AMA Recap: BSC Army with TokenPlay

Recap TokenPlay

Basic information

  • Time: August 6th, 2021 at 9PM GMT+8 (HKT) | 1PM UTC
  • Project name: TokenPlay
  • Host: Kristen from BSC Army
  • Guest speakers: Mr. Richard Tran|Founder & CEO TokenPlay
  • Main content:
    • Part 1: Project overview
    • Part 2: Business plan
    • Part 3: Marketing Strategy
    • Part 4: Community Q&A



1. Can you give a little introduction by yourself and also the project?

Richard: My name is Richard, I’m the CEO and co-founder of TokenPlay, I have a lot of strong passion with the gaming and blockchain so that’s why we have founded the TokenPlay – a combination of gaming and blockchain

2. What’s the meaning of the project’s name? Where did you get the idea for that?

Richard: TokenPlay is the first NFT and gaming platform we built on multi-chain. We developed to comply with Binance Smart Chain and Polygon. Our reason to make TokenPlay a NFT and gaming platform in the blockchain industry is that the users can accept and play to learn so many games and are free to trade any NFT you want. We do not make one game, we have a lot of games for you to play on the Apple Store, Google Play version of blockchain.

3. Did you come up with the project by yourself or did you have any other team members that were going along with you from the very first steps of this journey?

Richard: We have over 20 people in my team. We have a small department in our company, we have a marketing team, we have game developers, back-end, front-end. We have a partnership-and-business team, it’s a team that has about four to five year experience. For our staff, the developer team, I think we have a lot of strong people in gaming development and we have more than five years in blockchain technology. Therefore, I think we are confident about the game and blockchain. My team has some developers from Singapore and Vietnam.

4. What kind of products have you guys come up with so far?

Richard: The first oneyou need to know about TokenPlay is the NFT platform and gaming platform. We are not one game, that’s a difference and the strongest advantage of us compared to other projects. And the game circle line is about one to two years but the stall game is very long term. That’s the strategy, the way we build products in the long term.

5. What makes your project different and unique from other NFT projects on the market?

Richard: We build on multi-chain, that’s a very strong difference. We build on Binance Smart Chain and Polygon, that’s where we attract the users from both Binance Smart Chain community and Polygon communities. We can make a game by ourselves, that’s a very strong advantage. We can collaborate with another studio to make more games and new blockchain games on our platform, that’s a very strong advantage. You can email us, like Netflix, they played, sold the film but they produce the film themselves.

6. You mentioned that TokenPlay is launched on two chains at the moment, do you plan on expanding it to another one in the future?

Richard: Sure, in the future we have a plan to do more, to explain more, like Ethereum or some chains with the cheap price and the cheap gas like Solana. We have a plan for that.

7. Since you are focusing on the gaming aspect right now, will you consider collaborating with some famous game streamers, they are very effective in promoting new game projects?

Richard: That’s a great idea, Kristen. The streamers and KOLs in gaming youtube have a very strong effect with the community game so I think I will add that to our marketing plan. We will have a plan to collaborate with streamers, KOLs, and youtubers. They can help promote our product, our game to the users.

8. From what I’ve known, you guys are having an IDO coming up tomorrow so do you want to give a little sneak peek about that event?

Richard: Yeah, tomorrow we will proceed to the IDO on PolyDEX, the audience can access our website and our social media channels: Twitter, Telegram, to get more information. The price of the IDO is about 0.0075 for TokenPlay talk, and the total supply for this IDO is about 55 million tokens. This is about 5.5 percent of total supply, the supply of $TOP token is about 1 million token. I think this market is very good for booming and I think if you want to invest in our project you can access it early to buy them.

9. Would you tell us more about your tokenomics distribution? Do you think it was distributed wisely?

Richard: The token number distribution: we will use 25 percent for development and operation. We will use 50% for marketing, 40% for liquidity and farming, and the last one is for the community market, community era and operation. On the website we have our own document and information where you can access it.

10. Can you give me three key points to convince the investors to invest in your project in the long term?

Richard: Let’s see, the key selling point is that TokenPlay is strong about gaming development, that’s the first selling point. The second one is that we trust and follow the roadmap, we commit to our roadmap. And I think we have a good community that supports TokenPlay, support for the game. The last thing you should remember about TokenPlay is that it’s a NFT gaming platform where you can accept a token by playing games, earning money and trying free NFTs everywhere, every time you want.

11. There are a lot of scam projects in the market so how do you guarantee that your security systems work fine enough to secure your users’ wallets as well as their trust in TokenPlay?

Richard: The first information that I want to mention is that when we develop products, we always skill the wallet and smart contract, we always use the multi-side wallet to reserve the token, the smart contract and native token of users. We are very considerate about security . That’s why on the internet, in the long term development, we always have a team for security. We will also hire someone good for security, someone who volunteers to test out the security system.


12. Would you tell me about your roadmap? Where are you on the right now?

Richard: We are in Quarter 3 of 2021. I think we have done a lot of things on the roadmap. We have done the website, we have done the game, we are preparing to launch the NFT marketplace, we are preparing for the IDO, we are preparing for a new NFT game, ‘Slider’, which will be released within this month. ‘Slider’ is a very interesting game. We will release it this month.

13. Which area are you focusing on other than the IDO? What are the goals for this year?

Richard: The most important thing we want to focus on is the energy and the game. We will build more games from now to the end of this year. ‘Slider’ is the first, and after that, we will have a modern NFT with another type of casual game, RPG game, PC game. We have reset and we will do a lot of gamings this year.

14. How was the business going? Did you face any difficulties or challenges and how did you overcome them?

Richard: I think startup is very difficult, and we always have some challenges with the market, with the human resource, with the finance, with the competitive competitor. A lot of challenges with us but since I work in the technology and startup industry for over 10 years so I think it’s not very difficult. We always want to find a way to get over that. I think that the market in this year, we started in the early time of this year and with the growing market, that’s very smooth. But when the market goes down, we have a lot of problems and we have delayed the plan for our game. With the planned IDO, we must modify the plan and after that, the product, the roll-up, we always work smoothly, try step-by-step to work the product. After that, we have a challenge with finance. We try to go over the ratio, the cost because of Covid-19. It was so difficult for the balance but we have covered it and now I think this moment is very suitable for the IDO and to release the new game. The market is growing and everyone is very happy.


15. Community support is one the most important aspects for a project’s success so how do you plan to attract more users and expand the community globally along with improving the users’ experience?

Richard: As you say, the community is very important in this blockchain industry so that’s why in our strategy plan, we always have an important part for our community. We always have a plan for error about the giveaway, NFT and event rewards for the community. I think that we have a good community now and they are very challenging with us but I don’t worry about that. I always try to work with the right roadmap and with the good product. We have a plan for a referral campaign, referral companies and for the community. You can share with your friend and other people to get more, to earn more tokens from our campaign. I think that’s a good way for our community to grow in the long term.

We always have a plan to expand to another community in Asia or Europe in the next year and we will try to talk with the non-English community. I think that ICM ICO has great potential for the market, TokenPlay, NFTs and gaming platforms are built on Binance Smart Chain, mining, staking, boating. NFTs are the premier function of TokenPlay promising to bring the best experiences for our users, outstanding features of TokenPlay, high security, digital ownership, absolute account ownership for users with many benefits, trade or auction on the market to increase player revenue. In building a unique brand with your own style and a variety of community events, one of the main features is the virtual marketplace where players can trade items they acquire. On TokenPlay marketplace, it also allows gamers to auction and mortgage assets regularly, organize fair events for gamers to accumulate coins.


16. What are the ways that TokenPlay generates profit/revenue to maintain your project? How can it make a benefit win-win to both investors and your project?

Richard: The model business is that we will get the revenue from free of changes on NFT multiplayer and gaming platform and energy marketplace. You will try to buy and sell your NFT so we will charge about four to five percent of this trade generation. Beside that, in the gaming platform, the reward we worked with is from the user and gamer ticket and one ticket we’ll reverse it to the boat reward every day. And the best player of the day will get the top 10 reward in the phone and with the phone we will charge about five percent of phone for revenue so that’s in the book business model for us.

17. Will you have the problem about copyright/license of each game? Since you have many games from other developers, do you consider creating your own game as the main promoter?

Richard: In the long term in our visionm we always make a new game by ourselves. The copyright, I think it’s not a problem with the small project, I think anything in the long term will be fixed. I want to make our game because our game is like Fluffy but I assume it is very popular with everyone but everyone cannot buy or sell anything in this game, so that’s why I want to make the old game easier, to attract the user and make it easier to access to play and earn. In my slogan, to comply and in the long term, I commit with the community that we will make a new game in the long term.

18. What is your strategy to expand your community and attract new investors?

Richard: We always have a strategy for expanding the community. The community has two types: gamers and investors. We attract them by new games, social media, livestream, and KOLs. For the gamer community, like Philippine, Indonesia, they are strong gaming communities. And about the investors, I think we will have another way for asset investors. I think we will focus on Asia and Europe with the goods and potential financial market. So that’s even having more and more ways to do it.

19. What’s the sources of the games on your play store? What’s your strategy to recruit/attract game providers who will provide their game on your platform?

Richard: About the show game, there’s a game on play store and that’s about to open shop on the internet. It’s very simple for a set but the difference is on how to make the open show on blockchain. That’s a very difficult one and we need to focus, modify a lot of this show game for blockchain gaming. But we have a way to recruit an attractive gamer provider. We have a plan for attracting the gamer studio and a gamer developer to boost their game on our platform locally, in Vietnam, and in Singapore. We have a good connection with a lot of studio games so that’s why I think in the near time, we will have a lot of games and not just one game, one game per month. We have more than that. And in marketing, we have a plan for my hackathon gamer competition to attract younger developers and attract the students in a college school to make new games on our platform. And we will support them to complete, perfect the game.

20. Are you going to build your own game or just build a platform and use $TOP as a payment method?

Richard: We will review games from shore and we will build our game. The payment methods will have two methods, the $TOP is the main currency and the native token, that’s like BSC are BNB and Polygon is Matic. The payment methods of our platform, we built on multichain, so that’s why we have a more than modern one, let’s see, about two or three contracts and tokens on another platform, but the $TOP token is the main currency.


Up to now, TokenPlay has had outstanding growth with an ever-expanding ecosystem, promising to thrive in the near future.

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