game? What’s so special about each genre?

Cao: The first game mod that we bring to the user is the battle royale which means that we have a bottom box that is closing time and then you have to fight to be the last one who stands. Not only that, we have several matches going on because if we’re bored the game only turns into the battle royale. We also have like that map or the tower defense where we can place the trap on the map so it’s not necessary that we have a very big gun in order to to be the last last man, last minute but if you have intelligence you can buy it and let them to get into your trap and then you can win. So it’s fair for everyone whether you have the skill or you have a very good item in order to win.


Up to now, Ftribe Fighters has had outstanding growth with an ever-expanding ecosystem, promising to thrive in the near future.

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