AMA Recap: Openlive NFT

Open Live Live AMA Recap

Basic information

  • Time: January 10th, 2022 at 2PM UTC
  • Project name: Openlive NFT
  • Host: Alex from Blockchain Army
  • Guest speakers: Yuuki Sama|COO & Mr.Jimmy|CCO
  • Main content:
    • Part 1: Introduction
    • Part 2: Team
    • Part 3: Project Overview
    • Part 4: Unique Points
    • Part 5: Tokenomics
    • Part 6: Community Q&A



Would you like to introduce yourself a little bit to our lovely audience right here?

Jimmy: Yeah, so hello everyone. My name is Jimmy. I have been in this blockchain market for six years. I’ve been working on many platforms and currently I’m working on this Openlive NFT platform. I think it’s really trending and it has the interest of people around the world right now. I’m very excited about this project because, you know, NFT is a new wave and is gonna explode in 2000 and 2022.

Part 2: TEAM

Can you talk a bit about your team?

Jimmy: So today I’m gonna talk about some of our members in the BOD. I’m gonna talk about a short story between me and the founder of Openlive NFT. Her name is Maria Phan and she’s my friend. We have been working together for six years in the industries. She has been in the blockchain market for so many years. And one day when the NFT wave started rising, which was about one years ago, she shared this information with me. I was like “WOW” because that was what I was looking for. But the story she shared with me was not about a short term project. She was sharing a project which was about the rising of the NFT wave. And I was sitting there listening to her. I started to take action with her and some of our friends who were very experienced in blockchain. Some of our friends were really marketing. We got together, created this idea, and started taking action. What we are looking for here is we are trying to give something really valuable to the market. We are starting in Asian market, especially in Vietnam. We want the world to know about Vietnam. We are going to have a marketplace and we will gather all the NFT projects. It would be a solution to this. They can buy, sell and trade NFTs on our marketplace.


Could you give us a sense of what Openlive is like?

Jimmy: So Openlive NFT was born based on the idea of the NFT market. So we see that like in our previous time we had a lot of NFT games and we see that a lot of big boys are investing money in this industry like Coca-Cola,Pepsi, and Facebook. They also talk about the metaverse. We realize that NFT and metaverse, they have something that can’t be separated. Imagine now you are staying in a metaverse world and you want to buy some items which are tokenized into the metaverse world . And the real question here is where are we gonna buy those items? And that is the idea where we get to the idea of creating Openlive NFT. Talk about the features of the products, we see that we have a lot of marketplace all around the world. I think we all know that there is a very popular platform called Opensea and we want to follow them to this popularity. But we will create some differences, like some differences on the features of the platform. That is what we need to do. We need to work on when we release this project on the marketplace. We have done some research and we see that the set of other platforms, or based on marketing. Two very important things for this market, we will optimize the technology and we will develop some really different marketing strategies. Reveal a little bit about our marketing strategy, we will be targeting a lot of different industries, but the first one we want to target right now is the entertainment industry. We all know that the entertainment industry is the industry that makes a lot of money. So imagine what it’s like if all the celebrities own their own collection. And the NFT collection will be sold on our marketplace. We are not just limiting ourselves in the entertainment industry but we are working on other industries as well, just like sport or movies. In Vietnam, there is a special industry relating to planting and we are working with some partners who are growing mutated orchids. Imagine what is gonna happen if they NFT the plants? So that was my sharing about Openlive projects. With our vision and our strategy of Openlive, we are working with really big strategic partners and really big social channels. Our strategic partners were coming from different industries. These are the factors which gotta help Openlive on our growing journey.

Could you share with us some of the partners you are working with?

Jimmy: So the first media agency we are talking about is Barmy. It is one of our biggest media agencies, and they’re working on events like promoting events for us and also AMA. I feel really secure when I’m working with Barmy because they really understand what a startup needs when they are on their journey. I would love to thank our partnership, like our cooperation on this project. There are still some other media agencies that are working with us, but I’m not mentioning them right now. They also help us to promote our projects naturally. Yes. That is our answer for the questions.

Which are the features that no one can copy Openlive making it more superior and special?

Jimmy: There are some features that maybe the platform they haven’t updated, or they cannot copy like the launchpad. So this launchpad feature allows startups to raise their funds on our platform like using INO. For gamefi projects, they can raise their fund using IGO on our platform. And we confidently say that with this feature, we are helping a lot of startups get real value and real benefits from this NFT wave. This is the feature that we’re gonna release on our market when we are completing and releasing it. Beside that, we have Omni-chain and we also improve our UI/UX. UI/UX is a very special point of a product because you are not gonna use a digital product if it is not aesthetics or not easy to use. You are not gonna use that project or product if it makes it difficult to find the items on the market or platform. We see that and we will make it easier for you. We will make it better and improve our UI/UX. We want you guys to have a better way to use the product.


Can you share with us some of the reasons you would try to convince an investor to invest in Openlive?

Jimmy: There are three reasons that we are gonna attract the investors. First one is we optimize the platform and we develop our marketing strategy in the most unique way. The second reason why investors should come with us is because right now is about our team. We are working really hard like we really work on this project. We know that the market really needs some real platform like this, like a real marketplace like this. Another thing is transparency. Transparency here, we are talking about the transparency of the team. And we know that transparency is something really important especially in the current situation of the market. We were announced like all the BOD members right before the project started. Something that the investor really needs is transparency. We are transparent about the token and we are also transparent about our business strategy. And the third one is about advantages on the market, because this market is too new. We have talked about the gamefi projects and crypto projects but we haven’t talked much about the marketplace. A marketplace is a platform where you can store all the projects I just mentioned. To an investor, besides investing in the short term projects, they are also looking for the long term and they also need to invest in long term projects, just like our projects. And I want to mention one that the valuation of the projects right now is still quite an affordable token. I’m talking about the OPV token. The price is pretty low right now. And with our growth right now, I believe that the token and the price is going up really fast in the next few months. We are going to make it grow really fast. And it will multiply many times in a very short time. So, with the cooperation of the community and the help of the community, the allegation of the token is going off really fast. Yes. Those are the reasons why investors should join us right now and should invest in our project right now.


Can you share more about tokenomics of the project?

Jimmy: Okay. So we are sharing our screen right now to talk about it. So this is our token information. Our token name is OPV and it was written on BEP-20. The total supply is 200 million and we divided it into 10 different parts and we are about to IDO. We’re gonna use 2%, which means like about 4 million to sell on the IDO round. This is not a lot and we are gonna unlock like 100% to everyone who buys it on the listing phase. For people who buy on private sale, we are gonna unlock like 8%. To the people who want to own this IDO rail is very, to make it very attractive. The platform we are going to on they are holding some real big whitelists. I just received updated information that in our list right now, we have about over 300,000 people who sign up on our whitelists. We are launching it on BSC, J Launchpad and PancakeSwap. Our total sale on this IDO is only 260,000. This is very exciting for people who want to own this round and only the lucky users who sign up can get into this whitelist.


In the development features of Openlive, an omni-chain is mentioned. Can your team explain more about omni-chain and help users distinguish from multi chain?

Jimmy: So omni-chain is actually gonna be a solution to optimize all the trading, like buying and selling items. It’s like a blockchain and it can collect users’ information on different chains so it would justify the needs of the user and distribute it to different users on different platforms.

Openlive NFT has been built on exchanging NFT tokens. So how can Openlive NFT incentivize market liquidity and does Openlive have an internal market maker to ensure continued liquidity?

Jimmy: So based on my perspective, like, based on my understanding about these questions, I’m gonna give the answer, but I’m not really sure if it’s exactly what you mean, but if you have any further questions, maybe we can talk about it later. So Openlive is a marketplace, a platform where we are gonna trade, buy, and sell our NFT. And OPV is our payment method. Users can use OPV to buy and sell. The questions about how to make liquidity on our OPV, our market maker are in the process of making some plans for it based on the value of the market and community. We are going to make the OPV value the most suitable.

Alex: Okay, thank you for your answer. So, in terms of token, do you have a burning mechanism, staking or anything else?

Jimmy: So about the token we are having a plan to buy back from the transaction happening in our market. When we buy back, we will burn it. When we burn it, we are gonna create some need, like we make it rare to market. The information about the burning, we are gonna announce it in phase two of the projects. What we are trying to do is we are trying to avoid inflation. We are still having some other plans that we are not announcing yet. We are gonna widen our ecosystem with regards to tokens. We are gonna make some new liquidity gateway. We are creating a wallet to store the token. We are going to work with our strategic partners to build a payment system in e-commerce. You can go to any of the chains that are working with us and making liquidity.

I find the tokenomics section of Openlive project to allocate: SEED: 8% and Private: 12% of total supply is quite high compared to other projects. So can you share the meaning of this?

Jimmy: So about the total supply of this project, it is not much. It’s only 200 million because we want to work with the big strategic partners. We want to go long term. We want to find the real investors that are going for the long term with us. That is the reason why we have 8% in the seed round. You can look at the plan, like where we lock and unlock tokens. The big investors, when they join the seed round, they have to understand that we are gonna accompany each other for a really long journey. The private round, we have 12% but 8% at the listing phase. So in the private round, we are giving it to investors, ventures, and strategic partners. When they join the private round, they need to have some of the short term and some of the long term of the percent for the venture. Partner at the first phase is really important because in the private round, they’re not blending to go for the long term like people that joined in the seed round. But we want to make it easy and we want every investor to be happy with us. That is the reason why we have those numbers.

Does Openlive platform do airdrops, contest events, or training for users? Besides, are there any staking or earning transactions on the platform?

Jimmy: So actually our airdrop event is happening right now. You can join that event because we have been receiving a lot of entries for this and it is going up very fast. The reason why a lot of people participate in this event is because the chance of getting in the whitelist is really high. In the meantime and future, we are also gonna release a lot of different features to allow users to mint and stake, or have other activities to earn on our platform.

Audit plays an important role in improving the stability of any project. Do you have an audit certificate, or are you doing an audit of your project to make it more secure and reliable?

Jimmy: Okay. So about the audit, we are doing it with two different companies, which are CertiK and TechRate. Because we understand that the audit is really important in our platform, from the start, we already think of it and make a plan for it. You can go on TechRate and look for Openlive. We are gonna make the announcement about it in the next few days.


Up to now, Openlive NFT has had outstanding growth with an ever-expanding ecosystem, promising to thrive in the near future.

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