AMA Recap: SkyDOS

SkyDOS Live AMA Recap

Basic information

    • Time: May 6th, 2022 at 2 PM UTC
    • Project name: SkyDOS
    • Host: Kristen from Blockchain Army
    • Guest speakers: Kenji | CEO
    • Main content:
  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Team
  • 3. Products
  • 4. Focusing points
  • 5. Community Q&A



  • Let’s start by introducing a bit of yourself first, about your position in the project?

Kenji: Absolutely thank you for the introduction my name is Kenji and I am the CEO of SkyDOS at the moment. To give you a brief introduction I guess about myself I may I used to be, still kind of am, a video game developer. My background comes from developing video games, and managing projects in the field in Japan. I’m currently based in Japan that’s where I live right now. And  my background comes from. 10 plus years at this point it’s been that long and that’s where my experience comes from, then I moved on to doing some consulting work and then naturally I started to dip my toes into the marketing strategy part of things in the field of things and of course, web 3 being the next big thing and it was only natural that we start a project in this field and here I am today trying to get the word out about Scott Olson introduce everybody to this new exciting project.

Martin: My name is Martine, I’m a professor of strategy and innovation and I have more than 25 years of experience in the industry. I’m currently the CEO for a couple of other companies that use smart contracts and blockchain. I’m also the director of global development for SkyDOS, so it’s a pleasure to be here with you guys.


  • What’s the meaning behind the project’s name and where did you get that idea from:

Martin: We feel like we are living in a world that is not working anymore. We were kind of cut corporate slatve today, where we go to the  the office from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM is something that really people don’t like anymore and we wanna change that. We want this to be a different source – this Is somewhere where people come in and meet that life unlimited possibilities and they can make their dreams come true. 


Part 2: TEAM

  • Can you give us more details about your team? How do you guys work together and how many people are there in your team?

Kenji: . So I’m gonna ahead and give you so that’s I think there’s multiple answers that I have in that in that question there there’s a lot of that there’s a lot of detail I could cover there so the company I’m with is called Dante and were a Japan based company as you so kindly mention and are background comes from developing games especially in the telecommunications side of the platform so we basically are developed web services away before even smart phones were a thing.  I keep bringing this joke up that there’s there  that did  that they were phones before the iPhone and the android device. We used to develop a network on that platform and then we’ve been around for quite awhile and and then as the.

As the age of the smartphone arrived we started developing applications for that platform as well and then naturally gaming became the next big thing for us and then we have the privilege to that of course release games on our own but also be a part of larger projects by triple a studios that. Yes we were developers on a popular home consoles that I’d I’m not exactly sure how what what how much I’m allowed to speak on it but so we’ve been working so as so through that we were able to work with a bunch of triple A. studios our company has always been a Japan slash Vietnam based companies sell about 30 to 40 percent of our staff is based in Japan and then the other 60 to 70 percent of staff is based in Ho Chi Minh City and so we already have that kind of international development tag team situation going on there and then as we moved on to more of the game developing side we got to meet some very cool people we got to meet some very cool investors and then of course as again we are a company kept moving on with the whole as as the advancement of the web have progressed through the through the flip phones through the iPhones and then we kind of moved on to the console gaming PC gaming and then whole networks of telecommunications again has always been our thing and naturally web 3 was on our radar and we got to talk with a group of cool people who were really interested in our development strategy the fact that we have a multinational team.

The fact that we have people who are fluent in different languages and I don’t mean just languages in terms of Vietnamese or Japanese or English I’m talking about like in programming and you just fluent in it anything that’s necessary when it comes to developing games and developing a platform  and we were lucky enough to meet some of our investors that current art main current our current our good main investors like had capital in may ventures and you G. ventures and spaceship and easy chain here with professor Martin US European capitals – and then everybody and all these cool investors that were interested in our project and that that’s when the whole we we we I mean. We’ve been talking about the whole there needs to be a new platform that  where we could do that it all starts from like simple ideas like  bits which people should be able to do this online or this should be a feature that could be accessible online or  we why why aren’t we able to be  get certified or degree young like like why are we still relying on little plastic cards to prove that yes I can drive a car or a  or I’m a professional in the specific field I mean we’re living in an age where cars can drive themselves and we’re still relying on plastic cards and like piece of papers disprove that I’ve been to a school and so we were like talking about how this should be on chain that should be on J. this could totally be done better online or in a metaverse and then and then it just came naturally it’s like  why don’t we just make our own metaverse and make all that happen so that’s kind of how the whole idea came together and that’s how we got kind of got to meet these cool people and then naturally when we started talking with our investors and partners they started mentioning that  if you’re gonna do this stuff we should probably bring in experts on this field but we should probably bring in experts from that field and that’s how we got to meet a bunch of our other cool members that I really don’t get I don’t think I have the time to mention everybody but we have so many cool people from so many different fields and what I can definitely I on my part is that a guarantee me that not guaranteed but like talk about is on our staff and the on the Japan side of things just because I’m in Japan right now is that we have some pretty big names that have been working with who major studios in the past who decided to start their own company that are working with us and we’re really glad and privileged to have them on our team and we have a great staff a call across the globe right now that’s really quick on the uptake and then  we if they have the new direction. N. or a new plan emerges will immediately adapt and it’s only possible because we have so many people that are experts in so many different fields and and right now we’re about a team of like 100 to 200 feet roughly around 200 people and we’re located all around the globe so literally because of the time difference we are working 247 pretty somebody at some point always away so that’s kind of how the team is that’s kind of how we met.



  • What products are you guys working on right now at the moment and now what plans do you have in mind for now?

Kenji: Yes of course so when it comes to building a metaverse it’s kind of difficult to say that you eat and you were only good in one field because not naturally a metaverse is a place where and if course we saying that  it’s a place with unlimited possibilities mean that we need to offer as many options to the users possible and we because we want to give them that freedom and we want people to be free on our platform so L. that just to get list off a few features will have of course being a metaverse we have an avatar system we’ve already been talking with. Who are the makers behind ready player meets out that options already there so users already get to communicate with their pre existing avatar if they already have an account with ready player meet they already have a claim the account but that’s just that’s just really just the tip of the iceberg okay so of course yes we’re gonna have avatars in Telok Amin. Medications there but of course we’re gonna have and if the real estate in the in the metaverse an NFC market place so users can trade there and if he’s in the end if you don’t even have to be from our platform they can bring in their own entities from so basically we want people to trade on our platform and then I guess to add in a little more features a little I guess a cool feature that I want to mention here is that so I don’t know if you’ve ever had the hassle to have you ever had that had the struggle where you’re trying to trade in and if he were trying to purchase an N. F. T. awful sight and then you like accidentally hit the refresh button and then that that ACSI that you were looking at just went away and you into the abyss and you couldn’t find it anymore or or you’re you’re trying to talk with the person you’re trying to trade with that person he’s like okay I’ll have it listed at this time so you had go ahead and purchase it at this rate or  you’re trying to put it on an auction and then it was it was more it was a much more valuable and if you that you have then it was  sold for and you were a week there’s been this all happens because the the reason why this all happens is because the fact that you’re trading in one window you’re trying to talk with another person in another and you’re trying to manage your wallet at the same time and so you’re constantly flipping through different taps and you’re trying to go through different wallets and are are and if the market place is going to be this extension of our better versed it’s gonna be a part of the metaverse itself so basically if you would picture something like. With without naming any specific names but if you would a picture like any mainstream MMORPG for instance we wanna traded an item with the person you’ll just open up your inventories and you’d swap items and the beauty of it is that you never have to leave the platform you could just do so within so that’s another cool feature that we’re gonna go ahead and add and we’re gonna have many many virtual events of course because we’re gonna have the land for sale for land for rent there’s gonna be virtual events that are gonna be hosted by personal or corporations I we’re gonna have an ad system to optimize the so basically if you’re a landowner you’ll get the place buildings on your land then you can lend out spaces on the sides of buildings as like ad spaces so users can go ahead and borrow those and place ads on the side of buildings and these will be kind of cool more more in the cool as like kind of the ads you see in movies that are like kind of  holographic 3 D. pop out engage with actual users we’re also going to plan on releasing our own launch pad so that users who are  new to the field will get to again I started the business perhaps with us and it will be could do so entirely within our platform again removing the hassle of having to have to okay so in order to do this I need to have this token from fat wallet from this service and then I need to talk with this person at the same time but if it’s all converged on to one platform the pain is gone the hassles gun and it’ll be a lot more smooth than an easier experience and that’s kind of what we’re going for I will be introducing NFT builder tools so that users can generate their own N. F. T. E.’s I I I can get and  we’ll have our own DA system and we’re of course we’re gonna provide SDKs for this so it’s the worst kind of goes on and on and it’s to give you just an idea of what we’re trying to do and this of course  with this many features comes hell hath dilly amazing amounts of. Copious amounts of work that needs to be done so this isn’t going to be some one year plan or so it’s not gonna be something instantaneous it’s gonna be a long term investments could be a long term development. But yeah no I’m sorry I’m already way ahead of myself I’m I’ve extended my welcome. But that that’s just I guess some of the features that I can. Give you an idea of what SkyDOS is gonna be like.



  • Which area or which milestone that you guys are focusing right now and now what plan for other teams to expand on that even more

Kenji: Now are our goal is because we’re again over a multi year development word which isn’t something that we’re not trying to develop something quick and something that’s like  low in quality what what we’re trying to develop something and rich experience and of course it’s going to take time and that’s why we don’t want to like monetize everything and try to try to have users to cover the expenses what we’re trying to do is  for it we we want users to have fun on our platform we want users to just engage with us enjoy the platform with us and see the possibilities that we see in web 3 with us so our current focus right now is to find means and ways to introduce our platform to the community where we’re constantly researching what people would like to see from us what people would like to see from web 3 in general so right now our focus and development is to basically add as as cheap as this may sound but well our our our goal right now is to see if we can provide as sky does as a whole as a platform what we can provide to the community in terms of it was so right now it’s it’s so our focus is like researching are the community researching are the people who are interested in the web 3 in the metaverse in researching what people would like to see on our platform and by that  through this research we’re going to prioritize what features we can add in the sky does first so that users can have that  in the end right again we want the users to be hyped about our platform want the users to be happy on our platform so we’re gonna try to. Accommodate the user’s request as much as possible first so we’re gonna try to host events that’ll  that users would like to see like a virtual live sessions virtual art galleries  it entertainment basically on the platform so that there’s a reason for it it’s not an empty land that users just have  we want the platform to be exciting we want there to be content we want there to be entertainment so right now our 2 pronged strategy is trying to research what the users want and then try to provide that informs the events in our virtual platform that will be coming around the corner so that status is a place where users have something to do of course and then  enjoy the platform first and  of course we’re going to introduce a lot of mechanics  and if you trading staking on the F. T. real estate  land leasing in one eye but we don’t want users to have to have to think about that stuff at the moment first we just want people to come on our platform and have a good time to basically sell right now our focus is how DO finding out how users can just have a good time and implement that in our platform so that that’s our focus right now.



  • Why doesn’t SkyDOS sell public sale (IDO, IEO…) to attract the community? What exchange do SkyDOS plan to list SDC on?

Kenji: That’s kind of a tricky question so. Because of that though the reason why I say this is because we are going to sell him publicly that’s literally coming around but I can’t give an exact date yet but we were in that’s coming right around the corner so when it comes to why I guess the answer is that we are going to sell and publicly that’s coming right around the corner so stay tuned make sure you follow us on Twitter Instagram discord or  all our and media outlets and make make sure that you follow so that you can follow up on the information so we are going public our sales are going to be public and available to the public. But of course will be in very limited quantities and part of that is because we don’t want any sudden inflation of course and we don’t we also  users who decide to invest with us. We don’t want we’ve seen it so we’ve seen one too many times where the platform will release something and they’ll  open the floodgates basically E. and then mass users come in and mass users make purchases and then  the price for the tokens skyrocket or whatnot and then and then the mass dumping starts after that and then so the price would just there is that initial spike and then immediate deflation I am sorry and immediate inflation happens and then the market crashes and we don’t want any of that to happen so we’re gonna have a very controlled system so our sales are going to be kind of systematic it’s gonna be strategic so they’ll be very limited quantities but  if you even if you miss out on the first sale we’re going to continue on down the road we’re gonna have multiple launch windows up that so that users have the ability to. Invest with us and again I’m sorry if it’s the white part if I hadn’t covered the white part too clearly but I guess I I this is kind of a better answer I said away that we are going to let it is coming around the corner so stay tuned I guess is what I can say for now. Yeah, I think the person that might have been not missing the information that’s why they thought you right yeah yeah I know we’re definitely yeah yeah definitely happening yeah you gave a really  they’re great answer so yeah to give you credit for that. And the second question so our run 22 so this person as many games came to cooperate with giving guilt projects to popularize gameplay in attracting more users so how is Dido’s orientated orient oriented on this. 


  • Many Games tend to cooperate with GamingGuild projects to popularize Gameplay and attract more Users. So how is SKYDOS oriented on this? 

Kenji: So in terms of gaming guilds so this kind of goes into a lot of the contracts that I have that I kind of have my hands tied to answer this question I can answer for part portions of it but my hands are kind of tied when it comes to how much information I’m allowed to give out so our company our. Actually, one of our group companies one of our partner companies are cults guide us tech we’re kind of focused on developing up later mechanics basically mini-games within our within the Scottish platform and through our partners we had we’re likely had many. Our partners who are interested to develop little games for us we are interested in listing their games on our platform and so I’m sorry for getting distracted here for a second. Yeah so yeah a lot of our our partners have that so I guess that’s kind in a way they would not nothing official like we’re not like an official gaming guilt or what not but we have this literally we have the guild of developers that are developing many games for us not just many games but some of the these games are kind of exciting I’m actually in charge of some of the projects to that are not that that that that are that are big enough to be its own platform so how I guess goddesses oriented in this is that because we’re kind of goes back to what I said earlier where we’re trying to become a launch pad and basically once god has to be this platform for  many different kinds of content within the metaverse we want to be this gateway slash hub for all these content so how we orient ourselves is that I guess we’re trying to be are kind of like the app store for iPhone or like the play store for Google is that we want we  of course down the road this isn’t something immediate but we want to be a plant so we want to not at the center but we want to be kind of like under the developers so that we can lift the developers up so that they get to develop on our platform and then not have to worry about okay so where should I live the list my new game and whatnot so that everything can be all within the Scottish metaverse cell I guess I I I don’t know this is kind of weird way to answer the question but I guess how we orient ourselves like underneath the developer is are under name developers add this may not be the answer that this person was looking for and if for that I’m very sorry but I I that that’s as I think that’s how I would answer that but I mean that is how I answer the question I’ve been reading. Okay yeah so I think that was kind of fun okay answer to this question so yeah thank you for R. thank you for asking and also the euphoria and secondly so far is that third question or moving on to sell out of the gym C. K. as is it possible to trade entities and schedules if we own a new anti land how can I treat that. 


  • Is it possible to trade NFTs in SkyDos? If we own an NFT Land, How can I trade them?

Kenji: Okay so that’s a question that’s straightforward for me for our platform really so the first part can we trade entities, yes and I may have already touched this earlier and if so this person probably can read the future. Or joined in late but  at yes are we are going to yes and if these are going to be tradable on our platform and this doesn’t have to be in a few that come from our platform it’s that’s kind of the goal here is that so we want to bring multiple experiences on to one platform so that users don’t have to jump between different platforms we want the experience to be painless we want the experience to be seamless we want the experience to be immersive so not only will you get to trade and if he’s within the platform you’ll also eventually you’ll get to do so B. R. is actually a very strong field that our project is in we’re gonna adding VR support for the platform so literally, you’ll get the trade and if these are the person in front of your eyes and I believe the question extended to. Will N. F. T. I. with the lands be? Tradable are in this kind of yeah and yes land is definitely tradeable and we kind of want that to be kind of a  for the long term investors and the and the big term investors we want that to be we want land to be basically a way to seek possibilities because  in real life you could do so much with planned and in the virtual world only makes it  is if if real life land is 3 dimensional the virtual Landis for to mention only can do so many different things that you can’t do in real life and and and of course the you have the traditional leased the land to a person a trade different locations with other persons are basically this will come in forms of the rights to the land and  by trading the rights to the land you have the then you’ll then have the ability to modify the land up place your own and if these are placed buildings on there and that’s when you get to start renting ad spaces on your buildings or whatnot or host events again this goes back to the whole we want  people we want scholars this is kind of where unfortunately Martin can’t be here with us anymore but. But this is kind of where professor Martin comes in and it’s more than paid his expertise but so we want virtual land to kind of extend into the fields of like academia we want people to be able to not just get educated but also certified on the virtual platform and  we want these lands to be an ultimate form of it exploring possibilities so it’s like you go to a virtual school you get virtually certified and then  that certificate can extend into the real world at taking down more boundaries  it’s you might learn how to scuba dive online and then you get to do so offline and it is just cool possibilities and that all is only possible through the end if you land so going and  that was a huge detour but going back to the question. It was is is that if you land also tradable and how you treat them is again within the platform and you’ll trade rights with other people and that’s how yes so and if your trading is possible and if you land is also tradable all within the platform and it’s going to be as painless as possible well it’ll be literally within a window and just drag and drop or something well not exactly dragon drop but it took a few clicks away basically.


  • “Idle” game usually does not require the player to manipulate much and is quite simple. this is easy to get boring after playing for a while, can SKYDOS limit that drawback?

Kenji:  That’s an excellent question so this is where it’s kind of a challenge on our part because again our background kind of comes from well a big a good portion of our team of a tired team comes are background comes from game development and the arm without naming any names we told we absolutely agree with the whole you know idle games are boring. It’s and and of course there’s a lot of a lot of companies but twists to it to make games interesting and the R. and I I I actually am kind of a heavy player in a safe caring and so I can’t really entirely all right well I’m not I have not even sure if I’m allowed to name games like that but I’m but I’m sorry but I you know so you know a lot of companies do you put these efforts into making a you know even the idle games interesting so we’re definitely seeking possibilities in kind of that field where you know there are different ways to make idle games interesting and that usually comes in the form of like breeding a specific character or treating specific characters but of course even that has its limitations and eventually users will grow tired of it and that’s why our strategy here is to not just focus on one game to play inside us that’s correct kind of comes into the whole earlier where I how I answered how I explain how good is this trying to be a platform for all these different types of games and the of course we alone have our hands kind of filled with building are at the platform that’s why we have a different company that develops games for us and these will come in batches will have many different kinds of games so of course I only I I the we will have I’m not gonna hide that it’s I’m gonna be honest we will have idle type games but we will also have a different card games like race games action games platformers are these will all come in you know be developed by different studios and different companies that are willing to use us as their launch pad and the yeah basically are so so yes I I I agree personally to the fact that you know idle games on their own do you have a tendency to get bored so our our dry our how our attempt at removing that drawback is by providing options and and our experience in game development hopefully he can direct these games in the right direction where it’s not just the. Boring sit down and wait what happened wait and see what happens hopefully our knowledge and our our our skills can help direct these games in you know develop exciting new field games and exciting informs and all these different kinds of exciting forms so that users won’t grow bored I so am I guess it’s kind of a cheating answer I guess but is that so our we’re not going to find the antithesis to the don idle games are yes our direct response to that is that we’re gonna provide options so that users don’t have to stick with idle games that they will be different ways to be involved in getting in.


  • May we know about your game levels and its difficulty and what are the requirements I must have to play the game?

Kenji:  What we’re developing here sky does it in itself is not exactly a game it is a it is more something along the lines of of of I can’t come up with a good example right off the top of my head but it’s it’s a metaverse platform so it’s more of a user’s communicating with each other in a virtual why and so are and I think the latter part of the question is what are the requirements a must have to play the game okay so I and the and the difficulty of yourself so to did not not to sound mean or anything but to correct that to make slight corrections to our platform is not exactly a game there are options where users can play games so that they can play to earn and these again kind of goes back to the 4 of the previous question where are the options that we’re gonna provide are going to range from you know it’ll type of games to action type of games to different kinds of games so of course I will type of games is more of a brain game so you don’t that you know user player skills are not that you know it’s more of on the head side by other than the finger side and of course there’s gonna have games we’re gonna have games that are more focused on the fingers and reflex at games but there are many other ways if you know if you’re if gaming’s not your thing of course the people have the opportunity to again be a let’s say a landowner and then make passive it make a passive income that way or they can explore opportunities and how they would like to utilize virtual land so many ways that users can be engaged in that sense so. If you’re if you’re if you’re not exactly a gamer and you and you were kind enough to find skied us interesting my I guess the thing I could to explain is that don’t worry S. guide us is not a gamer central platform well we’re open to as you were open to the public we’re trying to be as welcoming to anybody as boss so you don’t have to be pro gamer man in order to be a part of RK you don’t have to be pro gamer girl to be a part of R. 8 like eat you can you can be just you and you’ll be fine.


Up to now, SkyDOS has had outstanding growth with an ever-expanding ecosystem, promising to thrive in the near future. 

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