AMA Recap: BSC Army with StepHero

Recap StepHero

Basic information

  • Time: August 8th, 2021 at10PM GMT+8 (HKT) | 2PM UTC
  • Project name: StepHero
  • Host: Luke from BSC Army
  • Guest speakers: Stephen|Technical Leader from StepHero
  • Main content:
    • Part 1: Project overview
    • Part 2: Marketing Strategy
    • Part 3: Business Plan
    • Part 4: Community Q&A



1. Can you give a little introduction by yourself and also the project?

Stephen: I’m Stephen, I’m the technical leader of the StepHero team. I have several years in development including web and mobile. I have spent three years in the blockchain area so with my knowledge I just want to bring the scale and the skill of blockchain into the game and I hope that all of you will enjoy it so that’s a great interview for me. Basically, StepHero is a comprehensive NFT ecosystem that includes StepHero RPG games. We are an NFT fantasy episode on both BSC and Polygon. About Polygon, we are so proud that we are the first NFT game RPG on Polygon. Also, we have the NFT market, cross-chain high liquidity NFTmarketplace, and also the StepHero collectible and artwork made with high-quality graphic design. Our ecosystem is built on Binance Smart Chain and will be bridged into Polygon. So that’s it about the project. I want to talk about our story too. Initially, we were a game studio with more than 15 years of experience in a creative world game and due to the quality of the agreement with our partner, I cannot show you exactly the name of our partner. However, they have a view, a lot of them all over the world, and over the years we think that we can bring to the world our game. You can realize that in our world and thanks to the NFT technology we can bring the play to earth instead of play to win. That’s a review of our game and hope you can enjoy it

2. Would you like to introduce to us what the scale of your team is and how do you work together?

Stephen: Sure, I want to share with you our team. This is Mr. Gabriel, he is the CEO of our project with 10 years’ experience in e-commerce. He is also the founder and the mobile development specialist and also our CMO, CTO with a lot of experience in blockchain technology. Don’t forget to look at our app and game director. He has 15 years of experience in web design and he also earned many awards in Vietnam for game development and web design here. About our advisor, we have 2 advisors, not only in Vietnam but also all over the world. We have a BSC News co-founder and also Evan Luthra, he is an investor that’s very famous in the blockchain area. I met Thi Truong, Thanh Dao and it turned out they are very famous in the blockchain industry in Vietnam. So that is a brief interview about my team.

3. Isn’t the vision of combining every factor of bringing the P2e games to another level the idea that comes from all the members? How did your core team start to form and start this whole project?

Stephen: I can tell you that actually we have developed the game for a year or so and when NFT gaming became the trend right now, we decided that we need to move the game from the traditional game into NFT gaming. Thus, it will help us to make the game more for the community, that everyone can earn their NFT and can be sold in the marketplace. Also, they are the true owner of every asset in the game.

4. What products and services do you offer to the community and also how do your tokens work with those products and services?

Stephen: We have the picture ahead of us. Firstly, it’s about the game. We want to bring the game that everyone enjoys and yes we have some pictures about the character where everyone can view the team. That’s a unique combination.

Also, the game will have some missions and also the rewards that the UI can earn from the game. We have the key battle here where everyone can join the battle with their collectives.

And also the marketplace is not only to sell our Hero NFTs and items. The player and other people can send their NFT and upload it to our website and we will earn from this.

Moreover, we have an affiliate program to provide profit to people who share and invite new players to the marketplace. The Hero collectible hero, where everyone can collect and sell their unique NFT, where they play and update their hero. Here are some features I want to share with you.

5. You mentioned that you’re starting on Binance Smart Chain and you also talk about the Polygon network. When will the bridge from the BSC network to Polygon happen?

Stephen: First, we decided to build our system in BSC and at the same time, actually, right now we are developing a bridge that can bring our game into Polygon. And out of that, not only Polygon, but it’s also a chain-like Solana and maybe Etherum. When the chain is here, you can see the new update on the issue status. So I think not only Polygon but some other chains in the future and this is coming in the next year.

6. What I know about the Polygon network is that they have a fast transaction speed and also a really low transaction fee but since the network itself is fully decentralized so sometimes it’s not really stable. Do you have any measure or solution to make sure that once you cross your game into the Polygon network it can still be stable and not affect the gameplay and gaming experience to players?

Stephen: This question is so relevant to me since I’m a technical leader. We have calculated and developed this idea so many times and I have to say that the speed in Polygon is really fast but it’s not as stable as BSC that’s why we decided to build on BSC first. However, we have the connection with the Polygon team and we think by the time the network and the scale is better, we can build a stable game on Polygon where users can feel the speed and also the fee that’s really low on this chain.

Luke: Basically, the whole infrastructure is going to be built with the core technology of Binance Smart Chain to make sure that it’s going to be stable to all players, right?

Stephen: In BSC, we have an ecosystem where so many people and players can join. We think that with BSC, we can have a lot of players first and then Polygon later.

Luke: I can see that too. I mean you have the founder of BSC news, the advisor so that also gives you quite a good connection with other projects. The way I see it is that when you expand your connection, it’s easier to make partnerships on the BSC network and do marketing and also cross-promotion.

7. These days, I’ve been seeing all the pages and ads about you, and I also see a lot of girls wearing sexy outfits with the StepHero label on them so who came up with this idea?

Stephen: So actually, we have decided that our marketing team has to bring to the community our game. We help the community from not in the Western and East. We have a community in Vietnam and also other Eastern countries: the Philippines, Malaysia and also China, and Spain too. Right now, we have more than 50 000 members in our chat and it is continuing to grow. I think we wanna reach a lot of people before the IDO time.


8. Did the marketing idea come from any individual or is it a team decision?

Stephen: Actually I want to talk about our marketing decision. For the marketing strategy, we have connected with a lot of KOLs and influencers for the DeFi KOL and also the gamer KOL in a lot of countries. Also, we build a local community with our local non-English speakers and also some campaigns to the customers where we can now address and also release some features that our users can enjoy first.


9. What role does your token play in the whole ecosystem? Can you share with us some information about your tokenomics?

Stephen: I will show you our tokenomic. We have a total supply of 100 million tokens and for the tokenomic we have some Seed Sale round and also Private sale. The token is going to be used for the marketplace and also to buy the asset from the game. We have another token, called $STEP. The $STEP is a token whereas it’s like a coin in a game ecosystem where you can buy some assets, even upgrade your hero level, and summon some heroes from your gameplay. For the $HERO token, you can use it for farming and some cool items from the marketplace. Also, it can be used for staking for our $HERO and items. That’s the use case of our token.

Luke: So basically when playing the games, people can actually earn those tokens and also earn items, and whatever decision that they want to make they can do that on your marketplace, right? The circulation of tokens is also within the ecosystem that StepHero is building for the whole community of users.

Stephen: Yes and actually, users have the right to vote on the pictures that the players want to have. We have a community program where everyone can use that token to vote on the new features and also the staking program. They can earn by just holding our token for earning a $HERO or earning NFT.

Luke: So with that being said, the token is just like the glue to all your ecosystem. First, it is helping people to earn from the game when playing the games. Second, they can use your token to buy NFTs, trade assets. And lastly, the token can also serve as a key for the community to submit what they want to change the system for the better.

10. We all know that to any DeFi projects the community plays an invite-to-spot and a vital role in ensuring that the project can work, so apart from giving the community the government’s feature to vote and also submit their ideas, what other policies do you have in order to keep the community going?

Stephen: Absolutely. Community feedback is one of the features that we want to view on the game. In the roadmap, we will bring the beta game this year, the beta version. We collect the feedback from the player to have the experience. Feedbacks bring us some skills to improve and the main version will be renewed from their feedback. I think that the community will help us to bring better games to all the players.


11. What are the sources of the games on the play store? What are your strategies to recruit/attract game providers who will provide your game on their platform?

Stephen: About our game, it’s not only on the web, it’s also on PC and mobile platforms such as Android and IOS. You guys can join us on the web and the PC platform first and after that, it’s gonna run on Android and IOS. So you can download this and it’s absolutely free for everyone to enjoy.

12. What is your plan to balance the economy of the game and to increase the value of reward or token that a player can obtain, is there any plan to burn the token to increase the price?

Stephen: We have spent a lot of time trying to balance our game. In fact, by balancing it, we can balance the economic tool as well. By using our token, you can buy a lot of assets in the marketplace and also spend them in our game. I can tell you that our team here worked so hard to balance the game and bring you the best game experience. For the burning plan, we do have the plan to burn our token, the $HERO tokens, so that everyone who holds the token can have the benefit from that.

13. I have seen from the road map about the Hero Farming program. Could you please explain more for us about this program and how investors could gain profit from this program?

Stephen: For the investors and also the players, you have several ways to earn from our game. Firstly, you can collect the NFTs from the marketplace and you can equip the items, also upgrade them. By collecting more NFTs, you can have the value of valuable NFTs and you can sell them back to the marketplace. And if you are the player, you can earn from the Play2Earn mechanism. By finishing or completing the daily request and also earning the most PVP and BBE in our game, you can earn a lot of tokens, $STEP token, and you can sell it into the marketplace too.

Luke: So when do you expect to make this Hero Farming program available?

Stephen: Thank you for reminding me, Hero Farming will be available right after the IDO time and with our $HERO token you can bring it into the liquidity pool. Everyone, every holder can have the NFT hero and also items from the pool to make a profit.

14. The liquidity and pricing of NFT affect the income of collectors. It has always been a problem to be solved. What solutions does StepHero have?

Stephen: For the pricing of NFT, we have a lot of tests on our marketplace and I have to say that the pricing at the first time was not too high for everyone to join with us. However, after that, you can earn from the game and you can bring the profit, the income from our game by collecting NFT and also collecting our tokens in the daily quest or also in the battle.

Luke: As a project developer, the way I see it is that first when the community was still very new to your product, you make the NFT approachable, and then you just reduce the scarcity so when there’s no more NFTs to be offered to the market, it would be like the game with only four players. The scarcity and also the price of the NFTs, items are going to be decided by how the players.

Stephen: Yes, actually, we want to build the game for the community so that’s why we just created some NFTs for the first time. Our mystery box, mystery treasure, where you guys can open and have some $HEROs and items to play first. Right after that, the game is drawn so you can create your heroes and also your items and sell them, use them in the battle.

Luke: Okay guys, so what I actually hear from Stephen right here is that the NFT and also the rare items are only a one-time thing so if you have any intention to have fun and earn money at the same time, their IDO is happening on the 15th of August so take a chance guys it’s only a lifetime chance.

15. There is some information that your game could not be released till next year. Do you think it will be abstract that your project misses the NFT gaming trend currently?

Stephen: Our game will be really on at the beginning of next year. Let’s talk about the trend. When talking about gaming, I think that whenever the gamer and the player have fun, it is not only the trend, so I hope that when the game is ready, you guys can enjoy it and also make money from it. You can still earn from our game and you can see that it’s not a trend anymore and hope that I can see you in the game.


Up to now, StepHero has had outstanding growth with an ever-expanding ecosystem, promising to thrive in the near future.

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