AMA Recap: BSC Army with LaunchZone

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Basic information

  • Time: August 10th, 2021 at 10PM GMT+8 (HKT)
  • Project name: LaunchZone
  • Host: Kristen from BSC Army
  • Guest speakers: Luke from LaunchZone
  • Main content:
    • Part 1: Project overview
    • Part 2: Business Plan
    • Part 3: Marketing Strategy
    • Part 4: Community Q&A



1. Would you tell us the reason why you’re here today as the representative from LaunchZone and give us an introduction about yourself?

Luke: Well, it is quite a change because normally when people see me, I will be representing BARMY but due to the fact that recently BARMY was also just integrated into the bigger LaunchZone ecosystem so I guess somehow when I was representing BSC Army, I was promoted to be the new representative of LaunchZone. So once again, my name is Luke and I’m currently working as the representative BD of Launchzone ecosystem. Since that the Launchzone ecosystem is now integrating sub projects like ezDeFi or BSC Army, our old friend, and strategic partners so now it’s different to the other concepts that we’ve been doing. Today, it’s more about the declarations from LaunchZone and what would be the change that we are offering to our users in our community in the future and also our new future plans for development.

2. Would you tell us about your future plan of Launchzone because a lot of changes and adjusts are happening?

Luke: Since the start what we intended to build up was to make LaunchZone the one place where people and investors like us, the founding members, can have all kinds of trading transactions that they can find within one single ecosystem. After we’ve developed our operations throughout the previous months, we’ve also moved this idea to a whole new level so that LaunchZone is no longer just a mere platform where everyone can just find the surfaces that they want to use but we are considering ourselves as incubators for potential device startups. For what we did, we always helped them with marketing plans and also essential resources in order to develop their project and ideas to later contribute to the space. After that, we have stuck with this idea for so long, of creating really strong projects to offer long-term values for space. We can see that it is time to extend our business, but to do this, we will also need a lot more resources and also need more concentration. So that is why after the whole process of working with former projects including ezDeFi, Sowing network, and BSC Army, we have finally realized that since all the projects are heading toward the same goals of bringing real long-term values to space, instead of developing our projects as separate projects, we’re integrating all of our powers and also all of our resources to integrate to the one bigger ecosystem. After phase one of being the all-in-one platform, we intended to bring the most services to the space. Now, it’s phase two when we’re considering ourselves as the incubators for DeFi startups. You can see that after the recent token migration from the old BSCX token to the new LZ token and also the integration of former projects into our whole ecosystem, we’re now trying to build the LaunchZone ecosystem to be the new LaunchZone ventures where we can just provide professional help to DeFi projects and most of the projects that have been running their IDO events on our platform. We are building to be adventurers so this would be the long-term iterations of how we’re going to move our business head on until now. Also, we’re going to develop the community into that.

3. Who came up with the idea of changing and re-branding the whole LaunchZone ecosystem?

Luke: As we started doing our business, it was formed by mostly the idea of two members, who are our current CTO, Clark and also our CEO, Tony. As they partnered up and came together, they’ve also been one of the investors in the field, so they also have a network of community and also fellow colleagues in the field. When the two of them combined and decided to create an actual project of themselves, it was time that those two men connected their team members and also the network to form our first community and also the current core developers of LaunchZone ecosystem. Those would be the core members from the very start of the LaunchZone ecosystem until now. And along the way some projects were actually co-founded by some core members of the LaunchZone team just like BSC Army, which was co-founded by the CMO Logan and logan is, at the same time, the CEO of LaunchZone ecosystem; so that is why the two projects already have close relations and really close resources to start with. I guess that after building the sub communities and also doing all kinds of testing for different kinds of management, the BOD just has a lot of considerations and finally decides to join their work and also join the communities into a bigger modern ecosystem. That way we can move longer and also faster to develop our visions of becoming a venture ecosystem.

3. Would you tell us what kind of products and what are the next moves for the combination of BSC Army and LaunchZone? What are the resources to back this up?

Luke: This could come into quite a long-term plan so first after integrating the sub projects including ezDeFi or BSC Army, the first thing we did was changing the tokens and switching their assets into the one single token. Now, when converting the old BSCX token, we’re currently having the $LZ token, which was converted directly from our old governance token of the BSCX, and also the $ZD token from ezDeFi. We also have the $LZP token which was transferred directly from the $zSEED token, then it’s the $BARMY token and also you know the $ZDCash token. By now, since we’ve integrated in our resources the whole ecosystem, it’s all only focusing on the two use cases of the $LZP token and the $LZ token, so that would be the first thing that we do. Also, because each project also had their own different products, the next step would be integrating their brand and into the the model brand of the LZ ecosystem and since ezDeFi it’s well known for developing their own wallet app, soon the wallet will be transferred into the new LZ wallet with the currently existing functions and also without some of our upgrades. That will be one of the products that we’re planning for the next phase. Apart from the change of the token and also the ezDeFi transferring to the LZ wallet, we also have some new servers to match our names of becoming the LaunchZone ventures, that would be the establishment of the new token. This will be the first stable coin that we do and it will be named the $USDZ just like LaunchZone. We’re also going to have some use cases that directly attach to this token and their current names. We’re intending to have the savings or the or the LZ wallet and the intention would be to give users more chance and freedom with their assets and financial situations. Apart from that, we will also have another product called LZ innovation and this would be an upgraded version from our old plans of developing a product called InnoX. Since our intention is to make this product the one support to give DeFi startups the essential tools to develop their own product, this product would be having that same idea but every new product name is going to be attached to the LaunchZone ecosystem. In the next phase, I will just summarize into three points: first, combining the resources and communities of currently existing projects; second, increase use cases of our current tokens by increasing and introducing more services; and lastly the introductions of the state of the LZ coin, the $USDZ token and also there are coming along functions. So that would be the plan so far.

4. Would you tell us about your tokenomics distribution.

Luke: One of the reasons why the token was changed was because this chance of the integration is also a good chance for us to see what kind of token model is going to fit our operations and business the best. For the old $BSCX token, it is only a utility token because its functions are directly attaching to the services offered by the LaunchZone business, once we transfer the $BSCX token into the new $LZ token, it’s currently the new token, having the deflationary token models which means that for every transactions of the $LZ token, a portion of six percent of the token will be taxed and this will be distributed to the LPpool for users to farm the tokens. Also apart from this, it’s going to be used for burning to reduce their token scarcity and also the remaining will be given to the LPpool. The change of the tokens actually changed a lot of the ways our token functions and also we’ll be having different products and still, our current PadX product, the IDO gateway that we have, is still having the token locking functions. Since for the for the past period, the token lock will still be the BSCX tokens, we’re still in the process of of transferring all of our technical designs and issues into the new capability versions of the LZ tokens, this would not change the way our token work with the ecosystem and regarding the allocations of our token. The easiest way for you to get information on how many $LZ tokens will be distributed and also the total supply with it will be on our main website Once logging onto our main website, you can see all the links attached to our Dapps and also if you want to get the information on the tokenonomics you can visit the docs version here, we have the total supply for it and also other information regarding the tokens.

5. Do you think that the changes are necessary for the users and are appealing enough for the investors? What would you say to convince the investors to invest in LaunchZone for the long term?

Luke: It’s quite a funny side of being a developer because no matter what you do, most of the time when major changes like this happen, there will be a lot of opposing ideas. People have very different ideas about whether it is a good change or not, people are just angry because they have to do a lot of steps in order to maintain their assets. From my perspective, I would say that in the short term, there will be a lot of mixed feelings and also mixed reactions toward our decisions. But since we are the developers of this whole project, we have to always set our perspective and our visions a few steps further to make sure that no matter what major changes we’re bringing to the whole ecosystem, it has to work for long term benefits. As we see it when deciding to make these changes was that the new tokenomics would work better and it can rework users better when holding and studying with the community. By doing this, we can join the resources and have a better foundation to do what we want and since the communities are our investors and also the ones who are actually creating the success of this whole project. I can see that no matter what people do in the short term, it’s just a matter of time for us to show that we can actually achieve greater results and greater developments in the future. Our holders and also our investors will be glad about our decision because after all the ideas here, they are putting their investment in us and they really want to have bigger developments and an increase in what they put on the table in the first place.

6. Since $LZP is made a stable coin and that means it won’t be affected by the market. How will it define the success of your project and gain your users’ trust?

Luke: As a developer, there’s always a lot of factors to a project that we have to consider, the security, the trust from the community and also all contractors. After all that, at the end of the day, what really ensures a success is whether we can keep the balance and we can keep the project going and since we started LaunchZone until now, there’s been quite a lot of challenges and also a lot of situations that we have been through. Also the communities have shown a lot of mixed feelings towards different periods of LaunchZone operations, so that is quite a hard thing to do. But our solutions and also our beliefs are: this is the project and the vision that we’re seeing and no matter what we do and no matter what kind of situation that we are put into, the vision of making real long-term values for this space is still sticking to it. When the market and IDO conditions just keep coming to us, the thing that actually helps us to keep this project going is whether we can adapt ourselves to the new situations and also whether we can maintain all the factors at once. By doing that, they just already have been doing so well in the past period and at least LaunchZone is still here and we have all the resources that we need to build our project to a bigger scale. For our perspective, we totally believe in our decisions of creating this project and also driving it to to with the success and on the professional perspective, all the current business decisions have been giving us the resources to do so and we have also been getting a lot more support from the community. That’s just all the factors on our side to see that we can actually have what it takes to keep this project moving and it’s just a matter of time before we can get the goals that we set in the first place.


7. Where are you on the roadmap? How has the business been going? Will there be any changes in the future plan or will you stick to your original roadmap?

Luke: After the current integration, it is like the total transformations of LaunchZone, so our roadmap for the first version until this version is quite changed a little bit. The factor for that is that the functions that we are aiming to build for the ecosystem are still there but the product that we’re actually building and also the way that we’re building it are quite changed because of the situations and time just flows rapidly in this DeFi world. All the changes are there but they are still sticking with the same idea. If I were just to make a fair comparison for the first versions of our roadmap, it was to introduce the first three core products that we currently have: the SwapX, the PoolX, and the PadX. These three products have been functioning with LaunchZone since the start so the next plans for that would be to introduce the next product that we call DexX.They will be a fully decentralized exchange for all LaunchZone users. The next product that we are also planning to introduce to the space is called InnoX, the function in it would be to provide all kinds of support to any project developers. For the new versions of our roadmap, it is currently accessible on our main web and now, instead of developing the old products that we intended that is the InnoX or the DexX, we’re focusing more on introducing new services and also the integrations of the ezDeFi wallet and we’re changing it into the LZ wallet with already well-known functions and also some upgrades. The next steps would be to introduce to the space our stable conversions and also services like and products like LZ savings and also LZ vaults. And the service would just directly connect to the functions of the stable coins and also the governance token of our ecosystem. All the functions are still built with the intention to make this whole LaunchZone ecosystem the one place to satisfy most demand for different kinds of users. This would be the new products that we are introducing and also the new changes they’re going to be visible on LaunchZone in the time to come. This is quite the plan that we’ve been working on and for now since everything is already in motion I’m not so sure if they’re going to be any changes, but everything’s in motion to get this roadmap to the public.


8. Since we all know that community support is one of the most important factors that defines a project’s success. How do you plan to attract more users globally as well as improve their experience?

Luke: There’s actually two ways wheb we’re planning to do this: first would be to create and introduce to the public the products that they actually need and are highly in demand of, so after our current integrations, our product has also been upgraded with new functions like our SwapX has been equipped with the new limit orders. These changes and also the new functions added make our whole ecosystem so much more flexible and also it can actually satisfy a lot of new demands for different kinds of traders. So the first way would be to build the products that the public and the traders in the space actually need, this would give them all the reason to just come in our services. For the next way, on the side of the community building, we’re also planning to have a lot of new corporations with strong projects and also a lot of plans to keep the whole community up and going. The hero program has been doing quite well for us and the LaunchZone community has been creating a lot of means so I guess that all the fun factors are very well handled by the way that we build and run our current community programs. The answer really is to hear data by simultaneously developing the products and simultaneously improving our community policies. I’m pretty sure that other factors would be there to maintain that balance of what LaunchZone needs in order to get this project going.


9. I heard that you have LZ Heroes, what is this program? What is the condition to join this program and what will the member get as a prize?

Luke: The LZ Heroes program is the new version of the BSCX Heroes program that we used to do in the past. Basically, what this program does is that we’re going to have a list of KOLs and then when people in our community interact with the new social updates from LaunchZone and also retweet from this KOL list, they’re going to rework at a certain interraction point. Later, this creates a race for the community in order to claim the free slots for our IDO on our PadX. This has been creating a lot of motivation for the community to engage with our information and also our new announcements the LZ heroes program technically is going to stay the same to the old program or how we got we have running it in the past, but what changes here is the token and also the points accounting functions and the way that the community should interact their posts. You can find all the instructions and a lot of announcements on our twitter, our main website regarding this. This will be a really good chance for people toget a better chance to claim the IDO spot which is really a great selling point for LaunchZone at this point.

Kristen: Where can they find the list of the KOLs that you mentioned?

Luke: Once they register for joining the hero program, they will receive instructions via our bot system. As long as people are interested in the program, once they start the registration process they wouldn’t know exactly what to do. We make it as easy as it to people as possible

10. I want to know how I could handle having my BSCX locked, how could I use it when the migration ends?

Luke: Once the migration ends, we are still working on solutions for it but there might be extensions of the migrations or we depend on how the market behaves with and what is the actual Bitcoins between the price of the $BSCX token and the new $LZ token, we’ll consider to either make the new migrations or just let the community swap the tokens directly. Basically all the servers are still quite available for the $BSCX token so after their farming process, people from the last farming period would need to lock their $BSCX token farm from the system for a year so this amount of $BSCX token in the system will be slowly returned to the community. This actually expands a lot of time for the migration so it depends on the actual situations, we might have a proper solution for the community. They are swapping the two tokens in order to maintain their position and not set in within the LaunchZone ecosystem.

11. Will one of your products, SwapX, your selling poin is still the same slippage or will it change because of the influence of the LZ ecosystem structure?

Luke: It is quite true to say that the whole ecosystem structure is changing but that is small on the business side. For our products, it is still the old product with the new names and you tap on it and switch from the old version to the next version. The only difference here it’s that the user interface is shown by the product, the apps and also the functions, but the technical structure of the product itself is pretty much still the same. What is really making the selling point of our SwapX since the start was the AMM plus technology that is dividing the others into smaller orders in order to reduce the slippage. This makes users have more tokens when swapping on our scroll backs compared to other aggregators. These features of applying the AMM plus technology are still being applied to the new version of SwapX and the limit order is still not changing this technical structure of the product so basically when you’re using our new versions of the app, it is only the updated and also more superior versions of the old version. It’s not really changing for the structure and so users can still get what they really like about our old product, such as the low slippage, they can still find it in a new version basically.

Kristen: What is so special about that AMM plus system that you guys decided to use?

Luke: Once talking about the AMM plus technology, the problem that we’re trying to solve here is the slippage because it’s quite different from trading a traditional asset. There’s always liquidity and you can just swap your asset whenever you want to, but this story is quite different when it comes to DeFi because the liquidity itself is generated by the flow and the circulations of money so basically when swapping a token, the slippage is suffering from each transaction is pretty much depending on how limited the token is. If the liquidity of the token that you’re trying to swap is really low, one order from you can really change the whole portion of the all liquidity. This is why in order to solve a pitch situation in order to make the one big order, we try to swap the order into many smaller orders and try to root them into suitable LPpool so that way each other will account for like a smallerpercent and also a smaller change to the whole LPpool in general. That’s why once we rooted, they took the amount of token that users can swap actually getting much more token than swapping on other swap because the order has been reduced in slippage and depends on the swapping amount this might not be much but in the long term and especially for daily traders savings on slippage can actually be quite a huge profit.

12. Depending on the services you provide for the community, do you think that the power of your community can lead your project to develop globally?

Luke: At the start, LaunchZone was already a global project because most of the core members are from different countries. Most of the time, we don’t even have the same language to communicate so this project was very global at the core of it. Since the very start of it, the services that we’re actually setting have the vision of making it a global standard kind of a service so it will just be accessible and also functioning to users anywhere. Also this can create a really strong flow of users and community toward us so I guess that the services are our top notch and also the reason why we’re able to build our community so far. This would be the things that we’re going to stick to along with our business from now on and also a very long future ahead. No matter what happens or changes with LaunchZone ecosystem structure, the core products are always going to stay and will only upgrade it to the better. If this product is the reason why we’re having our community in the first place, by always keeping the products and keep upgrading it the user experience will upgrade along with the operations of LaunchZone. It is also one of the three ways we are keeping our community and upgrading our community’s experience.

13. From what I know, LZP token is an inflationary token, does it mean that its price will be stable and not be affected by the market? How will it be used in your ecosystem?

Luke: What most of the community knows about the LZP token is that this is the one kind of token that we’re rewarding users for farming with our posts but the real functions of it and also the real factors that are keeping the price of the LZP token is still well quite a mystery to most of our community. We’re still actually having plans to keep it this way for a while. What I can say from now is that since all the game fighting and also all the NFT situation is creating a really hectic situation and a really big picture right now, we’re also investing a lot of our efforts and resources into those kinds of projects and also new ideas to be guiding this. LZP tokens in the future will play a really close connection with those changes and also it will play a very vital role with the new upgrades and also the new broad products that we’re about to launch. Just like any kind of token that can specifically buy NFT or assets from games, we also have similar functions for the LZP token but the project and the scale of it and also the real functions of how people can use and interact with the LZP token will be quiet. If you really want to know what’s so fun about the LZP token, just stick to our announcements and no doubt that you will find what you want and the reason why you have been keeping the LZP token for so long. Just believe me that this is gonna be a lot of fun!


Up to now, LaunchZone has had outstanding growth with an ever-expanding ecosystem, promising to thrive in the near future.

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