AMA Recap: HeroFi

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Basic information

  • Time: January 22nd, 2022 at 12:30PM UTC
  • Project name: HeroFi
  • Host: Kristen from Blockchain Army
  • Guest speakers: Jennie|CMO of HeroFi
  • Main content:
    • Part 1: Introduction
    • Part 2: Unique Selling Point
    • Part 3: Tokenomics
    • Part 4: Marketing
    • Part 5: Roadmap
    • Part 6: Community Q&A



1. Would you like to introduce yourself a little bit to our lovely audience right here?

Jennie: Hi everyone, my name is Jenny and I am the CMO of HeroFi. Currently, I am in charge of the role of CMO in all of our games in the ROFI Multiverse which includes HeroFi, Legend Guardians, Plant Empires, and Darkverse which are coming soon this year. It’s very nice to see you guys here today!


2. Can you introduce a little bit about the unique selling point of the multiverse? What can you use to attract users to join instead of playing other NFT games?

Jennie: You can look at the whitepaper of the ROFI Multiverse but there are two main USPs that I’m so confident to share with you guys. The first USP is that you can earn in our four games with a very low cost if you don’t want the option free-to-play. Normally, if you play four games at the same time, you need to pay the cost for this game four times. So it’s very expensive and sometimes you need to consider choosing some of those games where you don’t have enough money. But when joining the ROFI Multiverse, you just need to buy a hero to play HeroFi and by the essence if you want to join all the games. So with only one hero, you can join and earn in four games at the same time without any limitation. The second USP is that we have a consignment system which is quite a new feature in gamefi and helps to balance between cryptocurrency users and non-blockchain users. Most of the game models in gamefi only focus on cryptocurrency users and they need to attract new users to join in the game to maintain the revenue flow. If there is no user joining in the game, it’s very hard for any game to exist in a long time. But we have an exit point in our model connecting between cryptocurrency users and non-blockchain users. I will explain more about it when talking about our new model.


3. Would you take a chance and talk more deeply about the ROFI’s diverse tokenomics model?

Jennie: You guys can look at the model and I will explain clearly to you about this. We have two main types of users: cryptocurrency users and non-blockchain users who play games just for fun. For cryptocurrency users, they need to connect their wallet in the marketplace. Then, they will get a free hero to experience the multiverse. Besides, they can go to the marketplace to buy heroes from 1 to 6 stars to play the games in the multiverse too. To play HeroFi after buying the hero, they can join the game directly without buying space travel essence. But to play other games such as Legend Guardians or Planet Empires, they need to buy a ticket of which name is space travel essence. After using the essence, you will have two separated heroes. For example, when you buy a hero in the marketplace and buy the essence to travel to Legend Guardians, you will have two heroes which are HeroFi hero and Legend Guardians hero. You can sell these two heroes in the marketplace or use them to play in the game. But when joining in the game, you can have both token and NFT items; each game will have its own token. For example in HeroFi, we will have the token HFI and in Legend Guardians is LGFI. The tokens in the games can be used to stake in a stake-to-earn NFT items in each game. Besides, you can use the tokens by upgrading the level of hero or buying arena tickets to get more turns to join the arena. We have a shop in the game where you can buy gold and arena tickets. All the transactions will use the in-game coins converted directly from the token reward and the NFT items earned from the games or you can use to boost the power of your hero or sell in the marketplace. Besides we have a consignment system in which you can sell not only NFT items but also hero forces. We will convert these NFTs to non-blockchain assets and sell them to non-blockchain users. About the second type of users is non-blockchain users, after downloading the games from CH Play or App Store, users can sign up with their email (they can also get a free hero) and then they will join the games to experience or they will have one more option which is to join the shop in game and buy heroes. This shop in game is not only for cryptocurrency users but also for non-blockchain users too. But for non-blockchain users, they can buy not only heroes but also items, gold, arena tickets and they can also earn tokens and NFT items which are the same with cryptocurrency users but they need to connect their wallet if they want to convert this assets to blockchain and increase their income.

4. For the old users that have been invested and followed up with HeroFi for a long time, what would you like to say that would help them? What specific updates that they would love to know about this model?

Jennie: As previously announced, HeroFi implements some of the following items to pay tribute to all users. The first one is we cut off 80% of the ROFI lock part and we pay only ROFI unlock to reduce the supply of ROFI to the market. We also allow users to use the existing ROFI lock to purchase the items at three times the rate of ROFI lock. For example, the selling price of the five arena ticket package is one ROFI unlock or we can pay with three ROFI locks. Instead of simply adding the liquidity and staking LP to unlock the ROFI lock, a lot players now can use our existing ROFI lock wallets to buy items like gold and arena tickets so they can make the phone use a ROFI lock number to continue to invest in the game and earn ROFI lock. ROFI will be the governance token for the multiverse and gamers in the refinement ecosystem will have their own tokens. Kristen: Basically, so far ROFI is still the main token for all games of the multiverse in this ecosystem and I can tell that such a beneficial update for the users like they can use ROFI lock to buy gold and then arena tickets as well.

5. According to the announcement, the supply of ROFI will be cut off in the near future. Can you explain and share more details about this update for our viewers?

Jennie: The first one is about the ROFI removal. We will pay only with ROFI lock so the purpose is to minimize the supply of ROFI to the market and avoid inflation. Those who own ROFI so far in the market will be the most profitable in particular and the staking feature to unlock ROFI is still there. The team notifies users about one month in advance so that the users will have time to make decisions and prepare for the future. The second one is we will burn ROFI to buy items with ROFI lock with three times the rate of the ROFI unlock. According to the statistic, the current supply of ROFI lock is four times that of ROFI unlock and the users can buy items with ROFI lock for three times the price compared to playing with ROFI unlock to create maximum conditions for user to upgrade the champions reinvest in the game and also will lesser fight to avoid inflation. We encourage users to buy items with ROFI lock because this is really beneficial for users. Finally, we abandoned the use of ROFI but each game is a separate reward token so this is the unlimited opportunities to earn rewards. In addition, we will use ROFI to be the governing token or you can consider it as an administration token which is really beneficial for all users who are holding ROFI.

6. Do you have any orientations for users to engage in all of those updates?

Jennie: The best orientation for users I suggest you guys should buy NFT items with ROFI lock to reinvest in the game and increase the power of the hero. Then, you can use these heroes to complete the request and race to the top to earn ROFI lock. I see that many users tend to hold a lot when they hear the news or ROFI supply will be cut in the future. In my opinion, this is not a wise choice because ROFI lock will still be there if you don’t stake LP to unlock ROFI. In the case that ROFI price collapses, it will be less profitable for users to stake LP. That’s why I recommend everyone choosing to reinvest in heroes by buying more NFT items to increase combat strength and increase the competition rate and a lot of ROFI reward in this time. You can choose to keep ROFI but you should only hold ROFI unlock and try to take advantage of the present time to earn as much reward as possible.


7. I’ve heard ROFI multiverse ecosystems will also have for themselves some traditional GameFi. Can you share a little about this?

Jennie: This will be a new way that I believe currently in the gamefi industry there is no project that can do this. We will create a new direction for traditional players to enter the game. Previously, the barrier for traditional players to play gamefi was that everyone would have to take the time to learn about blockchain basic steps like creating wallets, buying stable coins, buying tokens, and experiencing the game. This will take a long time and players run the risk that if the game doesn’t feel right for them, they will still lose this investment. Therefore, ROFI Multiverse will offer another option for traditional users so you can play and experience the game by downloading, registering, and playing the game. Then, if it feels exciting, users can invest in it and they can use fiat money to buy in-game items through Google Play, App Store payment gateways and thereby enhance experience. Besides, after playing and fighting entities in the game, users can use a portal to convert from in-game coin to blockchain and can sell for profit from the marketplace. Moreover, the team will also launch an NFT consignment system to help players sell NFT directly to the publisher at a fixed price. They create a stable income for users when players earn NFT items from the game or stake out from tokens in games. Players can sell them immediately which will be resolved by the publisher to traditional players for fiat currency and 20% of the revenue from this will be used to buy back the token rewards.


8. Can you sneak peek a little bit about the roadmap of ROFI multiverse for our users?

Jennie: You guys can look at our map here but there is one important piece of information that I want to remind the users is that we will cut off the ROFI supply in the market maybe at the end of February. We will release more functions like we will stake HFI which is the HeroFi token. We will develop the new system for non-blockchain users to sign in and also we would develop the NFT consignment system that I have just already mentioned to you guys before. Now we have just already cut off the ROFI lock reward and we are doing all the parts to complete our purpose in 2022.


9. What is HeroFi’s connection to Legend Guardians, and how will ROFI use it in the Legend Guardians game?

Jennie: First one, the ROFI will be the governance token and it will be used to trade in the marketplace, to buy heroes, the NFT items, and the space travel essence. So you can use the ROFI to buy not only heroes but also the space travel essence to travel from HeroFi to Legend Guardians which is the second game in the ROFI Multiverse. Compared to HeroFi, the first game in our multiverse, the connection between two games is the Space-Travel Essence.

10. Will the game lean towards skilled players or pay-to-win players? Is there a balance between new players and old players?

Jennie: We focus on the skill. We want to create a fair environment for users whose stronger hero can have more chances to win. So we focus on the skilled players but if you play more, you will earn more. No pay no gain right? We will try to balance between new players and old players. Not only we focus on the connection between new and old players but also between the cryptocurrency users and traditional users. As you can see , you can look at our refinement device model, we have an access point which is the consignment system. Cryptocurrency users can sell NFT items or heroes that they earn from the game to us and we will buy them with a fixed price. We will sell it and convert it to a non-blockchain asset. We will then sell it again to the traditional users. As you can see, we want to expand our target audience not only between new and old players but also to traditional games too. So as I stated before, the development team has thought a lot about this and they’ve considered all the factors and all types of players.

11. Right now, HeroFi’s most pressing concern is return on investment and payback time. Can you update the community about this problem?

Jennie: We are upgrading not only the HeroFi game but also the ROFI multiverse. With HeroFi, we are trying to create a fair mechanism for all users to earn more and deserve the cost that they pay at the first time and the profit that they will earn in the future. I think that I will update more information in the announcement for you guys in the future.

12. How long will each game take? If I don’t have much time to play games, can I rent out my NFTs or stake them?

Jennie: I’m not sure about this because each game will have a different time to play. For example in HeroFi, if you play it before you will know that it has the auto mode which takes you not much time to play. But with the second game, the third game, or even our fourth game, I think that they will take you guys longer to play because we will have traditional gamers. To attract them and to make them stay in our game for a long time, we need to have an attractive gameplay and it takes more time to play. Not just play-to-earn, they play games for fun too. So if you want to compete with traditional gamers, it will take you I think at least 30 minutes a day. But actually you will feel funnier when you play our game instead of just playing all the games to earn.

Kristen: As a HeroFi player myself, I can say that the game won’t take a lot of your time in the day to complete all the tasks or quests in the game because from what I remember, it only takes about 10 to 15 minutes a day to finish all the quests. That’s really not a lot of time. If some users are too busy for it, this is a very great balance game where you can just click to play and then you can earn as well.

Jennie: But I think that if you play four games in our ROFI Multiverse in one day, it will take you just maximum from 2 to 3 hours a day. I think so.

Kristen: I think that moving from one game to another game won’t take that much time because all of them have almost the same amount of time to play when all of them are connected in an ecosystem.

13. The current state of game inflation with NFT games is very popular. What are the development directions of the project to balance the players and control inflation?

Jennie: I would like to talk once again about our ROFI Multiverse model. One of the most interesting things that have to do to avoid inflation is that you can look at our consignment system in which you can sell not only the NFT items but also the hero force. We will convert these NFTs to non-blockchain access and we will sell them to non-blockchain users. So we will avoid the inflation of the entities such as heroes and NFT items. Besides, we will cut off 80% of ROFI lock pad and we will pay only 20% of ROFI unlock. As you know, the ROFI will be the government token in our ROFI Multiverse and we will allow players to use the existing ROFI lock to purchase the items. So I think all of this that we are doing right now we have to burn as much ROFI as possible and avoid not only inflation of the ROFI but also the inflation of the NFT items and heroes in our game too.


Up to now, HeroFi has had outstanding growth with an ever-expanding ecosystem, promising to thrive in the near future.

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