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Basic information

  • Time: October 27th, 2021 at 2PM UTC
  • Project name: SAFEHAMSTER
  • Host: Kristen from Blockchain Army
  • Guest speakers: Hanna Berji | Co-founder from SAFEHAMSTER
  • Main content:
    • Part 1: Project overview
    • Part 2: Team
    • Part 3: Products and Services
    • Part 4: Tokenomics
    • Part 5: Security
    • Part 6: Marketing Strategies
    • Part 7: Roadmap
    • Part 8: Community Q&A



1. Would you like to introduce a little bit about yourself and the vision of your project?

Hannah: My name is Hannah, everyone knows me. The vision of my project is super easy. It’s the hamsters created project for hamsters and the whole vision about the project is fun and rich which was why we created this project. So everything in this project is supposed to be fun and entertainment for the people. For this we are creating this. You can see our pictures and what we’re doing. Our style, so we hope that everyone here is having fun and getting rich and that’s all.

2. Can you explain the reason behind your project’s name, SAFEHAMSTER? Do you have any backup stories for that?

Hannah: The backup story was that, my team members were in crypto for a long time and they were shaved a lot of times so they call themselves, still now hamsters. And the idea was like: ‘Hey guys, we’re shaving a lot of times, so maybe let’s create a project from us to people, and we already know all the aspects all the people need and let’s create something good that we can be honest, we can open, we can answer and build the worldwide community”. Because we’re Russians, most of the people are Russians, we want to create something good so people don’t look at Russia like some Russians are creating scams, we just don’t want to be like that. We want to make them change their mind about the Russians.

Part 2: TEAM

3. You mentioned that you guys started out with 2 people in the team but right now do you have any other members supporting you guys and are going along with you and contributing to the project?

Hannah: There weren’t two people. There were like six co-founders and actually, in total there were ten guys who were with us in the beginning but the co-founders are six. We build our team with a different kind of specialist in their area. They’re very professional in what they are doing. So we have one guy who is an analyst. He’s very good in analysing projects, analysing the market, he analyses everything. Another guy, the CTO, who is good in technical things, who can receive all these things. Then we have the marketing team who is in charge of marketing or these events. And traders who are really good in trade and understand crypto the most.


4. Together as a whole, what kind of products and services that you guys came up with and are offering to the market right now?

Hannah: We have different services with four or five services. I sent you the link before, I can show you. There is a swapper, you can buy tokens and then the second one is farming, staking when you as a holder, you’re holding the tokens, you can just do passive income plus so you can farm and stake them. The third service is the marketplace where the NFTs are, you can buy NFTs, you can sell NFTs and right now we open the things that people can change their NFTs between them without no transaction fees. There were a lot of people that wanted to change between them and we thought it’s going to be unfair, we’re going to charge for that. You can just change it for free between friends. This is the marketplace, here’s the farms and the reason why we are using not many pairs is because we want our community to be safe. We don’t want to list other projects, we only list the tokens which we are really confident about like Ethereum, Buzzed, BNB, this kind of projects so people cannot lose their money if the other projects are going down. And the trade where you can buy tokens as well.

5. Do you want to brief a little bit about gameplay?

Hannah: It’s going to be a Play-to-Earn. We are developing that right now, it’s a better version only. Because our community has been waiting for this game for a long time. We started that from June to develop that game. Besides our co-founders and the team, we also have two different teams for the game development and for technical stuff. In this way, we’re doing things faster than the others because there are two different teams doing that. It’s for a secure perspective as well.

6. The hamsters, are those like the NFTs in your game? Are they tradable on the marketplace and they can earn rewards with those?

Hannah: In the game, the hamsters, all equipment for this, each item in the game is NFT so they’re going to use it. The first pack was the minecraft pack and in the soon time, the owners of those packs will get the ability to stake and farm them, so they will increase their secondary farming. This is just how they’re playing. This was amazing and they were playing there as well. It’s just showing what it’s gonna be like, but it’s gonna be much more interesting. Right now it’s the only better version, that was really cool. Actually in the future, next month, you’re gonna sell arenas so you can create your arena for yourself. It’s like football, every time when football players are playing in their city, when they used to play in their field, is always good to them because they are used to this place. It’s going to be the same with arenas, you’re going to create arenas and there’s going to be your place. It’s going to protect you from other people, probably you can set up the bomb so other players just didn’t know about that. It’s going to be next month and it is going to be NFTs arenas and also the meta versus. But metaverse is going to be big investors who don’t want to play the game but want to earn and it’s going to be different cities in the world, because our game connected to the internet and there is a GPS so the people who bought this, for example Moscow city and every time when players are playing in this area, this inventor who got this Moscow he will get Royalty. So this is a really cool thing. This is just a better version for the people for our community so they see what we are doing. The game process takes time, it’s not like you want to create something unique or AR and it’s going to be super easy. Our company has a company that is doing it for us, they have a lot of experience in making games and we already paid them triple to make it faster so it’s going to be updated every month. Next month, there will be new updates. It’s always love to attract more users by getting them excited about the new features of the game.


7. We would love to know about tokenomics distribution. Can you give us some more details?

Hannah: Since we have two tokens, the SafeHamsters token and the NC token. The SafeHamsters token economics was released on 25th of May and it was a fair launch. It was 80% going to the market fair launch, 10% for influencers and 10% for the team and all of them are locked so the team and influencers are locked and 80% go into the market. Also the tokenomics of that, every percentage which we are doing, 10% from each transaction, 5% going to the holders, everyone who holds the token, and 5% go into liquidity. That’s why our liquidity is so high. It’s a deflation token so you can only get the seed by farming, staking. In total, there are two point billion seeds but on the market right now with the old unlocks, we have the private and public sale and with all unlocks right now on the market, it’s about 13,000 but other seeds you can only get by staking and farming. We were thinking that it’s the fair of the community and I cannot just buy but you have to stake and farm so not like everyone, not only one person can buy all of them and just be there for you.

8. Do you think the numbers are kind of relatively high compared to other projects? What is your opinion on this?

Hannah: Right now the market keeps it low. Even today everything in the market is dropping. So it’s influenced us as well but I’m really looking forward to it. I know all of the projects before the game and after the game, it’s like different projects. I mean the market cap was so different. I see before it and after it, all the games are different. I’m looking forward to our game because our project and our game because guys are gonna be different numbers.



9. There are a lot of scam projects out there right now. A lot of them got rock pooled and they failed to proceed with the project. Do you want to say something to guarantee to your users that your security system works fine enough, that would secure the users’ wallet and also the trust to your project?

Hannah: Everything I can say right now is we spent a lot on game development. We will make sure that the game will work and bring the results that we want to bring. For this part, it’s like 100%, sure we’re spending too much time, we’re like almost 5-6 months project and all these six months we were creating the game so we’re waiting for that. In general, no one can be secure 100%, I wouldn’t be a hero or a person who is going to say like 100% secured because even the big exchanges were hacked so i cannot say “Binance were hacked but we cannot be hacked”. I mean in this perspective, we are doing that, we did two audits and we’re gonna do the third one. We’re always checking with the technical guys what we can improve, how to improve, which makes us more secure.


10. Community support has been a very important aspect that defines a project’s success. Do you have any plan in mind right now to expand your community and attract more users, maybe globally even, and improve their experience while playing the game?

Hannah: The one thing that I want to say is we made the game entrance for free so there is an opportunity for everyone. If you are just a student or you just want to try, you can try for free. You can just download the game when it’s going to be Play-to-earn and just start playing. You’re enjoying it, you want to make your characters more, you can earn more money and you can reinvest and make your character stronger. But in the beginning you can already earn without any investment. This is what I think people will like because in most of the countries, they don’t like others. I saw even the taxi rate, they have scholarships, why do they have it? Because people don’t have money to enter so to solve this problem, we decided to enter from this point of view. For the marketing, we’re doing offline, we’re doing online events, we have a really deep plan for 6 months and we know what we’re doing on each step. We’re doing everything we know, what we should do in each step. Right now, we’re getting a lot of support from other projects. October, this was a really big month in Dubai, it was Crypto Expo and there a lot of people knew about us. A lot of people are waiting for the game and we already have a really big game community in the Philippines. Soon our community is going to know about some good partnerships with the game. 5,000 game players will enter when the game launches but we’re already making a partnership. We’re gonna do some really big partnerships, it’s gonna bring our project to the next step.


11. Where have you been on the roadmap right now? How is the business going? Did you face any type of challenges in the past while working on this project? What are your next goals for the last few months of this year and maybe next year as well?

Hannah: For the roadmap, we did everything that we promised to the community nowadays. We did two tokens launches, we did marketplace, farming, staking, we did four releases of NFTs and we are developing games in this perspective. Next month, it’s gonna be arenas and meta versus for the game. We were thinking we can allow Play-to-earn at the end of November but we put that a little bit in December. We were asking a lot of technical companies and they were saying it’s normal that sometimes it’s a big delay but the good thing is that we’re delaying but we are doing a bit. For the winter, we’re gonna have the Crypto University that we are preparing. First, we’re gonna do the game and it’s our biggest goal because all of the project is about fun and rich so the people gonna have fun in this game and then they’re gonna reinvest, they’re gonna have tokens go into farming, staking, all of these NFTs. Everything is involved in the project. The second thing is going to Crypto University, which is going to be learning and earning. You’re going to learn crypto since we noticed that a lot of new babies are coming to the project and especially from the game because a lot of people are coming to our game and they weren’t in crypto before. So we decided to make something good for them, learning, but as we know from when we were kids, we don’t want to get just knowledge, we want to get something for that. So we decided to encourage them and give them tokens as well. I think no one has done it before. I hope we can be the first one who’s doing Crypto University, learn and earn. The next here is going to be all about the game, it’s going to be all about developing the game and bringing it to the next level. Every month there are going to be updates for the game, to make it cooler, faster, more interesting with new stuff, new technologies, maybe we want to do VR as well so you can play the games with VR glasses and everything. New technology is coming next year, and there will be more updates.


12. How can the projects be enjoyable and rich and balanced with the benefits and enjoyment of playing games?

Hannah: I think for every project, before doing everything, the most important stuff is to calculate your economics, calculate all the risks. The games which we’re facing right now, a lot of games didn’t think deeply about the economy and they are facing the problems. Within the beginning, you can get money but in the last days, they cannot and the project becomes a scam. For balancing these enjoyable and rich as well, we are calculating our economics, we’re doing all the perspectives. If it’s a needable adjustment, we’re going to adjust because we can do that but everything is going to be based on our economy which we’re calculating right now. If the economy is calculated well, everything will be fine. Because how do banks work? Like restaurants are working, they like spending money for cooks, people pay them right then they give the food. It’s the same, if the restaurant calculated their economy very well, it’s gonna go with the profit. Same with the banks, same with the games as well. It’s gonna be really good in the economy which we are doing right now.

13. Can you share more about the development milestones that SafeHamsters has achieved, as well as the roadmap of the project in the upcoming Q4 2021-2022?

Hannah: We have achieved the tokens, the marketplace as I said. For staking, trading NFTs, and games, we already did that. As I said, it’s going to be Play-to-earn mode, it’s gonna be university. For example, in Hongkong, we have our partners there, you can already use SafeHamsters in real life and buy some snacks, coffees or even charge your car. Next, we’re talking in Dubai, in UAE, next year we hope in some areas, you can also use SafeHamsters to buy something. It’s going to be developing this stuff for a use case in real life. The most important thing is the game because we have a three years development plan which our developers are doing to add new stuff. The next year is going to be all about the game but probably we can create something funnier because we were thinking of creating a platform. It’s not gonna be only about one game. In the future, it will add new games into a platform so you can play different types of games for different types of people. It’s gonna be in our ecosystem, small games, small games, new games, new games. Actually, the plan was like a rod block but maybe not that huge.

14. You have quite a high tax on each transaction (10%)? What will you use these tax for?

Hannah: It’s the tax for SafeHamsters’ stocking. These 10% of each transaction, 5% go into all holders so if you just hold the SafeHamsters, your SafeHamsters become more and more from each transaction whenever people are doing selling or buying. It’s good for you. You probably buy once and you use that commission but then you hold and your Hamster is becoming more because other people are buying and selling. 5% goes into liquidity, in this case, you can be sure that liquidity it’s enough liquidity to trade, withdraw, buy. Liquidity is really important so it’s going to be higher and higher so people can be sure and we’re preparing for the game so it’s going to be huge.

15. What are the difficulties or challenges for your project now and how do you overcome them?

Hannah: It’s always trouble but I’m the person who believes trouble makes you stronger and everytime trouble comes into the project we solve it. For example, it was the after slippage on our platform and people didn’t know how to put the slippage while the bot was shaving them. So we changed that problem and we even said to the community to send the screenshots of that so we can return them some seeds that we just shaved about. There are always some small troubles but it makes us improve. What we’re doing well is that we are listening to our community. Everytime they tell us the problem, we try to solve it. It’s not super fast, like they say and one day it’s changed but we have a list of their feedback and we’re changing, we’re trying to improve and all of that. Maybe the big trouble is to explain to the community to not panic when the crypto market is going high and down, high and down all the time. It’s really hard to explain to them not to panic. It’s always happening to every crypto project. From the first day when we showed our faces, we were honest to our community and that’s why I feel a really big responsibility for the community. Everytime the price goes down or something happens, I feel responsible for myself to explain to them and this sometimes becomes super hard. Guys, you are seeing us, we’re here and everything is all right, we are working. It’s hard because they’re home, they just see the charts and they see nothing.

16. People always have the demand to transfer and trade NFT after they have NFT from NFT sale. When would the marketplace be available for users to do that?

Hannah: It’s already available guys. A lot of my friends were buying NFTs and because it’s a loot box so you don’t know what it’s going to be, which NFT you’re going to get. We had this problem and we solved that. Right now, you can exchange your NFTs between users for free. You have this, I want you in this, you just PM or DM him and you just exchange. It’s on our marketplace.


Up to now, SAFEHAMSTER has had outstanding growth with an ever-expanding ecosystem, promising to thrive in the near future.

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