AMA Recap: Warcraft

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Basic information

  • Time: December 22nd, 2021 at 2PM UTC
  • Project name: Warcraft
  • Host: Kristen from Blockchain Army
  • Guest speakers: Ryan|CEO of Warcraft
  • Main content:
    • Part 1: Project Overview
    • Part 2: Team
    • Part 3: Roadmap
    • Part 4: Tokenomic
    • Part 5: Community Q&A



1. What is a new massive online game running on the Binance Smart Chain?

Ryan: In this game, players will play the role of bar craft lord and recruit heroes and challenge PVP or PvE to level up in the game to obtain your chest fragments to synthesize and have you try your chest and it runs on the Binance Smart Chain. Actually with the endless battle going on the land of warcraft will become chaotic and you will need your warcraft to build your territories and build your charities and fight against various external forces. It is a great game and we have devoted a lot of time and effort to develop this and feel free to drop your questions in the end.

Part 2: TEAM

2. Would you like to introduce a little bit about the team members?

Ryan: Sure, Ryan- co-founded this project with Calvin, Andy, and Bernice. Calvin is currently the CEO and in charge of our technology development and he is the producer and burnless is in charge of our marketing. We are a great team and have been working very well so far. In the meantime our developers have developed games for tens of millions of players all over the world. They are very experienced and we know what a good game is like and how to design it from the perspective of a player. Our team also has some close collaborations with some great gaming studios in Canada and Asia to further Polish. We have also been working with some big players in the crypto world such as CoinMarketCap finance, VMP metaphors, Blokonomi, Coin Codex, and some great venture capitals. The partners are another reason that we believe a project will thrive in the long term.

3. What did you guys get the idea?

Ryan: In our game, the players can participate in the battles and collect fragments of the chest to synthesize new chest so they can open it for the new heroes and trade them on the open market. They can also battle with other players via PVP to climb up a ladder board. In the meantime, the players can benefit from the yield farming of staking their tokens and the roles and the heroes to form more gold coins that have utilities in the game. We particularly designed a dual token mechanism for our game which is a gold token in our game. We designed some utilities for the gold tokens such as upgrading the hero farming and purchasing the blind box. For now, each level up will conse a certain amount of gold tokens so that is going to select how we confuse and deflate the tokens substantively. Our yielding farming or heat farming design will require the player to stake their WCH to get their slot and then stake their hero to farm so this is how we make sure. This is how we make sure they hold the WCH for those who are interested in PVP. They can also use WCH to initiate battles with other players. The economic model in our game is complete to ensure the players can earn while playing and ensure value appreciation of our tokens at the same time.

4. What are the specialties of your game?

Ryan: About the marketing strategies about the program to attract new users. Actually, with respect, our global users try to involve all types of them. Currently, we are hosting a community airdrop campaign, bounty program and whitelist subscription. Users can submit forms to earn from the WC ads. We have received a lot of attention from our community members and their active participation is a great encouragement to us. We will plan to launch more events and activities. Among them we put out 100 million WCH for a free airdrop to our community members. This is the global debut of WCH for the community. The value of 30 000 WCH is the embodiment of our sincerity and we hope that users can get more WCH with minimal effort as in the past. Player inspection is very important to us and we also strive to launch more packages and functions please stay tuned. The plan for expanding the project to the outsiders but from the inside of like the core gameplay of your project how would you plan to improve that site.

About the policies and plans, we have to take care of the community and so we will create a deal community, a deal on-chain games, a launchpad and the opinions of the community will determine the design of each genre. Each game allows players to participate in creation of on-chin games and they really want to which they really want to play at the same time the platform will facilitate the rapid growth of early stage gamers as far from funding users to marketing, etc. Other games can raise funds on the geo platform through IDO that’s an initial game offering to affect users and WCH will become the most important of the entire platform.

5. How would you say to guarantee the trust of your users who are watching right now and also to gain more from like get more trust gain more faith from those who are still considering joining Warcraft?

Ryan: Actually it’s a platform that is basically suitable for crypto beginners. Our game is very user-friendly, especially for crypto beginners and you only need to know how to use Metamask for payment. And that’s all you only need one hero energy to start your journey with us.


6. What is the plan for the future of Warcraft?

Ryan: We are actually growing now and we have some of the very good partners like Coin Market Cap Binance Certificate, Metawars, Dokonomi coin, Codex coin, Rivet and some more and they will be joining with us. That’s the good point here.

7. What is the most important aspect or milestones that you guys are focusing on right now?

Ryan: Actually there’s a lot of gaming users on BSC too so who can access our game easily. More importantly, BSC is fast growing with low gas fees and as more and more can join us in the future so we are working on that seriously. We have some of the plans in our pipeline which we’ll be telling later on as just we are here to start this NFT and we’ll reveal them later.


8. What about the token openings, how is that distributed to each part of the project with the team or like the marketing or the community?

Ryan: Actually we have more than 20 in our team, basically with the game developers and we are absorbing. In the second, most of the team members are very experienced in crypto projects developments, and we can design our game from the perspective of the players so plus they have worked on it previously but quite successfully. So, we can use a BUSD first and after the game launching you can use WCH as well. My short term goal of this game is to try to tune all the parameters in this game, gradually push out our features and complete the gaming experience of our players.

 9. What kind of challenges or difficulties have you guys faced along the way and what are your solutions to getting over them?

Ryan: Well actually you know for every new venture there are some difficulties in the way but we are very glad that we have a very good team of developers and as well the co-founders. We are crossing all the hindrances very successfully.


10. This one says do the NFTs in the game affect the fighting power of characters in the game and is its value judged by the reality of beauty or power?

Ryan: Well with NFP here with the single even single NFT you can start and you can enjoy all the features in that and I can more tell you about that the utilities of WCH in this game that we have you can do a lot of things with WCHc such as to initiate a battle maintenance top-notch copies. You will need a WCH for all this so you have different levels of the rarity of your entity’s character. But actually, here I just want to tell you first that we are having six classes that are so stay tuned for that. We had six and we think all of the best and the more special ones I told you that we will be revealing later so stay tuned for that so you guys cannot uncover.

11. The feature that allows gamers to develop products and convert them into fiat money is unique to WCH. Is it possible for you to explain this function to the players nick?

Ryan: So you were talking about the new users coming in. I think it is talking about the token feature. We have the supply of WCH we have. The total supply of WCH tokens is 500 billion so there will be a lot of utilities for the tokens, say maintenance upgrade heroes to initiate battles so that we can create a deflection mechanism to make sure the price appreciation of WCA tokens benefit the long-term holder section.

12. What is the strategy to keep the game economy stable and not collapse with the number of new players?

Ryan: We have developed with so much sound and the way they can accommodate more and more users than that so we plan to provide some more special features for our game so it’s not a simple p2p tween. WCH is one of the most important steps for the development of our metaverse ecosystem with more than more players streaming in. We will open the QR code system which will be promoted offline so we might see a QR code everywhere in the cafeteria or dessert shop or other live places. The players can search to find the nearest QR code to join the game and get rewards. This is an interesting design with a social purpose and we actually hope that more and more players can know each other in this way. The players can not only interact in this virtual world they can interact with each other in the real world so this will be a huge advantage for us. If there are more players coming in, the reward of each player will increase somehow. Well, it depends upon the reference of the new players joining independently or coming with the already working players so it will surely improve the quality and other attributes of the players who are already in the game. It means a lot like P2P. The number of gaming projects these days are getting a lot of inflation problems from the reward mechanism of the game. They are surely continuously developing to get rid of any errors or collapse or like that they are developing a smooth ecosystem for this so that there should be more and more productivity and more players can enjoy the whole battlefield there.

13. The game is free to play for players if not what is the expected initial cost and after how long can players recover their capital for the starting?

Ryan: You can just start with one NFT and you can enjoy as much fun as you want. So it will last longer. When you come to the game you will be adding more and more to it so don’t I think let’s not need to worry about that. There will be NFT airdrops rolling out later on you may follow that on the social media platforms as well and that’s really that they will recover.

14. What are the major utilities of holding the token? How does the team plan to enhance token value allow you to stake your token and earn passive income?

Ryan: Initial utilities of WCH have in this game are you can do a lot of things such as initiate battle mint rare equipment top-notch copies and for all this you need WCH and obviously with the progress in their games they will be earning more and gathering more of that.

Kristen: When will all these features be released for the token?

We have initiated it, we have started it and after a few days, our team will announce this on our social media platforms as well.

Kristen: When are we gonna develop more of this and reveal more aspects of our platform?

Ryan: So I want the users to stay tuned for this for more updates. That’s great and do you plan on expanding the token to other networks as well in the future. Obviously, we are planning to expand it more surely.


Up to now, Warcraft has had outstanding growth with an ever-expanding ecosystem, promising to thrive in the near future.

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