AMA Recap: BSC Army With ShibaRocket



Basic information

  • Time: August 4th, 2021 at 10 PM GMT+8 (HKT)
  • Project name: ShibaRocket
  • Host: Kristen from BSC Army
  • Guest speakers: Lilo | Marketing Specialist
  • Main content:
    • Part 1: Project overview
    • Part 2: Marketing strategy
    • Part 3: Business plan
    • Part 4: Community Q&A



1. Can you give a little introduction by yourself and also the project?

Lilo: My name is Lilo and I’m a part of the ShibaRocket team. I’ve been into crypto for around five years. I was an early investor of many great projects such as Cardano, and Bitcoin Cash, to name a few, mainly learning to follow cryptocurrencies with fascination and understanding and that cryptos were not justified and the technology will one day play a part in each and everyone’s life. As well as this, I have been working with many great projects such as Refino, OpenSea network, and that’s just to name a few, of them being involved with such great projects early on, it was an honor for me to become involved with this new project. What really attracted me to Sheba and Rocky was not only the talents within this team but the idea, the visions that the team had about the project going forward. So it’s really exciting for me to be part of a community lab movement, and to bring forward many creations into something that will offer great benefits to anyone globally.

2. Where did you get the idea for your project’s name?

Lilo: We’d be following the 2021 cycle closely and the evolution of the Mermaid project and by the way, some of our team are actually part of the founding team of ShibaRocket project. With pivotal and guardian and advising Shiba to become successful as it is today. We all know that many projects have brought so much exposure to new crypto investors which helped encrypt their adoption and to some extent, our idea was to make the Mermaid economy a reality basically, that’s when the idea of ‘ShibaRocket and his friends’ came to our minds. Obviously, Shiba became very popular with the help of Elon, as everybody probably knows. And the ‘Rocket’ part was our homage to his work. He was done with the aerospace sector so some may interpret the ‘Rocket’ part as we are only after a pump on our project and this is far from the truth. We’re using Shiba to fast-track our ideas and vision to make ShibaRocket become a global brand. One that offers real-life benefits to the whole world and not just in space. That’s a bit of where ShibaRocket came from.

3. Were you the only one who came up with this whole project or did you have any friends that were going along from the first steps of the journey?

Lilo: There’s a team of 15 of us at the moment. In that team, we’ve got front-end and back-end developers. We’ve got marketers, and we’ve got designers, and we’ve also hired a big development company that is working hand-in-hand with our devs, to deliver our roadmap and you can find this on our website. And for the roadmap, as I briefly mentioned before, five of our team members actually worked hand-in-hand with the original folded members achiever. I can go and tell you about these members on the Shiba team. Shiba would probably never be as big as it currently is so we’re quite blessed to have these people on our team. We’re working daily, we’re pushing ideas, strategies, and visions. It’s great to say that these people who have been there and done it, made it a success. I must also briefly mention our designers for the projects. There are some of the best in the industry but as a team on the whole, we have diverse skills, to take Shiba off into the hearts of projects, such as dodge and achievement. Because we all have that same passion, to turn this Eermaid against something special, beneficial for the whole global population.

4. Sometimes, Shiba is referred to as ‘the next Dogecoin Rocket’ so do you have any rebuttal against this claim? What makes you think that it is different from Dogecoin Rocket?

Lilo: If I’m honest, I don’t really know anything about Dogecoin Rocket and our goal is just to be passionate folks for the ShibaRocket solely. It’d be quite unfair and unethical of me to talk down any other projects out there, but if we’re talking about ShibaRocket, we are building the world’s first AR integrated NFT gamer which we will call it ‘Shiba shop’. It will be very similar to the pokemon go up that was released in 2016. Basically, the users will be able to hunt special NFTs and their demographic, which will have real monetary value to the players. The idea is really just to connect online shopping outlets and bronze to the NFT game. We’re obviously gonna offer discounts on all your favorite shopping items, which includes fashion, food, sports items, just to name a few. Once you use it, to collect our special NFTs, this will give the user the ability to shop online and in stores or redeem discounts based on the NFT they own.

For instance, if you were out and looking for new NFTs on our app and you’re lucky enough to find our panda character, you could then go to the app to redeem the special discount code for the brands that Shiba loves specifically. For instance, there’ll be a list of retailers that we have partnered with but also Yu Yan’s favorite places to shop, something to do with fashion basically. So users can go into our app to find a brand that partnered with us in the fashion section and, such as Gucci, and the user will be able to use a one-time discount code to use Gucci.

After this, the NFT will then go into the users to redeem the whole list and they would have to find Yu Yan panda again to be able to utilize another discount code. We make this even more right time and by adding in the dimension of rare NFTs so these rare NFTs will also be increased discounts for the characters. But to add even more value, these NFTs will also be allowed to be traded for monetary value on NFT marketplaces. For instance, if you collect a rare NFT and you could get up to 50% off run shopping, and obviously these could be very lucrative monetary value NFTs on the marketplace. Because actually, you can imagine a very high-end retailer on board, let’s say Tiffany is offering our users a 50% discount when claiming our rare Yu Yan NFT. Now for a normal person like me and you, Phipps offered 200 bracelets, it’s a nice 60 off which is a great saving, but for a millionaire that has ten thousand dollars to spend, a few cents off discount code could mean a huge saving. So you can see the benefits, our NFTs could save on the open marketplace the value will be there.

5. Could you tell us about your Tokenomic distribution?

Lilo: Basically our total spikes are very small for a Mermaid project, it’s one billion. We just distributed the following ways:

  • We put 450 million tokens in BSC liquidity
  • The pre-sales was 277 million
  • We kept that marketing funds of 50 million
  • The development fund for all the apps will be 123 million
  • We’ve saved a platform for airdrops which cost 50 million for the team.

Obviously, all the funds that we raise through the app will be plowed back into the app’s development and marketing. Well, we’ve got the vested token. We’ll be burning the rest. They will be distributed in small chunks over the next 12 months to avoid salt-selling pressure. So we’ve got it all covered. We can function to high standards based on the distribution model. We’re happy with the model in the tokenomics that we’ve released.

Do you think it was distributed widely among the team and among the users

Lilo: A plan had been developed to distribute them fairly so our teams came up with a great strategy and a plan and that’s how it’s been executed. There are a lot of great minds, ones that were with really good companies so they know the strategy very well.

6. What makes ShibaRocket more appealing to the community other than the fact that it is a Meme coin?

Lilo: That’s simple. Basically, with the fierce meme projects that aim to bring this economy into reality by giving a real-life use case. In order to achieve that, we are taking ‘Shiba and his friends’ to the next level. We’re partnering with big brands in order to make ShibaRocket globally recognized. We’re also looking for partners with all their crypto projects to integrate them into our own ecosystem. We’ll be doing this by adding their project special characters to our mini-games, our upcoming NFT comic series, and our Shiba shop AR and so far we’ve been basically focusing solely on our strategy and vision for the project. Now we’ll begin to really push the ShibaRocket vision and ideas to large projects. Tonight I’m obviously not only here to spread awareness about ShibaRocket but I’m also a mutually beneficial partnership so I partnered with a couple of large projects already, such as Corgi. And they’ve also got large active communities and we will be introducing Corgi as one of the characters in one of our games so these partnerships are really good.

7. Can you give the audience a little sneak peek at your upcoming Shiba game?

Lilo: Basically, it’s a Shiba shooter game. Obviously, it’s ShibaRocket branded and we have to kill another mummy, which is an evil sound. Users will be able to collect points and redeem NFTs for that points, and so it’s really quite good. With the NFTs that they receive, they’ll be able to trade these ones or use them for in-app discounts so it’s quite a really exciting phase product for us.

Will you make it into a mobile app game or it’s just gonna be on the desktop?

Lilo: It’s going to be available on the Apple store and obviously the Android, not initially but that’s coming in the roadmap. This will be available within our website initially.

8. Would you give me 3 key points that you think would convince the investors to invest in your project for the long term?

Lilo: Number one, I’d say, it’s the Shiba swap AR application. It’s going to be really fun. It’ll be beneficial for the users and users will have to own a small amount of tokens to gain access to the app and its benefits and more token stakes will give users more features in the application and more chances to find super NFTs. We believe by having this function, it will entice millions of users to our application for the benefits and how we’re having our token staked for an amount of time. We’ll not only keep the price stable but the more users we have the more tokens stay out of the exchanges for changing, and into a dormant state so it’s making our token more scarce and valuable in the long term.

Number two is that we have some cool ShibaRocket mini-games dropping in the next couple of weeks and that will allow users to have fun. Also, gain NFTs while collecting points. And we’ve got quite a lot of stuff planned to release in the next couple of weeks so please bear with us and follow our roadmap as we deliver. We’re also producing Shiba and his friend‘s comic series where you can read and follow the stories about the characters. Double and slow discounts at brandy retailers. Along with these, we’re releasing special editions of the comics wherever many projects and many characters will be introduced such as everyone’s favorite Oapi the frog, Evil sound, Dodge, and even Elon Musk Binance. These will be rare copies and we all look to put these into the open markets where everyone can bet and hold a bit of ShibaRocket.

And just to add to that, I am our first series in the comic here, it’s already in production, that’ll be dropping soon which we’re really excited about. I’ll just say we genuinely believe collectively that we have all the ingredients to make Shiba global. We have our strategic vision on the team and again I reiterate having various original Shiba team members on our team. It gives us real motivation and they know how to take ShibaRocket to the next level which they’ve already proved, and they’ve also got the right contacts to push our idea into reality.


9. You’ve mentioned a lot about the NFT games and part of that was because it is the trend now but do you think it’d affect Shiba if the trend stops somehow? What is your strategy to keep the project heated and attractive to the users?

Lilo: Obviously, NFts is still quite new in this space so we don’t believe that they’re gonna die off anytime soon. In fact, there’re more things that will be released as NFTs go forward so we believe there’s still an opportunity and it’s gonna be around for a long time. But if anything happens like that then we’ll adjust our business bubble and then move towards the next crypto trend. We’ve always got a plan if something becomes unpopular. Also, we’re offering discounts which are very popular so we can’t adjust stuff around you know to cater for this market. Still, when NFTs are everywhere, it’s a great way to win at the moment.

10. By giving out so many discounts and giveaways like that, would it affect the team, the developers’ profit somehow?

Lilo: Not at all, it won’t affect the developer’s profits because the discounts are not actually coming from our ecosystem and they’re coming from the brands themselves. So the brands that we will work with; we’ll think this short in return for having global marketing that we have planned. We’ve already budgeted for less than our marketing strategy so it’ll be a mutually beneficial agreement between both the brands and ShibaRocket. As our main aim is to create blockchain folks products that can be ported into the real world, without the need to make it over overly complex users, we believe that sharing the cost with the brands will mutually benefit both parties.

11. There are a lot of scam projects out there in the market, how do you guarantee that your security system works fine enough to secure your users’ wallets as well as their trust in ShibaRocket?

Lilo: We have already begun to speak to the industry’s best quality assurance teams. We want to protect our funds plus the user’s funds, we want the community to have peace of mind and our contracts games on that will be fully audited. Our white paper is coming out this month, we will detail each team and that will proceed to connect with and we’ll obviously take all the precautionary measures to make our users’ funds safe. Obviously, the app is already in development. It’s already paid for, we’ve put a lot of money into this. It would be very silly of us not to take security to the top level so we will pay for the best audience and we’ll have the best security for our applications.


12. Where are you on the roadmap? How has the business been going? Did you have any difficulties on the way and how did you overcome them?

Lilo: We got big development cycles ahead and we’re starting with our mini-games. We have our first mini-game being released this week, the Shiba shooter. Initially, this will be released as a stand-alone game on our website and then it will be integrated on a chain. Next, we have the NFT dropping, we will be dropping some special NFts to our community. And we have the special comics that are already being developed by our illustrator and designer. We also have an online shopping discount browser that will be partnering with us. We’ll be releasing the Shiba shop, non-AR version. The users will need to find NFTs within the app to aim points that obviously they can redeem for their discount coupon codes during the shopping. And then we’ve got this Shiba shop in B2 V2, this will have augmented reality built-in so we’ve got all this development and we’re going to deliver that all in this year. If you want to have a better look at our roadmap with the timelines then you can have a look on our website.

Mostly, we’re focusing on marketing this month so we’ve agreed on a deal with an influencer with over three million followers on Instagram to help us spread the news. So I’ll be the fierce bit of influence and help that we’re getting.

We’re also running various marketing campaigns over the next two weeks to spread awareness so when users join us in our telegram group for a chance to win some nice cash prizes. The campaign starts later on today in fact. So if anybody wants to get involved then head over to our telegram and we also have an active airdrop campaign that’s going on at the moment. We’re giving away 15 million ShibaRockets, which is like 1.5 of our total supply, and just for taking part in a few social media activities. We’d like to get more holders so feel free for anybody to join.

The following activities rolling out this week would be: we’ve got the beginning of our community plan to start the weekly beer of 40 million tokens; we have the first games, we have the NFT drops for ShibaRocket token holders.

Regarding challenges, luckily, we’ve not really come across any. We are touching wood planes sailing at the moment. You don’t probably see when we update the sufficient skills within our team to overcome challenges and that’s not to say we won’t have any challenges going forward but so far so good.


13. When following a roadmap – what’s the next most important priority?

Lilo: When following the roadmap, obviously you want to achieve everything on that roadmap, but we want to give our community all the way through that road map as well so the next most important priority is the next on the roadmap.

14. How does the protocol provide strong incentives for users to join the network? Why is it a good choice to choose your protocol out of the hundreds of stable coins currently in existence?

Lilo: We aren’t a stable coin and just for starters we’re going to be offering a lot of incentives within the app just for holding tokens. Then we will be dropping random NFTs to users who will be available to sell on the markets or to use at your own leisure and so there will be quite a lot of incentives for sticking with us.

15. What are the specific problems you aim to solve in the ecosystem?

Lilo: I think the obviously the biggest problem we’re solving is making the Mermaid economy a reality which indirectly helps them learn the ecosystem, project motivation, and its feedback instead of pump and dump. It will also help investors understand what many projects do in order to be acceptable in the crypto as well as the mainstream.

Obviously, what we’re trying to bring in as we’re trying to connect NFTs with shopping, collecting NFTs, is gonna give a lot of people benefits when it comes to shopping. The biggest problem would be connecting them, we’re on our way to do that.

We’re contacting brands at the moment and so once we get the brands on board, we can aim to connect the NFT value to these brands and offer discounts. It’s just sticking to the plan, it’s just connecting everything, connecting the dots.

16. Does your team have enough base reserves (funds, community, etc.) to hit your milestones?

Lilo: We have the marketing fund, development fund, and we also have a business model as explained in the interview and we collected 150 during the pre-sale. We’ve budgeted wisely and all the funds are allocated to the deliverables so we’re happy with what we’ve got and we know that we can deliver.

17. How will you manage and develop your project to gain a position in the market and become a good project in the blockchain industry?

Lilo: Again, we’ve got early adopters and the team members of Shiba so they know where Shiba is at the moment. Our team has gained a lot of knowledge and they obviously know how to take a project globally well in the crypto domain. We’re gonna utilize a similar strategy with more bands with this one. Shall we say we’ve got a lot of products to offer and we’ve got a plan to bring new users and to make it usable? To connect real-life and crypto, that’s our main aim and we believe once doing that we can get a lot of views, a lot of users.


Up to now, ShibaRocket has had outstanding growth with an ever-expanding ecosystem, promising to thrive in the near future.

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