AMA Recap: Mimir

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Basic information

  • Time: November 5th, 2021 at 2PM UTC
  • Project name: Mimir
  • Host: Kristen from Blockchain Army
  • Guest speakers: Viktor Sodermark | CEO & Advisor of The Mimir World
  • Main content:
    • Part 1: Project Overview
    • Part 2: Team
    • Part 3: Gameplay
    • Part 4: Tokenomics
    • Part 5: Roadmap
    • Part 6: Security
    • Part 7: Community Q&A



1. Can you introduce a little bit about your position, the reason why you’re here as well as the vision of your project?

Viktor: I am mostly known as the old father of the Mimir World project. In essence, that is equivalent to being the CEO and founder. So we are a Swedish game studio from Stockholm in Sweden and we’re actually doing something very unique in the Crypto space. We’re launching our token, the one and only token that will rule the games in our Mimir World that are connected to Blockchain. We’re doing that almost at the same time as we’re delivering our first game to market, the Mimir Quiz Game which is centered around probably the most popular and universal game concept of all time. That has a huge potential to onboard the mass markets into Crypto and also getting the benefits that are associated with game fees.

2. What is the meaning behind the Mimir’s project name? Do you have any backup stories for that?

Viktor: I love sharing that story. Since we’re from Sweden, we have that Scandinavian Viking heritage and Mimir was actually a being back in the old days since Norse mythology that had one task. He had one task in this world and that was to guard a sacred well that kept all of the history, all of the knowledge and all the wisdom of the world, kind of like a Blockchain. It might be the first Blockchain in history even though it was back in the Viking Age. He had that task to guard this sacred well and anyone who drank from that well instantly received all the history and wisdom of the world. Everyone in this world tried to fight Mimir and try to trick him into letting them drink but only one managed to do so. That was Odin. Once Odin had received some water from the Mimir’s well, he gained that wisdom. The first thing that he did was that he decapitated Mimir and had Mimir’s head on his shoulder. Hopefully the Mimir project will have a better ending than what Mimir experienced back in the day. That’s the overall symbolism. A good thing as well is that we’re centered around knowledge-based games and that is also a perfect symbol for us. Being from Scandinavia, being centered around knowledge-based games and Blockchain makes it perfect sense to be called Mimir. Basically everyone is fighting for the key to everything in the world.

3. What are you guys offering? I know it’s like a quiz game but what kind of quiz? How does the platform work?

Viktor: The Mimir Quiz Game is our first game to market. It will launch on Google Play and App Store with also a web version in your browser that you can play. Before we dive into that, it’s important to note that the Mimir Token, which is launching today on Gate, tomorrow on Uniswap, is the only token that the Mimir project will ever release. That governs all the upcoming games as well as the Mimir Quiz Game coming out. What we are trying to do with this project is more or less to bring Blockchain games with all of the amazing ideas surrounding GameFi that is NFTs, where you can own your in-game items, Play to Earn, where you’re actually rewarded for your play time and also some other very cool concepts connected to the immense utility that comes from Blockchain technology. We have plans to launch at least one new game every quarter. That is quite aggressive but what we actually do is that we look at Google Play and App Store to find the games out there that have hundreds of millions of people playing them. We’re not guessing if people are gonna like our games. We take already proven concepts from the traditional mobile gaming world and then we build them ourselves because they’re quite basic in the sense of logic on how you build them. Since they’re based on a proof of concept in terms of gameplay, it’s quite easy as well to implement that. Our secret recipe in that sense, the added value that we come with is that we make these games just as easy to play and interact with than that you would expect from a normal mobile game but we do it with Blockchain technology. In the Mimir Quiz Game we actually have 6 different Blockchain technologies working in the game but the end product will be just as easy to enjoy as a normal traditional quiz game. That is the game changer that we are bringing. Of course we’re centered around the Crypto space but our overall ambition is to reach out to the mass markets and let them experience the powerful things that come with Blockchain technology. That is the true game changer that the entire ecosystem of Blockchain products should be working on to onboard the mass market. Crypto might be very big if you look on Twitter and you only follow Crypto projects but it’s still very early in that I think there are only 300 or 400 million people that own Crypto and that is not a big market in that sense. What everyone that works in this space needs to do is to find use cases and utilities to onboard the mass market. A cool thing that Axie has done is they’ve actually proven that GameFi is super powerful. It’s helping people all over the world but the majority of Axie players don’t play Axie because the game is revolutionizing good gameplay. They play it because they make money. It’s a proven concept where they can put food on their table and actually provide for their families. That’s the amazing social benefits that come from GameFi but ask yourself this, what is the skill level to enter Mimir Quiz? You download it on Google Play and App Store, connect the Metamask wallet and then you click buttons, you answer questions, you participate in Livestream Tournaments where you click buttons, you answer questions and you can play 1vs1 as well. The skill level is you can’t get lower than that. It’s super easy to get started and you’re rewarded for your play time even if you’re just playing quiz games with your friends for free. You can actually get rewarded in Mimir Tokens. The use case and utility for Mimir Tokens is that you can use Mimir Tokens in our Play to Win version. That is the version when you play our two games, 1vs1 or the Livestream Tournaments. You can actually enter into these games with a stake in Mimir Tokens. In essence, that is something that will build up a big prize pool for people to compete and play for. The overall most exciting part about the Mimir Quiz Game is that we will onboard the mass markets, we will have live quiz tournaments that are broadcasted at least 5 times each day covering all the major time zones. The price pots that we are playing for will be huge. That is something that is truly exciting, bringing that new technology with live streaming and bringing the most universal and popular game mode of all time, quiz games and trivia games, to the masses and also letting them experience the powerful technology that is Blockchain. All your winnings, all your rewards will be instantly transferred to your Metamask wallet.

Part 2: TEAM

4. I want to know more about the team members. How are they contributing to the numerous projects?

Viktor: Our office is here in Stockholm, Sweden, where the majority of our team sits. That’s the team developing the mobile game app and this smart contracts working and the Mimir Token. The genius behind the Mimir Token is also called Viktor, that’s a very good name. We have two Viktors in this project. Viktor Stenberg – the Blockchain Developer that we have, he’s actually worked for Facebook for 2 years. He’s been coding Solidity and Python for at least 5 years. Pretty much if you want something, you have a vision, this guy can do it. He’s so amazing. Rewind the time back 4 or 5 months, when we started developing this, the most difficult technical threshold was to build this game with 6 different Blockchain technologies, so we used Chainlink, Polygon, Sia, Moralis, Metamask and Ethereum. We combine all those strengths into a game that at the end of the day should be played by mass market people. Very low technical threshold but Viktor has enabled some really cool functions where you can do in-game transactions that are completely gas fee less, we cover them because they’re so small on the Polygon network. All the in-game transactions, for instance, you’re paying an entry fee to register for a live quiz show broadcasted to the entire world, that costs $1 worth of Mimir Tokens in a price that perhaps is a $100,000 worth of Mimir Tokens that you’re competing for. You do that with a click of a button, you don’t have to type in 24 characters and choose which network you’re sending those Mimir Tokens to. That’s something completely revolutionizing, all the in-game transactions are handled by just a click of a button. That’s something very cool but perhaps the most amazing thing that he has contributed in terms of ease of use. In 2 or 3 weeks, we will add a Fiat on-ramp in the Mimir Quiz Game. When the mass market comes in to play this game, they can use their credit card to buy Mimir Tokens instantly in the game, in the mobile application. Then the API calls and makes a market order on the exchange that has the best price for Mimir Tokens. They will receive it instantly to their Metamask wallet. That’s a little bit background above Viktor, we also have some other amazing talents in this project. We have Stefano, he can hear me right now. He’s sitting working hard here. He’s the guy that is doing all the visual graphics and design and videos and whatnot, that is something that is truly amazing. Stefano is a hardworking and loyal guy. Even though he might not have been that long in Crypto but now he knows a lot about Crypto. I think that’s one of the cool things about this project. We have people that have been in the Crypto space for a long time like our Legal Advisor, Empire Global partners, they have been in the Crypto industry for 9 years. They even helped out Ethereum and Bitcoin cash with their ICO. Since they’re a legal firm centered around Blockchain and Crypto, that is also something very valuable for us so that we stay on the right side of things, especially here in Sweden where it’s not so Blockchain friendly. You have to have all those different perspectives into it, so they’re very good. Then you get lots of help from our Crypto Advisory Board, we have some amazing people there. We have Royal Finance, a true superstar in the GameFi ecosystem, helping us out with everything that you can imagine. We have people that are not even in our team but are in our team in the way that they contribute on a daily basis and that is Suvi from Starter. Starter is the place that we have had our IDO on. Sue is just an amazing person. She is a Finnish woman but has her heart in Sweden as well, so she really cares about this project. We’re very stacked on the Tech side with an amazing Blockchain Developer and a seasoned crew that works with developing these mobile games, making us very flexible to actually add at least one more game every quarter. We will target the most popular games with a universal reach with hundreds of millions of players, bringing GameFi, NFTs, Play to Earn, Blockchain technology to the masses. We have that stacked Tech team, we also have the Community Managers that are working day and night in our Telegram groups and on Twitter and whatnot to answer people’s questions Pretty much the whole 360 perspective is with us there. We have Legal Advisors, Token Advisors, Crypto Advisors, we have lots of people that have been in the space for many years. We also have a lot of people that perhaps might not have been working in the Crypto space, so we get both the mass market perspective as well as the Crypto perspective. That’s something that I think a lot of projects are missing out on because we need to grow this space, we can’t just be a small eco chamber, we need to be more, we need to share our visions of how to improve the world and how to solve real world problems with Blockchain technology. We need to do that to the mass market because that’s the overall idea to actually make Blockchain technology and all the amazing ideas that come with it, a household thing, a mainstream thing. That’s something that is very special about this project, we are actually delivering something pretty much within the first days after the token is released. We’re not trying to raise funds in that sense to make us rich, we have put ourselves last. The team gets their tokens vested for 24 months and we’re the last ones to receive tokens. The price performance is often something that projects spend too much time on. What we know is that we will deliver some really kick-ass games, we will have huge markets that we are disrupting. We’re pretty much taking all of the popular mobile games and adding all these amazing things from GameFi and Blockchain technology, letting the entire world experience how it is to play these kinds of games. That’s something that we are banking on will make the gaming industry disrupted in that sense.


5. What is the Mimir Quiz Game about? Is it just random questions or does it have any kind of specific topics?

Viktor: Essentially, when you download this app, there will be two different games, we have 1vs1 and the Livestream Tournaments. Those two games are 100% Free to Play. For just playing, you will be rewarded in Mimir Tokens for your achievements. For instance, you and I are playing a 1vs1 game then we’re doing that in round-based games. We have 5 rounds with 3 questions in each round then we go back and forth and after the game is finished we will see who is the winner with the most correct answers. This is a 24/7 gameplay, you can just play as many games as you like and you will be rewarded with Mimir Tokens. That’s based on your achievements and your playing activities. For instance, if you played 100 games in 1vs1 then you’re rewarded with x amount of Mimir Tokens if you’re on a winning streak. If you’ve won 10 in a row that will also grant you some Mimir Tokens. This is capturing the most popular gameplay of all time quiz games in the traditional way. It’s something you can always play with your friends or with random opponents across the world and for doing that you’re rewarded in Mimir Tokens. But, the most thrilling thing, the most exciting feature of the Mimir Quiz Game is for sure the livestream shows. In our studio here, you see the green screen and the camera, that’s where we will be hosting the livestream events. We actually have 3 full-time game hosts that will deliver some really thrilling excitement to players all over the world. This concept is not something that we have invented. This was actually started back in the US three years ago when HQ Trivia launched their HQ Trivia app, which was a new way of thinking in terms of the quiz games. Everyone knows “Who Wants to Be A Millionaire”, “Jeopardy!” and all those kinds of quiz shows on TV but since pretty much everyone has turned off their TV right now and no one is watching linear TV, those kinds of games have more or less faded out. The cool thing about mobile games is that they also have the power of livestream. What they did was that they live streamed a quiz show that users could participate in. Instead of sitting at home on your couch watching “Jeopardy!” where other people are competing for money and answering questions, they let you be part of the action. You could actually answer questions and compete for the money just like if you were one of the participants in “Jeopardy!”. That is a truly groundbreaking concept to take all the ones that have been watching TV game shows and let them be part of the show, let them be able to win money. That is exactly what we’re doing here. We’re going to be live streaming at least 5 different live quiz shows from our studio here every day where we will have games that are Free to Play, where you can register for. In the first week of launching the Mimir Quiz Game, I think our guaranteed allocations in terms of Mimir Tokens will be the equivalent of $10,000 worth of Mimir Tokens all the way up to $100,000 worth of Mimir Tokens. You can just download this game and register for free but then we also have the Play to Win version. To enter into these game modes, you have to have Mimir Tokens in your Metamask wallet and you use the Mimir Tokens to stake before entering a game in 1vs1. If you and I were to play in a 1vs1 game in Play to Win, we could settle a stake before entering the game. We’re playing for a prize pool. For instance, you and I are playing for 100 Mimir Tokens then we both send in 100 Mimir Tokens with a click of a button to a safe escrow that holds the prize pool. After the game is finished, the winner will take that prize pool. In the live shows, you need to pay an entry fee in Play to Win to enter and all the entry fees that are paid go directly into the prize pool. If you have 100,000 people paying $1 worth of entry fees then everyone is competing for $100,000 worth of Mimir Tokens in this game. That’s the exciting thing. If you look at the metrics of these live quiz shows, people might be wondering how big are these live shows because there are fiat live quiz shows out on the market and it’s huge. A small country like Sweden with 10 million people actually had 150,000 Swedes entering in to play in these fiat versions of live quiz shows. In the US, at their peak, they had 2.5 million Americans. You can find this also in China, Korea, pretty much all over the world, these sort of live quiz show games with fiat money have popped up and they’re super popular but their limitation is that they’re handling fiat money. With fiat money comes restrictions, if your game is centered around giving away money in fiat then there is no way that you can let people outside of your domestic market or your country enter. The cool thing about the Mimir Quiz Game, if you just count out the Blockchain part, is we will be the first quiz game in the world that is launching a live quiz show that the entire world can join in and play. That is a groundbreaking concept. The way we do that is through Blockchain technology. When people are competing for these prize pools in Mimir Tokens, after the game is done, the smart contracts operating in the game will send out instant transfers to the winner’s wallets, solving the problem that other fiat live quiz shows have but they can’t transfer money to participants that have won in the game. If you look at HQ Trivia, that was a huge success in the US, I think they were one of the most played mobile games in 2018-2019 but then they sort of disappeared because they went bankrupt. They ran out of money and the prize winnings in these sorts of game shows with fiat money is like $2 or $3 so it’s very low. The prize winnings that we will have in our game will be astronomically higher because we can invite the whole world to join. We also have that added feature with Play to Win where people can pay an entry fee and that goes into the prize pool that everyone is competing for. With the power numbers and doing this with the most universal game concept of all time, trivia and quiz games, I think we can be one of the Crypto games that actually onboards a big number of mass-market people. That’s very exciting for normal people that have never been in contact with Crypto. This could be one of their first steps that they take into the Cryptosphere and that’s very exciting as well.


6. Can you briefly go through the tokenomics distribution?

Viktor: To start off in the tokenomics section, I think it’s important to highlight that roughly 40% of the total supply is locked in a reward pool that is centered around liquidity and rewards to players, 40% of the total supply goes to that idea in terms of letting people get paid for playing our games. It’s not just in Mimir Quiz Game, it’s for the entire ecosystem of games that is coming in the Mimir World. The dark blue section, that reward pool holds the liquidity pool and the reward pool. From starters, it’s locked so that is not something that even we can move. Then it is centered around smart contracts paying out rewards to people for playing our games. This reward pool is constantly being filled up in its resupply since our business model is to take a rake of all the price pools that are played in our ecosystem. We take a small percentage, roughly 5-10% of each game that is played with a prize pool, not the free part, but in the Play to Win. The majority of that rake is going back into the reward pool. As we play more games in the Mimir World ecosystem, that reward pool is getting filled up even more and then it’s only unlocked when people are playing the game. We’re very heavy-centered around Play to Earn in that way. There are also some more exciting things coming in the NFT space and this will work for all the games that are coming out. As we onboard with even more users, that reward pool will be more valuable for players as time goes on. That’s the overall idea, to be centered around having our tokenomics for Play to Earn NFTs and all the amazing things with GameFi.


7. What about the roadmap for the whole project of MImir?

Viktor: The roadmap in essence, today is a historical day for the Mimir project, we are out on so you can actually buy Mimir with USDT and e-trading pairs. It’s actually amazing to see that come to life. Tomorrow, we will launch on Uniswap with a big bang coming out at 7AM UTC so check that out. Those are the two listings that are coming this week but we will have more listings on QuickSwap and some other places that we will announce. And then, what everyone is waiting for, the Mimir Quiz Game! How it works is when you launch a Blockchain game, since everything is on the main net in terms of the in-game transactions, we have to wait for the TGE which is today until we can publish the game into Google Play and App Store. After you do that, it’s a reviewal process, the guys at Google and App Store have to review the game and then publish it but with our lawyers and the Tech team that is building these games, we have been very thorough with reading through their terms and conditions. Hopefully, they will not postpone anytime in that sense to deliver the game in Google Play and App Store but we have the game in TestFlight right now and the studio, the live host, is waiting for everyone to join the game. Hopefully in a couple of days, it’s hard to tell because we don’t know how long it will take for Google Play and App Store to approve the game before it’s published. If it takes too long then we will invite our community into a TestFlight mode, then we don’t need to have Google or App Store approval to play the game. They can download the game in TestFlight mode and enjoy the live shows but hopefully that will be published to the App Store and Google Play in a couple of days. Stay tuned for that announcement on our social media channels. You should not miss that because the first week that will be action-packed, we will have at least 5 daily live shows covering the major time zones so anyone can play in these games but we will have lots of prices. If you check out Twitter, people go crazy if someone says “Oh, if you retweet this, you can win $250. Come on”. The first live shows that we are going to have are going to be very fun topics, it can be anything, it can be about BSC Army, Brave Browser, soccer, Michael Jackson. It’s gonna be quiz games with topics that people can relate to and find very interesting. Once they come into the lobby, they can check out the coming schedule but stay tuned for that announcement. We’re working very hard to get it out as soon as possible. If Google Play and App Store takes too long then we will pull the trigger and invite people into the TestFlight mode for the first few days then it will be published. We’re also launching this as a desktop web version game as well. One of our partners here in the Crypto space is Brave Browser. A cool thing that is happening on their end is that they are planning to onboard games into their browser. Brave is growing like crazy, they have 42 million active monthly users. In the beginning of next year, in Q1, we will explore a new way to launch games in Brave Browser, reaching that target group. That’s going to be very exciting as well.


8. You mentioned earlier that users can plug in their credit card and start doing the introduction in-game, etc? How would you make sure that your security system worked well enough to guarantee all of that to work smoothly and guarantee your users’ money and wallet as well as the trust to the project?

Viktor: First of all, the Mimir Token has been audited by Zokyo, one of the most reputable security and audit companies for Cryptocurrencies and tokens in the world. You can find that audit on our website and we passed with flying colors. Our Blockchain Developer was very happy to see that Zokyo had pretty much no comment on the token functionality, so we actually received a 100% code functionality and the industry standard is 95%. That’s way above the industry standard, so the Mimir Token is secure in that sense and it’s built on the Ethereum Blockchain. Even though we bridge it over the Polygon in the game, it’s 100% secure that all the on-chain activities are 100% in that way. When it comes to the off-chain which is the react native that the game is built on the mobile game then we take in some very strong security measures that we have built in to mitigate any and all cheating with questions. We use Chainlink’s VRF functions so all the questions generated in the game are chosen randomly and provable for a very cool use case with Chainlink’s VRF functions. When it comes to in-game transactions, that’s actually using Moralis, also a Swedish tech company building Blockchain solution, so a big shout out to Moralis. That’s Ivan on tech’s Blockchain startup. With Moralis, we can actually facilitate credit card payments to receive Mimir Tokens in-game. The wallet in the game is not our wallet, it’s the Metamask wallet, the biggest one out there, very user-friendly and very secure. All the players that connect a new one or an existing Metamask wallet, they are the owners of that wallet, they have the private keys, it’s not something that we have access to in any way. Any way you look at it, it’s a secure infrastructure that the Mimir Quiz Game will deliver.


9. UI/UX is very important for mobile apps. What will you use to make your app easy to use and ensure good customer experience?

Viktor: That is the core mission for all of our games and that’s why we’re doing this, because there’s such a huge opportunity to more or less take the existing games that you can find in Google Play and App Store with hundreds of millions of people playing worldwide, then add these amazing things from the Blockchain space. But you can’t do that in a way where you make it harder for people to play it, make it confusing for them. The most important thing for the end product is to actually be better than what is out on the market. That is the most important thing for all of our games. How we do that in the game is that the onboarding process is very simple. You can download this game and play without even connecting a Metamask wallet, you can just enjoy a normal traditional quiz game with a 1vs1 game and compete in these live shows, but if you don’t connect a Metamask wallet then you won’t receive any rewards or price winnings. Just imagine this, we have 350 million people on this planet that plays quiz games on their mobile phones, smartphones and mobile devices and they are stuck with this situation, they can either pay a monthly fee to play a quiz game on their phone that costs $5-$10 every month, or they can play a free version with limited gaming options and these annoying ads that come up every time you do something. Every time you click a button, you get a new ad. If you’re just one of these 350 million people on the planet, right now or when the Mimir Quiz Game comes out, you can just switch to our game and it’s just as easy to play and you don’t even have to connect the Metamask wallet, you can just enjoy the quiz fun, no ads, 100% for free. But in terms of UI/UX in that way, to answer the question, we have built what I was talking about earlier, but in terms of the Blockchain functions that you’re working with. Our Blockchain Developer has built seamless functions so every transaction that is done in the game is done by a click of a button. Since it’s on the Polygon network, we have zero gas fees and lightning fast transactions. We can scale this game to hundreds of thousands of people, perhaps even millions. That’s pretty much it, you connect a Metamask wallet, it’s just as easy as to set up a new email account, even mass-market people who have no experience in Crypto can do that. That’s the only technical threshold in the game. All the other things are just clicking buttons and under the hood, we have smart contracts operating, sending transactions to these prize pools or sending or buying in-game items. All those kinds of things are not done with manually entering a wallet address where you’re sending stuff to. The Metamask wallet is instantly set to the Polygon network, so you don’t have to do anything. In terms of that way, just think of a normal traditional mobile game and all that user interface and seamless experience for players. That’s what you’re gonna get in the Mimir Quiz Game. You answer questions, you play fun quiz games, you get rewarded for it and the technical threshold is very, very low in that way.

10. Can Mimir display the question interface in the user’s native language? That will attract more global players instead of only showing English?

Viktor: You have to start somewhere. English makes sense because most of the things that are centered around a mass-market approach are done with english. One of our hosts actually speaks Mandarin, that’s Jeff, he speaks very good English and he also speaks Mandarin. As we grow and we see that we have strongholds in Vietnam, the Philippines, China, France or whatever, we can actually tailor the quiz themes to be livestreamed with a host speaking that language. In the quiz game, we will just have that country’s flag centered around the event. It’s going to be a Chinese-speaking host. It’s going to be a French-speaking host, a Spanish-speaking host or whichever language we find meaningful to have games. We will have English in the beginning. As we grow we will see where we have strongholds of communities, in that way we can pinpoint places that make sense for us. It’s very easy, we have a database of hundred thousand questions in the 1vs1 game and that’s going to be some time with translating. But in the live shows, that’s done through live streaming so all we need is to have a presenter speaking that native language and people can join in. We write the liveshow questions ourselves just to make it even more fun and exciting and be centered around interesting topics. In that way, it’s going to be very easy for us to tailor questions to other areas of the world in the Mimir Quiz Game. That will probably come out in a month or so, I would say depending on how fast we grow and where we find some strongholds of players. If we grow in China, for instance, we’re launching on Gate and we also are backed by some very strong investors from chain fear and firefight from China. They will also help us translate websites questions and whatnot. A cool thing as well, since the game is centered on liveshow, as we grow we will find these different places where we will pinpoint and do some extra activities.

11. What are Mimir Quiz top priorities by the end of 2021 and the upcoming 2022? Could you share some plans for the upcoming years? Which part of the project are you most focused on right now?

Viktor: It’s quite crazy to launch a token and the game so close to each other. Pretty much no one else does it in the Crypto space. We have been working from 6AM until late across midnight, Monday to Sunday to make this thing come to life. Our attention is on the token side so that it can be launched in a very good way. Our focus is also on the Mimir Quiz Game and also the upcoming games. We’re launching a new game in Q1, perhaps in the middle of January, end of January I would say. The second Mimir game, Blockchain game-based, is going to be centered around knowledge. It’s going to be centered around one of the most popular game shows in the world as well. We will use livestream, we will use the Mimir Token, we will use some very strong and powerful Blockchain technologies and we will bring that to one of the most popular games in the world. Some of the games, without saying which one will come next, we will target scrabble, like Wordfeud, Ruzzle. Think of all the game shows that you’ve seen on TV that have now disappeared. All these game shows were centered around people competing either in a competition or with some knowledge-based theme. They’re competing for money in very fun and exciting ways for the audience. One of the cool things about being a Mimir Token holder is that it’s a decentralized governance token with voting rights, so holders of the Mimir token can participate in voting activities that will shape the Mimir world of Blockchain games. They will be able to participate in voting of which games will be upcoming that we should focus our development team on. We’re always open to listen in and get feedback from our community because that’s the most important thing. The community, we want to let them shape the future of the Mimir World as well so you can always reach out to us on Telegram at @mimirofficial and you can always go to Discord, Twitter or Reddit and find us there as well. Any sort of game that you think will be the next big hit, you can just bring it our way, we’ll have a look at it and we’ll see what happens. That’s the overall idea to have a new game come out every quarter where the Mimir Token is the only token ruling all of these mobile games.

12. I note that the project has been listed on Gate and Uniswap; does Mimir intend to list any more or will focus on advertising the product in the near future?

Viktor: We will announce when the next listing is rather soon. It will probably be QuickSwap on the Polygon. We have some really amazing interest from a lot of other centralized exchanges and we’re also looking into adding Mimir to trading pairs on other DEXs. Right now we are on Gate with two different trading pairs on USDT and ETH. Tomorrow, we will launch on UniSwap. Up next will be QuickSwap and then some other exciting things so stick around and follow us on social media. You will be the first one to know. A good thing for us will be new listings on even bigger centralized exchanges. Also, when we start onboarding the mass market, that’s the top priority to build or to implement the fiat on ramp, the mass market can come in and buy Mimir Tokens so that will be creating a lot of volume on exchanges.

13. The Polygon network is cheap but the transaction is quite slow, what solution does your game have to fix this?

Viktor: We’ve already tested it out but now that we’re on maintenance, we don’t experience any slow transaction speeds in that way. If that person can write to Mr. Stenberg on Telegram, he can probably give a very detailed description of how we’re doing. There’s also good editorial news with Mimir and Polygon that Polygon has put out on Crypto Daily which highlights all the Full Stack solutions that we use with Polygon technology to facilitate these transactions in a fast and scaled way. In essence, I think the best way would either be to contact us on social media or read through this article. If I had my Blockchain Developer, he is actually taking a little break right now. If he were here, he would have answered in a better capacity than what I can do.


Up to now, Mimir has had outstanding growth with an ever-expanding ecosystem, promising to thrive in the near future.

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