AMA Recap: Moniwar

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Basic information

  • Time: October 10th, 2021 at 2PM UTC
  • Project name: Moniwar
  • Host: Kristen from BSC Army
  • Guest speakers: Henry Nguyen| Representative from Moniwar
  • Main content:
    • Part 1: Project overview
    • Part 2: Team
    • Part 3: Products and Services
    • Part 4: Tokenomics
    • Part 5: Security
    • Part 6: Roadmap
    • Part 7: Community Q&A



Would you like to introduce a little bit about the project and also your position in the project as well before we get to the video?

Henry: Of course. About myself, I have to say I’m currently working as the Representative of Moniwar. Moniwar is basically an epic puzzle game with a PvP mechanism for everyone. The aim of our project is to create a new experience for players in the field of gaming and DeFi. The game is created with a good mechanism for players to be both entertained and also to bring income in a sustainable way to make money for the user. Originally, our game is inspired by the very famous and wide love game around the world named Battle of Legend. We combined a little bit with the history of Greek Myth and also with the defy technology – blockchain technology by taking the full advantages of the intractability of blockchain, allowing the real world of players to interact with each other in our virtual world and in the modern world. So it breaks down all the barriers that the pre-existing traditional games have, and our team, ultimately our goal is to build a complete world-class entertainment platform with a worldwide coverage placed on our blockchain technology. So hopefully, later this year, when the official version has been released, you can download moneyboard on both ios, android and you can play directly on our website. That is some you know like a brief introduction about our project and about the game Moniwar.

So, would you like to tell more about the project’s name meaning and like what’s the story behind that? Where did your team get the idea for this name?

Henry: Sure. So, Moniwar basically starts from guys as I have said before in the first part. It starts from the very, you know, Asian Greek history of money and it’s based on the war in Greek history between the three realms before humans appear: the Upper Realm, the Soma Realm is where every creature leaves and also the Lower Realm as we normally call it the Underworld. And before humans appeared in 1200 BC, there was, you know, like a tremendous battle war between the Upper Realm and the Lower Realm. This battle, this war created a “space-time” gap between them in the Soma world and it released the monster from the underworld to the human world, where creatures and plants live. In that war, we can see that there is unfortunately the king of the Underworld, Abraxax was dead and the story of Moniwar starts from that moment when his son, Lucas, tried to gather all the pets, all the creatures in the Soma world to make an army to revenge for his father and players when attending Moniwar will participate in his fantastic adventure through maps to lands. Also, there’s total of five maps in the games: Water, Metal, Nature, Fires and also Earth. So, after the maps he tried to collect an army and gather to fight against the Upper Realm, so that is basically a short story for that. As you can see, it is very different from the trendy game plot right now, which many games follow with the heroic theme and try to, you know, build their games with the saving the world story. But with our games, we try to make it become different with the theme of revenge, as you can see in the trailer. The creatures and pets in our game are a little bit in a dark theme, but it’s very approachable for the players. It’s not too scary. It’s a little bit somehow still very friendly, and it’s made some features that makes the Moniwar become very unique and different from the others , different from the crowd. And that is, you know, the long story short. I really want to tell you more about the game plot, but I think that we should wait and keep updating when the game is being released, so we can fully enjoy the game and in the game plot with the adventure of Lucas.

Part 2: TEAM

So apart from you as the representative from the project, would you like to tell more about your team members and how many team members there have been working along with you since day one, and how do they contribute to the project?

Henry: Wow, when talking about the people who contribute to our project, there are many people that I want to tell, I want to name right now but I think it will cost all the time that we have here in the two-day AMA. (Interviewer: so take your time) So, I want to try to focus on those who are very important, like our core team. So I really want to start with the beginning of the all – the founder, the CEO of the project – Mr. Bảo. He has 13 years of experience in the video game industry and 4 years of building blockchain technology applications and he is currently the head of technology in BAS. Beside him, we have our co-founder our CMO, Mr. Andy. He is an expert in the blockchain marketing field in Vietnam and he is also the CEO of the big agency in blockchain marketing, MBC. And other than two people, the core team also includes many leaders in their field, each of them is in charge of different parts of the game like from the developers, from the art, from the community management, from the marketing. We come from different fields but we all want to ensure that when the game is being released, we could provide you the best experience for our players and we are so confident to make a very wonderful game for our users to have an amazing game experience and that some people they want to talk about when talking about a team.


So, together as the team, you guys have built quite a lot along the way. As I can see, this whole game, this whole project and the business model. So, to talk more deeply into that, would you like to say something about the NFT, what significance that it stands for in the game of Moniwar?

Henry: So, about our NFT mechanism, that is something very clear that we have mentioned in our game file section, that you can easily find on our website Basically, the game NFT system will include four main parts that will run and function surrounding one own and only common token named $MOWA. The first part of it will be Moniwar shop, you can call it the marketplace, that is the main exchange market of the game community and investor here, the players and investor can buy and sell the gaming items. The pieces of the pet or you can spell stones for upgrading levels or the charm to increase some indicators of the bet. That is the shop, the second one is the Moniwar MMT pool. This is where players and investors can stake the mobile token. The third one is the Moniwar Action. We call it the action because that is the activity you take part in the game, where you can earn the reward. After each time you win or you pass the map, the record will be in two ways. First, one will be the chest and the second one will be in the Blind Box. That is two ways you can earn the reward in the game. And also, there is another thing in the Moniwar Action, another activity that you can take part in, you can take the game item, is the ‘Auction’. So whenever someone pays the highest price they will earn the reward. So that is one way to increase the competitiveness among the community. The fourth part of our system will be the bounty, the Moniwar bounty. So basically before and during the game launch and IDO round, there will be many airdrop events and mini-game and lucky attendees can get a valuable price and early energy items, like pets from our size. So that is some of the features of energy that you can seek for more detail. You can also reach our website for detailed information.


You have talked a lot about the token utilities in the entity marketplace in the game already, but would you like to clarify more about the tokenomics distributions and the upcoming IDO that you guys are holding. How is the token distributed to the team and to add liquidity or something like that?

Henry: Yes, of course. Different from other games that you can see in the market nowadays, in Moniwar, we only use one token, one and only common token, and its name is $MOWA. For the total pool, we have 300 millions tokens in total and there will be no burning mechanism in Moniwar. All the game transactions will be free. Only the token deposit or NFT trading, item trading in the market will be charged a small transaction fee, about 1% of the total transaction fee. And 80% of this process of the transaction fee will be put back into the play-to-earn reward pool to increase the reward for in-game players. So, 40% of that will be put into the game for play-to-earn reward so that will be 120 million tokens and the other part about 10% will be put for marketing strategy, 50% will be for developers, our team and our advisor as well and 10% will be used for the liquidity. So that is some information about the token distribution.


  1. You know there are a lot of scam projects out there on the market. What would you like to say to guarantee your user’s security? Do you think that your security system works well enough to secure your user’s wallet and their trust in your project as well?

Henry: You know keeping the safety environment is our top priority when first developing the game. We are working with the third party audit agency so that we can make the community and also the investor get more trust on the project. For the in-game safety, with hacking, bugs and cheating, there will be a system to solve the problem we put inside the game with an AI system so that will be one feature. Every strange phenomenon in the game that happens will be immediately tracked by our server and it will be immediately reported to the Dev team and they can easily solve it and try to avoid the consequences. With the hacking, not from us but also from the community as well, we really need your help so that we can maintain a very healthy environment so if you discover anyone or any strange things that appear when you are playing then you can report it to us through the report system. That is how we can keep in track about what’s happening in the game because the more people we put into the effort, the more effective it will be. That is some of the things that I want to share about maintaining the security of the players and also the investors. We really try to make it a safe place and healthy, friendly environment for not only when you play but also for the investors as well.

  1. Do you plan to give those people who report the bugs in the game to your Dev team? Do you plan on granting them any kind of contribution or prizes?

Henry: Yes, of course. There will be a small reward for anyone who reports the problems, the hacks. That will be a small encouragement that we give to our contributors. It’s not too much but it will get closer to the community and develop the game in a good way.


  1. How has the business been going? What have you guys gained along the way and what are the next goals in Moniwar?

Henry: From the very beginning, from when we started launching in August this year, we have received a lot of attention from the audience and this makes us really proud and grateful about the great attention from the audience. There are many impressive numbers that I really want to share with you right now. On our Twitter, there’s more than nearly 770,000 followers. In our Telegram, Moniwar’s global group, there are more than 60,000 participants. The facebook page also hit 32,000 likes recently. Our TikTok channel has reached 10 million views. In addition, there are more than 200 global newspapers that have reported on us in different fields related to blockchain, investment and economies. That is some indicator in million and our biggest target is trying to go global. With such support from the community, from the audience, that will be very possible. After the IDO round, in two days, we will release our beta version in late October. After we have collected all the commands and advice from the players who played the beta version, we’ll try to improve the gaming experience and try to fix the existing problems. Later this year, in November, hopefully we can give you the official version of Moniwar. That’s the plan in 2021 and next year in 2022, there will be many more things to Moniwar with a lot of big updates with new maps, new paths, new game modes. There are many things to be with and I think that you should stay tuned and keep updated to our novelist news on our social media.


  1. Because the gameplay is comparable to that of the diamond game, is it too simple or do you need to come up with new methods to play?

Henry: You know, developing the game and the traditional way of playing the diamond game. I believe that it’s a very approachable way to get to as many users as possible. I believe that everyone watching this live and even you, Kristen, have played this type of game before like Candy Crush. With my experience, I have never won every part of Candy Crush and I’ve never passed 500 rounds of Candy Crush. So I think that it’s not that simple, it’s not that easy for puzzle types of games and that is the first part when the game is being released. I think that you should give it a try and if you can pass all our rounds in one day, that will be an excellent result. Also, with other methods to play, of course our game is not only about diamond bustling, we have many other game modes like PvP where you can combat with others players on the server. This will be in a single battle or you can team up with other two members to make a party and you can battle with them. Beside the PvP that I have mentioned, there will be World Battle where the server will be divided into three teams so at the end of the day, the team that has the highest score will earn the reward. That’s how we try to connect our community, try to bring our players closer. Not only PvE but also PvP as well, that is a new game mode. Beside that, there are many other game modes that will be updated later in our updated back with dungeon, or auction game. Even PvP bet, that is the thing that we will release this year that you can bet with your opponent a certain amount of token and if you win, you can earn all that token.

  1. How is your plan to build up the in-game community as it is important for the long-term development of the game?

Henry: About the community, community is the main part of the game, building the community is very important to make the game become healthy and also developed. We are also aware of that as well and with the community right now before the game happens, we try to bring Moniwar to as many communities as possible, not only in sea but also many other big communities that have experience in crypto around the world. In each community, we try to reach their community manager and we try to bring our news that is translated in their language so that this will be very approachable and very easy for many people to be approached. Beside the AMA, we have many mini games or address events before the game happens to attract more people to come. Also, there are many events for only Thailand, only Vietnam so that will increase the individualism of each community. That is before the game launch. After the game launch, we will also organize and host many AMAs as well so that we can listen to the community. We try to collect and receive the comments from the players and try to listen and keep updates because there will be things that we think are good but the majority of people think this needs to be updated. That will make Moniwar becomes better. There is one important thing, in the market right now, we have many competitors, in one month there’s many projects being pushed so to win the heart of the community, to win the heart of the majority, we try to reach the non-crypto community by giving them the brief introduction about what is blockchain, what is GameFi in game, how you can earn money in the game. With this community, they don’t have a small knowledge about blockchain so we need to educate them about the game, about blockchain technology so that they can easily take part in the game and join the game as well. Also, in the game, all older system or the features are very user-friendly. We simplify it to reach as many people as possible. We aim not only for young people but also workers or even the elderly who have time and money so they can invest in a game and take time to enjoy the game as well. That is our strategy to reach the community.

  1. The situation of buying tokens at very high prices at the time of exchange listing happens frequently in IDOs, do you have any advice for investors preparing to buy $MOWA?

Henry: As you have known, in two days, we will have our IDO on four platforms, LaunchZone, cardio change, BSD Station and jaylon launchpad. The Whitelist is still open for registration and we have received more than a hundred thousand registrations from recent days. For those who want to invest in $MOWA in the early stage, I think that registering in the IDO is the best way for you to have the $MOWA token with a reasonable and profitable price. If you are not lucky, you have not been chosen in the Whitelist, after the $MOWA token being list on benefit squad, you can buy it but the price is not as low as it is now so take your chance. If you are lucky, you can join us in our IDO realm.

  1. Is Moniwar a project you built from zero or do you already have a game product in the traditional market? What do you think about the future of traditional games moving to blockchain games?

Henry: Originally Moniwar is developed from a traditional game, its name is Battle of Legend and we put the blockchain technology inside the game. Before that, the game has won the hearts of many people and was becoming one of the top trends in the market at that time. But when we put the blockchain technology inside the games, we aim for the bigger target that we want to spread the game, not only for the players but also for investors as well. Also, as you see the blockchain game is becoming a trend right now with many companies, many organizations will try to jump in and try to introduce their games, their projects every month so I think that is very prosperous not only for the creator, but also for the participant can join in and can earn money, earn by interest from playing the game. I think that the future of blockchain games is very bright. There are many things that we and also other games can do with NFT technology and we can’t wait to see it become real.


  1. Solving the problem of inflation as well as generating income for players is always a problem of many projects. Why did you only choose $MOWA as the main token for the project activities?

Henry: I have been asked this question many times in previous AMAs because many people are curious about how we keep the inflation rate low with only one main token. Because there are many examples of successful games that use more than two tokens, so that you can reduce the inflation rate. To our thinking, I think that we try to keep the game simple, that is our main thing. Using only one common token can help the user to easily adapt and get used to our GameFi. With inflation, we try to use another way, we try to go into different parts from the ground. With the only token, we do not use the burning mechanism like other games so the pool of the token will only be the fixed number. With that I have said 300 million tokens and that number is fixed so there will not be new tokens. We will charge you every time you make the transactions in the market, that will be 1% of the total fee and 80% of that will be put back into the game through the play-to-earn reward pool. That will keep the inflation number at a controllable rate. Also, in the game, we use one feature named Stamina Bar, so every day the player will only have the chance to play a maximum of 10 rounds, 10 activities per day. That will control the numbers of rewards that each player can earn a day, avoid the farming situation when players can play all day then they can earn many rewards in the very early stage like high and valuable items in the game. Also, it keeps the balance between players. That is how we control the inflation rate, we try to work on more solutions to inflation but when it happens, we try to control it.