AMA Recap: Solchicks

Solchicks Live AMA Recap

Basic information

  • Time: November 20th, 2021 at 2PM UTC
  • Project name: Solchicks
  • Host: Henry from Blockchain Army
  • Guest speakers: Paulo | Content Leader of Solchicks
  • Main content:
    • Part 1: Project Overview
    • Part 2: Team
    • Part 3: Products
    • Part 4: Tokenomics
    • Part 5: Security
    • Part 6: Roadmap
    • Part 7: Community Q&A



1. Can you introduce a little bit about yourself to our audience

Paulo: Hi, my name is Paulo i am one of the leaders at Solchicks and what i do is a bit of the social media to be more specific, the content lead and I also do some outreach for our venture capitalists as well as our guild gaming and guild partners.

2. You mentioned about your project name Solchicks, so can you tell me more about this project or where does the name come from?

Paulo: the name of the project means Sol and chicks, so it’s basically Solana and chicks. it’s a combination because we are building our game in the Solana blockchain and we don’t like to take ourselves too seriously, so we use the chickens. But the gameplay is quite serious, it’s like diablo slash dark souls slash league of legends, so it’s the combined game.


3. How many team members do you have that are working for your project right now?

Paulo: We have about 70 people actually in the project, so quite a number of them and we are scattered across 20 countries. Most of us are from most of Australia and in parts of Asia like Singapore, i’m in Singapore, HongKong, the US, the UK, even Africa, Spain, so it’s quite a number


4. Can you tell me like three key points that makes your project different to the others?

Paulo: Number one, we are the very fast in building our game, it’s only about a month of development and we already have a working demo. Actually community now is about 200k and with this speed that we’re going to go live with our alpha in Q1 next year and finish the whole game by end of the next year as well. So I think what we’re really trying to do is make the game entertaining not just something that is okay and something that earns money but really something people want to play and I think that’s what’s different about us, because most of the games are more focused on the earning part but they’re not necessarily fun. So what you want to do is that you have the best of both worlds and this is something that’s missing right now in all of the playturn games in the market.

5. About the game that you mentioned, you focus a lot about building a very interesting game and the fun is the most important part in the project. So can you tell more about how the games works, like about the gameplay.

Paulo: So the gameplay, it’s like diablo and so you can move around your Solchick around using your mouse with your right click, you can have level up system. We have skill trees with which you can learn skills like fireball and all these kinds of cool stuff. You can also change your classes from not just a mage but also a gladiator or a cleric or a bot. It really depends on you and so the options are quite a lot and the gameplay we have it’s mostly on PvP as well so you will earn our in-game currencies when you win gates. We also have boss battles and in these boss battles you you can win special loots special rare roots and we’ll be adding more and more bosses dungeons down the line as well, so we’re quite excited.

Henry: So all of these cool stuffs will go with the game when it is released in the market, won’t they?

Paulo: that will be fully so for our alpha, it will likely be just a few alpha in maybe February or latest in March, it will actually be the PvP it would be live and one boss battle, but down the line every month we’ll be adding new features.


6. Can you explain your token distribution and do you think that it was distributed wisely?

Paulo: Of course we think we thought about this for quite a number of times, we have our tokenomics produced with a lot of advice from different venture capitalists from our different backers. So we have 20 percent will be for the team so that will be the team’s salaries and 37.7, which is quite a lot almost 40 percent is dedicated for our ecosystem rewards meaning the play to earn rewards and for the game dev is about 15% and the rest are on sales and marketing. So what the users would know at least is that we have more than enough of coins to be given out as rewards. And what is the name of the coins in the game the name of the coins is CHICKS, c-h-i-c-k-s, quite simple easy to remember

Henry: How the players in the game can earn this token?

Paulo: We have several ways of doing it one of the main ways is doing well in the PvP and then the other way is actually buying the chicks. Every week or every month they’ll be have leaderboard awards so those in the top MMR would get a cut of it so it’s pretty similar like what we see in Axie Infinity as well where the top players get get they get the AXS, so that’s the same for us, the top players will get CHICKS tokens especially because they work very very hard


7. There are a lot of scam project out there so how does the security system work to to guarantee your user wallet as well as your trust in your project?

Paulo: we are actually employing quite a number of things. This is one of our main focus because we don’t want our security system works just to answer the question is we’re preventing bots from coming into our game. It’s not something that we want to happen especially if there’s a place to earn elements of it so we are having different partners for having the security in the game which is why we are taking our time. The game will only be out latest by end of the year to make sure that the game is secure.


8. What do you plan? Is there any big events coming up this year?

Paulo: This year alone, so our our demo is out after that is our IDO next week and then we are minting the rest of our five thousand CHICKS by end of the year. So there will be IDO this year, next week on 26th November.

9. Do your team and your project face any challenges when developing the project and how do you overcome this?

Paulo: We don’t really have much challenges despite the fact that we are too young, two months old, so the natural challenge there is that we’re not well known. But thanks to very strong partners like Blockchain Army, we’re getting a lot of traction we’re getting a lot of exposure so slowly we’re trying to overcome that


10. You mentioned that you we the project is only two months old so how is the community growing on telegram on your twitter? Can you share about the numbers?

Paulo: now we have about 200k total combined so about 80k for our twitter about 80k almost as well for our discord and then our telegram is also growing, it’s about 50k 60k now so it’s quite a lot for a two-month-old project

11. Do you have any program event that will be published in the upcoming week to attract more user to your account to your twitter account or to your telegram?

Paulo: Other ways of attracting them it’s doing stuff like this. So there’s AMAs and different events, contests games, promotions, whitelist spots and more game development games sneak peeks. I think that’s really one of the way and collaborations with our different projects as well.


12. Will Solchicks ever venture into the Metaverse and can you provide any additional details regarding to the potential long-term plans?

Paulo: Every project right now is looking for their own builds on the Metaverse. So our long-term plans is actually to build an ecosystem where we can go on different games, maybe open up different dungeons, different marketplaces where we could share with other different games there’s a lot of opportunities for merchandising, for looking changing up the skin of our NFTs of our soldiers or our weapons and stuff like that. Maybe we will have exclusive quests we already have those actually in mind because we have different backers who are also backers of different games, so there’s a lot of opportunity to collaborate.

Henry: Do you have the exact detail of this plan or is it just on the paper?

Paulo: Right now it’s just verbal, with the different games and different partners. But a lot of it is in store, for example we have partnerships right now on our website, you would see, we have partnerships with different Esports teams. We also have partnerships with different guilds, so this actually opens up a lot of possibility for having tournaments down the line like 3v3 tournaments with big prizes to be two or three for all kind of tournaments so the possibilities are really a lot down the line.

13. What is the competitive advantage of your project and you can you point out the strength of your project that other projects do not have to attract more investors?

Paulo: Our team is very strong, we have very strong business people, we also have very strong gaming with game Devs. We parachuted a game them from Korea who were team leads for games like Maplestory, Heroes of new Earth, PUBG, Terra and Dungeon Fighter so I think with the quality of the games that they have led before it’s really what made us propel into this demo that is live like right now and our team for example our CEO was from Watson and Mckenzie and a lot of our teammates are very good with building businesses and organizations so if you combine these two together it’s really it makes us run very quickly and go to market very instantly

14. How is the balance between the inflation and the need to use the token in game ecosystem and what benefits does it have for the game ecosystem as well?

Paulo: What’s good about this is that the Solchicks are not the soldiers, the first 10 000 are can be sold right to the market to the Solana marketplace so there will be inflation in that regard, but the subjects that are bred after the 10 000 are actually bought using the chicks tokens and so we have a deflationary system as well and the prices will be regulated through our token, so we can control that. Although we may not be able to control the genesis or the first gen the first ten thousand of the solchicks. In the games will only one token CHICKS, and you could control that.

Henry: Do you have the burning system?

Paulo: We have the burning mechanism as well, so the burning mechanism will be present, I think we were thinking of ideas like for example allowing people to upgrade their solchicks hrough burning or through sacrificing their soldiers to upgrade their rarities.

15. Can you describe about the game levels and its difficulties and how much reward can I get from Solchicks?

Paulo: the gain levels are interesting because if you mea nabout the levels, we bracket our Solchicks levels from 1 to 15, 15 to 30, 30 to 45, 45 to 60, and amongst all these we’ll also have a MMR system, so you’ll only be bracketed according to people of the same skill and maybe even of the same levels so you’re matched against someone of equal skill and an equal familiarity with the game. We don’t think it will be that difficult for this tutorial part but as for the matchmaking part it may have some learning curve, but it’s nothing that the goal of the game is to produce something that is easy to get into but hard to master. So I think eventually you will get the hang of it.

Henry: Do I need to pay anything to join firstly?

Paulo: Our floor price right now is eight CHICKS, and you need one soldier to go into the game. The good thing is that you can actually mint next month as well. We don’t know the price yet but I think it should be a lesser price than the one that you see in the secondary marketplace.

16. Why did your project choose Solana not BSC?

Paulo: We like Solana because number one it doesn’t have a gas fee like other. It’s lesser than BSC, actually the tax is lesser so it’s like 0.0005 or something like that, so it’s way lesser than BNB and even way lesser than Ethereum of course. So I think what’s good about Solana is it’s still very new, so the market and the people are also still growing into it and I think it’s the perfect time for us to have the best game come out in a smaller space then we can grow together with the community.


Up to now, Solchicks has had outstanding growth with an ever-expanding ecosystem, promising to thrive in the near future.

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