AMA Recap: WidiLand

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Basic information

  • Time: November 23th, 2021 at 2PM UTC
  • Project name: WidiLand
  • Host: Kristen from Blockchain Army
  • Guest speakers: Mr. An Nguyen | CEO of WidiLand
  • Main content:
    • Part 1: Project Overview
    • Part 2: Team
    • Part 3: Products & Services
    • Part 4: Tokenomics
    • Part 5: Security
    • Part 6: Roadmap
    • Part 7: Marketing Strategy
    • Part 8: Community Q&A



1. Would you like to give a small introduction about yourself and the reason why you’re here today?

Mr. An: Hi everyone from the BSC Army community. It is my big honor to present here to introduce and discuss the WidiLand project. My name is An and I am the representative of WidiLand project. Basically, WidiLand is a Singapore-based company, we are making an NFT simulation game. The game started in June this year and we have been about 95% ready for chapter 1 of the game. This game is based on a NFT simulation game, it lets people do gardening, farming, finding trees, etc., industrial stuff. Today I’m very happy to present here and introduce you guys to this project.

2. What is the meaning behind the name of WidiLand?

Mr. An: WidiLand actually stands for ‘Windy’, it is the sound of peace, it is the sound of beginnings. WidiLand is a green game. It is different from other games on the market. There are a lot of games out there that are promoting violence, killing, that kind of stuff but we want to promote something more green, more peaceful. Throughout the game, we want to transfer a message of protecting the environment, our living world. That’s why we took the peaceful word ‘Windy’ and we made it WidiLand.

Part 2: TEAM

3. Do you have any other members in the team that helped you bring up this idea and turned it into a whole project like this? In the beginning, how many members are there? How are you guys working together right now?

Mr. An: I just counted yesterday, it’s such a nice coincidence. I just got a list of my members for improvement and I’ve been seeing that there are 55 members at the moment including the 4 core Co-founders. Beside me, we have the CEO, a CPO, CMO and we are working with the other 55 people who are very strong at their own background of Game Designing, Blockchain Technology, Web and App Development, Marketing, etc. Up to now we are 55 people working very hard for the launching of IDO.


4. How did you guys build products or services to promote the idea of bringing that green environment into the world?

Mr. An: The game is based on a story. In 2130 when natural resources are running out, the Earth is heavily being polluted and there’s a lot of disasters, viruses are overwhelming the world. People at that time have got to find a new planet to develop a new life. There is a group of people, they found a new planet that matches Earth’s conditions and started migrating to that new planet. They start building their own life on the new planet. How do we transfer this kind of information about our services? Through the game designs, we are making stunning graphics and we have a very clear message. Throughout the game, we have a lot of messages in the game saying that we have to protect the environment, why we have to build new planets, is it because our old planet was being heavily destroyed, polluted? That’s why we have to build new planets. In the second chapter, we will have the gamers having to protect the new planet from other disasters from the universe and the disasters will represent the factors that are currently destroying the Earth. There will be a pollution disaster, there will be viruses, ect. The third chapter is called ‘New Era’. In this chapter, people will return back to Earth to reconstruct the new planet and build other beautiful planets. We aim to build a DAO Metaverse in the third chapter. What are the messages in this chapter? We want to encourage people to reconstruct, to review our beautiful planet. As you can see, throughout the 3 chapters of the project, we are always promoting something beautiful, something very peaceful, something very windy for people. Those are what would be transferred throughout our game concept, game plan, game graphic design and everything will follow these concepts and messages.


5. Since you guys are still building up each chapter by chapter of the project, how do you plan on getting that idea out globally to the community and make it very widespread? How do you plan on getting your project to stand out from the crowd and well-known to other people?

Mr. An: In terms of a businessman, I believe that whatever product you’re making you should have a brand name for it. The brand is basically a story that you are telling to the world. For example, Marvel, they are making a movie and the movie should transfer specific messages to the community and when you have a good enough message, when you have a good enough core story, it will touch everyone’s hearts and emotion. I believe that’s the point to making the game spread out. If we only make a game for priceless goals, people will just play it for a few weeks and then they get bored. They will leave your game in some corner and then they will start playing something else. I believe that we are not making a game, we are making a story to tell the whole world what we are doing, what crisis the world is facing and we have to deal with that. That will make the stories more interesting. This is how we are evaluating ourselves and how we are making our products.


6. How does your security system work since a lot of the users would be very concerned about problems such as hacking, fraud or scammers? What would you say to guarantee for them the safety and the security when going into WidiLand?

Mr. An: From the point of view of software developers, I am originally an IT engineer, I believe that security is always one of the top priorities that all the projects or products should keep in mind. This is the same in this project, we always put the highest priority for security. We have several things to make sure the security is secure for users. The first thing we do is that we have very disciplined and strict procedures for our product development. The most important thing is that the entire system and the smart contracts have already been audited by a very well-recognized auditor. With those actions, we can be very confident and we can assure that the security, you guys, the community and the users can feel safe enough when you’re playing our games, going to our ecosystem.


7. How is the tokenomics distributed?

Mr. An: Our team will take 19% in the total supply. The best thing is in two years so it will assure that our team will get the full commitment for the project. I believe that our team, as a businessman in this Blockchain, even more than two years, we always look forward to having a long-term business plan. With that philosophy in mind, we also welcome investors who come into the project to invest in the project with a long-term mindset. We don’t welcome investors who only want to hit and run, just put in the money and then take the quick benefit and then go. In terms of tokenomics, you can refer to our pitch deck, we have very specific tables and everything is going to be very transparent on our homepage website and our pitch deck.

8. What achievements have you guys accomplished along the way since day 1 until now? Where are you guys right now on the roadmap? What would be the next milestone that WidiLand would focus on the most in order to make the whole process the most perfect?

Mr. An: We have a very long-term business plan from now until 2024, by the end of 2024 we are aiming to build the DAO Metaverse. We are now in Q3 of 2021 and we are 95% ready with the first version of chapter 1. The first chapter will be officially released in January 2022 which is going to be two months after the IDO. The IDO is going to be on the 30th of this November which is going to be in one week. What I mean is that right now we are very close to chapter 1 which is going to be released in January 2022. The biggest event is going to be the IDO event by the end of this month which is going to happen in a week. The biggest milestone after that is we will have chapter 2 be released by the end of 2022 which will be next year. Chapter 3 is going to follow up by the next quarter. All the information, milestones and roadmap are already represented clearly on our pitch deck and our homepage.

9. What are your marketing strategies to keep the users stay in your project?

Mr. An: I believe that there are three kinds of users joining our projects. One kind is the Crypto users who want to purely come into the projects for our investment. The second kind are the ones who want to play the game and also do investment and the third kind are the ones who purely want to join the game just for playing only. We welcome all kinds of people. As you can see, we have Free to Play game modes in the game and we are applying a lot of marketing campaigns and strategies to approach various kinds of users. We are approaching and doing AMAs like this with BSC Army. I believe that in BSC Army you also have pure gamer and Crypto investors, a lot of users like that and we are also approaching other gaming communities. We are running Google Ads, Facebook and TikTok Ads. We are running traditional ads to attract more pure gamers and Crypto users as well. In general, we are approaching users in many aspects and we want to balance to build an ecosystem that has game players, Crypto users, even both of them so this is our marketing strategy.

10. What are the unique selling points of WidiLand that you guys can list out?

Mr. An: I think the unique selling point that I just mentioned earlier at the beginning of this talk is that WidiLand is different from other games on the market. We are not promoting violence and killing. There’s a lot of games out there, they can be shooting, killing games. What we are different from other games on the market is that I believe we are not making games, throughout the game story, throughout the tool we called it game, we are telling an environment protecting story to the whole world community. To sum up, we are promoting something very green, something very peaceful, something very windy. The second unique selling point is that we are targeting various kinds of users. Anyone can be a user of our game, they can be male, female, teenagers, adults. You can play the game with your friends or with a loved one, with the family. The game does not target any specific users and you can just think of WidiLand as a tool for connecting people. It is just a story that we want to tell to the community of protecting the environment, the Earth.


11. Free-to-play games have inflation problems. Can the project establish an anti-inflation mechanism like BTC mining mechanism (It’s getting harder and harder)?

Mr. An: There are a lot of Free to Play games coming. Many people have the same concern as yours, that people can earn tokens in-game and then it would result in inflation but actually we have two tokens. One is called $WIDI, this is the governing token. The other one is $WSO, this is the in-game token which users can earn and burn that token. How can they earn that token? For example, completing daily quests, doing Battle pass, completing missions in-game. They can earn tokens and they will have to pay if they use specific functionalities in-game including summons. If they join specific events in-game, they will have to pay $WSO. You can just imagine that $WSO is a tool to keep the users engaged in the ecosystem. We have various kinds of ways to make sure that users can earn that token but in the same way, they can also burn that token by paying by it. We will have a mechanism to burn that token to make sure that the financial system is always in balance.

12. “Low Liquidity” is one of the most important problems that a project needs to solve. How will WidiLand team facilitate the resolution of these issues?

Mr. An: In our tokenomics, we have a very transparent percentage of tokens We have discussed for very long days with our experienced advisors, CFO and people from our networking as well to have those numbers. This “Low Liquidity” that you’re mentioning will be protected and solved by our long run and detailed plan. We already have that plan to make sure that all things like liquidity is used and that stuff will be solved perfectly. I believe that one of the answers cannot answer completely the things in one AMA but we will have a very detailed plan for this and this plan is conducted by our experienced advisors, CFO and a lot of people to make sure that we do not have low liquidity.

13. Do you have plans to work with the influencers or the streamers to spread your game?

Mr. An: Sure. Having an AMA with this beautiful host and BSC Army is also one of the ways that it can be considered. Streaming is one of the ways to do our marketing campaigns. We have a lot of activities like this to spread out the game to the community. The answer is yes, we do have this plan of working with influencers and streamers to spread out the game. We have a very specific plan to approach KOLs and influencers who have a big community in India, Brazil, Europe, Southeast Asia, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia. We have investors who join our project. I believe that we have a very long list as well of KOLs, streamers and influential people for our long-term business plan to reach out to various communities.

14. Your project has both Yield farming & Borrowing which is different from other projects that only Staking. Can you explain them? These concepts are very new.

Mr. An: Basically, it is not something new, this concept has appeared on the markets for two years. Yielding & Borrowing for me is the way that we want users to hold our tokens to make sure that our financial situation and ecosystem are always in a stable state. These kinds of techniques will be advised by our CFO, experienced financial consultants to have good techniques and interesting tools to let the users hold their in-game token and also the government token to make sure that our financial situation is always balanced. That’s Yielding & Borrowing, as long as you keep that token in our ecosystem then you will have an interesting game.

15. You say the game is suitable for everyone, male , female, old, young,… But they don’t know how to convert to GameFi, what is the plan to attract traditional players?

Mr. An: As I mentioned earlier, we are not making a game for Crypto users only, we are making a game for everyone. We do not require those people to know how to convert into GameFi because we are publishing purely a game that leads users to play. If there are users who have Crypto knowledge, they can invest and understand that stuff. In general, we do not require users to convert themselves into GameFi users but Crypto is overwhelming, the world is changing. I believe that this will be like Facebook 20 years ago where a lot of people are not familiar with it but nowadays, even 40 or 50 year-olds or even 60, my grandpa can use Facebook as well. It takes time for the world and users to get familiar with the technology called Facebook. I believe it would happen the same with Crypto. Right now, there will be just more users with Crypto but in the next few years, things will change. Everyone will be familiar with Crypto, Bitcoin, wallets and that kind of stuff. With the support and time, users will get familiar with it. We do not have the goal to convert our users into GameFi users or something like that. This is basically just a game for everyone. The users can be GameFi users, Crypto users or can be a pure gamer.


Up to now, WidiLand has had outstanding growth with an ever-expanding ecosystem, promising to thrive in the near future.

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