STMAN Live AMA Recap

Basic information

  • Time: March 17th, 2022 at 2PM UTC
  • Project name: STMAN
  • Host: Kenny from Blockchain Army
  • Guest speakers: Mr. Chris | STMAN Representative
  • Main content:
    • Part 1: Introduction
    • Part 2: Project Overview
    • Part 3: Unique Selling Point
    • Part 4: Business Model
    • Part 5: Tokenomics
    • Part 6: Roadmap
    • Part 7: Community
    • Part 8: Marketing
    • Part 9: Community Q&A



  • Can you introduce yourself and the team behind STMAN?

Chris: My name is Chris and I’m currently working as a business developer and representative for Stickman’s Battleground.  I have over four years of experience in marketing as well as over a year in crypto. About us, the core team consists of 16 members who are all veterans from the blockchain gaming and crypto market. We are mostly based in Southeast Asia with some of our members living abroad. That is some information about the team and myself. 


  • Can you give us more sense of what Stickman’s Battleground is like?

Chris: As you can see in the trailer, our characters are inspired by stick figures which are like the beginning days of the internet right. They’re running around and attacking each other. The other inspiration for the game is the excitement and the strategic thrill of modern survival games such as PUBG. We combined the two elements together to bring the Stickman’s Battleground that prioritized the gamers experience by offering stunning design and engaging game flow combined with attractive crypto rewards. We aim to bring all kinds of people together in crypto space or people from outside crypto space in the gaming world as well. We aim to focus on constructing a well-polished tokenomic model and an upgrade ecosystem. Our ultimate goal is to satisfy our investor desires as well as to develop a gameplay through users insightful feedback to increase the number of our token holders. 


  • Can you give us some unique selling propositions for STMAN?

Chris: Our unique selling proposition is of course the gameplay itself which is very exciting and also very simple to play. It doesn’t take much time so players can just take five or ten minutes of that time to play a game. For the crypto players, we have a very promising tokenomics as well as an unique anti-inflation mechanism that we believe is very attractive to crypto users as well as gamers.


  • Can you tell me more about your business model? 

Chris: We have two ways to generate our revenue. The first one is through selling NFT boxes. Right now, we are having the first premium box sale live on one of our launchpad: LaunchZone. It is happening right now. We offer attractive boxes on the marketplace with a chance of opening the high level NFT heroes. The second way for us to generate revenue is through players’ entry fee, so every time players join a game, we take five percent as an entrance fee before the game begins. We consider this as the best way to bring value for both players as well as our game developers because players can play unlimited rounds every day. We also take a little bit of revenue every time players play so it is a win-win situation for everyone.


  • Can you explain more about your token dynamics distribution and the role of your token? 

Chris: We only have one token in our ecosystem and that is the $STMAN. With $STMAN, players can do five things. The first one is payment. Users can use $STMAN to pay for tickets, to play the game, to buy the NFT on marketplace or the boxes on the marketplace. Players can use it for staking. They are allowed to put the token in their wallet or someone else’s wallet for a specific period of time to get rewards from the system. It is aimed to create monetary incentive for the most dedicated and motivated players. Our staking mechanism takes place on the BNB Chain by several community validators and delegates. The validators take turns creating blocks and powering the blockchain network by processing transactions and signing blocks. Players can use it for earning as well. So through staking, the delegators can choose their preferred validator and help them achieve the minimum stake required by the protocol. In effect, the authorizers are pulling their $STMAN tokens in their preferred validator. They can use it to yield farming as well to invest in different markets and get a higher return on the investment and syncing. Users can use it as a native token for other $STMAN modules in our ecosystem.

Kenny: I’m sure the viewers would like to know a more detailed answer

Chris: Okay so I will share a little bit about the tokenomic as well as the token allocation. We have a total of 230 million tokens in circulation and the initial market cap is 19 million USD. About the token allocation, we have the majority of it – about 40% – for the ecosystem and for the reward in the game. These are used for the rewards and players in our events and tournaments as well as the rewards for the leaderboard. Our team and founder are allocated 20% of them. We think that with such a big allocation, our team has a very good reason to stay with the game and develop it further. The value for everyone and other parties such as 10% for marketing and around 20% for the sales round. That is a little bit of information about our token. 

  • What are the ways that Stickman’s Battleground are using to combat inflation?

Chris: We have an unique mechanism that we call the anti-inflation mechanism right so let me explain this in a more simple way so everyone can understand. Are you familiar with poker?

Kenny: Yeah I’m very familiar with poker. 

Chris: So this mechanism is very similar to poker. Every time players participate in a game, everyone has to put their entrance fee into a pool of reward right. As developers, we take 5% of this reward pool and the rest of the reward pools are distributed to the players. By doing this, the game doesn’t generate any new tokens for the game so the rewards are strictly from the player’s contribution. We believe that is one of the ways to restrict inflation. Of course, we have other methods such as burning tokens. But I believe this is the most effective way right now for us to restrict inflation and not introduce the second token into the system.


  • How has the business been doing and do you have any future plans or goals?

Chris: Everything has been on time up until now. Of course there is a slight delay in our IDO timeline because of everything in geopolitics and everything in the outside world. The market was in a pretty bad place so we have to move our IDO a little bit further back. But I believe that it was for a better cause because we have more time to prepare for the game and events for the communities. In the end, I believe that it is a good thing that we moved the IDO back a little bit to 23rd of March. That is the closest timeline. We will also introduce the alpha test and the beta test this month as well. The game will be released on PC and Android in April. I believe that by the end of the second quarter, we will also have the IOS ready to launch. But I actually also mentioned that the game is cross platform so everyone can play with each other no matter what kind of platform they are playing. We want to bring everyone together. For the future, we want to bring them to introduce the PvP game mode as well as a leaderboard with tournaments and events. We have a lot in store for our communities, for you guys and we are very excited to bring you guys more good news in the future. 


  • Do you have any plan to further grow your community via Twitter, Telegram or any others?

Chris: Yes of course. At the moment, our official Telegram group has over 167,000 members and it is a pretty good number for us. But we want more of course. We want more members to join our Telegrams or social media. So we will definitely roll out more events in the future, more airdrops and giveaways from players to participate and invite their friends to play the game as well. On Twitter, we have almost 125,000 followers so thank you for supporting us in this journey. We will definitely have plans for expanding our user base and bringing more users and more friends for you guys to play with.


  • What other marketing strategies and programs are you using to attract new users?

Chris: We are focusing on expanding our local communities so at the moment I believe around 11 local communities. They are Vietnamese, Chinese, Philippines, Indonesia, Brazil, Turkey, India, Italy, South Africa, and Ireland.


  • Can you please elaborate more about Stickman gameplay? How is the game designed? Which ways can players generate income?

Chris: About Stickman gameplay, it is a combination of the stick figure games like we used to play before and PUBG. We want to bring the nostalgic feel as well as the thrill of survival games together to create one new game and to disrupt boring click to play and click to earn games on the market right now. The game will roll out with the PvE mode. To earn from this game mode, players have to literally break the box in the game to get tickets so after the game, players can sell the tickets right away to generate income but by doing this, they also have to pay us a certain amount of checks. All players can save these tickets because these tickets are used in the PvP and PvE game mode that will be released later. If you play in the PvP game mode, you can earn even more rewards. We also have a surprise for you guys in the PvP mode that is guaranteed to land you much bigger rewards than being in the top one or top two players after the match. You can either play the game and then sell the rewards or play the game, set the reward and play more and earn even more. Those are two ways to earn from our game. 

  • In the roadmap, what stage has the team completed and have you encountered any difficulties?

Chris: At the moment, we are at our IDO and INO stage. The game is almost complete with a little bit of details and fine-tuning in the system. That is where we are at the roadmap right now. We are pretty much ready for the beta test and alpha test. We will also have bounty hunter events in the future. We are on time with everything. For the difficulties of course, the market is the major factor for every gamefi project so we have a little bit of trouble with that. As you can see, we have to push back the dates for our IDO or high-end date but ultimately that is a good thing for us because we have more time. It is a difficulty but it’s also a blessing.

  • What makes STMAN’s NFTs unique? What are their utilities and benefits? What strategies will you use to keep them at good value?

Chris: We are currently selling NFT boxes in which we have NFT heroes. There are three tiers of boxes: the common box, the super box, and the premium box. For the common box, you can buy them and open them to get random NFTs with different rarity levels from the lowest to the second highest. We have seven levels of rarity for our NFT heroes from D to C to B to A to Double S to Triple S. With this box, you can only open until the Double S level. There will be no limits on the common box and they can only be purchased on the marketplace. They cannot be traded P2P so you can only buy them and then use them for yourself. You cannot trade them with other players. The second kind of box level is the superbox. You are required to stack your $STMAN token to buy the superbox which also has no limit on the number of boxes and the rarity of the NFT from this is from D to Triple S. You can have a chance to open them. The rarest NFT from this box and the last but not least is the premium box which is on sale right now. I believe right at this moment, it is on sale online on LaunchZone launchpad at 100 USD. They are usually 200 USD but right now, we are doing a promotion with 50% off so 100 USD. For this box, they have a limited quantity of 50,000 boxes in which 4,000 boxes for INO are selling right now, 11 boxes for private partners after the game is released or in the future for private partners and gaming guides, and the last 35,000 are for the in-game rewards and tournament. These boxes can be purchased in various marketplaces, on STMAN marketplace or other platforms. These boxes can be traded between players and the rarity levels from B to Triple S. All right so that is about the box and moving on to the NFT. The NFT is each account or each player can own more than one NFT hero but you can only use one NFT for each time you play the game. So the NFT heroes can level up with the maximum level of 20 when you play. When playing the PvE game mode or PvP game mode, the NFT has no level and has no strength difference. Everyone’s NFT is the same. As I mentioned earlier, there are seven rarities and the Triple S NFT is 10 times stronger than the D and B level. There are only 200 Triple S in the game so if you are lucky enough to open the Triple S, you better hold on to it and don’t sell it because the price will only go up and it will never go down. There are very limited supplies on the Triple S NFT and you can only open a new NFT by opening our box and only the premium box that is sold. I know right now you can have a chance to open the highest rarity which is the Triple S right now so that is about the NFT. 

  • There are countless NFT games on the market that bring players to a dead end, taking their money away. What can players trust and long-term companions with STMAN?

Chris: I know that the gamefi market doesn’t have the biggest trust level from users right now and we understand why we have a lot of scam happening every day. So we as a team are committed with our goals that Stickman’s Battleground is gamefi so we want to bring the games for players first before crypto users and crypto enthusiasts. What we want to do is to show our dedication through our tokenomics. The token has a very long lock period before our token is released and it is also shown that in the tokenomics 40% of our tokens are for the communities, for the ecosystem and for the events. We want to bring you guys everything that a gameplay should be from the beginning and we will be very transparent with our action, our marketing, and our partners, backers. We hope to restore the trust in gamefi as a whole and we would love you guys to believe in us as an individual project.

  • If you are a newbie playing the game for the first time, is there a trading guide? Is the security guaranteed to the user’s interest?

Chris: Yeah of course. Security is one of our major concern so that’s why we are partnered with Verichains, one of the biggest auditors in the crypto space, as well as we will have multiple bounty hunters when the game are launched that we don’t leave any bug in the game when when it reached new players. We are also very concerned with securities and safety investment.


Up to now, STMAN has had outstanding growth with an ever-expanding ecosystem, promising to thrive in the near future. 

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