AMA Recap: BSC Army With Wizard Financial

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Basic information

  • Time: July 19th, 2021 at 10:00 PM GMT+8 (HKT)
  • Project name: Wizard Financial
  • Host: Kristen from BSC Army
  • Guest speaker: Baba – Master Wizard
  • Main content:
    • Part 1: Project overview
    • Part 2: Business plan
    • Part 3: Marketing strategy
    • Part 4: Community Q&A



Can you briefly introduce Wizard Financial and how did you start this project?

Baba: A couple of months ago I just had an idea of a crypto website instead of just being a fork of PancakeSwap because there’s a lot of those out there. I thought it would be neat if we sort of gamified it a bit and made it so that you have a character on screen. Right now it’s at We have a wizard that’s flying around to wherever you click on the website or maybe in the future, we want to make it so that you could travel from page to page just by flying the wizard from left to right. You could hit hidden pages that aren’t gonna be there like on the main UI tab. That was my initial thought and then I was talking to a good friend of mine about it and he was like: “Dude, I’m doing Smart Contracts now, we could make this project actually happen..”. I was just showing him some pixars that I made based on it. That’s kind of what just got the project going and now we have a lot of NFT utilities. We’re going to have a lot of Play2Earn video games. We have a pretty ambitious road map but I’ll leave the specific information for the actual questions.

The project name is really interesting. How did you come up with that? Do you have any story to back up for ‘Wizard’?

Baba: My first thought was to make the tag ‘w-z-r-d’ for it. Then I saw that there’s

already one of those and I thought, if it’s already taken I might as well just make the whole thing because one of my friends told me: “you don’t have to limit yourself to four or five letters, you could fit all of ‘wizard’ in there.” So I said: “Alright, I’m just gonna do that”. I had already made a video game last year. I was developing it for about a year and a half but in this next game I want to make dungeons and dragons themed with different fantasy classes. I’ve been wanting to make a game based on a wizard so I figured we could make a cryptocurrency and add utility to it.

Kristen: I saw your little wizard on your website and I also tried to play for a while. It was really exciting, and it’s so cute how a tiny cartoon keeps running around like that.

Baba: The artwork is low-resolution but there’s something really charming about it. I don’t claim to be the best pixel artist by any means. I’ve only been doing it a couple years andI started from scratch, with no prior experience.

Kristen: Do you design the wizard yourself?

Baba: Yes, I do all of the pixel art. I have to rush some of it so fast because on the website, for anyone who doesn’t know about it, we made every single page a different background and some of them are animated so the whole background is a gif with 1920 by 1080 resolution. It takes time and effort to do that but when we were first developing it, we thought it could be launched within the first couple of weeks. However, it ended up taking us closer to two months. After getting all the artwork done, I was rushing through around two or three backgrounds in a day. Then when we found out we had a little bit more time, I made some animated gifs. We started to set the bar higher and higher which in the end is gonna be good but it was a lot to take on because, as I said, just two months ago, it was just a thought that I had. I didn’t know that we were gonna actually have a project done so we came a long way.

You mentioned earlier that you had another friend who helped create this game with the smart contracts and all that. I was wondering if you have a core team to support you behind the project?

Baba: For our core team, it’s just me and my friend. We have some telegram admins that we picked up to help when one of us isn’t around. We have some other developers like

freelance that i would hire. Since I started out game developing only a couple of years ago and I knew nothing about it, I needed a trusted freelancer that could help me out with some of those updates and I’m sure that Wizard is also picking up help from other people. There’s this other buddy of mine who takes part in making all the bots in telegram and the website coding to have our wizard flying around on the screen. Overall, we have just two core members and we got a lot of help from friends along the way.

Kristen: It’s good to start with just a small circle and then you can kind of develop it to a

bigger team for the project later.

Baba: We’re thinking about bringing another person on board to help with marketing and just to take some pressure off so that I could focus more on the game development and the pixel art. Because right now it’s honestly really hard trying to focus on one thing and then also manage the telegram channel. And I have to remember when something significant happens to make a medium article about it, I have to tweet about it, and it’s a lot to balance.


Wizard is now being launched and run on computers so have you thought about making it a mobile game?

Baba: Before we had any funding, we were funding a lot of the game development and all the marketing out of our own pockets to start off with. One of the games that I developed, just because I thought it’d be fun if we had a flappy bird clone, is Fluffy Wizard – one of the two games on our website that I made before launching. I think we’re gonna develop more

games for that and you could play Fluffy Wizard on mobile. There’s a lot that we want to do. We’re going to have a full scale, top-down RPG, Play2Earn functionality eventually. You could earn NFTs from getting the steam achievements on it as well and we’re going to

be releasing the platformers that you saw. We’re building the engine right now so we’re going level-by-level, maybe one level every couple weeks, so that we could keep the developments going but still give people levels while playing; because the crypto world moves so fast, you have to keep it interesting. I’ll also be working on a couple more mobile games as well and I’m looking forward to it. It’s really all about keeping as many people as you can happy and good things are bound to happen.

NFT games are the trend right now and there are a lot of them on the BSC networks, what makes Wizard stand out from the crowd?

Baba: I don’t know if many of those NFT games have the Play2Earn with steam achievements that are linked. We have some really strong partnerships coming up with different NFT functionality inside the video games, so that you could use them for staking

and also getting the in-game benefits. We don’t know exactly what they’re going to be yet because we haven’t made them. There are a lot of really nice and amazing projects out there that we’re going to partner up with. We have to keep making it profitable for

the investors and for the players because we’re trying to build up a system where our, our NFTs and our games all use and rely on each other. We’re gonna need to incentivize

people buy our token and we’re gonna give them utility where they could use that for stuff in games. The game works like this: as you incentivize people to play your games by having NFTs or having Play2Earn, they could either make money with the NFTs or they could get new levels and assets in the game. It’s an endless feedback loop where people just keep on benefiting from it. We have a very ambitious road map so I think as a lot of people are focused on just doing one thing, we’re going to do many different things and we’re going to be able to do almost all of them or probably all of them really well because the groundwork is being made by our partnerships.

What products does your project offer? What products have been released so far and what are the main functions about them?

Baba: We have our demo game. The reason I made the demo game was because I’ve seen a lot of projects on the Binance Smart Chain that have had their IDO launched. They’ve raised like a million dollars right off the bat and then if you look at their website, they have like almost nothing new coming out. I wanted to show people that we could deliver even before they give us any investment, any faith. I was like: “I’m just gonna start developing this platforming engine out of my own pocket to fund it.”. So I started the platforming engine there just to show people that part of our products are going to be these games.

We already have the games. I’ve already sold NFTs on a personal level and now with all these partnerships, it’s going to be even easier and now we’re in the process of making this NFT steam achievement functionality. We already have our token. We already have

staking, it’s on our website, it’s being updated. We’re going to have our own kind of staking

betting pseudo crypto gambling game. That’s also going to have all the art assets in the spirit of wizard and. It’s going to be called the Dragon’s Den. We already have branching

out a little bit into crypto gambling and these are the things we’re able to do. Because we’re branching out to different people, not our core team members but those other

people that can handle different things. We’re getting different people on all of it so we have a lot of products already and we’ve only been launched for around four days.

There are a lot of scam projects out there on the network, what do say that would guarantee your project is secure enough for the players?

Baba: I guess one thing that shows that it’s not a scam is we’ve already had our launch, our liquidity, all of the BNB that we raised in hand and then we manually pushed into liquidity so pretty much if this was a scam or if it was a rug pull, we could have already done it. We didn’t take the money. We’ve already gotten past the part where a rug pull would have taken place. I guess this could add some more merit to my claim: I totally ignored my own team tokens and bought the dip on Wizard with my own personal wallet. I’m one of the top holders right now and I’m still not selling. I bought a lot, around 55 cents the other day, and today we’re pumping a lot. I’m not sure what the current price is but earlier today we’re at fifty. So I was almost 3x with my own personal tokens and I’m just not even selling them. Thus,it’s the opposite of a scam just because I’m investing my own money too and not even taking it out. We locked all of our team tokens. We’re releasing 10 percent at a time so right now 90 of our team tokens are locked. Since I’m the CEO of the whole project and I got to say how much of our team tokens we had, I chose to only have five percent. My developer said that they want us to have five to ten percent so I just picked the absolute lowest number. We’ll hopefully make some money off the NFTs because that’s not harming the liquidity of the token at all. So I think that’s a win-win. We should get some profit for creating all of this, but if we could take that profit without harming the price of the token and without dipping into other people’s money then that’s just a win for us and it’s a win for them. If we end up selling some games with their Wizard token or there’s a whole different world of options out there for us in the future.

We would like to know more about the roadmap of Wizard Financial. What plan are you having for the future, maybe this year?

Baba: We already have the staking. I guess more stuff on our roadmap are mostly more staking partnerships so that we could spread our NFT marketplace out. Right now

we’re developing those games that might come later on this year. It might come within the next couple months, it all depends on where we choose to place our attention. Things are developing very quickly right now, with all of our video games that we’re making and with all of our partnerships to have NFT utility and to host our NFTs so I wouldn’t really be surprised at all if we end up actually having that NFT marketplace a lot sooner than we think. But our initial roadmap is on, there’s a roadmap tab so

anyone that wants to see it.


How do you plan to grow and expand your community in the future?

Baba: I would say if you’re a meme coin then just doing hype marketing in organic growth would help a lot but we’re not a meme coin and we’re more focused on the long term, on utility so we’re not getting our money from pumping and dumping our own coin. We’re getting it from just longevity. For us, organic marketing is very important. It’s very easy to get a lot of followers just by having paid twitter bots. But we want organic growth. We do giveaways in busd because if we do any giveaways in our own token, it doesn’t cost us anything, and that’s gonna harm the price of the coin later on. Giveaways are good because they attract a lot of people but you have to make sure that you don’t do it with your own token that you’re creating because otherwise it’s just going to get dumped. The price is going to go down. There’s going to be a lot more funding and it’s going to end up doing more harm than good so definitely having organic growth appealing to others in making partnerships and appealing to other markets that are aligned with yours.


Do you plan on having any collaboration with streamers since they seem to be very effective in promoting gaming projects?

Baba: As only two people are running a whole project, there’s so much on our plate that we’re working on. It’s hard to cover everything. We haven’t gone into that yet but I would totally be up for that. That sounds like it would be really fun and the game that we have coming out that’s connected to steam achievements, Play2Earn. I specifically put in speed running which is something very common for twitch streamers, so that if you beat my personal best times at different parts in the game, that’s a steam achievement. That’s something that we could market to twitch really well so Ii think that would be a really good idea. I’ll ask my partner what he thinks about it because he handles most of the marketing. I have some ideas for it but he’s really the marketing wizard out of the two of us. I think that’s definitely worth doing.

Does your game have any events created for the games community?

Baba: We have our giveaways. We have a flappy bird-clone, called the Fluffy Wizard, that I threw together in unity 2D. I did that in one day. I just threw it all together and I put a little scoreboard on it so that we would have a manual contest where whoever has the highest score in the next 24 hours gets 10 dollars. We plan on pushing up the prize money as our community gets bigger because it’ll hype them up. When we start doing huge giveaways, we can start advertising it on twitter and everything. We played bingo and other communities that I’ve been a personal investor in and that’s always really fun. I’m all for having fun giveaways like that. So yeah, we’ve already had some game events and we’re going to continue to do them. I’m sure as we get more stuff developed, there’s just going to be more and more options so I’m looking forward to them.

Are you planning on creating more in-game transactions in order to expand your token circulation in the near future?

Baba: Definitely, now I’ll dig into something that I’ve repeated a lot of the same information but now I get to go into something else. We’re not actually stopping at Wizard token. We’re gonna make more tokens that have entirely different tokenomics for what each coin will be created. We’re gonna make the Knightcoin, k-n-i-g-h-t, like a knight in a video game. We’re gonna make that more suited for farming and you could win that coin and Play2Earn in video games as well. We’re definitely going to expand our in-game transactions, have it integrated with NFTs and everything. We’re also going to have a Dragon token.

It’s insane how low the supply cap is going to be. I think there’s only going to be 10 000 of them which is very low, but these are all the in-game transactions. They are really good because people could make money or get value from the things that they buy. And then, we could make revenue on that. Again, that doesn’t harm the price of the token so that’s also a very strong idea. Anytime that we make a profit to put into the further marketing and development of our project without taking any money from the investors, it is a really good option so that we’re 100 percent gonna do more of that.

Currently, there are many competitive NFT game projects, investors seem to be very FOMO so does Wizard have any solution for investors to win in the current red blood market when investing in Wizard?

Baba: I don’t know if the complete bear market or if Bitcoin is just consolidating and

Bitcoin kind of dictates the price of all coins really in the market but that’s just how it is. We’re definitely in bloody waters right now, but just last night we were probably back down to like 55 cents then I woke up today we’re at a dollar fifty. So there’s definitely gains to be made. That’s way more than 2x, it’s almost 3x, and doing that in a bear market is amazing. It’s just gonna get easier the more people we reach to avoid those dumps along the way. Actually one of the perks of being a utility token is that although it’s awesome for our investors if the price of the coin goes up, they’re still gonna get the same amount of value. They’re gonna be able to do the same amount of things regardless of what the price is. That’s going to be really strong because if you’re a meme coin, you’re really hurting in this current bear market or at least in the price consolidation. But if you’re a utility token and you’re going strong, then you’re going to be fine and we’re only getting started with all the utility. If we’re doing this fine now and then, once we have more utility and we’re pushing even more of this marketing money into use, it’s just gonna get easier for us at least. And for all other utility tokens I would imagine as well.

Does Wizard think about expanding the project to another chain such as the rising one, Polygon?

Baba: I’m not on the technical side but the guy on our tech team actually just told me today that we could go to Polygon. I was like: Okay, we’re gonna get all this benefit and I don’t have to do anything. Why not? It’s a lot more people that you’ll be able to reach in the market so I have no problem with that. That’s where the market’s gonna be, it’s a good idea and it’s cost us that much. We already have our video games developed, why wouldn’t you branch out to every other medium. Once you already have your product made, branch out to other places as long as the Wizard is willing to do it.


Up to now, Wizard Financial has had outstanding growth with an ever-expanding ecosystem, promising to thrive in the near future.

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