AMA Recap: HeroFi

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Basic information

  • Time: September 1st, 2021 at 10PM GMT+8 (HKT)
  • Project name: HeroFi
  • Host: Kristen from BSC Army
  • Guest speakers: Anita|Representative BD of HeroFi
  • Main content:
    • Part 1: Project overview
    • Part 2: Team
    • Part 3: Security
    • Part 4: Products and Services
    • Part 5: Marketing Strategy
    • Part 6: Community Q&A



1. Would you like to give an introduction about yourself and HeroFi overall?

Anita: I’m Anita and now I’m currently working as the representative business developer from HeroFi. This project is aRPG game on mobile and which is also a free game P2E for everyone, which means the Play-to-Earn. Our target in making this game is to create the experiments for the players in the gaming and DeFi. In gaming, we want to create a game which has a very interesting mechanism for people to relax and entertain; and in ‘DeFi’, we want to bring back sustainable earnings for users and they can create for themselves in this game. In order to make these two things happen, this project has tried a lot of things and we have a lot of experience from our previous project as well as from the experience from game NFT games to create interesting mechanisms. The key features for our games, which is the, I have to admit, is very suitable for everyone.

2.What are the key features? Selling points? The mechanism that you use in HeroFi that would make it more attractive to the users and to the investors?

Anita: I have to admit that we have created a very interesting mechanism for the heroes in the game. As you know, in this game, we will have heroes, which means that a lot of the star ratings and the levels for each kind of the hero. What is interesting here is that the hero can give birth. It means, if you have a couple of a male hero and a female hero, they can give birth together and they can produce a new hero. But what is the difference between the heroes? For the token, $HEROEGG, the token is to hatch a genesis hero which is the very strong hero at the beginning. If the two genesis heroes gave birth together, they cannot get older in the future, they can keep producing new heroes and the other heroes which are not portrayed by HEROEGG will get older. If you are joining the private sale and the IDO round, as we have been spreading the whitelist IDO now, you can have the egg and you can hatch a very new, very professional genesis hero. So this genesis hero will be the special thing of this game and because this is the game free-to-play, it means that you don’t have to invest any money at the beginning. You can play it freely and you can have the hero when you enter, when you register for the game. But the highest level of the hero that you can get in this game will only be one star rating, so if you want to get a higher star rating or if you want to level up, you have to try very hard. This is about the $HEROEGG token and for the $ROFI token in this game, this is the way you do the mining method in this game. The $ROFI token will only be created when you play the game, so it means that if the users play the games and they do the missions, they do the tasks, the game requires them to have the $ROFI. The special thing here is that in order for the $ROFI to be created, users have to play, so it creates a very close relationship between the tokens and the game and it avoids the cheating and any other risk about the token which can affect badly to the gameplay ecosystem.

Part 2: TEAM

3. Apart from you, the BD, I’m sure you have a whole team to back you up behind the scene. Would you like to talk about your members? What are their positions? How do they contribute to the project?

Anita: I’m very proud to talk about my team. Our team consists of a total of 11 members. We have the fouder, the CEO, Hai Hoang, who has 10 years of experience in the video game industry and he is specialized in growth strategies and game scaling. Our co-founder, who is also the CPO, Tuan Pham, is an expert for developing over 10 mid core games. Hieu Bui is our COO, he specializes in exploring news markets including Windows Phone, Facebook, Instant Games and NFT Games. We have a concept artist, the Head of Game Designs, a System Architect, a lead programmer, a 2D animator, 2G game artist and of course we cannot forget the video editors and graphic designers.

4. Apart from your team, do you have any strategic partners or backers or advisors that support the whole team and help build this system up?

Anita: Yes of course, I think a lot of people, investors and the gamers wouldl care about this because they want to know every single detail about the project that they will invest in.

Do you know BraveStars?

Kristen: I have actually heard a lot about them, they’re really famous.

Anita: If you spend time playing games on mobile you may know about them because Bravestars is very well known for its products on mobile games. They were founded in 2013 by a team of game developers and they aspired to make mobile action games accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Until now they have established more than 70 games with over 300 million dollars worldwide. You might know about the Stickman Revenge, which is very famous that I still play until now, and Hero of Empire, Shadow of Death. There are a lot of games related to them. For our other one well-known backer, which is LaunchZone, until now, it is the top incubator and Launchpad on Binance Smart Chain. HeroFi is proud to have the backers, which are BraveStars and LaunchZone. We also get a lot of the partnership, we are not only lucky but we also have tried to connect and until now we have gained for ourselves a lot of trustworthy partnerships throughout the network, such as Mayor Capital, Gem Hunter Ventures, Kiwi Group, Crypto Holding, BBG, AVStar Capital and TK Ventures. We can mention the BSC Daily and BSC news as well. We are the partners and there are more to come in the near future.


5. I noticed that there isn’t any information about the audit system in your roadmap or whitepaper. When will you add it and how do you do to ensure the users’ security till your audit procedure is completed?

Anita: This question is very clear. For every investor, they want to know about the security of the project they will invest in. So to talk about the audit, we have to say that we are working with the very top, well-known audit companies but now they are having a lot of the requests from other blockchain projects so our request is still in the progress and we will finish and we will complete every progress in the maximum one month. Some of the audit companies that we are targeting are Hacken, Slowmist, PeckShield.


6. Could you describe your tokenomics? What are the use cases of $HEROEGG and $ROFI tokens?

Anita: In this game, we will have two types of the tokens, which are named $HEROEGG and $ROFO. The total supply for $HEROEGG is 520 million tokens. At the beginning, when you have the $HEROEGG, you can use that token to hatch a special character NFT called ‘genesis hero’ and from that you can have that hero and for each egg you have to spend 100,000 $HEROEGG for one egg to have the special character NFT. And when you get the genesis hero, it has a gender, either male or female, and a star rating from two to six, it means it’s very high level of the hero and the genesis hero has a very interesting and very special feature that they are produced from $HEROEGG token and they will not have the offspring production time for long as times goes on like other character. The token sale is held for $HEROEGG. Until now, we are having the private sale and the public sale for Whitelist IDO and after the token sale, 100,000 dollars and 20 millions of $HEROEGG token will be used to add liquidity for $HEROEGG at the price of one hero equal to 0.005 dollars. It’s just about the $HEROEGG and now we come to the $ROFI. I want to clarify what is the difference between the $HEROEGG and the $ROFI. It means that the $HEROEGG will only be bought in the private sale and the whitelist and the IDO. We will have a limited amount for $HEROEGG and for one egg. When you spend 100 000 $HEROEGG to open an egg, all of those tokens will be burned. We limit the token and we have the use case for it. When it is burned, the token will become very rare, it means scarcity. If they open a lot of eggs, if they want to have a lot of genesis heroes, there will be no moretoken $HEROEGG. The price will come up and the price of the hero will increase as well. For the $ROFI token, the $ROFI token will be produced in the game. This is like the mining method by gameplay, it means you can earn $ROFI by playing the games and they have the buyback and the burn mechanism as well. To be more simple, we can see that, in the game, each hero is allocated a certain amount of token every day based on their star rating. But even if they do not complete the quest for that day, they cannot receive all the designated tokens and the remaining tokens will be burned so that is the interesting mechanism about the token of this HeroFi.

7. Other projects have staking and farming, you guys chose to use the burn mechanism as your main application in HeroFi. Would you like to go into details about that because I found that really interesting to work and the whole tokenomic system.

Anita: Yes of course, about the burn mechanism of the $ROFI in this game, there is no predetermined token supply for the total token supply. But the circulating supply is strictly managed by token burns for every time the user uses $ROFI in the game. Which is not in the NFT marketplace such as the leveling of the items, leveling up the characters and so on. The token is divided as follow:

  • 60% will be burned
  • 18% will be sent to development teams
  • 2% will be sent to advisors
  • 10% used for adding liquidity
  • the last 10% will be used for development and marketing


8. Do you have any marketing method or strategy in particular to gain for yourself some trustworthy users from the market?

Anita: We are very confident about this because until now HeroFi is working with a lot of partners, as I have mentioned to you before. There’s a lot of well-known ventures and also private investors and KOLs. This is our plan and what we have done and what we are doing now is working with the partners who are the private investors and they are popular ventures in the market and have the reputation in this world, and the KOLs, who have the reputation as well. We are working with them and we decided to have the allocation for the private sales for them. We did that because when we spend the allocation for those ventures for those KOLs, we can build up a very strong project which has marketing strategies with not only one but with a lot of the marketing sites. Not only this project but as well as our investor will have the reputation for it and we will have the connection between each other. Moreover, the users and the gamers will constantly get all the updates from the games from a lot of sites. When we have partnered with a lot of marketing teams, with a lot of marketing KOLs, they will deliver our message, deliver our news to the game and the players. In the process of releasing the project and running the project, we are planning to create a lot of interesting community events for the players.

9. Could you tell the story behind your project name ‘HeroFi’ because it’s clearly a very appealing name for a project to start with?

Anita: With the name ‘HeroFi’, everyone knows about heroes, right? Everyone knows about heroes and there’s a lot of heroes from movies, from games and from a lot of things like comic books. So the ‘Hero’ is actually very well known itself so in this game, the key features are based on the heroes we create, genesis heroes. We create a lot of kinds of heroes in this game and these heroes will create the specialties for our game. We chose this game hero to show our respect to every hero which comes up in this game and we want to show up the core value in this game. And for the ‘Fi’, do you want to guess what did the ‘Fi’ come from?

Kristen: ‘Fi’ as in ‘fighting’ or ‘finance’?

Anita: There’s a lot of thought. I receive a lot of responses about this. They guess the ‘Fi’ is from fighter fighting. I mean, a hero fights together, of course, in the game they fight a lot of battles but we don’t just focus on fighters. In the past, the heroes can fight but in this modern world, nowadays they do finance. Why we want to create a very sustainable game economy for this game is because we focus on the users. Our users can truly play to earn in this game and that is the reason why HeroFi can help fight. We combined both core values, hero and finance.


10. HeroFi will be officially released on Android in the next quarter and will not be released on iOS devices till the first quarter of next year. Do you think it will be a big problem in expanding your user’s community?

Anita: To talk about this, in the iOS system of Apple, it is very hard to do the fast process to be qualified due to its strict policy. So it will take time. This doesn’t mean that we can’t but it means we need time to for it because it’s still in the process. We’re not having any problems about this just because the policy takes time, we need to be patient about this but our projects want the investors, want the players to have the experiments playing this game as soon as possible so we release it on Android first.

​11. In these times where blockchain games are dominating, led by Axie Infinity, how will HeroFi compete with the other games which started earlier with their play to earn gameplay?

Anita: Not only for HeroFi but I can see that a lot of games are being put in the comparison with Axie Infinity. It is not really hard to answer this question. Actually we do not compete with other games which started earlier and we chose to follow the Axie Infinity. We learn from others, we see from others. Although the system of the Axie Infinity is very hot now and because of its uh popular reputation, a lot of the games project will follow and it will lead to saturation. And because of the saturation, they will not have their own style for the game. Not everyone but some will follow the chain and because it’s a chain, it creates the situation. What I can see from the system from the Axie Infinity system is that this is not really user-friendly. Have you tried playing Axie Infinity?

Kristen: Ihave not, yet but I’ll actually look into that.

Anita: I want to try it but for every article I have read before, they are aware that it is not cheap to enter this game. This is not free to play. So the new users, the new players will fight it very hard and they will find it very difficult to get into this game, which is very expensive. As I said, as I remember, to play this game, you have to buy three heroes to buy or three pets from the East High city philly and when the rise of the Axes has increased increasingly like crazy, I have to spend more than one thousand dollars to buy three to play. So this is very difficult for me in trying new things like that. And I think that it will not happen only for me but it will happen for other players. This is the reason that leads to the lack of new users. I don’t mean that there were no new users but I mean the number maybe not so many, and it will create a restriction to a lot of things related to the development as well. With HeroFi, we aimed to create a free-to-play gameplay mechanism which requires the user to play really to create the tokens in game. And this game is much more user-friendly when you are free-to-play, you can have the heroes when you first come to this game and this is the way that creates the sustainable earning for users to play and to connect with this game in a long time.

12. Considering that the HeroFi Community is growing, is your server ready enough to process the huge traffic and optimize the game?

Anita: We have to admit until now that Herofi is having a very wild reputation, not only nationally but also internationally. Tthe evidence is that you can see the HeroFi Official group has increased more than 22k members in three days. We have more than 22k members and they are hyping up about the HeroFi and they really want to know about how to do the Whitelist and how to buy this token and how to play this. I mean a lot of questions related to this so we have already talked about this one as well. Because what we aim is to spread the HeroFi to as many gamers as possible, as many people as possible. We consider that this game is worth playing, that is the words from me as a BD of the project. To clarify about the question that we are considering about the huge traffic, that our server might be down or something. So we have to say no, because I think that will not happen for this. Nothing can affect the server because this game has been released before actually. Now this is no longer being promoted but we have still up and since it’s success we decided to upgrade it. Our team has this season to scale up this gameplay and depends on the potentialities before with the games, with the good old version of the game. This will develop in many other elements so no, they won’t be, I can be sure that there will be nothing that can harm the server. Even when the players or the investors keep coming more and more and the more. They want to know about it, the more they want to play. So we have to think about it, and we have a plan for it.

13. How can the players be reassured of HeroFI’ future plans? Will those plans be sustainable and secure enough for the players to simultaneously enjoy and get profit from?

Anita: Yes actually, about the security I have mentioned before, now we are not only working with a lot of partnerships, with a lot of marketing sites. We are in the process of getting audited from the trusteworthy auditing companies. About the HeroFi’s future plans, you can live in another world as a new hero and do your own, have your own army and do a lot of things to create your own world. We have a lot of plans for tokens, we have a lot of plans for community development, we have a lot of plans for the marketing strategies. It means we are trying to make it not only develop in a very significant way in the future but also we want to develop in a very sustainable way. And that is what we are trying to go for and this is not the thing that decides everything. The season will depend on the gamers’ interest. We will try to level up, we will try to upgrade, we’ll try to increase the quality and so on. To attract the gamers, attract the players, and attract the investors, it has to be sustainable. It will be developed or not will depend on the gamer’s interest as well. So let’s wait until the games are released and you can play and you will be the one that decides the future plan of this HeroFi.

Do you have any plan on diversifying your Hero characters or another gameplay to make HeroFi Game become more attractive?

Anita: So about the gameplay, we need time to play this game, we need time to run this project and we want to see how the users and the players adapt with this game. For that to happen, this season to scale up the games or not. About the HeroFi’s heroes, we have a lot of the designs for the heroes. There will be a lot of heroes in our game but the fact here is that we will not release all at the same time, especially at the beginning, because we have to hide for ourselves so that it can make the players want to explore, want to find out and they want to see. The new heroes will be released a little bit, a little bit. It will raise the interest of the players, and it can also raise the desire to keep up with this game and everything. This is to assure the players’ experience of this game.


Up to now, HeroFi has had outstanding growth with an ever-expanding ecosystem, promising to thrive in the near future.

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