AMA Recap: Space Marvel

Space Marvel Live AMA Recap

Basic information

  • Time: April 29th, 2022 at 2PM UTC
  • Project name: Space Marvel
  • Host: Alex from Blockchain Army
  • Guest speakers: Mr. Addy Le|CEO & Mr. Coco|Head of BD
  • Main content:
    • Part 1: Introduction
    • Part 2: Project Overview
    • Part 3: Roadmap
    • Part 5: Community
    • Part 6: Challenges
    • Part 7: Tokenomics
    • Part 8: Security
    • Part 9: Community Q&A



  • Can you introduce more about yourself and the team behind the project?

Addy: My name is Eddie. I’m the CEO of the project Space Marvel. A little bit about our team so basically, we have so many people who are very extremely good in our parts. I think we can give you a really good project at the moment with our really exciting gameplays as well. We have a project with a clear roadmap, experienced advertisers, strong backers and partners.


  • Could you give us a sense of what Space Marvel is like?

Addy: So basically as you can see on our trailer, Space Marvel is a strategic gameplay which is based on chessboard. In a squad, users have to set up a team including six heroes to get a victory. Beside that, we have a lot of interesting gameplay with a reward system in which users have to base on a little bit of luck to earn a good price. We want to maximize the gaming experience of users. Therefore, they need to have very good skills to earn the token in the games. Also we want to provide the user a really good environment to play the games. Also in the near future we want to organize a tournament for the users to come up into the esport games

Alex: So thank you for the answer. From what I understand, Space Marvel is like Auto Chess right? 

Addy: Yes basically, if you like playing a very famous game in the world right now like auto chess or TFT of Riot Games ,you can really like familiar with that

Alex: Is this game more about the skill or the luck of the players? 

Addy: So basically you need both from the start of the game. You need to buy the box of the heroes. Each box includes 3 heroes. Players need to buy the box and based on their luck, they can buy 1 box or 3 boxes to get enough heroes into the squad. Based on the heroes, users can maximize the power of the heroes to win against the other players. Players need both skills to get the victory and some luck to get more and more stronger heroes and also to spin the wheel to get the reward token. 


  • What about the unique selling proposition of the project? What would you give us that is special?

Addy: I think some really good selling points of Space Marvel right now are that we have the interesting gameplay based on the rewards system and our multi-chain support is not so much the same as any project at the moment which only supports the BSC. With our core team who is really good at technology, we support BSC at the moment but in the near future, we will support Avax and Solana as well. A more unique selling point of this project is we increase the interaction of the users via the community. This is the most concern of the Space Marvel team because we’re really focused on the community or gamers a bit more specific at the moment because without the gamers or without the players, no project can survive in the market. Another thing is that we have finished the testnet of the game and we will publish it in the first week of the month. 

  • What would be the unique selling proposition for the investors or the reasons for the investors to invest in the project? 

Addy: I would say Space Marvel is backed by so many good backers at the moment. We have UG Ventures, The Lighthouse Ventures, K300 Ventures and  also we get more and more partners to get on board for Space Marvel. At the moment we have a clear roadmap. As you can see on our website, we are in the second quarter but we are ready for the third quarter of this year. Also we are in the phase of preparing for the multi-chain language packs. We are ready for the multi-chain support and we’re ready for one more function of the games as well. Therefore, we have a really good project, a really good team and a clear roadmap at the moment.


  • I heard you mention the roadmap so could you share with us more about the roadmap and what are your future plans and goals? 

Addy: Basically our roadmap you can see on At the moment, we are ready for the testnet and I think in a few more days, maybe in like four more days, you can get the registration for the testnet on our website. That is a closed roadmap for us. We have more and more events for the testnet in which you can play and earn in real time based on our scoring board. The total price comes up to 7000 USD at the moment. At the end of May, we will be ready for the INO and the marketplace opening. We are ready for the NFT bulbs and listing our reward tokens. I think it’d be on really good terms. For the ultimate goal of our vision, we will provide an e-sport tournament for our users in the PvP mode. I think it’s a really good game mode at the moment because six players will be in a competitive PvP board and they can earn the token from each other.

Alex: Will the game be available only on PC or also on Android and iOS?

Addy: We have been ready for 3 platforms. Basically we control and we own a really good core team with so many years of experience in the application for the mobiles. We have an excellent CTO who is behind the game Audition in Vietnam which is really famous  in SEA. I think many players in Vietnam know about Audition as well both on the PC and mobile. 

  • Do you plan to expand to any other games or other game modes in this project? 

Addy: Another function of the game at the moment is stake game mod. In the future, which we mentioned in the roadmap already, we will expand new functions like the battle pass, maybe within three or six months depending on the gamers. For that one, I think we will provide a pool vote for players and each player will have a vote ticket. If they want to win or update anything in the game, they will vote for it. If they want a new hero or a new battle pass or any update in the game, we will follow the community voice to understand more about them.

Alex: Thank you, I think the battle pass and seasonal content are really great ideas from a perspective of a gamer since most of the NFT games don’t have those features. 

Addy: Basically all of our team are real gamers. They are even still playing games at the moment so they understand what is needed for the users and what is really good for the games. I think it’s not a copyright from another game but yes I think that if they have a good point we will follow them.


  • How is the community growing and do you have any plan to attract and expand the community internationally and improve the user experience? 

Addy:  yeah of course. So basically our ultimate goal is maximize the gaming experience for the users because you know at the moment many games have poor gameplay; they focus on the earn aspect. However, in Space Marvel, the community and the gamers are centralized. About the community, we have a Telegram channel and group. At the moment, we have connected about more than 100 game communities at the moment to get more and more users to follow up the information of Space Marvel. In the near future, in order to serve the global users, we will provide the tournament for the users. I think that at the moment there is no project that provides the tournament for the users. 


  • What are the challenges you have faced or facing right now and how did you overcome it? 

Addy: Okay so basically at the moment, our disadvantage is COVID-19. Some of our members got COVID-19 and they had to quit the project. We have been delayed about one to two months for now. However, we are still finding new members here. I think  COVID-19 delay is one point. The second one is the voice of the market. The gamefi market at the moment, we stand on the highways. However, we still have to prove to the users and of the community that we have the real project, clear roadmap, and good backer. That’s why unlike other projects, we have published the testnet at first.


  • Can you tell us more about the tokenomics and what are the functions of tokens in this game? 

Addy: To decrease the inflation, our project has dual tokens. First is the $SVX which is a reward token for users to upgrade their spaceships, NFT heroes or the power of the squad. The government token is $SVE which you have to play the game and earn it from a spinning wheel. Unlike other games where the government token has to be earned from the publisher, in Space Marvel, they must win to earn a ticket and come to the real fortune or lucky wheel. Therefore, the return of investment is based on the luck of users.

Alex: Okay that’s a really interesting feature. Mr Coco, do you want to add anything to the answer since I saw you come up here? 

Coco: Hey guys, sorry for coming a little bit late. I was trying to figure out what’s going on with my camera but unfortunately I can’t seem to figure out why. So sorry to talk without showing my face. About tokenomics, I think our CEO has already covered pretty much of it. I just want to add a little bit about tokenomics. Aside from all the technical aspects of the tokenomics, the team also wants to demonstrate our commitment to Space Marvel and especially in the $SVE tokens. The team is committed to at least four years with the project so investors can feel safe to put their money for investment in our project. I’m sure we can now go to a happier place together.


  • There are a lot of scam projects out there and how does your security system work to guarantee your users wallets as well as their trust in the project? 

Coco: Scam is a very alarming problem right now with blockchains as well as crypto projects. I think everyone knows about the hacking of Axie Infinity. There was a lot of money lost so we want to try to avoid that as best as possible. Right now, we are working with Cloudflare. All of the game system and software are protected by Cloudflare and their engineer experts are helping us to configure the system. We also are working with the Amazon web service and we are audited by CertiK, one of the best auditors in the blockchain market right now. We want to bring like nothing but the best services for our users. That is the technical side. About the information, I’m sure that a lot of users on Telegram are familiar with scam groups and clone groups right. I want to mention this as well. Users should only follow our official channels and telegram communities so they can get the latest updates from us and not click any suspicious things. Our team will never DM anyone first for funds or anything so beware of scammers. 


  • In the current sideway, how long can Space Marvel return investment payback?

Addy:  This one I mentioned before. Based on your luck from the beginning of the game, you can open the number of boxes to start to earn. If you’re lucky, you could open one box and you win a new legendary hero and you can really immediately check it on our marketplace to get the returns. If you are unlucky, you will win like a normal hero and you might need about two to three boxes to start earning in the game. For the game mode, you can earn it on the PvE or PvP or boss mode. However, once again I have to mention about your luck, if you can earn so many tickets but in the spinning wheel, you might earn not so many. However, if you win, we have special prizes for the user to get maybe one million tokens. I think your ROI is really short. If you’re really lucky, it will be like 30 to 45 days. If you are unlucky, the time will be 60 to 75 or even more.

  • Are you confident that Space Marvel will be a long-term investment for the investors and why?

Coco: Yes, we are very confident that Space Marvel will be a long-term investment for investors because our CEO has previously mentioned we have a lot of reasons for investors to be confidential. First is the team who is very experienced in both game design, game development and blockchain market as well. We have a lot of experience in all of that and we are not just some traditional game studio in the sense that just a beginner jumps into blockchain. The second reason is that everything we made for the game, every line of code was made by us and we did not buy anything or any outsourced code. Other reasons can be that we have strong banking from some of the best blockchain organizations in Vietnam as well as international organizations. I think those are some of the reasons that will be a long-term investment. Also as I mentioned earlier, the team is very committed to the game for at least four years.

  • Will the game have a clan system to make the experience more fun among friends?

Addy: I think that’s a really good question for the gameplay because the clan system or the guild system in the games is really exciting to join in when you are playing the game with friends. At the moment, we haven’t got the game gear or the clan system in the game yet. However, in the near future, I think in the next quarter of this year, we will provide you the client system for more fun among friends. However in the game at the moment, we provide a main screen that appears to challenge them to real battles in real time. Therefore, you and your friend can go online at the same time and you guys will challenge each other for fun playing in the game. 

Alex: I think it is a really good passion at the moment for the client system, thank you. These answers also show that you really care about the community as you listen to them on live stream right now.

Addy: Okay only because we’ve seen our gamer in the game playing with the game and we understand what the game needs.

  • Is the game suitable for people with a limited time budget and how many hours can we play each day? 

Addy: I think for the limited budget like I said before, we really focus on the community and the users here. We include the crypto player and the play-to-earn gamer as well. Therefore, I could say that the budget to start playing the game it’s a really low price. I could say to start playing the game, the total amount of investment is maybe lower than 100 USD. For how many hours we can play each day: you can play as much as you want. We have free-to-play so users can go into there and get familiar with the squad or the heroes if they want.

  • How will you sustain the economy with the large number of players entering the game in the future?

Coco: For our first base model, we have a very unique way to reward players that is mostly unaffected by the influx of the players. For example with the reward system, usually for other projects, they just directly reward players with tokens right. However with Space Marvel, we want to give the players a bit more of the excitement from playing the game so that’s why we have a reward system called the wheel of fortune. When players win the game, they can earn the ticket to spin the wheel of fortune. From that, they can earn powerful items or tokens or even NFT heroes. I think that everyone wants a little bit of luck and fortune so everyone will enjoy this. The reward system also gives us an advantage of not having to mint a lot of tokens for the reward. The other point is that our reward opens the $SVX but there will not be three million tokens minted at the beginning of the game. What I mean is that there is only a limited amount of $SVX every day just enough for the players to earn from their daily ques. That is also one of our ways to control inflation as well as to control the economy in the game. We are confident that even with a huge influx of players entering the game, we can manage to maintain the balance of the economy within the game. 

Alex: Okay thank you. Besides that, do you have any burning mechanism or you do not burn the tokens?

Addy: So basically, we have the burning system. At the moment, 19 percent of the tokens in gaming have been burned in the game and will take only 10 percent for the maintenance of the operation teams.


Up to now, STMAN has had outstanding growth with an ever-expanding ecosystem, promising to thrive in the near future. 

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