AMA Recap: Green Beli

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Basic information

  • Time: November 4th, 2021 at 2PM UTC
  • Project name: Green Beli
  • Host: Kristen from Blockchain Army
  • Guest speakers: Thao Nguyen| Partnership Manager from Green Beli
  • Main content:
    • Part 1: Project Overview
    • Part 2: Team
    • Part 3: Products and Services
    • Part 4: Tokenomics
    • Part 5: Roadmap
    • Part 6: Community
    • Part 7: Security
    • Part 8: Community Q&A



1. Can you introduce yourself a little bit and also the overall of your project?

Thao Nguyen: It would be my honor. Hi everyone, this is Thao Nguyen from Green Beli. I’m so overwhelmed to be here today to share with you about Green Beli, the first eco-friendly GameFi. We at Green Beli are passionate, a believer in a green Earth. With Green Beli, an NFT game, we wish to bring out a real Blockchain game for users to Play to Earn. Another beautiful aspect of our game is that it’s a game to play for the Earth. When participating in the game, not only can users make good profits, they will also contribute to supporting activities that benefit the environment. As you know, the climate impact is one of the most concerns in the Crypto world today and Crypto enthusiasts like Elon Musk have become increasingly aware of it. For us, the foremost motivation we initiated this project is that it is for a good cause. Back in 2019, we started Green Beli as a traditional project to support eco activities and raise environmental awareness. We had built a network of eco-friendly locations and called it a Green Map. From that, Green Beli, the Play to Earn game, was conceived of and also inspired by our aspiration to combine the Blockchain gaming world with the notions of environmental awareness and sustainability. With Green Beli, we aim to build a project that can last profitably and sustainably. We also have a bigger plan to combine the Green Map, our original project, with the game and simulate these Green places on the Metaverse. I’m sure that you have heard recently that the trend of Crypto is Green or the future of Crypto is Metaverse. How about you can find both in Green Beli? For me, Green Beli is the perfect combination between the two aspects. If you ask me about the future of Green Beli, I would say that it is a Green Metaverse. What is more, with a small market cap,I firmly believe that Green Beli has a lot of potential to pump. Most recently, we also made it to the Top 15 Projects With High Potential Growth and it is something that our whole team is very excited about.

2. Where have you guys got the inspiration for the name of this project, Green Beli?

Thao Nguyen: Green Beli actually stands for “Believe in the Green Earth”. As I just mentioned, Green Beli is a passionate believer in the Green Earth. We think that if we can combine the Blockchain gaming world with the real world and the traditional project, it will be great to create impact and also to have a lot of positive influence on people, especially since the Blockchain world nowadays has a lot of negative impact on the environment. This is our aspiration to initiate this project.

Part 2: TEAM

3. How many members are there in the team right now contributing to Green Beli? What are the positions as well?

Thao Nguyen: We started Green Beli in 2019 as a traditional project. Our team has been working with each other for a few years now and I take great pride in our Core team with a solid vision and strong commitment. We have three different teams at the moment. We have an Operations and Marketing team. We also have a Blockchain team and we have the Game team. There are almost 20 full-time members of us.


4. Together as a whole, what kind of products and services are you guys offering to the market right now?

Thao Nguyen: I believe that Green Beli introduced an Easy to Play and also Easy to Earn concept. The storyline of the game is that our main characters, the Green Heroes, will join exciting boss battles to save the planet. In the PvP, instead of fighting against each other, the two Green Heroes will take turns by playing the next card to battle against the Boss which represents the natural disaster. This is also an educational part of our game, making Green Beli different from other defense games as well as ensuring fairness for players regardless of the stars of the Green Heroes. Other features that we offer on the Green Beli platform are solo farming, community farming, also breeding, fusion and NFT marketplace. For now, we have already released our solo farming features and also NFT marketplace. The game test net and game beta are expected to launch this November.

5. What are the modes in the game that you guys are expecting to launch soon?

Thao Nguyen: It’s the test net and the game beta. We expect to launch this November. Now, we have already opened the test net Whitelist registration for users to join. The test net is also making our communities really hype at the moment. We also offer very high rewards for the test net, up to $10,000 in total.

6. Each game has their own representative character. For Green Beli, what character do you think would be the specialty of the whole game?

Thao Nguyen: If you can see on the market, I think it’s flooded by these pet oriented characters so what we choose here is the plant-based character. We call them our Green Heroes, it’s actually the NFT tree. The concept is they gather together to fight against the natural disaster, it’s the storyline behind the game. What is also very interesting about our Green Heroes is that they also represent five different elements in nature. We have Metal, Fire, food, Earth and Water. Many users make a collection of these Green Heroes that also stand for themselves and also their loved ones.


7. How is the tokenomic distributed to the team, the liquidity or the sale rounds? Can you explain more about this?

Thao Nguyen: Users can always look for the tokenomics on our website. For us, we also have three rounds to raise our investment. We have seed, private and public rounds. If you can see it on our website for the seed round, it was like 5% of our tokenomics. Private sale is 50% and only 1% for the public sale. You can see that Green Beli is our native token and we use that for players to purchase in-game assets and also enjoy all the game features. As the game grows, we also plan to release the in-game tokens to maintain the game’s balance. Accordingly, we will have two token models just like other big games in the market at the moment. Green Beli token will be used as the governance token. In the long-run, Green Beli holders can also participate in the governance of the project that decides on the project’s development and growth. It’s also our strategy to build a proper unlocking and investing plan from 1-3 years to ensure a long-term commitment from our investors. I also want to share quickly about our business model as well. The revenue that we obtained from the game comes from selling the in-game assets like Green Heroes lens, NFT items and also from other activities that perform on Green Beli platform like breeding, fusion and marketplace transaction fees. I think one of the unique points for Green Beli is that we commit a part of Green Beli Ecosystem Funds to go towards the eco activities. It was one of our greatest news stories this October. Last month, we announced the establishment of the green valley Green Beli Environmental Protection Fund with the initial commitment of $400,000. With this fund, we wish to make a positive contribution to the environment all over the world, especially in the places where the Green Beli community is active. This is something that is in our very core.


8. What have you guys been working on? Where are you guys right now on the roadmap? What are the upcoming events that you guys want to highlight to our users who are watching this right now?

Thao Nguyen: This is actually something that I’m very excited to share with everyone. Users can always get updated on our roadmap and also developments on our project on Green Beli’s website and social channels. To date, we have successfully completed IDO, also listed on PancakeSwap and our smart contract has been audited by static. Users can also find finders on MarketCap and CoinGecko. Within over one month since our IDO, Green Beli’s growth has accelerated at the rate that our whole team is very excited about. For example, we have successfully sold out 20,000 Green Heroes in our 3 seed sales event. We also released our NFT marketplace. Our funding features also attracted quite a lot, total value around $2,000,000 with very attractive and also appropriate rewards for the game’s long-term balance. We also established the Green Beli Environmental Protection Fund with an initial commitment of $400,000. We plan to reserve Green Beli tokens to directly sponsor some future eco activities with this fund. What I am most proud of is that our community is very active and supportive, we have around 200,000 followers in all of our channels. Our main focus now is to release our game this November which we believe will be another huge milestone of Green Beli token. Our community is getting hyped right now as we recently opened the registration for test net, whitelisted with very attractive rewards. We also consider this as an opportunity to pay tribute to our communities. Through the test net, we will greatly appreciate valuable feedback and also suggestions from users for the game development. Besides, we also are working with various environmental organizations with the aim to execute various eco activities all over the world. To that end, we have organized various activities in Brazil, Philippines, Indonesia, Nigeria and also in Vietnam. There will soon be many more meaningful initiatives funded by Green Beli Environmental Protection Fund. I believe that together we will make a significant impact.


9. Since you mentioned that your proudest movement of the whole project is the community built up process and you guys have achieved a lot of active members and support from them. What are your strategies for doing that? How have you guys come up to this day with that amount of members?

Thao Nguyen: As mentioned earlier, we feel very fortunate that our community is very active and supportive at the moment. If you go through all our social channels, you can feel it straight away and this is very important for us to cultivate a good relationship with users. For me, our communities have been the biggest source of motivation for us. We always like to listen to valuable suggestions and feedback from our communities so that we can improve and strengthen our projects. It is our wish to build a strong local community in each country so as our project grows, there will be many more real-life activities that our users can engage in. For example, let’s say in the future users can play and earn rewards as vouchers to use in various places like Starbucks, The Coffee House and other convenience stores. Just imagine one NFT tree in the Green Beli world can represent an actual tree that you can own in real life. It’s quite a picture. I think that it is more important that we also consider each local community as a launchpad to accelerate our eco activities all over the world. In each event, users can meet up and do all kinds of activities that benefit the environment in their own country. Sometimes, they can earn Green Beli tokens as a reward because they make a positive impact on their environment. Again, we believe that together we can grow and together we will make a significant impact.


10. There’s a lot of scam projects out there on the market right now so this is quite a big concern of all investors and users at the moment. What kind of security system that you guys are using that you can guarantee your users’ trust as well as their wallets to the product while connecting?

Thao Nguyen: You know that our smart contract of the project is already audited by starting, one of the most famous security firms in the Blockchain market. We are also very proud of our Dev team, they have been working on many different projects and have been recognized by many high-profile investors in this field. We also receive a lot of positive feedback from our investors and also our advisors. Back in August, we were selected as 1 of the 6 potential gaming projects in game 2 blockchain contest organized by Axie Infinity, TomoChain and Kyber Network. With that achievement, we also became the first project funded by BSC Station, $2M Incubation Hub. I would say that it’s very great that we receive so much positive feedback and have BSC Station, Basics Capital as our lead investors and incubators. Green Beli’s advisors also are experienced industry professionals. We have Scofield, the co-founder of BSC Station. We have Larry, founder of Basics Capital. We have Lester’s, founder of X21 Digitals and we have Chris D Chen the co-founder of farm center. With all these factors, we believe that we can introduce a very secure and interesting project right here. There’s one more thing I want to share here is that many people say that there’s so many new projects coming every day on the market but I think from users’ side, they always like a trustworthy, reliable project. That’s why at the beginning, many users came to us and asked if our project is legit. I think time has approved that and that’s why for now we have a very big community and that’s what we are very happy about.


11. How much of your profit will be used to fund an environmental conservation campaign? And how will this money be spent?

Thao Nguyen: As the first eco-friendly GameFi project with a mission to protect the environment, we recently have announced the establishment of our Green Beli Environmental Protection Fund with the initial commitment of $400,000. This one will surely grow as our project grows. Basically, we commit that at least 30% of our revenues from our sale of the Green Heroes land and NFT items or 10% of our total Green Beli Ecosystem Fund to go to eco activities. As I shared earlier, we always wish to engage our users to join this kind of activity so that they can also have the feeling that they benefit their local environment. With community engagement, we can accelerate these activities on a bigger scale. That’s why what we’re doing now is we send our local community to organize all kinds of activities. At the same time, we also get in touch with many different organizations, NGO, so we can sponsor the activity. That’s something we are really excited about because yesterday I just met the Nigerian community. Soon, we can organize the activities there. Through our community, I think that is the best way to organize such activities.

12. Many games only focus on the liquidity of the game token but do not focus on the liquidity of the NFT in the game. So does Green Beli have a solution to this problem?

Thao Nguyen: At the beginning, through our 3 seed sales events, we only released 20,000 Green Heroes. At that moment, many of our communities also give feedback to us like “Why do you release so few Green Heroes?”. But I think this is just the right amount of Green Heroes to make a very good game balance at the moment. If you notice in our game features, we introduced two different features, breeding and fusion. Basically, with two Green Heroes, you can have another offspring of these Green Heroes. Through breeding, the number of Green Heroes will grow. Opposite to breeding, we also introduce fusion, which is our burning mechanism for the Green Heroes. With fusion, you have to combine two Green Heroes so you can have one Green Hero with higher stats. These are two features in the game that can help us to balance our NFT numbers. This is something users can have to increase the price of the Green Heroes in the future as well. There’s one more thing I want to add here is just today, we announced that we just released the name tag for the first Green Heroes which makes our communities really excited about. At the beginning, we just consider the Green Heroes to be unique and different. Through 3 seed sales, users can have the first Green Heroes which are already very lucky to have. Through our community’s feedback and suggestion that they really need a name for that Green Hero, so today we just released the name tag for our Green Heroes as genesis. The first Green Heroes will have their own name so that it can be different from other Green Heroes coming in the future through breeding and fusion.

13. The problem of token inflation in the game is always a difficult problem, so does Green Beli have any plan to solve this problem effectively?

Thao Nguyen: As I shared with you earlier, our revenue will come from the selling of NFT items and other transactions on our platform. All that revenue will form our Green Beli Ecosystem Fund. From Green Beli’s Ecosystem Fund, we also have a certain amount to go towards environmental activities. If you notice our tokenomics, we also have a certain amount for each activity like marketing and game incentives. This is also our plan to release the in-game token so that we can maintain the two token models in the future just like other big games on the market at the moment. With the in-game token, we will use it as a reward for players when they join the game. This in-game token will be burnt to maintain the game balance. That is what we are going to do with the game. I also find it very lucky that we released our game right now because there are so many past projects on the market at the moment. It’s very fortunate that we release the game right now so that we can learn from other games so that we can have the best solution to maintain the game balance. That’s what we are trying to do with the game so that we can create a project that can be profitable and also sustainable for the long-term.

14. I’m a huge fan of protecting the environment. Can you share how Green Beli holders are involved in Green Beli environmental conservation campaign?

Thao Nguyen: For now, we already opened for all our Green Beli holders and other users as well to suggest which activities will be executed, where they can be executed and what organization we can work with. They can always send emails to us or fill in the Google form so that we can have the information and activities that we think are valuable to sponsor. I think it’s also very cool that we can engage our local community to do that because only them can know exactly what they need in their own country and what they can do for them. As for the Green Beli holders, you can always contribute to us. We also open voting posts so that people can vote to give us feedback and suggestions. In the future, we also reserve a good amount of Green Beli tokens to give out as a reward when users join our eco activities in their own country. I think that also encourages our users to join in these meaningful initiatives.

15. Other games are only good to invest into in the beginning, so how are you going to sustain the economy of the game so players can play and invest in this project for a long time?

Thao Nguyen: It is very fortunate that we have the project come at this moment after many other games have been released and face some unsuccessful circumstances. With Green Beli, we study a lot about past cases so that we can find the best solution to retain the game and make it sustainable, profitable for the long-term. I think one of the keys that makes any game sustainable is that we have to maintain the game balance and the game incentive and rewards. That’s why at the moment, we would not go crazy on our rewards because it leads to bankruptcy in many other games at the moment. What we do is that we will have to maintain a good game balance so that it can last sustainably. For us, it’s also important that we always make the information clear and transparent for users. For example, if we plan to reduce our rewards or maybe plan to do something to offer the rewards in-game, we always listen to users’ suggestions and also inform them with clear information so that they can be aware of it. If you notice most of our investors and users in the game now, they either are big fans of environmental protection or they are long-term investors. This is something that if people spend time to study about our projects and think about these sustainable ways to invest then Green Beli is a very good option to consider.


Up to now, Green Beli has had outstanding growth with an ever-expanding ecosystem, promising to thrive in the near future.

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