AMA Recap: Luna Rush

Lunarush LIve AMA Recap

Basic information

  • Time: January 2nd, 2022 at 3PM UTC
  • Project name: Luna Rush
  • Host: Henry from Blockchain Army
  • Guest speakers: Bill Nguyen | Community Leader
  • Main content:
    • Part 1: Introduction
    • Part 2: Project & Vision
    • Part 3: IDO Date
    • Part 4: Features
    • Part 5: Team
    • Part 6: Tokenomics
    • Part 7: Marketing
    • Part 8: Q&A



1. Can you introduce a little bit about yourself first?

Bill: My name is Bill. I’m the community leader of Luna Rush. It’s my pleasure to be a representative of Luna Rush to join the very first AMA for the new year with a very very strong and crowded community from Barmy. This is my very interesting topic for today. 


2. Can you give a brief introduction about Luna Rush and also the vision of the project?

Bill: With my pleasure, this is a very interesting topic. We have discovered a sharp introduction about the project universe. Luna Rush is a play-to-earn game. It is an idle RPG which means you have free-hand to play the game in your free time and enjoy the game whenever you are too busy for some things. Players can get through the entertainment game to make money from earning the token in the process like fighting with the bosses, PvP mode or selling NFT whenever you summon new warriors with fusion function. There are a lot of ways you can earn the token and you can get money right there. Another thing is this project is invested very carefully by the team because we prepared for this project a long time ago. People can play so many functions inside the game like many warrior characters with the skills and different rarity like from the common, rare, and super rare. 

We divide it into two phases. The first phase, we release the game in the early phase with the simplest level for everyone to give it a shot and earning something is very very slow just like 10 days after the idea we will release that version. After that version, we will update only functions like playing with another player just like the tournament. So we view the ecosystem inside the game and all things are lucky. There’s something very important inside the game so the player can get a very powerful character, a different rarity whenever you open. It’s just not about the playbox to get the random character and it’s lucky to get a very very high rarity but yes you get a lot of money right there. So you have to explore many character skills because one warrior has so many skills inside right there. Actually whenever you get a really really high rarity character but you still have the way to increase the character strength by you can just like to go to the next level. You do the buffing and you burn something to increase the warrior’s better ability. When you get a high ability or high skill of the character, you have so many ways to get top inside the game. 

Honestly, this Luna Rush project is where the team has finished the video game. We have already finished. That’s the reason why we are really really confident that after the idea on 4th of January, we will release the very first version of the game for everyone to play so you don’t have to wait for too long for the game release and we update all the functions on the way. That’s what we expect about two months for the maximum. Everything will be updated inside the game so that is a very brief introduction about the game. With this vision, we hope that this game will not only bring to you something about earning but also we will bring to you entertainment, fun and a little bit about luck. Hopefully everyone can enjoy the game whenever you are too busy or in your free time. Just enjoy the game together with everyone because this is a very convenient time and very convenient game for everyone to play 

Henry: Thank you. I think that’s not a brief answer. This is a very detailed answer.

Bill:  Ok, I’ll try to give brief information again. Luna is gamefi. It’s an idle RPG game. You’re free to play and free time to play. You get benefit from fighting bosses, go PvP or tournament, selling the NFT just like the warrior does the fusions and open the blind box to get the rarity and character. The higher rarity, the more you earn but if you don’t get too high rarity, just increase the level of the character so you get the high earning too. The most important information is that 10 days after the idea, we release the very first version of the game, that’s it. 

Part 3: IDO DATE

3. When is the IDO date? 

Bill:  Just two days later. So it’s the day after tomorrow. That’s the IDO day. 

Henry: Wow, so we are very close with the IDO date right now and also with the release of Luna Rush and the videos that we have watched together at the beginning of the live AMA, those are very exciting that we can look forward to. 


4. Does the player need to pay anything or buy the heroes before they get into Lunar Rush? 

Bill: No. You just download the game, join the game, finish the mission to get the free warrior in this game. We mentioned warriors so you get a free warrior to earn. However, actually whenever you get a higher rarity warrior, you can earn faster and you are more powerful to compete with others. Go together with your friends whenever you want to fight it with the bosses and you want to enjoy the PvP mode. The better warrior, the easier it is for you to win very big prizes. This is a little bit different from the standard NFT warrior. 

Henry: That is a very strong point from Luna Rush because you know not many projects in gamefi right now have the mechanics of free to play. I mean that when the player first comes with a new game, they have to pay an amount of money to buy the first warrior or first hero to join the battle. So I think that is a very strong point from Luna Rush.

Bill: Actually, I want to put something in, this is free to play and also free to play in different ways. That means you don’t have to stay in front of your desktop, you don’t have to keep your mobile on all the time because it’s an idle game which means the characters work for you even if you are not available to play the game. So you just buy the warriors and then they will do their job to fight things, keep fighting when you’re not available nor online. It doesn’t matter. You just buy your warrior and the warrior will play for you. As you can see, you don’t have to be available all the time and you save a lot of time for you to enjoy life. Whereas, the warriors can do the mission for you and earn. Therefore, to be sure again, you’re still earning whenever you’re not available. 

Henry: That is a cool mechanism. I think that not many game projects on blockchain have such an amazing feature like this. 

Part 5: TEAM

5. We want to find out more information about the team, the developers and also the people that are working inside the project so can you give us more details about that? 

Bill: We are Helios studio. We’re not really too famous but actually in Vietnam, we are famous enough. The Helios team has many experienced people. We found Helios more around five years ago and also we worked on so many projects three years ago to perplex the game on global and also inside Vietnam. We implemented Luna Rush to be the very first gamefi within our studio. Let me briefly introduce the team. Our CEO Thai Ngo is the founder. He has so much experience because he created attractive games with over 10 millions downloads already. This is a very talented person. Beside that, we have Mr Thai. He’s the CTO and has expertise in blockchain with six years experience in this field. It is a long time for everyone. Khoa Pham is the backer developer. Our CMO Mr Nhut Tran has about nine years experience in the marketing industry. Another good information for you, we have a very very famous advisor to supervisor. The first one is Mr Lam Ho, the CEO of Bomb Crypto which was very famous a couple of weeks ago. The second one is Mr Scofield, CEO of BSC Station. Both of them give us a lot of advice which is very interesting and related to this project. Hopefully in the very short term, numerous will become the most well invested from not only for advisors but also for people and players in a couple of weeks later. So this is our team. I’m very proud of the team which has many famous names in the field like people with experience in the game industry and also people with experience in crypto and blockchain technology. Combining together, I think that is a very strong team. 

6. You said that the studio has experience in developing many traditional games for the global market. Can you tell me about some challenges when you move from the traditional game to the game on blockchain? How have you and your team dealt with that challenge? 

Bill: There are so many challenges. The first thing is we have to customize the game for gamefi. We want to balance between entertainment and play to earn for everyone to enjoy because with the traditional game, mostly it’s about entertainment so you just play for fun or something. However, in this very new game, we want to play-to-earn balance between that. Actually, we want to keep the game interesting and also get a good return for everyone so they can  enjoy the game and also get a very good benefit. We enjoy them together during the holiday so you have free time to play and also enjoy the game to earn a lot. That’s a challenge for us to balance between the play-to-earn and entertainment. 

Henry: I have to agree with you because many projects in the gamefi world today have good mechanisms in play-to-earn but the experience of the game is not enough for players’ satisfaction. That is one of the big problems that we need to balance the game experience and also the play-to-earn mechanism. 

Bill: So many games in this market right now just for play to earn. It doesn’t bring more experience for game play and entertainment because it’s just about the financial investment and not about the entertainment for the game. Therefore, we have to bring the balance for gamefi so when everyone joins the game, they don’t forget that it is a place for them to entertainment first then benefit through play-to-earn. That is the important thing 

Henry: When people come to find a game, the first thing that he or she seeks for is to get entertained, to get relaxed and enjoy the game, not just to earn the money. The more important thing is that we have to make a healthy environment for gamers to fully enjoy the future of the game and also to get satisfied with what they have paid the time and money to play the game. 


7. Can you clarify a little bit about your tokenomics and also the utilities of your token?

Bill: Very brief introduction that forty percent of the tokens are burned. So it’s a huge number for everyone to play-to-earn. The rest will be invested for the modeling, reserve, and liquidity to make sure the game is stable and everyone does the transaction or transfers investment smoothly. Actually, the core team and advisors will be locked for the first year so there’s no token available for everyone to claim regarding. We want to make sure that everything and also for the partnership share in private sales that there’s something beneficial to the community whenever we want to keep the market of the game tokenomics to be stable for a long time. We don’t want to sell something which is not really interesting like a couple of projects nowaday when there’s so many people getting the return too fast. It’s not beneficial to everyone. Hence,we want to make sure that it is not happening. That’s it for tokenomics. 

Henry: I think that you forgot to mention one thing. What is the name of the token inside Luna Rush?

Bill: It is $LUS. Another thing is $LUS will be released on the BSC smart chain. The total supply is about 350 million tokens so it’s not too big. There will be smart contracts. We will release this on IDO day so just make sure that you follow the Telegram announcement. Don’t get scammed and  aware about that. You need to make a copy on the announcement channel to make sure that this is the correct smart contract. I think that the fastest way and also the most correct information can be achieved through the announcement channel on Luna Rush’s Telegram group. If you are interested in the project, don’t forget to subscribe to Luna Rush by following it on Telegram, Twitter and also Facebook as well. 

8. How does the product control the inflation rate inside the tokenomics? 

Bill: So this is a very hard question for all the game but actually if you think about the ROI when you invest in the game, it is very very shocking just like 15 to 20 days. This means it is not beneficial to the entertainment game, it’s just beneficial to investors. As we’ve gone through the inflation so quickly, we have a very very clear way to burn the token to make sure that everyone is not inflated. For example, whenever you want to wait to fuse the new warrior, you have to use the $LUS token. This will be very beneficial so every once in a while you have to do the fusion to get the warrior. Whenever you get a very good warrior, you benefit on the net marketplace. Another way is that your warrior don’t have that high rarity, you have to burn a token to increase the ability and also the level of the warrior to make it more powerful. When you are more powerful, you can earn more. Thus, we want to make sure that everything has to be under control when you enjoy the game, you spend more time playing the game and you get more. We don’t want a picture of gamers playing without thinking totally. We have to balance between entertainment and earning of the game. You have to spend time, be smart and focused on the game. When you focus enough, you have more experience to play the game and you get more for earning. It’s not a simple game that is too quick to earn. That is the way. We have the procedure to burn the token whenever you have. There’s no inflation for sure. 

Henry: Yeah absolutely! Inflation is something people stay away from. If you have the burning mechanism, players don’t need to be worried about that at all. Thank you for clarifying that. 


9. What is the marketing strategy of the project? How do you try to attract more users to Luna Rush and to attract them to join in the community?

Bill: We do a lot of AMAs. They’re not in Vietnam. They are global. We have so many AMAs every day. Honestly, it’s about 30 AMAs up the IDO so we want to make sure that everything has to be viral. We do AMAs for so many very giant communities. We have very very good partners and backers together with like Bomb Crypto. We want to connect between two communities to increase the benefit for all in the community together. We also hope that one day, Blockchain Army can join us to enjoy the game together with us. That’s the reason why we do so many activities for the marketing and also for the community. We want to make it and a good partner is global to make sure that our marketing strategy has to be solid for everyone to enjoy. We also do so many airdrop activities for everyone to enjoy the game together with us. You can go to the announcement channel to check for that. This is very very easy to catch up. So we have AMAs. We have a lot of airdrop programs that are running right now for the community and also many exclusive prizes from Luna Rush are waiting for you. I still believe there is time fo people to join the airdrop program

10. Who is the audience that Lunar Rush is targeting? 

Bill: We have a hundred thousand people for Telegram only for early channels we have more than three hundred thousand people inside our community. Actually we have so many strategies just like the activities upcoming because our game will go to testnet very soon. Maybe next week, we will have the testnet and the Alpha test for the game. We will release very big KOLs and community viral videos. So I’m pretty sure that we have very very good cooperation with the very famous KOLs in the world. Our community will go to the moon. I would raise the 200k very very quickly. We have a plan for the very big airdrop. We will reach 200k people in a month. I think so. 

Henry: I believe it is a possible number that you can easily achieve. After the game is released, maybe more users, more newcomers may come to you, to the community as well.

Part 8: Q&A

11. How does the reward system work in each game mode like Boss Battle, PvP and tournament mode? Is Boss Battle considered to have the highest level of difficulty and rewards?

Bill: With my pleasure, the best return is the tournament mode. It’s not about the boss. It’s not about PvP. It’s about time you have to compete with so many people. You have these communities and so many people. This is all about the season. In one season, we have one tournament for everyone to join. You put the warrior inside, play and compete with other very powerful teams which is really really hard to get the final reward. Imagine that when you have to commit to like 50 people or 100 people and you get to be the winner, for sure that the price will be very very big yeah and you get a lot of money. However it’s not easy for you to play so that’s the reason why we have PvP. On the other hand, Boss Battle is the simplest mode for everyone to play-to-earn because you can go with your friend, versus the boss, try to attack the boss in the smartest way, and you can earn it. Yet, for PvP, you directly get the token from other people which is not limited. For example, I and Henry play together. I have to deduct from the token and also Henry would win my token. This is a different scenario. Versusing the boss is the easiest way but the earning is not really too high. For the tournament, I mean really really high but it’s really really difficult. For the pvp, it’s lucky when you find people who are not as powerful as you so you can win the game and get the token.So there’s something very easy to get the reward system.

Henry: I think that is very clear. With the PvP mode, what is the mechanism of matching people? What if I am a new player and I just match with a higher ranking player? Is it possible to have such different rankings in one battle?

Bill: We have tiers for newbies, expertise, or world class. We have a thousand people so there’s no reason why the top one versusing the newbie. It’s not fair. Therefore, we have differences for the levels and classes.

12. For a game like Luna Rush, skills are very important. People who are new to the game are not playing well and will not be able to get to the top so how do they make a profit?

Bill: As I mentioned early today in the AMA, you don’t have to be a very skillful player to get the earning because it is an idle RPG game which means the warriors working for you all the time whenever you are not available, you are still earning. However, if you want to earn more, you have to be available to try something better. In addition to joining PvP and tournaments, you need more skill to play. If you’re looking for just a stable income, enjoy the game and live together, just get the warrior to work for you and when you have free time, try to go for the boss better. So if you want to get more, you don’t have to be very skillful. Yet when you want to be on the top, you have to be a little more skilled. So don’t worry about that, you still make the profit whenever you’re not really skillful.

Henry: As you have mentioned, the warriors can do the work even if the player is not in the game right? I think that is an easy way to let the warriors do their job in the game while you can have fun, you can work and study at the same time. In addition, Lunar Rush is a free-to-play game so you don’t have to pay any money or buy the warriors in the first stage. Thus, I think that 90 or 100% of players will be profitable. Just play the game and don’t be worried. That is the answer from Mr Bill, the community leader of Luna Rush. I think it’s quite clear for you now.

13. In which area does the project focus on expanding the market? Can you tell me more about the global expansion strategy?

Bill: Currently we are focusing on Asia. As you can see, the style of the game is kind of like an anime style. You can see right there in the trailer of the game and also for the gameplay videos. Actually, we focus on Asia first because this game works with anime. Furthermore, we focus on some very very big communities like Japan, Korea, Philippines and maybe Thailand and also Indonesia because anime and Japanese stories are very famous in those countries. Actually some animes are very famous in America too like South America like Brazil, Argentina and North America such as the USA and Canada or something like that. We have a plan to spend for the global strategy. However for the first version of the game, we focus on Asia and also for Africa or South America because markets like Europe or North America really really focus on gameplay. They expect more, they spend a lot so the game must be full version to be ready to go to some very difficult markets. We have about maybe two months after the full version. We have planned for the first, second, and third phase. The first will be a very very simple version of the game. We focus on Asia. The second one may expand to Africa and South America. The last phase maybe after two months, we focus on North America and also the European market. 

Henry: Many of the communities that you have mentioned have their native languages which are not English, so how do you overcome the language barrier? 

Bill: Oh yeah! We have planned a moment already. In this game, we have released the very first phase. We released English, Korean, and Japanese because we have to make sure everyone understands about that. After Japan and Korea, we are thinking about Spanish for South America and also for Europe. So we have multi-languages inside the game. also yeah 

Henry: That’s very great. It will be easier for the non-native speakers to get used to the game and the function inside the game. 

14. Does the game have a mechanism to limit the difference between depositing and non-depositing players?

Bill: So you asked me about a paid user and a free user? Ok. Actually, for gamefi, it’s really different whenever you are a paid user and your free user. This is not about free users, you have to pay a very small budget firstly. Maybe you have time, you can use your own team warrior or maybe in a couple of months, we released the scholarship function so you can cooperate with high paid users so both of you will get a very good benefit and share the revenue. There are two procedures. The first is to build your own team with a very small budget and try to get as much as possible because the rich people don’t have time. Maybe they can bring their warriors to play for them all the time because they’re not available. If you are available all the time, just try to go for the boss better all the time to get more benefit. Also, whenever we release the scholarship system, try to rent the warriors from the paid users to play for you. Maybe you can go to the tournament to compete with other people and to win very big prizes and share the revenue with the paid users. There are so many ways you can play the game. It’s not about you having to pay for everything. It depends on the way you play the game. So there are many ways to get into the game and win the battle.

Henry: The new feature I just heard about is renting warriors from another player. That is a very exciting thing and a very interesting feature that I first hear about when you are talking. Just can’t wait to see that in the game. 

15. Are you limited to games on BSC or will there be cross-chain combat compatibility?

Bill: This is a very popular question. In my opinion, BSC is the most popular chain around the world right now but the gas fee is quite high for everyone to play. That’s the reason why we will very soon create a government platform for everyone to vote whenever you get a warrior, you pick the warrior on your hand, you have the right to vote for something. For example, if you’ve worked for the Polygon chain, you vote for the Polygon chain for everyone: “Hey, Polygon is very fast and also very cheap for the gas fee, why don’t you try the new credit chain?”. In my opinion, creating a multi-chain again is not really complicated for the technology. We will create a DAO governing platform. So firstly, they go and get the warrior. Secondly, they go to the DAO. Thirdly, they raise for the new chain. We will listen for sure. 

Henry: That’s interesting because every investor and player has the right to be listened to. It’s great when the project listens to the community and also changes the project into the way that the community wants to. That brings a lot of satisfaction inside the community as well.


Up to now, Luna Rush has had outstanding growth with an ever-expanding ecosystem, promising to thrive in the near future. 

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