AMA Recap: MetaBomb

Metabomb Live AMA Recap

Basic information

  • Time: April 18th, 2022 at 2PM UTC
  • Project name: MetaBomb
  • Host: Henry from Blockchain Army
  • Guest speakers: Louis Nguyen | Head of BD
  • Main content:
    • Part 1: Introduction
    • Part 2: Project Overview
    • Part 3: Vision
    • Part 4: Team
    • Part 5: Challenges
    • Part 6: Tokenomics
    • Part 7: Partners
    • Part 8: Marketing
    • Part 9: Roadmap
    • Part 10: IDO
    • Part 11: Social Media
    • Part 12: Community Q&A



  • Let’s start by introducing a little bit about yourself first, about your position in the project?

Louis Nguyen: Hi guys, I’m Louis. I’m the Head of Business Development from MetaBomb. I have worked in the blockchain industry for 5 years now and I’m super excited about working with MetaBomb and the MetaBomb team.


  • Could you introduce how the game works and what inspired you to develop this type of game at the beginning?

Louis Nguyen: MetaBomb is a casual play-to-earn game where players actually own something in the metaverse and earn a steady income through fun and interactive gameplay. Players control the heroes and collect tokens called $MTB and NFT items in different game modes. There are 5 game modes in total: Treasure Hunt, Boss Hunt, PvP Arena and Tournament. All the game items are tradable in the marketplace. Players can build, own and buy hotels and houses to replenish their stamina. MetaBomb basically is a game for working people, it could be accessible and fast and everyone can join the game easily and earn while not having to care much about how the game works.

  • Is the game designed as an easy-to-play game or is it like a strategic game that requires people to have skills to play and win the game?

Louis Nguyen: I would say a little bit of both. There’s a Treasure Hunt mode, people can leave their phones or computers on and then it will farm out the chest in the map. Then there would be a PvP mode and PvE mode where people can work together to hunt bosses or they can battle each other for the prices.

Part 3: VISION

  • What is your vision when developing MetaBomb?

Louis Nguyen: When our CEO, Mr. Cuong invited me to the team and he talked with me about MetaBomb, he said that people are working nowadays and they are busy with their lives or daily work, so some are willing to make passive incomes and then they can enjoy the game and earn something extra beside their work. That is the idea of establishing MetaBomb. He’s a gamer himself and he wants to create an NFT game where people can earn and then play Bomberman, placing bombs on the map, it was fun back in the day.

Part 4: TEAM

  • Can you give us more details about your team? How do you guys work together and how many people are there in your team?

Louis Nguyen: We are put together by our founder and CEO, Mr. Cuong. He has a lot of experience in this area, he has been working over 10 years in online business, online marketing and building technology products. He saw the potential in GameFi and then after the success of Bomb Crypto in 2021, Mr. Cuong wanted to develop a cutting-edge GameFi project that can carry the legacy of GameFi in 2022. So, we are put together and MetaBomb and LaunchZone established a partnership after the presentation and evaluation of both companies. The LaunchZone CEO and CMO was involved in MetaBomb as advisors and Mr. Thanh Dao, the CTO of LaunchZone, has provided his expertise on partnership and tokenomics for MetaBomb while Mr. Logan, the CMO of LaunchZone, has provided expert insight in the listing process, IDO process and marketing operation.


  • Was there any difficulty that you faced when you developed the game and made the game more viral to the audience?

Louis Nguyen: I would say our first difficulty would be personnel. At first, when MetaBomb was formed in late 2021, there were not many people in the team and Mr. Cuong had to solve a lot of personnel issues like some people having private manners they need to take care of and then they cannot continue with MetaBomb so he needed to find replacements. Then COVID happened. Not just MetaBomb but I think everyone has had a hard time with COVID and some people in MetaBomb have to work at home but we still tried to make it through and deliver the product on time.


  • Can you provide us with more information about how your tokenomics works? 

Louis Nguyen: The supply limits for MetaBomb tokens will be one billion. We’re aiming to bring $MTB to Binance Smart Chain. You guys can check out our white paper so you would know the details about vesting schedules and procedures and also the allocation for each part of the game. What makes MetaBomb special is we have an anti-inflationary tokenomics. For other gamefi projects, the token will lose its value over a period of time after the game was launched and it makes people earn less and less every day. Games like Axie Infinity or Thetan Arena or Elemon or some projects similar like that, the tokens lost value because of inflation, they cannot control the flows of the tokens. In MetaBomb, we have a special fund and we burn tokens using a different mechanism. We have organized a fund for hero fusions and upgrades. Whenever you upgrade or fuse your heroes, a small fee will flow to that fund and then it will be put back into the game to give the players the rewards they need after they complete the game.


  • Can you talk a little bit about who your strategic partners of the project are?

Louis Nguyen: Our first partner would be LaunchZone, as I mentioned before. Mr. Logan and Mr. Thanh Dao has been involved in our project since the beginning and later on we have a few more coming. We have AceStarter who will be responsible for our upcoming IDO and we have TK Ventures and 12X Ventures who have already invested in MetaBomb. We connected with some GameFi guilds so we have DIF GameFi and we are audited by Verichains. 


  • What is your plan with the partners to attract new users to the game?

Louis Nguyen: We are putting the experience and benefits of our users as our top priority. Our users are the ones who keep our ecosystem operating and running. MetaBomb’s unique anti-inflation and gaming mode will be the solution to the existing problems of the GameFi projects. Most importantly, this feature will improve the user’s experience. Also, we want to get in touch with local communities who will have users with questions and assist users who are experiencing issues. We take user’s feedback very seriously as it will help us vastly improve our quality of gameplay. We will organize AMA sessions like this and we will require users to ask questions and we will try our best to resolve them. 


  • Where are you guys now on the roadmap? What are the plans for the rest of 2022? 

Louis Nguyen: Our first thing would need to be done is IDO. We want to have an IDO that will compel players to get into the game and get to know the game itself. Right now I cannot disclose any information but there will definitely be a dex where MetaBomb can be listed on. Also, we will try to finish our marketplace where NFT items can be sold and used in the game. We will give out events and allow users to stake their tokens when the IDO is finished. That would be our first top priority. In the later quarter of 2022, we will release the test version of the game and the game itself. Then we will release the modes gradually two years starting with the first mode being Chest Farm and then Boss Hunt will come later and then we will have some NFT auctions. 

Part 10: IDO

  • Can you share a little bit about the upcoming IDO? When is the date and on which launchpad will the token of MetaBomb be launched? 

Louis Nguyen: The IDO date would be the 21st of this month. That will be thursday and we will have our IDO on LaunchZone and AceStarter.

Henry: Is the public rounds still open or is there any white list open for new users to register right now for the IDO?

Louis Nguyen: The white list is still happening on LaunchZoe and on AceStarter. We will put more information on our announcement channel so the user can keep track of the IDO process.


  • Can you share a bit about how the social channels of MetaBomb are growing, the number of users on Telegram, Twitter or Facebook?

Louis Nguyen: Currently we have about 36-37,000 people on our telegram channel and they are quite active. We have 2,500 people on Discord. On our Twitter, the followers are growing by day, I think we have around 40,000 followers. When we are heading close to the IDO and the test version of the game is released, more people will be attracted to follow and the numbers are growing day by day, even hour by hour. It’s changing and increasing very fast.

  • Do you have any plans or events that are coming up to organize for the community and also to take care of the community for players who have followed the project from the very first day?

Louis Nguyen: Beside our main global community, we will also create local communities for players from around the world like Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Brazil, China, maybe in the Middle East and Russia. Also, some people are requesting us to create more channels in Europe like in Spain or Estonia. Some people in Africa have been contacting us to create channels in Nigeria or in Egypt. First, we will try to reach out to recruit people to monitor the local community. We will carefully pick any individuals who have experience in blockchain or GameFi so they will be assisting users when they need help. We will provide a series of articles with the purpose of providing guides and tutorials to inform the players of latest trends and knowledge in the gamefi field and to give back to the community and show our gratitude to users who support us. We will potentially hold some airdrops and in-game events that will come with exciting prices.


1. I see that many P2E games currently have problems with inflation from earning rewards from players, so I wonder if MetaBomb has any plans and orientation for this?

Louis Nguyen: I’m glad you mentioned this because we take inflation in game very seriously. As I mentioned before others game five projects are are having problems with the inflation so he tokens are devalued by the days and we want to put together a fund. That fund will consist of  consists of fees ranging from upgrading heroes fusion heroes or you buy or sell any activities on the marketplace we’ll take a percent percentage of the fees on the marketplace and we create a fund. That fund will will put back into the game and and let people earn steady incomes throughout the game without inflating the economy. The tokens will be burned is the number of token in total is the limited number and also that the token will be burned during the activity that the user use  token in the games. So that is the two main points about the anti-inflation 

2. Is the project planning to organize SCHOLARSHIP or not? Or in combination with game guilds, I see that game guilds have a very good number of users?

Louis Nguyen: I would say  game views are like the the backbone of the gameplay so game fight cannot exist without the guilds, because that’s how people gather together and they organize any activities among the community and like people with a similar mindset. We are trying to reach out to game guilds and some some already joined mr wong on the road ahead and we already contact metal bombs for collaboration, so right now as reflected on our main website on we already have a game guild collaborating with us, so other game teams are still waiting for for a proper agreement but some news we already reached a a common understanding so we will disclose them soon enough.

3. What difficulties did you face when developing your MetaBomb project? How many products have been built on your platform? Can you share some highlights from MetaBomb?

Louis Nguyen: That’s a really long question so i will try to as answer them best as i can but  excuse me if i mix up something so um the first about the difficulties as i mentioned in in the previous section of the mma we had the our biggest difficulty would be personnel so we we are we are trying to deal with it deal with it as  as best as we can because right now um we our team is there there are 20 people within our team and they are quite happy with the ideas and they are super excited about what we are doing so we are happy with that but before we are they are having private issues and they can they cannot continue with mr bomb and we need to fly replacement but now everything is good so they they are happy with the ideas and they are happy to work at metabolism and about the products on our platforms we have built i think um there are four games now but they are they are traditional games so they are not the relate to any blockchains or game five projects so meteorbomb would be the first game five projects on our platform and the highlights of metal bomb would be the the game modes the anti-inflationary token mix and the community.

Henry: You said that metabolism is your the very first  blockchain game that you have you guys have developed  beside the other traditional game so what’s the main difference  developing traditional game to making  blockchain games like what is the difficulties and also the differences between those two types of game

Louis Nguyen: Yeah they um about the gameplays i think it’s not reflected on the gameplays because as you guys have known by now  gamefight is created for people to earn while they are having fun so basically we are we are the developing process of the core game itself is not much different from traditional games but the the main difference is the blockchain so we need to integrate every items every game modes and change the source source code of the game itself to to compatible with the blockchain and to to make them as secure as we can because because as you know we are touching other people assets so it’s a very sensitive subject so we don’t want our users to lose money or any funds in the process because as you have known some by now that there are few game five projects that have been affected by hackers so we are trying our best to to secure the network and to to to make as many tests as we can as we launching the ideas and the upcoming official launch of the game.

4. How many days users start profitable (ROI)? With the market trending down, will this ratio be affected much?

Louis Nguyen: i would say um about  two months i think they will get their  their the investment back so  that’s just i i i don’t think my don’t take my word from it just take it with a grand up solve because some some people are good with games some people are not so good with games so depends on how good they play in the arena or in the tournament and they they can get it much faster than others or they can get much lower but the average would be two months um about the second part with the market training down  yeah definitely would affect  your your earning because   um as you can guys as you can see the tokens the in the cryptocurrency market is very volatile we and not no tokens can stay away from the volition and the out and the volatility so  definitely it will affect your earning but  in in meter 1 will try to minimize the damage so the token would not be affected by inflation but offered by the only by the market.

Henry: as you guys see today there will be a you know a very downed and red color in the in in the in the market right now with the downing of  btc so  releasing the token like  you know releasing the token in this kind of this time this moment of downtrend is there difficulties or there will be a you know like there will be any challenge for you guys to to release token at this moment

Louis Nguyen: yeah there will be challenge and there will be opportunities so releasing tokens at this moment would would have issues with acceptance because right now investors and users are very cautious about the investment because no not many projects are successful in this market because  of many reasons so they are well aware of the investment so they would be cautious when they hear or they they they receive information about mr bomb so that would be our first  challenge but also there’s opportunities so right now the the market is down so many investors would be would be keen on investing in in upcoming projects especially projects with the with team with the dedicated team and they are devoted to develop projects as best as they can and also right now the gameplay market is kind of kind of kind of silent so we want to stir up some activities in the market so whoever gonna lead the market or right now who have the first hand on the market would have  huge opportunities ahead of them.

5. Many different types of GameFi projects in the crypto market right now. How will MetaBomb be able to compete with them? And what distinguishes MetaBomb from these other projects?

Louis Nguyen: yeah um yeah we i can definitely relate this question to the previous question but um we have to remain our main competitive advantage that would be our  tokenomics and our game modes so other game five projects either they are too heavily invested in pvp so or they are too  too too simple to play so we are having both so people can still enjoying earning but they can find times in competitive modes to play with other players or their friends also in the token mix we would try our best to to i i would say eliminate the the inflation is is like an overstatement but we will try our best to minimize the damage of inflation in our tokenomics so we will we will um we will  invest other projects in that area because  right now i see the the inflation is running deep in game five so metabon will will be the first to  to solve the problem.


Up to now, MetaBomb has had outstanding growth with an ever-expanding ecosystem, promising to thrive in the near future. 

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