AMA Recap: Tank Battle

Tank Battle Live AMA Recap


Basic information

  • Time: January 19th, 2022 at 2PM UTC
  • Project name: Tank Battle
  • Host: Kristen from Blockchain Army
  • Guest speakers: Ms. Jenny Vu|Partnership Manager & Ms. Kate Nguyen|Global Community Director
  • Main content:
    • Part 1: Introduction
    • Part 2: Project Overview
    • Part 3: Tokenomics
    • Part 4: Security
    • Part 5: Marketing Strategies
    • Part 6: Roadmap
    • Part 7: Community Q&A



1. Would you like to introduce yourself a little bit to our lovely audience right here?

Jenny: Hi guys, hi Kristen. My name is Jenny and I’m a Partnership Manager of this project Tank Battle. I’m in charge of leading and making partnerships. I hope that today I can have a chance to share with you more about our project.

Kate: Hi guys, hi Kristen and all of the watchers here. I am Kate from Tank Battle team and I’m currently the Global Community Director. It is our honor to be here today and share with you more about the project and about what we are capable of when we are coming into this gamefi area.


2. What’s the concept of Tank Battle? What’s the meaning or story behind the name of your project?

Kate: The name behind Tank Battle is the whole vision of the game which is that you join in battles, fight aliens, and gain valuable rewards. Also there is something much more meaningful behind it is that we come to this work to engage in battle to fight to compete against other gamefi which are currently on the market and we would love that if we can make this project a much bigger player as we hope.

Kristen: I think that’s quite simple because the name itself is quite simple and interesting enough. I can already tell you from the name of it. So Jenny, would you like to add anything to that?

Jenny: Just to talk overall about our project, first of all, I’m so sorry for my disconnection. I think that I’m so proud to be a team member of this project because when I have a chance to work with our partners for this project, I think they are so powerful and they have much influence on their own community. I think that if one of the whole powerful communities can work with each other to join in our project, I think some incredible things will happen.

3. Can you explain the concept of this gameplay project in general? From what I see from the website, the biggest line is “real-time strategy game based on blockchain technology”. How would you guys make that happen? How is that unique from other projects?

Kate: About Tank Battle, we are confident that we have created an interesting enough gameplay that users will like to join in the game and earn valuable rewards. At the same time, we created this game as a war themed strategy game with a completely new style and variety of game modes. That’s what we are really confident about. Another thing is that Tank Battle is developed by a subsidiary game studio GOSU Corp and we are backed with blockchain technology by If you’re from Vietnam, you might have heard about the AKA chain powered by FPT Software, one of the giants in telecommunication in Vietnam. Also if you have heard about 9D NFT, it is a gamefi product by GOSU Corp that is very well received right now by players with the sustainable economy and like Tank Battle, it has interesting gameplay. This game creates competition among players and alliances. Players will have to compete to gain valuable resources so this is not just a play-to-earn or normal play-for-fun game. This is play-and-earn. Both of this, we want to give out to this work like. We would love to give out three things about Tank Battle. First is the interesting gameplay. Second is a sustainable economic system. Third is that we guarantee transparency and safety when players use it on blockchain technology. So I think that’s quite a standout with other gamefi on the market right now. That really makes Tank Battle very potential.

Jenny: In addition, I think that with the base of our team, our advisor and as you mentioned FPT Software, I think that base will confirm, will guarantee that our project will go long. We have a powerful team to support us and of course gameplay is one of our strengths. I think that will make our project outstanding with artist’s perfection. I

Kristen: I also agree that a lot of other gamefi projects focus on how to make revenue more than just enjoy the game simply. However Tank Battle clearly has a point in this about making the whole gameplay more enjoyable for players and at the same time they can still earn sustainable income.

4. I heard that Tank Battle is preparing for upcoming big events like the IDO. What information that a lot of investors who care about the project would love to hear in this live AMA?

Kate: First is that we have a wholehearted dev team so as you can see that we have high experience in both blockchain and game publishing. We can really say that we have all things in place. We work day and night and we are all ears to listen to all feedback from our investors, partners and also the community as well because we know how important the community is. The next thing is that we have all been thinking about how hard working we are. For investors as well as token holders in general, we have staking features both for NFTs and for tokens. If they are willing to go with us for a long run, there will be much more benefits for them as they are trying to buy and dump. However they’re willing to go with that for the long time, for the longest time as possible, they will really definitely receive much more benefits

Jenny: I really want to update something about our project. Our IDO event and as you know, we have launched the first IDO event on our own launchpad and Tank Battle website on 18th. Up to now, I think we have just closed our first IDO launching on our website at 9: 00 p.m in Vietnam. Everyone in the whitelist round two and round three have just bought. Have you updated the percentage of our IDO result, Kate?

Kate: Yeah I have just got a chance to take a look at this.

Jenny: About the percentage , I think that 98 percent of people in the whitelist have just bought. About the remaining token, we will burn it in the future. We have to reduce the total supply of the token.

Kate: Just a quick update that the IDO on Tank Battle launchpad has got about 98k raised from the public round, the first IDO on our launchpad.

Jenny: Yeah and about the next IDO event, can you update, Kate?

Kate: Yes the next IDO event is going to be on LaunchZone Pad about tomorrow at 1pm UTC. The IDO on LZ Pad is going to be about more than two hours and the whitelist results for the IDO on LZ Pad is gonna be posted about eight hours before IDO. The last IDO we have is going to be on Oxbull. There are three tiers from Oxbull token holders that they can join: tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3. You can find more information on our website and social channels.


5. How are tokens distributed to different parts of the team? How many percent will be for the developers, the community, the marketing fee and so on?

Jenny: I will get overall about our tokenomics. The percent of our marketing team will be 20 which will be held for at least 10 to 12 months. The linear vesting time will be after that 12 months. We have 24 months for linear investing so at least our team will have at least three years to go with our project. That’s the first part of the marketing team in our team. In the private sale can you introduce something about the information for our partner and our investor, Kate?

Kate: Yes for the private round, there are ten percent of the total supply. Private round investors and partners will get 10 percent released at TGE then lock for three months and linear vesting for 18 months. I would like to clarify something about the team tokenomics because Jenny and I might have made a mistake. The whole dev team is going to be 20 with the total lock and linear vesting duration up to three years. So you can see that the percentage for the team is the most appropriate percentage to motivate the team to contribute more to the project. Not only that, the total locking time and the linear vesting time will be up to three years. In comparison with other game projects, this is a much longer time period. We thought that our interest is associated with the projects and this is something that we can guarantee that our team and the whole dev team will go as long as possible with the project. This shows how committed we are to the project and we have completed the final steps of the private sale round. We have called many reputable VCs and VC communities. All of them are ready to give their best to support the project. I would like to say thank you to BSC Army as well. You are one of the most enthusiastic partners that we have on board and we are really honored to have you as our partner and investors. You might know that for private round investors, they will be 10 percent TGE and the total linear vesting time will be up to 20 to 21 months. We think that this is the most appropriate because we have done lots and lots of research and we found that all of the tokenomics are fine and can run on with the most sustainable economy. One more thing, the liquidity will be 4 percent total and 10 percent at TGE. The liquidity will be linear vesting for 12 months. For more information about the tokenomics, you can check our website.


6. Has the token or the project been secured by any audit company or individual yet?

Kate: Sure, we have our smart contract audited by Verichains, the company that behind Axies Infinity audit. At the moment, we are having our contract audited the second time as we want to be totally secure. We would like to give our users the best experience and the safest when they join the game or when they buy our token. Currently, we are having the second audit also by Verichains. Also the information was uploaded to our social channels a few months ago. It’s on the whitepaper now. It has been updated.


7. How would you guys plan on expanding the project more globally? How would you gain more members or communities from around the world? How would you make Tank Battle the biggest as possible?

Jenny: To talk about our community expanding plan, I think me, Kate and our team have spent much time expanding the community. Now we have nine countries in the world to join our project. After the IDO, I think that we will expand more. We will generate our project to work with our partner.

Kate: The whole vision of the team is to make this game go viral. The most ambitious thing that we would like to talk about is that we would want to turn this NFT game into a whole unicorn in the gamefi. I think that is quite big to us that we are working our hearts off to make the dream come true. After this game goes viral, we will expand it into a metaverse where other NFTs of the network can be used in our own game. Our current plan is to market more in existing markets which are SEA and local communities in other countries like Russia, China, and Iran where many enemies games are located. We would try our best to target there.


8. Can you tell us more about current and future game modes of Tank Battle?

Kate: Our game modes will be updated constantly and the in-game events will be more frequent as the game launches. For example, we have a tournament game mode which will be held regularly like weekly and has the price of valuable super rare NFTs. The next thing is that war game mode will also be developed in the future following the metaverse trend. Players joining this game mode can create clan alliances to capture others territories and also to protect their own territory. I heard that BSC Army has a gamefi community right? We would love that if the alliance war game mode and tournaments are developed in the future. We would love to have the Gamefi Army to join us as we create this new empire. This is the baby that we all have spent a lot of effort and time nurturing so we hope that the communities and also our partner will embrace and accompany us. Our vision is to go as long as possible. Also about attracting new users, we are currently working on this right now and we will develop a free-to-play server to attract as many new users as possible, to anti-bots, and also to prevent automatic programs. Users who join the free to play server will have to do tasks like referral tests to invite more people to join in the game and they also have to do the tests as well. This will be a marketing strategy that will attract new users and use the natural attraction from the communities to launch the game making it go viral itself.

9. Could you share with us the upcoming plan for the gameplay of Tank Battle? When will the open beta be out or when the official release version of it can be experienced by users in the future? What milestones are you guys focusing on the most right now?

Jenny: About the game of PvE and PvP, now you can play the demo version on our website. Just scroll down and click on the button. I think that we will have a high experience in playing the demo game. For example, one of the challenges is that you must win against the boss with three tanks. About our upcoming plan, the next three months is the time according to our plan for game releasing. To talk about NFT in box sales and NFT circulation in game, do you want to mention it, Kate?

Kate: I really want to mention about the NFT running in our economic system and that is the one point we can attract more users. That is the plan we want to focus on in the future. I would like to add more about the gameplay. We will have four game modes. The first one is PvP and PvE, the two must-have game modes in almost every game right? Also we have already got the two beta testers for the community to try out. At the moment on our website, there is the beta test for the PvP mode. I hope that Kristen can try it out for a bit and let’s see what a girl can do with a gamefi. In PvP and PvE players will receive rewards like gold, gems and also experience points. Players can use them in almost every in-game feature like you can trade on the marketplace, you can upgrade your tanks, you can restore the tanks durability and this gold is used directly in game. We would like to give the best benefits for users that they don’t have to pay any gas fee when doing transactions in the game. Instead they only have to pay a 5 percent fee when they’re doing transactions on the marketplace. Also five percent more fee when they swap the gold to $TBL. There is a conversion rate that they can swap gold to $TBL. About 100 gems can be created into a gem box which will have a chance to open two tank models which are NFTs. With four tank models, you can combine them into a new tank. There is also a slight chance that you might not get any NFTs and instead you will receive a small amount of gems back. This could be said that there is no way that you can lose in Tank Battle. In addition, PvP mode has ranks for players that will definitely help to balance between new players and experienced ones. They will join in PvP mode with players who have the equivalent rank so there will not be any unbalance between new players and old players. That’s what I would like to point out for PvP and PvP. About the alliance war and tournaments that I have said before, they will definitely be developed in the future. By the end of this first quarter in 2022, we will launch our first gameplay version one. By the end of the second quarter in 2020, there will be alliance war mode and tournaments. At the moment though, the roadmap is quiet. We have achieved all things in the roadmap and we hope the current IDO that we are hosting will be a success.


10. How do you plan to keep the game economy stable? How do you plan to fight inflation, rewards getting lower over time?

Jenny: This is such an interesting question. To talk about our game economy system, the nft sold from the developed team accounts for a very small amount with 50,000 NFTs, just enough for supplying the first number users who can find some early events then all NFTs will be responded to from the game. The development team is taxed to work with the game community to create long-term marketing campaigns as I mentioned to attract news users and players; it balances the payback to develop more the ecosystem. Our ecosystem will become more attractive. In a long-term plan, NFT inflation is one of the things we focus on. Tank Battle team has implemented NFT deflation, NFT bond later with a certain life circle. In addition, concentrating on low value NFTs is also the way to effectively deflate the NFT. The development team also has many plans to expand the game focusing on experience of the gamer to encourage all players to reinvest, like locking the team tokens for 12 months, as Kate mentioned, before investing for 20 months in the long term commitment. That is, I think is the time our dev team can have commitment with our project. On the other hand, the use of gold coins and a small amount of gold being a reward also contribute to an anti-inflation for the game, motivating players to try harder to get the reward to win the game. Finally, I want to mention the lock mechanism. Rewards when swapping the gold to $TBL, users will be taxed 50 percent when claiming the bonus on the first day. This tax will be reduced by 10 percent everyday until the fifth day it will not be taxed anymore coming with an additional bonus in the next five days. In the first two months from listing date, the game’s NFT official launch will be opened to schedule limited sales and use $BUSD to change. NFT revenue from the third month from the game official on date will be paid in $TBL and 100% $TBL obtained from the sale of NFT will be burned.

Kate: I would like to add more about the game economy. Players will purchase $TBL on DEX exchange or CEX exchange and then they can go to the marketplace and buy NFTs. With those NFTs, they can join in game modes and they will receive rewards as gold and gems. As I said earlier, gold can be swapped to $TBL and gems could be opened to more NFTs like tank models or you can receive some gems back. Therefore, it’s an entire core loop. Again, that’s how the game economy stays sustainable. We even have a fund for reserves about 10% of the total economy so don’t worry that much about the rewards getting lower over time.

11. When the BTC situation is not very positive, is listing on DEX guaranteed not to be discharged? What does the project do to ensure that?

Jenny: I think this user does not really believe in DEX platform right? But I think that nowadays, there are many projects launched on a DEX platform.

Kate: I think that I could save you this one because I can talk about the marketing strategies right? So we believe that with clear marketing strategies and also with the quality of our products, it will be a long way for VCs and also investors to believe in a project. The fact that we are here today, we are ready to take all of the questions that you throw at us. With the decrease in BTC or Bitcoin, the box market is both a challenge and the opportunity for the team. When other products or teams postpone product launches or listing the changes, the chances of good projects increase like the ups and downs of the market, especially with the cryptocurrency market. So the team or we have also made up imagined scenarios and are ready for some investors to sell early. We commit to have reasonable strategies to develop products and bring benefits for investors and players who are committed to the project. Another thing we committed is that we will go with the project for a long term and we have come up with multiple strategies that will ensure our visions of making this gamefi to be one of the best. We would do anything to make that happen and we will go with the project for as long as possible. I don’t think the bitcoin situation will affect us in the long run. It might be a little bit at the moment but in the long run, it does not matter that much.

12. To develop a project, the first priority is to have enough capital. Does your team have the financial means to undertake this project? Do you have enough capital to develop the project? Can you tell us how profitable your project is?

Jenny: After a short time, we’re calling for capital from investors, the project quickly received about 2 million USD – the proof of attraction of the project and the trust of investors. This is obviously an impressive number. On the other hand, with the initial capital that the project has and the plan for the next phase, the project is believed to devote all its energy to develop the best product with our in-game economy building experience and maintain the balance every week by our team with the funding that keeps the team growing in the long run.

14. How to balance the entertainment factor and making money in Tank Battle? Does the project ensure the emotional experience factor of the players?

Jenny: I think that Kate has mentioned before about the entertainment part. You have to try hard to gain the rewards right? Besides buying NFT to repurchase to resell in the marketplace or to reduce in the game, they can view another rare tank to find in our squad. I think that gameplay is one of the things we mentioned in part one. Gameplay is one of the most interesting things to maintain the entertainment factors for our player. To ensure the emotional experience can you share more?

Kate: My idea about the questions is our team are both NFT gamers and traditional gamers. I mean like who doesn’t play games? Except for me, I’m bad at games. Anyway, gamers will finally get bored with the idea of traditional games like play-for-fun and also click-to-earn games. With all of the ideas combined, we have come up with a play-and-earn game. As I said before, this is not a click-to-earn and not also a playful fun game. You can reach our white paper to see how the game will be played. We would definitely balance the factor between experience and also making money. What we do is we are trying to keep the best experience for users, for our players. Normally for traditional gamers, they play games in the direction of topping up the money so they can play and in return, what do they get? They only get some feeling of joys and some relaxation but in Tank Battle or in NFT games, they can both play and earn at the same time. So I think that is a huge motivation for users. Nowadays, you can tell that it is not really easy to make more money from playing games. You can see that there are streamers but it’s quite hard to be famous and most of the revenue that they get comes from donations of viewers right? We would like to aim for a balance between earning a place so not to incline to one aspect but we want to balance both the emotional sense as well as possible income for players. I think that’s the mission that we have to achieve in order to become one of the best in the industry.

15. What criteria will Tank Battle be based on to evaluate cheats in the game? What actions will be taken to limit that fraud to create a fair playing field for the players?

Jenny: As Kate mentioned before, we have a security system to learn to guarantee that only transactions will be audited. Besides, our team has many years experience in operating traditional games. We have a system to analyze the users’ behavior. Therefore cheating or any illegal actions in games will be detected automatically and alerted to the admin team and our moderator. That’s how we protect and maintain professionally in our game.


Up to now, Tank Battle has had outstanding growth with an ever-expanding ecosystem, promising to thrive in the near future.

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