AMA Recap: UnitySwap

Unity Swap Live AMA Recap

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Time: 24th December, 2021 at 2PM UTC

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Host: Henry from BSC Army

Guest speakers: Luc Hijdra | CEO, Robby Muilman | Co-founder  

Main content:

    • Part 1: Project Overview
    • Part 2: Tokenomics
    • Part 3: Roadmap
    • Part 4: Community Q&A


Part 1: Project Overview

1. Can you introduce yourself and your position in the project?

Luc: Yes, thank you so much my name is Luc i’m the CEO of Unityswap. I started my journey back in 2017 when I was active as a fundraiser for multiple charities like UNICEF, for example, safety children amnesty international, and I did that for about three years and when that ended, my interest in blockchain technology and fundraising began to collaborate together and then we came up with the idea of UnitySwap today. And I did it all together with Robbie, he’s a co-founder of the project and right now we’re developing a beautiful new way of fundraising

Robbie: My name is Robbie, I’ve been in crypto since 2019 I guess and in the beginning of 2020 we noticed during the beginning of the pandemic that a lot of charities had a hard time due to the restrictions and measures in other countries and we thought that was this was a big problem so we wanted to create a solution, we already knew what the power of blockchain was so that’s we start that’s why we started brainstorming and we wanted to create a solution that isn’t vulnerable to external threats, such as a virus and that’s actually how we came up with Unityswap and right now our goal is to do good with blockchain technology and show the world that you can do good with blockchain technology

2. What is UnitySwap?

Luc: so Unityswap is the world’s first fintech provider for charity tokenization and the most easy comparable platform right now, what we’ve created is a platform that tokenizes charities and creates a decentralized way of fundraising completely automated, and we do that by tokenizing a charity due to official collaboration and with every transaction that is made with their own token, one percent is donated to the charity and because we have a official collaboration with a charity we can implement their own wallet address in the spread contract of their own token and in this way you can create a completely decentralized and automated way of fundraising that isn’t as vulnerable to external threats actually. and in this way we want to innovate fundraising in a way that’s never done before and currently we’re  talking with a lot of charities, we’ll be announcing a lot of charities soon that will have their own token and in this way we can create the newest innovative way of fundraising through blockchain technology

3. How do you compare unity swap with other charity projects that are running right now?

Robbie: Well the biggest comparison from our charity project and other charity projects is that our charity project like the tokens we create are really decentralized, so in the smart contract we have the token of the wallet address of the charity that the charity owns itself, it is implemented in the smart contract so in that way we don’t own any other charity tokens or any tokens that we are going to donate to charity which you see in other charity projects they say we are going to donate our own token to the charity that’s not what we do our smart contract is completely decentralized, so that’s the main difference actually

4. Can you give more information about your team?

Robbie: Luc is more of the project guy, so he puts a lot of work in the marketing in the community and also on Unity itself and I am more behind the scenes, so I work on the company itself, I work for the business structure policies and the physical and legal framework of the company then we also have a lot of other people who are working on UnitySwap such as Stein, he is our financial worker, we have Jay and Stein who are technical advisors we have a development advisor and technical advisor from India, we also have a legal partner which is FoxLaw from the Netherlands and we also have a physical partner Downtalks also from the Netherlands. We have a business advisor Tom Klein from GringoFisma which is a big software company in America and in the Netherlands and we have multiple advisors when it comes to communications and other stuff regarding the business 

5. Do you have any partners already that join in working with the UnitySwap within the blockchain of within the crypto space?

Robbie: we have Chainlink is going to help us implement their oracle protocol on our own decentralized exchange to protect us from arbitrage attacks, we also partnered with the Dutch blockchain coalition for networking with other Dutch blockchain and crypto companies we also partnering with BSC news for marketing as well and we are an incubator project of Moonlift

Part 2: Tokenomics

6. What is the role of the token?

Robbie: On our platform we have two types of tokens our main token and exchange token is called UNITY and with UNITY you can buy our NFT collections and because we’re building a NFT marketplace in the future. You can buy all charity NFTs with UNITY and if we break down these economics to one percent it is going to platform development, one point twenty-five percent is going to the distribution fee so everyone that holds gets benefits, if they hold the token and 0.25 is going to our charity partners and one percent of every transaction is going into the liquidity pool to create a larger widget pool at the end, and at the other end we have the token as charities and as I said earlier, one percent of every transaction is going straight to the charity’s wallet. So we have a completely decentralized way of fundraising that is automated and is completely dependent on trading vole instead of price because shared charities have to know what kind of money they are getting in  in a few next months so  that’s about about it on the smart contracts and every every charity have their own smart contract and the use case of the smart contract can be different with each charity. For example we’re talking with a lot of charities right now  they want to implement the their own token on their on their website so you can donate with their own fundraising token and also implement it in the in the payment options on their webshop. So you can buy merchandise with the charity’s own token 

So infer in first place the the main use case is decentralized donations, so by trading the token you can donate at the same time. So it’s like a investing and donating that type of way and we are currently building our own decentralized exchange where we are implementing the charity tokens to functions of our decentralized exchange, so for example we are creating a staking pool where you can stake. For example I said save the children token and if you stake you can donate your rewards directly to charity, so let’s say if you have 100 of the rewards you can choose for yourself how much of that rewards, so what 20 is going to charity, so in this way we can create a decentralized way of the dex functionalities so  farming rewards can go directly to charities taking rewards can go to charity and we’re also building a lottery function  where a percentage of the of the amount of money that is traded is going to charity so in our whole decks we have implemented the decentralized donation function in every way possible.

7. When will $UNITY launch?

Luc: The launch of UNITY was actually planned in 2021 but but we’ve got a bit of a delay because we couldn’t find an audio platform that had interested in the charity projects because everyone’s now focused on NFT and Gamefi platforms, it was really difficult to find one but but now we actually find a founder one and the TGE date will be definite this time and it will be on the 30th of January this year so that will be the main launch on UNTIY and it will be published on Pancakeswap, on the Moonlift decks and we are creating our own exchange, which will be publishing in the Q2 of 2022.

8. Does your project have NFT?

Robbie: Yes we are right now creating an NFT collection for UNITY itself and we’re also planning on creating NFT collections for the CHARITY, the NFT collection will be divided in three tiers and every tier has exclusive access to exclusive and specific groups or seed sales or private sales for the CHARITY and there will also be a voting club depending on which tier of NFT you have. For example we have diamond, gold, and silver and when you have a diamond tier NFT, then you have the earliest access to a seed round, for example so you you’ll always be first on everything and then it goes lower to gold, silver, and common. So that is quite something different because you know the price changing over the time and if you are the earliest you know this will be a big advantage.

Part 3: Roadmap

9. What is the plan in 2022?

Luc: 2022  will be the  the  year that that UnitySwap will finally launch and until 2022  we want to create the new way of fundraising for blockchain technology, as I said earlier we are announcing two charities minimum and we we want to let the world see what the power of blockchain is, and how we can contribute to society. In the beginning, we are focusing on  launching our own token UNITY, of course and after that we will release our own decentralized exchange and if the marketplace and after that the token has charities or launch so this year will be the the year of the charity revolution and we’re really looking forward to maintain that.

Part 4: Community Q&A

10. Can you tell me more about the charity and how is the transparency between the charities shown?

Robbie: So all tokenized charities are due to official collaborations, so every token CHARITY that you see is a official collaboration and  which was about the transparency, the job will be posted on the social media channels and on the website of all charities that we’re partnering with, and to talk about transparency the beautiful thing about this way of decentralized fundraising is that through blockchain, you can of course see every transaction, so the whole donation structure is completely transparent as well and all official announcements about the collaborations between us and the charities will be announced through the official channels.

11. Talk to unity and tokenize charity  seat round unlock and too many tokens in a short time investing 25 per month, so can you elaborate on this?

Robbie: We took a look at a lot of other projects that did the same testing as we did with the 25% per month and we are focusing on creating a linear vesting structure and we will let the community decide what they want but we think that we have to and can change that to a linear vesting model where you have 25 on TGE and the rest of the tokens, you can claim per block instead of having a standard day in the month that people can drop on and we are really focusing on a deflating model, so we are letting the community decide what they want but we think a linear vesting model is better. So tomorrow we will do a do a live poll on our telegram channel to let the community decide about this because we are focusing on a long-term investment of course and the community wants it as well so we let the community decide what they want

12. As you know when the project develops well the charity fund will be need to be sustainable so how do you balance the economic benefits and fundraising for charity?

Luc: The communication between us and the charity will be pretty strict, so we actually want to know it’s a pretty good question. We want to know what happens with the funds, so we are talking with the charities about how we can use the funds to make it as sustainable as it is and we really wanted to know what kind of product they’re developing with the money that we raised for them. So that’s a pretty good question actually, and to talk about sustainability  we’ll also be focusing on more sustainable change in the future because the CO2 emission something that we really care about, so in future we will focus on complete sustainability of course and we will also be able to be very transparent about how the funds are being spent and which projects they’re working on with the funds that our community has raised for them

13. Recently we have looked at a lot of projects that have made great startup but certainly abandoned and how can we be sure that you will not leave when even when your initial income is low?

Robbie: Well that’s something we’ve already thought about, we are now currently trying to get the funds, so we can at least live for two years, so UNITY can live for two years and in those two years, the plan is just to push a lot of marketing and get the community going on so that the initial income the income throughout the years is going to be higher and higher and higher. Also for charities maybe something to add to that or so to add something to that  with the seed round that we had, we wanted to make sure that we can create great  company that is suitable for the next two years and we have also collaborated with a few venture capitals that helped us with raising funds and we need a lot of funds because we are more than just a project we’re a company and we’re also helping charities with a legal advice financial advice and we do that because we want to help them with implementing UnitySwap as a way of income, so a pretty good question and I think that we can maintain for the next two to three years without selling our own tokens because that’s something we don’t want to do

14. What makes you so confident in this project?

Luc: If I speak for myself, I think that we are the first world fintech provider for charity tokenization, because when we started with analyzing the problem of fundraising in the beginning of this year, we noticed that all charity projects actually do the same and that is taking a huge amount of the transaction fee, and then donating it itself. But it’s not decentralized and we think that decentralization is what blockchai is all about of course  and this way what we have created is a completely decentralized way of fundraising by implementing wallet address in their own token and then it’s a lot more personal than just just  giving a fee to to a project or a team and that they handing it out so we want to create a community around the coin of the charity, so it’s a bit more personal  and what makes us so confident I don’t think it’s about confidence, it’s about passion because we really created this from the standpoint of having passion for solving global issues and as a ex-fundraiser, we know what charities do what their power is and what they what they need and we want to help them with creating a new way of fundraising so we can contribute to society and yeah let the world see what the power of blockchain and crypto really is.


Up to now, UnitySwap has had outstanding growth with an ever-expanding ecosystem, promising to thrive in the near future. 

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