Monsta Party Live AMA Recap

Basic information

  • Time: 27th November, 2021 at 2PM UTC
  • Project name: i-TERNITY
  • Host: Henry from Blockchain Army
  • Guest speakers: Benjamin | CEO of I-ternity & Catarina | Legistrative Advisor
  • Main content:
    • Part 1: Project Overview
    • Part 2: Tokenomics
    • Part 3: Roadmap
    • Part 4: Security
    • Part 5: Challenges
    • Part 6: Community
    • Part 7: Community Q&A



1. Can you introduce yourself and also your position in the project?

Benjamin: I’m Benjamin Cohen and I’m from France and currently I live in Portugal and I am the CEO of the project I-ternity.

Catarina: And I also work for the project as a law consultant.

2. Can you explain to me the idea behind I-ternity, what is the project about?

Benjamin: I realized that in the market of the cryptocurrencies, there wasn’t a solution for people who have crypto money if something happened to the owner of the crypto. So we took it will be a life changing idea to use blockchain to provide security to everyone’s important data

Henry: So I-ternity is the security app in blockchain technology?

Benjamin: Yes that is right.

3. How many team members do you have that are working for your project right now?

Benjamin: We are eight people with two developers, and two community managers, one graphist, Catarina and me.

4. What do you think is the most appealing feature of your project, what makes your project appeal to the user?

Benjamin: Our project provides two different services that are unique in the market, and above all, it’s safe and available to work directly with not only the real but also blockchain assets. In our will service, customers will be able to connect all essays and be assured of their transmission whether those assets included real estate, furniture, digital financial, regional, animals, and more and more. All you have you can decide to whom all assets will belong to if something happens to the owner. Customers will be able to use our platform to make their will, they will be able to update this at any moment to suit their lives’ change whenever and however they want. We also provide the life insurance service where customers can apply their token in two different service plans, one is a flexible plan and the other will be a lock plan with a different interest rate.

5. Can you give me three key points to convince me and also other investors to invest in your project in the long term?

Benjamin & Catarina: The digital world is our present, in our future our project makes life easier for the people and it reduces the cost of making a will. With a holograph, a will with our service, it will be more easier and more secure to do it and customers will be able to have the control of all the information and can change the will when they want and people will be able to do their will digitally and it’s different than normal wills because you do it once and that’s it. With this project you can change it over time as much as you want, that’s the difference.


6. Can you please explain in more detail about your tokenomics distribution?

Benjamin: We want to put 15% for the team and the advisor, ten percent for the previous provided seller, twenty-five percent for the IDO in the scenario, thirty percent for the for the license and the decks, and fifteen percent for the stacking rewards and the rest for the reservation of the company. We have included a vestige plan for the team and advisor of the

four percent analog each month, and for the IDO and prevent call is ten percent by monthly unlocking during 10 months.


7. Are there any epic events ahead or any news update from your project?

Benjamin: We have an IDO upcoming in January after the DIO, we will develop the application and after the development we want to have the lelvel of dotaries. to be able to connect to the blockchain of the dotaries.

8. How has the business been doing, where are you now on the roadmap?

Benjamin: We are on the private seller and we are focused on it. We will have a private sale on the around 10th of December of this year and then in january we’ll have the IDO and then a future project projects, in the first quarter of 2022 will have the technical development, an enlargement of partnerships and also the first DEX and CEX listings

Henry: Where can I find the information about the private sale

Catarina: We’ll be posting all the information about it like the dates, how is it going to be happening so people can follow the social media and be aware of it


9. There are a lot of scam projects out there and so how does your security system guarantee the user or for safe investment?

Benjamin: All the eternity and testament will be a store on the decentralized and highly secure EPS storage protocol.

Henry: Do you have any security certificate or audit cert?

Benjamin: By the monent we are focusing on developing the app, we need to have it before the dotaries and the audit. After this, we will be able to have the label of the dotaries.


10. Is there any challenge that the team faced or is facing right now and how do you overcome that challenge?

Catarina: The challenge is really the private sale, because we need it for starting the development. It’s the upcoming events so it’s what we are focusing on right now and so far it’s going well so we don’t have any issues. But if there is some in the future we’ll work as a team.


11. How is the community growing on your Telegram or on your Twitter Faceboo and how many members are there in your group?

Benjamin: On Twitter we have 300 followers. On Telegram 1300 followers and the website also have some presents on the press with some articles written already about the project

12. Do you have any plan to extend the community and what is your targeted audience?

Catarina: We will continue to promote the project close to people on social media and the target will be everyone that needs the service can use it. So we don’t have any limitation regarding age or whatever so it will be open to everyone.


13. In the first quarter of 2022, you lwill be listed on exchanges. Do you consider the option when the market falls into downtrend?

Benjamin: We have tried to wait for the exact moment when everything is ready so I think this is not a problem, if the market falls, we can delay it and wait for the better moment.

14. i-TERNITY is an insurance project so it’s your project associated with a traditional company like a third party company?

Benjamin: We now we speak with a with a huge company with a traditional company and for sure we will work with a with a traditional outside company

Henry: Who is your partner and who is your backer?

Benjamin: I can’t tell you now because nothing is is due down, we will make it official once

we have more when it will be official wewill post on social media for you.

15. Why what inspired you to i-TERNITY in the first place and what is the motivation for you to start this project?

Catarina: So Benjamin thought he has digital assets and so if something happens to him what will happen to those assets because they are not included in traditional wills or testaments. All that is included nowadays is building physical money bank accounts and not the digital tokens so if something happens to the owner, there’s no solution for what will happen to those assets. So this is the base of the project so the i-TERNITY answer to that question if something happens to you, who will you give your assets to? let me just add for example, if you have your tokens or your cryptocurrency if something happens to you they will just get lost. No one will have it, so that’s the mainpoint and i think it’s our the advantage of this project

16. Because each country’s legal policy is different, the initiative will confront a number of challenges, so what steps has eternity taken to address this issue?

Catarina: So if you don’t mind I will answer this question, it’s more of my area on the project. So we know that each country has a different legislation and laws are different from every country. So we have a legal team working across all countries, so i’m working in the legislation in Portugal, we have other people in the legal department working with the other countries so we will know what’s the difference between each one and we will adapt the project to be according to the law in each country that will we will provide the service on.

Henry: So what countries are your projects working on?

Benjamin: This is what the first expansion is, after we will go to South America, but before we need to start with the European starting in these countries and then after depending on how it goes and how people use the server the service we will expand to other countries.

1 7. How do you generate the profit to run the project in the long term?

Benjamin: We have two different types of services, the first one is the testament and the wills, that we have already talked about. People will start, they will make their wills and then if they want to change across the entire period of their lives, they can just make changes and that’s where we will get the profit from every time someone makes a change they will have to pay a fee and so on. The second type of service is the life insurance, so on the life insurance people will apply their tokens and it will generate a profit for them over time so that’s our main profit scheme.


Up to now, i-TERNITY has had outstanding growth with an ever-expanding ecosystem, promising to thrive in the near future.

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