AMA Recap: Royal Rabbits Club

Royal Rabbit Club Live AMA Recap

Basic information

  • Time: April 10th, 2022 at 2PM UTC
  • Project name: Royal Rabbits Club
  • Host: Alex from Blockchain Army
  • Guest speakers: Mark Smith | Founder of Royal Rabbits Club
  • Main content:
    • Part 1: Introduction
    • Part 2: Project Overview
    • Part 3: Vision
    • Part 4: Unique Selling Point
    • Part 5: NFTs
    • Part 6: Tokenomics
    • Part 7: Roadmap
    • Part 8: Free To Play
    • Part 9: Goals
    • Part 10: Marketing
    • Part 11: Challenges
    • Part 12: Security
    • Part 13: Community Q&A



  • Can you introduce yourself and the team behind the project?

Mark: Yes of course, well my name is Mark Smith, I’m the founder of Royal Rabbits Club. About myself, I’ve been in art for a very long time. I actually own an art gallery in London which is called Mark’s Art. We’re based in Kensington. It’s actually our fifth birthday tomorrow actually so Mark’s Art turns five tomorrow. 

Alex: Also you are an artist and a NFT developer as well.

Mark: I’m not really too much of an artist. I do it a little bit but not enough to call myself an artist actually. But I do help artists. So I’ve been involved in art for about 12 years and then opened my own business in Kensington five years ago. Venturing out into digital art from what we was doing with physical art wasn’t a big leap so we already had a very good team in place that was dealing with the art gallery. We moved over to deal with the Royal Rabbits Club project. We have been magnificent. There’s a team of 12 of us in total. Really and truly the team have gone way above what I ever expected they would. We’ve got somebody called Hassan. He’s very good. He’s on the development side dealing with the smart contracts. We’ve got Haley Abdullah. He’s very good at game creations and running the Discord. He’s actually called the wizard in the Discord and a lot of people like him there. He’s very very helpful; he’s helped us a lot there. So the team that we have is a really really really good team and I’m really proud of everyone at the moment. It’s really really good. 

Alex:  So you are managing two different businesses right now. How do you feel about that? 

Mark: Well yeah it’s not really two businesses if you look at it like that. But it’s a project that we have associated with Mark’s Art. So at the moment, everybody from Mark’s Art is just solely in Royal Rabbits Club which is our main priority. It will be going forward as well. 

Alex: Do you consider Royal Rabbits Club to be a subsidiary of Mark’s Art or is it a project of the team?

Mark: Yeah it’s the subsidiary of Mark’s Art. 


  • Could you give us a sense of what Royal Robert’s Club is like? 

Mark: I’ve been investing into cryptos for around three years and then I really became aware of NFTs around maybe about 14 months ago. I’ve been investing in them myself; you can see my OpenSea page and my Instagram page. It’s the NFT expert. All of my sales are in NFT. The ones I’ve bought and sold are all on the blockchain for anybody to see. I’ve done okay with buying and selling NFTs. Because I own an art gallery, I’ve got a passion and a love for art so I knew early on when I was investing into NFT that I would do my own project. But I wanted to learn the market really and get some experience first so I invested into them for around probably about nine months, ten months before I eventually did Royal Rabbits. The reason why I decided to name it Royal Rabbits Club is because of the royalty aspects that we’re paying the royalties to the holders. But then of course we had some chats and we decided that Royal Rabbits Club was better. I wanted to create a project that was around forever so it could only get bigger and bigger and bigger, not one of these quick five-minute hype pumps and dumps or anything like that seems to be a lot in the market. When I decided to create Royal Rabbits, I really thought about this. I thought about what would I want to invest in, what would I want to have and I don’t believe there’s anything more valuable than the royalties. That’s future earnings forever on a collection and that usually goes to the creator of the project. In this instance we decide to give a hundred percent of it away to the holders and the play-to-earn game. Royal comes from royalty and of course the rabbits are very beautiful and very lucky aren’t they? The royalties and the rabbits came together so the Royal Rabbits Club was born. It was in the making for six months of last year and then of course all of this year when we opened the doors to the community on the 14th of December when we were ready to go.

Part 3: VISION

  • What is your hope in the projects? What is the vision and the higher purpose? 

Mark: The vision that we have is for our ecosystem to be self-sufficient. It sort of comes into the tokenomics question that we have in a minute. I think it sort of comes together quite well really. The goal is to have the ecosystem self-sufficient. Really and truly what that looks like is all of the future sales will go to the holders when usually that’s not the case in NFT. Usually the future sales of royalties will go to the creator or the founder. In this instance we decided to put that in the smart contract so the payment for that goes directly into the token. It’s got a new dimension of value being added to it rather than the traditional buying it low and selling it high and trying to get a good floor price. I’m really excited to see when the collection does sell out and then a lot of sales go into OpenSea. I’m very excited to see the ecosystem working as it should be and what that will look like to the users on our website. If anybody’s a holder or not a holder, they can check a token’s royalty status and how much money that does have to be collected in Ethereum so every holder can make Ethereum forever by holding our NFTs.


  • Is royalty the unique selling proposition of the project or are you focusing on any other aspects?

Mark: The royalties is one of the main things but really there’s three really important things that we believe when you have an NFT project, of course partnerships are very important but we really believe that the community is really the most important thing. We’ve really done a lot for our community and our community has done a lot for us so we believe the number one key success of any project will be the community. Following the community will be utilities. Just next to the royalties is our community and is the other utilities that we have. We have two amazing play-to-own games that are associated with The Sandbox . It’s a bit bittersweet if I’m honest with you Alex because the games are amazing and the wizard has worked very hard on developing the games. But The Sandbox is being very slow with releasing the public access to play the game. I mean to answer your question: the royalties are one of the main things but then of course we do have a great community with lots of giveaways, lots of games and lots of utilities. So I think utility and community are very important as well. 

Part 5: NFTs

  • How would you associate your games with your NFTs? Do you give the NFT as a prize or some kind of other currency? 

Mark: 100% of the royalties will be paid back to the community; 80% will go directly to holders in Ethereum for them to collect; 20% of all future sales will go towards the play-to-earn game. So depending on how many sales there are and on how much value there will be in the game. But then of course, as the demand rises for the tokens, the price will rise and then there will be more rewards in the games. When there’s more rewards in the game, that will of course even add to the demand even more and be a self-sufficient ecosystem.


  • Can you explain the tokenomics distribution and the utility of your token? 

Mark: We’ve got three stages of royalty distribution. The first is the VIP tokens which were the first people to invest and there’s around 200 VIP holders and about 400 tokens. So these VIP tokens will have a royalty pool of 50% so they will share 50% of all future sales that will be divided between these holders. Then, we’ve got the 25% for the white list minters and then we have 5% for the public minters. Depending on what value you fall into is what share that of the royalties you will receive 

Alex: Do you have any burning mechanics mechanism or any control price controlling mechanisms? 

Mark: What we’ve got in the contract: we’ve got the royalty distribution and that there is in the smart contract. If it’s on OpenSea or if it’s on our own page or if it’s or other exchanges that we’re actively trying to get listed on now. In this smart contract, no matter where the sale happens in the future, these tokens automatically get these royalties and they only have to collect whenever they want to. 


  • I would like to know more about the roadmap. How is the business going? When will the games be released?

Mark: The games are ready and we’re right now working on a game to be on our own platform rather than The Sandbox because The Sandbox has been taking a while so we’re right now working on a game that will be ready within six to twelve weeks is all we can really say. We’re working on the game tirelessly at the moment which is very fun and it will reward the 20%. The tokenomics behind the play-to-earn feature is 20% will be in the game facility and of course the more you play, the more you earn which will be available to the public. 


  • Do the games have any barriers to entry or are they free to play? 

Mark: The games will be free to play for everybody and the play-to-earn feature will only be available to holders. When you connect your wallet, if you’re a holder, you’ll be able to access the play-to-earn feature. If you’re not a holder, you will still be able to play but just for fun. 

Part 9: GOALS

  • What about the future goals and plans, can you share with us some information?

Mark: Yeah I’d love to. The immediate plans for Royal Rabbits is we have our public sale coming up on the 18th. How it looks past then is the play-to-earn games. I hope that The Sandbox will let the public into the facility where our games are. Then of course in late April early May, we will have our virtual art gallery web 3.0 coming to the land as well. On our land in The Sandbox, we will have the virtual art gallery and we will have the two play-to-earn one of which is called Rabbits & Ladders and the other is called Carrot Hunt. They’re both very fun.

Alex: Can you share some of the gameplay aspects like what would the games be like or is it a secret? 

Mark: It’s not a secret. We do have two trailers on our Discord so if any of you do want to see trailers, please go on to our Discord. There are trailers available. We also will be holding our own AMA tomorrow on Twitter where we will be releasing some new gameplay footage. 


  • How is the community growing? Do you have plans to expand the community internationally and improve the user experience? 

Mark: Yes we’ve got plans to grow internationally. Every day, we are looking at what countries that we’re being seen in with the ads that we’ve got happening this question sort of ties into our marketing strategy. We do have a lot of plans to continue marketing passes to sell out. When we talk about the marketing strategy that we will probably come to in a moment, the great thing about Royal Rabbits is there’s so many different aspects. There’s the token with beautiful art that we can market the play-to-own game to the game community. There’s so many different aspects we’ve got like the gallery as well to the art lovers. There’s so many different parts and the strategies that we have when it comes to marketing to bring awareness. It’s so fine tuning into the smallest of details even down to what age group, what country, which city, what time zones and things like that. The marketing that we’re doing at the moment with Kryptonite who of course told us about you is very good. They’re one of the best that I’ve seen. We spent two and a half months finding the perfect agency to move forward with this next phase of our project because we’ve done it within the first minute. We did have some hiccups. If we’re honest, there were a lot of scams happening. We had a couple of technical difficulties where now mint first went live in January so we did have a lot of obstacles to overcome. Now, we have Kryptonite and we’ve safeguarded our smart contracts and our wallets. So we’re fully protected moving forward with Kryptonite has been a breath of fresh air. They’re really brilliant. They’ve lined up some very good Youtubers like yourself included. They’ve done brilliant things.


  • Can you name one or two obstacles you overcome and how did you overcome it? 

Mark: So the obstacles that we overcame were very stressful. I’ve probably got some PTSD now. There were times when the mints were alive. We were under severe attacks from scammers and hackers. This is why I’m so thankful for the team that is always available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It doesn’t matter if it’s Sunday or Tuesday or whatever day, they are available to ensure that we are protected. Some of the challenges I mentioned earlier is that if you look on OpenSea right now, there’s about five fake projects about Royal Rabbits. These are just the ones on OpenSea. There were so many DMs and messages being sent pretending to be us. That was difficult to experience firsthand but now that we’re sort of used to it. We’ve safeguarded it and we expect it now so we know how to fight against that. The advice I have to anybody listening is to protect yourself by using a multi wallet. It just requires multiple signatures whenever you complete a trade, transfer one of your NFTs or transfer some cryptos. You could do it with a friend or a partner or just yourself. If you have two wallets, one’s got to be signed in on your computer, one on your phone and both have to push. To do a transfer, that is the way that I think everyone can protect themselves against the scammers out there.

Part 12: SECURITY 

  • On a scale of 1 to 10, currently how are you confident with your security layers? 

Mark: I don’t know if anyone can ever be a 10. If they can, I’d love to meet them. Maybe a 9 now. We’re feeling good now because we’ve got some very important contracts in coding that distributes Ethereum to our holders forever. It’s very important stuff so we’ve got them protected now. 

Alex: Okay that’s really great. Talking about the community a bit, in terms of your marketing strategy, do you have any strategy or events or activities to engage with the users? What about the overall marketing strategy? 

Mark: We’ve got a lot of things happening with Kryptonite and a lot of different events happening. When we release the art gallery, we are going to have a physical party at my gallery. We’re going to of course have the rabbits on digital displays. That is a very big event that we are planning in the background that we feel is going to bring a lot of attention to NFTs. Because we’re doing it the sort of traditional art physical art gallery way so we believe it will bring a lot of that market to the digital aspect and the digital side of things. There’re a lot of things happening, a lot of youtubers, a lot of advertisements. We’ve been in Forbes magazine, we’ve been in Times Square so we’ve got a lot of things still to come. 


  • Many games tend to cooperate with GamingGuild projects to popularize gameplay and attract more users. How does Royal Rabbits Club orient on this?

Mark: What we’ve done with the play to one there are there are a few play-to-one communities out there um it’s it’s the wizard that’s more more up to date with the play to earn so i will answer this question to the best of my abilities if it doesn’t please feel free to come to our discord and or ask us on our twitter but what we do do with our play to arm we’ve we’re giving content regularly to the play to earn um communities out there to to bring awareness to our play-to-earn game.

  • Many projects have incidents with UI/UX which makes new users turn off. Did you plan to improve the interactions with new users and users outside the electronic money space?

Mark: We plan on lots of events not just for crypto lovers or NFT lovers just to bring brand awareness because of course it’s not just an NFT. There’s lots to it: there’s the art; there’s the game; there’s the art gallery; we’ve also got virtual land and real estate in The Sandbox that our holders will co-own. We plan on a lot of brand marketing as well to bring awareness to the brand, not just specifically crypto lovers or anybody just in this space. A lot of things are happening outside of the digital space as well. 

Alex: Okay thank you Mark. You mentioned selling your lands. Will the lands be sold like other projects like you can access more activities or what are these lands for? 

Mark: So we’re speaking well into the future. What I really meant with what I just said is we have land in The Sandbox that our art gallery and our play-to-earn will be connected. Our holders will co-own that land and when the game is on there, when the art gallery’s on theore, the value of that land will rise so that land will be owned by our community. It’s a community-backed project that I want to create. I want this to have longevity. It’s 100% royalties for a reason because it’s the community’s project.

  • The biggest problem in making money, especially fees, minimum withdrawal amounts and even slow progress of earnings for small players. How does monetization work in Royal Rabbits Club? 

Mark: He’s got a point actually. Thank you for your question. I mean gas fees are very high, everybody knows that. There’s no getting around that. If it’s a little amount that people are collecting, the gas should be smaller. But what we’ve tried to do is minimize the amount of times you’ll have to collect. So it’s just one button that you push to collect the money. There’s not lots of hoops you have to climb through and things like that. We can’t really do too much. What we have done is we have the royalty feature if you’re holding more than one rabbit. Maybe you’ve got 2, 5, 10, or 20, we’ve enabled it that you can collect collectively rather than having to collect individually. If you’ve got more than one you can collect together rather than having to do individual trades every single time. This of course will save on gas. 

Alex: That is a really great idea and do you plan to sell your NFTs on other platforms like OpenSea?

Mark: Yes, yes. Because of what we’re really doing here, Alex, we want to create as much value for our holders as possible. It doesn’t matter if the sales are on OpenSea or any other platform in the code, no matter what platform that money gets pulled into the royalty pool for our holders. We want it on as many platforms as possible so I can tell you right now I’m actively talking to and I’m at the very last stages. I’m waiting to hear any day now. I’m not going to say too much though because I don’t want to. I don’t want to say it until it happens but we are working really hard in the background to get listed on as many as possible. 

Alex: Thanks Mark for the answer. No matter what platform you will be on, if the users like it, you will fulfill it. 

Mark: Correct. If we can get listed on 20, we’ll be listed on 20. If we can get listed on 100, we’ll be on a 100. We will just keep going every time we’re listed on a new one. We’ll be talking to another one and then moving to another one and another one because what we’re doing here is quite unique. I mean we’re the first in the NFT community to give up 100% back the royalties on all future holders and we’re the first to do it with the token which usually it’s other features or other things you’ve got to get it with us. It goes directly to the token and that’s of course in Ethereum so you’ll be earning Ethereum forever. 

  • How many game modes does Royal Rabbits Club have? How much investment does it take to play the game and how long has the team estimated the average return on investment (ROI)? 

Mark: I’ll answer the first part of the question with the game modes. We’ve got two game modes. One of them is multiplayer so you can connect up the four of you to compete for the returns. That’s Carrot Hunt and no rabbits. Rabbits & Ladders is a four player game so four of you will compete and of course it’s like a maze where you’ve got to go up ladders and down drops and stuff like that and through water. It’s a very good game and it takes me about 45 minutes to complete but it took the wizard about 45 seconds. He created the game so he’s very good at it.

If you practice, you will get better. It really does depend on how long you are practicing. Talking about return on investment from the game and the royalties, I mean it really does depend on how quickly we sell out and things like that. But it should be quick. 

Alex: Okay what about the return on investment? Do you have any estimation about this? 

Mark: I don’t really like to give estimates like that, Alex, if I’m honest with you mate. I mean it can be really quick; it can be a couple of months. So I mean we really don’t know. We wouldn’t really like to give an estimate like that either. 

Alex: Sure, I’m really looking forward to the games and only one way to know about that. 

Mark: I was actually going to mention when we were talking about the game, we are going to choose somebody, anyone watching today. We are going to put a tweet out very soon. We’re looking for someone to demo the game to show the community. So look out for a giveaway about that very soon. 

  • Most games today have to pay fees to make money but forget that the priority of the game is entertainment, can the game meet both of these requirements?

Mark: Because the play-to-earn community will all take an interest and there will be a demand from them so we have created the game in The Sandbox. I’ll be really honest, The Sandbox is quite blocky like minecraft. It’s very fun. There’s no fees apart from the token. If you want to access the play-to-earn, if you’re just coming to play, you can just play. 

Alex: Okay thank you so do you have any plans to open independent games that are not working on The Sandbox or you only plan to make games that operate on The Sandbox? 

Mark: Yeah, we’re working right now on a game that is outside The Sandbox. I’m not going to say anything about it too much other than we are working on a game that will have nothing to do with The Sandbox. 


Up to now, Royal Rabbits Club has had outstanding growth with an ever-expanding ecosystem, promising to thrive in the near future. 

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