AMA Recap: Mones

Mones Live AMA Recap

Basic information

Time: June 23rd, 2022 at 2 PM UTC

Project name: MONES

Host: Kenny from Blockchain Army

Guest speakers: Irene Hoang | MONES

Main content:


  • Team
  • Products and Services
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Community



  • Could you please introduce your project and your vision to us?

Mones is a new generation Play Own Earn RPG on BSC targeting both traditional and NFT game players, game lovers, and true investors who are looking for a potentially profitable project and a long-term opportunity. 

Our ambition is to become a top-of-mind NFT game on BSC and build a sustainable ecosystem in the blockchain space as well.

Mones has a massive character system with more than 200 characters and 8 attractive game modes. Appealing features like kingdoms, tournaments, referral programs, and interactive functions which enable users to communicate with others directly in-game.

In general, our mission is to onboard millions of game lovers, and game players from traditional space to blockchain and bring them a brand new concept where they are offered good opportunities to make a living and still enjoy playing games. I think there was a lot of positive reaction to bringing these two communities together and further driving blockchain adoption

Part 2: TEAM

  • Can you give us more details about your team and how do you work together? 

We’re an international team of game experts both from Korea and Vietnam. Actually, we were all working in native space with more than 15 years of experience building games and engaging player communities. We love games and we also love the idea of games with 100% ownership of in-game assets which is now known as NFTs and token.

However, we have been doing lots of research about NFTs games and their economy model before. We also saw certain issues of the last generation as low-quality gameplay, sensitive/inflated ecosystem and user engagement. 

So that’s why we started Mones. We wanna bridge the gap between the old and new one and we aim to become a triple-A project leading the revolution of NFT game.

Another reason why we decided to team up and build a crypto project is because of the model itself. It’s just way more balanced when you think about it. With mobile games, 100% of ad revenue and 100% of in-app purchase goes to developers and they take all control of the project. Whereas in crypto, you can have a revenue share and also have a voice in the project development phase, you can contribute to game design and game operation. It’s the DAO concept in which users have the right to submit and vote on proposals to develop the Mones ecosystem. It’s a mind-blowing concept and what we always want to do with our investors.


  • What are the services and products your project offers and what is the role of your token?

We approach users and the market with a completely new Play-Own-Earn model, replacing the old Play to Earn.

In this model, we don’t have the so-called in-game token.  One of the biggest factors leading to an unhealthy ecosystem and game inflation is the unlimited supply of in-game tokens. Therefore, we decided to remove the in-game token to eliminate the risk of token dump and economic crash.

Actually, money is not the most important factor. We don’t focus on that, we focus on building products people use, and how to make them the most efficient, the most impactful thing for our users. Our main priority is to bring users the best gaming experience and encourage them to reinvest in games to unlock or enjoy more great features. By doing so, the game economy and the game lifecycle become sustainable.

Now, in the Play – Own – Earn, the focus is Play. 

If you want to make more money, the only way here is to play as much as possible and spend on upgrading the hero level which will make it more valuable on the MONES marketplace later. 

We also believe in empowering players, by sharing the revenue generated on Mones with our community through true ownership of digital assets.  It’s just way more balanced when you think about it. That’s why we call it the PLAY_OWN_EARN model.

That’s also the only way to attract users but still keep a balanced economy.

Regarding our governance token $MONES, there won’t be direct use of $MONES for in-game activities. There are multiple ways to earn $MONES outside the game. 

Firstly, you can manage to craft valuable NFT items and sell the items on the marketplace for $MONES. 

Besides, you can complete a daily quest or uncover hidden treasures to get rewards and exchange for $MONES. 

Finally, it’s the DAO concept in which $Mones holders have the right to submit and vote on proposals to develop the Mones ecosystem. You can find it on our whitepaper. It’s mind-blowing and also what we always want to do with our users. 


  • Can you tell us a little bit about your preparation stage for this game and what are your expectations when the game comes out officially?

Firstly, to reach and attract new members, we are trying to connect with as many gaming guilds and crypto/NFT communities as possible. Our top priority is doing cross-marketing activities and co-branded promotions with our partners to spread Mones brand awareness and direct new users to Mones. We also plan to organize lots of gaming events such as scholarships, tournaments, championships, and e-sports…to engage members and level up their team spirit.

Secondly, we keep pushing in-house marketing activities such as running paid ads, booking PR articles as well as KOL coverage to gain users. We also have regular campaigns to maintain the excitement of the community such as airdrops, minigames, ambassadors programs… 

Thirdly, we focus on product marketing in which we try to develop extensive social features which not only bring users the best gaming experience but most importantly – the feeling of being connected. Community and guild are now integrated right into the game enabling users to play and earn by joining kingdoms and communicating with their teammates. They can visit others’ profiles and chat around as well as refer friends to play games and then receive commission/ passive income – this is a new model which we call the member-get-member mechanism. 

Releasing Mones on Apple store and Google Store is also a big turn for our team to reach the target number of unique users quickly and lower maximum user acquisition cost (CAC).


  • What policies or plans are you having to take care of your community?

We always believe that we are nothing without the community! The most important part is USERS! We are still building.. It may take a little longer but I have trust in our team and we will deliver as expected. Reth to the moon!

Yes! And we will slowly target more markets soon! I can’t wait to see more game features to be revealed. And we even raised the trailer of the game too so we can slowly target all markets!

The Dev team is doing their best to release the game as promised and you don’t have to worry about anything. Rest assured that we are doing everything to give the community the best possible experience.


  • There are a lot of games in the universe right now that follow the P2E (Play to Earn) trend and I saw that you guys are going for another one which is NFTs. What is the difference between these two concepts?

You know we are students of science, we are students of biology and economics. Every principle that helps make the real world work and one thing that we’ve learned is that balance and harmony is extremely important for growth and for evolution and in nature. So we’ve developed the idea of enjoy to earn and what is enjoyed to earn? To explain it simply, imagine a big house and in this house we put create to earn, we put play to earn, we put investment to earn, we put development to earn, I don’t know, put dance to earn, put laughter and put whatever you want to earn in this house. However, the house itself is enjoyable to earn. That’s what gives game five flexibility. It’s the development team focusing not on telling you how to earn because what is play to earn really means play whatever we decide you must play to earn. So if our game is a moba you must moba to earn; if our game’s a first person shooter, you must FPS to earn.


We don’t want that because what happens is when there’s too many players and too little choices. Players eventually stop making money and you can’t have that. We need to have infinite options for players to earn doing what they like and if they’re earning while doing what they like, the economy will naturally grow and innovation will naturally grow. So Enjoy-To-Earn is the next step. It’s freedom. Our goal is to make sure that if people are enjoying themselves, they will play. If they are going to play, the game will have investors, entrepreneurs and developers and studios pumping experiences into the world. If they do that, the metaverse will grow. So it accomplishes all of our goals. If we stop focusing on immediate profits and more focus on long-term development, then everything will come into place including the profits.

  •  MONES entity in-game system and their respective features, how can players own these entities?

The NFTs of The MONES are called ‘paragons’. We got our own name for it. We like to be special; we like to be beautiful so we gave it a name called paragon. If you ask me NFT is a stupid name so you can’t blame us. You can have a non-fungal token right. So we have the hydra system. That’s our version of ownership for power, for NFTs so there’s going to be a design which is a blueprint for an NFT which is an art paragon. Then you of course will own your paragons which you know once built. For example, if I build a dan paragon like a goofy guy wearing a black shirt and I build him with really weak ruins, he’ll have a power strength of zero and then I build him with legendary runes. You have a power strength of 1200 so I will rent that physical object and I can sell that physical object and I can lease. If I have a copyright of the paradigm design and other people want to use it, they search their marketplace, they find me and they want to use that design to build their character. They can pay a royalty fee and the player can set the royalty fee so there’s a lot of potential for individual entrepreneurship making in MONES through NFTs. Now, we don’t want staking to be a thing in the beginning before the open world actually develops. We will have staking to stimulate the economy and reward our players for participation in the economy. Once the open world features and land comes out to play, we want the NFTs in the game, we want creation, building and construction to happen. So we’ll give you better incentives than staking.

  • The MONES is different from other games in that there is no competition between players. Does this make the game less appealing to gamers?

We want every single gaming genre in The MONES because we want everything. The real world has everything the real world has. We just don’t want the politics; we don’t want the corruption; we don’t want the theft and the lack of balance. We want perfect beauty but we’re gonna have competition. Again, if we get a competition like MOBAs, like Dota 2 or whatever mobile legends you know, we’re going to think harmony balance right. So players who are good players with good sportsmanship who encourage and teach will get more rewards in the PRL and players who are toxic can go back to the real world.

  • How to balance the entertainment factor and making money in MONES? Does the project ensure the emotional experience factor of the players?

You have to try hard to gain the rewards right? Besides buying NFT to repurchase to resell in the marketplace or to reduce in the game, they can view another rare tank to find in our squad. I think that gameplay is one of the things we mentioned in part one. Gameplay is one of the most interesting things to maintain the entertainment factors for our player. To ensure the emotional experience can you share more?

My idea about the questions is our team are both NFT gamers and traditional gamers. I mean like who doesn’t play games? Except for me, I’m bad at games. Anyway, gamers will finally get bored with the IDO of traditional games like play-for-fun and also click-to-earn games. With all of the IDOs combined, we have come up with a play-and-earn game. As I said before, this is not a click-to-earn and not also a playful fun game. You can reach our white paper to see how the game will be played. We would definitely balance the factor between experience and also making money. What we do is we are trying to keep the best experience for users, for our players. Normally for traditional gamers, they play games in the direction of topping up the money so they can play and in return, what do they get? They only get some feeling of joys and some relaxation but in MONES or in NFT games, they can both play and earn at the same time. So I think that is a huge motivation for users. Nowadays, you can tell that it is not really easy to make more money from playing games. You can see that there are streamers but it’s quite hard to be famous and most of the revenue that they get comes from donations of viewers right? We would like to aim for a balance between earning a place so not to incline to one aspect but we want to balance both the emotional sense as well as possible income for players. I think that’s the mission that we have to achieve in order to become one of the best in the industry. 

  • At this time many players are getting bored playing games on this network. What solution do you have if this situation occurs during the operation of your game?

To be honest with you, it’s like where this information actually comes from. It’s some analytical data where BSC’s performance dipped or their growth rates dipped or a comparative chart was made where BSC is showing slower than others. I’ll be honest with you, I haven’t looked into it greatly enough but as my general knowledge of business goes at this particular time, BSC is huge. It’s absolutely huge and it also has over a million registered wallets and a key and it’s still growing and it also has a very impressive track rate for launching games and attracting very very large communities to gaming. So I don’t think it’s a big issue at this time. I think that every platform, every game, every institution has ups and downs. I think BSC might be suffering the blues and when I say suffering the blues, I mean when you grow really really big. When you’re in a bull market like gamefi is, you get the bad seeds with the good seeds. Sometimes the bad seeds affect you in a negative way and maybe that’s what bsc is experiencing a little bit right now. However, you can’t be the biggest player without some negatives. Therefore, I think they’re too big and too strong and too smart to let this affect them in the long term. I still think that it’s still the wisest decision for us as a gamefi starting platform to launch there because the most important thing in gamefi is your initial global community outreach and launch. At the moment, they’re the best for it. That’s right even though the BSC network is really huge and like a lot of other projects joining this network is making the network go slower. Yet I don’t think I have experienced the slowness of that through every transaction lately. I don’t think it’s a big issue because you know it’s still growing and a lot of other projects are still getting into that. Thus, there’s a reason why it is significant. They’ll adjust and they’ll fix it.


Up to now, MONES has had outstanding growth with an ever-expanding ecosystem, promising to thrive in the near future. 

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