AMA Recap: Zuki Moba

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Basic information

  • Time: November 11th, 2021 at 2PM UTC
  • Project name: Zuki Moba
  • Host: Kristen from Blockchain Army
  • Guest speakers: Dan Ngo | CEO and Co-founder from Zuki Moba, Jayz Nguyen | CMO and Co-founder from Zuki Moba
  • Main content:
    • Part 1: Project Overview
    • Part 2: Team
    • Part 3: Products & Services
    • Part 4: Tokenomics
    • Part 5: Security
    • Part 6: Roadmap
    • Part 7: Community Q&A



1. Would you like to introduce yourself a little bit and also the vision of your project before we get started?

Jayz: I’m Jayz, I’m the CMO and Co-founder of the Zuki Moba project and here we have Mr. Dan Ngo, he is our Co-founder and CEO of Zuki Moba also.

Dan: We’re glad to be here today. My name is Dan Ngo. I’m the CEO of the Zuki Moba project. Thanks to BSC Blockchain Army team for the chance for me today to share about the Blockchain NFT game and about our Zuki Moba project.

2. Where did you guys get the idea for the project’s name, Zuki Moba?

Jayz: We are technically a technical team and we have more than 4 years experience in the Blockchain industry. After Axie Infinity bombed the GameFi concept in the whole world so we are also involved in the GameFi Blockchain NFT game. Recently, we also helped a lot of GameFi projects in the market and we found out one problem in the industry, GameFi just started but all the other projects mostly concentrate on the finance not the gameplay. That’s why a lot of projects after the launching they cannot cast and attract the real game player, just the investors. They get enough benefits, they will exit and leave the game. That’s why the game project cannot last for longer, we find audit businesses and we come out with the Moba concept. This MOBA concept is the multiplayer online battle arena. With this concept, people will play and not feel bored with the game, they will spend more time with the game. They can team up and play together with the game, that’s why the project has time to last for longer and give us more time to develop more things to attract more people. That’s why we chose the Moba concept. Zuki is one of the traditional games from Japan, Yukigassen, the game where they throw snowballs at each other. This game is one of the very famous Esports game in Japan, that’s why we give this concept to help us in future after IDO, after we launch the game, we can interact with Esports events, tournament and in Metaverse and multiverse structure to build up the project more further up and can last the project longer to give more value to the players, to investors.

Part 2: TEAM

3. How many team members are there right now that are working together? How are they contributing to the whole project?

Jayz: Our team is a combination of Blockchain developers, game developers and also firm marketing experts. Mr Dan Ngo, our CEO, has more than 7 years experience in Crypto, cell development thinking and team development. We have more than 5 years of management in the field of ATS Marketing, website, Youtube, Facebook. Our founder, CTO, Mr. Lucid Hoang is the founder of a new film and omni game and he is also the representative of la token. He’s Vietnam la token country manager. I am Jayz, CMO. You can see a lot of game designers, game developers. marketing expert in our team. For this team, I feel that it’s very unique and we are able to run any project and especially the Zuki MOBA project. I’m very confident about our team. We also have support from a lot of backers, a lot of partners. Our advisor, Mr. Leon Truong, the DTS chairman, comes from FPT Telecom. Everybody in Vietnam knows it is the biggest communication company in Vietnam and got support from the government as well. A lot of advisors also have a lot of experience in the Crypto world, Blockchain industry and in business development. Our backers and partners, we have Kyber Network, Coins Group, Axia8, Ufin, Dora Factory, OneBit, X21, Krypital, Clovers. Why are all the backers and partners confident in our project is they have confidence in our team, on the Zuki Moba game and they are confident about our reason and mission as well.


4. What kind of products and services are you guys offering right now in space, in the market?

Jayz: We provide the game to key mobile like an entertaining sport game that is suitable for all x. In our design, we use the GB concept. This one is very cute and we try to minimize the violence in the game. This one is suitable for all act. In one family, we have three generations, like grandparents, parents and children, so they can play this game together. We aim for something like the metaverse in our game. We also develop something like, in the future, a male and female character can link up together, then they can marry and give birth to another generation. We want to build something like a second life for people in the game as well. So we also focus on Blockchain applications to detect the interest of the player. Our team has a long-term development and is more concerned with the gameplay than another project in the market outside.

5. What can you say that would make your project more special than the others and stand out from the crowd?

Jayz: Previously, we already said that we focus more on gameplay, that’s why we chose the concept a little bit different from others. In the market, there are a lot of games like card games, fighting games, they are normal. Players just play them then they can get bored, players don’t stay in the game for a long-term. So we develop the gameplay that lets people have a lot of mood to play like challenges, practice and solo. Also, people can team up together then compete with another team. This one is the concept of mobile that can make people more attractive and more excited when people play our game. Second, it is about timing. Timing is supporting us now. At this moment, a lot of projects are coming soon. Also with the mobile concept but we are already two months ahead. The time is enough for us to build the brand name, the reputation. We are not the first in the MOBA Blockchain game market but we are the second one. The first one is Thetan Arena and everybody knows that. So the Thetan Arena is already successful and we are the second one. We come back to talk about the story of the second people like Bitcoin, Eroom. The second one also can be successful, because we can make you successful, we also can see all the weaknesses and we can make it better. This one makes us special. Moreover, in our marketing strategy, we also focus more on the traditional game player, not only the investor and the crypto players.


6. Can you talk more about the distributions of $GEM and $ZUKI as well? What are the utilities of those two tokens in the project?

Jayz: We have a two tokens mechanism. We have the main token, $ZUKI. The total supply is 1,000,000,000 tokens. We have a sub token, $GEM, total supply is unlimited and this token has a very special mechanism. We built an automatic balancing mechanism and we gave the right elastic concept to building a token. When the token is used for reward, we can see that a lot of games are facing inflation because the reward pays too much. That’s why it’s a little pleasant. This token will build with the smart contract and the price elastic, for example, if the token in the market increases too much to cause inflation, the token will automatically get burnt. From our transaction fee, 1%, we also allocate more than 25% to buy back the token in the market to avoid inflation,and add more liquidity for the token. The token in the market lasts because a lot of people give the sub token, like $GEM to upgrade their character, NFT, upgrade their skill, so the token will be less and make the token price go up. The token mechanism will automatically buy more and balance back the price. This GEM token will balance with the price around $1 only. For this mechanism, we avoid inflection to give more space and more potential for the main token; Zuki has time to go up with the value and stability. The GEM token is just an in-game economic token but people can trade, buy and sell the token in-game.


7. People are very concerned about this problem since they can see a lot of scam projects out there where they just take the money from the users and run away. That has been a really big problem for a lot of people in this space. Can you say something to guarantee or soothe their concerns?

Jayz: We already did some research in the market. We have already been in the market for quite some time. If we choose the way to hit and run, or just draw a very nice project to launch, or take money from the investor, and then we disappear. If we want that, we don’t need to choose the right product, we don’t need to choose the right time, we don’t need to invest and spend a lot of effort, even the team member, even the expenses and even the timing to do the project, to develop the project. Secondly, their ideal, their justice are the very first step in the tool for us to run the project. We also team up with a lot of public partners like this security for investors, for the players who choose our project to invest or to play. Talking about the security of hacking, we also do a lot of audits and we already submit to tech rack and certificate audits. This will be coming soon. All of these updates can make a sword for investors, for all concerns and interests on our project, that can make them feel safe.


8. Where are you guys right now? What are the next goals for Zuki Moba?

Jayz: For our project, we already prepared a few months ago and we already started the raven stack and already came late. Now we are focused on marketing campaigns, on the IDO and listing on 20th of November. After IDO and listing one week, we will launch our first INO to start sales on our very first NFT. After one week, we will come out and launch NFT Marketplace for all the activities about NFT like staking, farming. After that we will launch our alpha test and beta test. After that, we will launch our first official product in the first week of January. After that we will also team up with a lot of game guild community or Vietnam Esport association to organize all the Esport events to attract more game players. After that, we also have the plan to team up with all the internet shops and bring traditional gamers to the Blockchain game.


9. MOBA games are very lively and attractive, but they require certain skills to play, what development strategy does Zuki Moba have for both skilled and unskilled players?

Jayz: We have 3 modes. One is the practice for the people who are new to the game. If they know how to play already, they can come to Solo mode. They can go to this mode to practice, go and earn a possible reward. If they already have enough skill and they also have friends, they want to cooperate with friends, they can team up together and fight with another team to get more rewards. This one is suitable for both skill and unskilled players, for those who want to play games no matter how old you are, what gender you are, you can also play this game.

10. Can you explain in more detail the Play-to-Earn and Free-to-Play mechanism and how users can generate passive income from this model?

Jayz: Every game, they request the player to want-to-earn or want to make money in the game play-to-earn concept, they have to invest, buy the NFT. They use it then they go and play and earn the reward. For our game, we do the same thing, but our game, the NFT, starts at $10 only, very cheap. This one can also be considered free-to-play already. Even people can come and practice, they don’t need to invest any NFT to play. They come ,we give them the free NFT to play. We also came up with one very nice concept that no one in the market has done. For example, before I talk about the mechanism, I will share a bit about my experience, when I can see in the market. Now investors, they have money, they can invest but they don’t play games. So the game player, they have skill, they have time, they want to play games, but they don’t have money to invest. How we match this to market together. For me, for our team, we came up with the mechanism that ran out the NFT. In our marketplace, people not only can sell and buy NFT, people can also borrow, brand the NFT out to other people. For example, today you have a lot of money, you invest in the NFT very strongly, but you don’t have time to play. Never mind, you can rent two people who don’t have money to invest in the NFT, but they can borrow from you. You give them your NFT, then they go and play, they make more reward, they make more money. After that, they pay the renter, they also can make the money for themselves. This is the very outstanding concept that we developed for this game.

11. What is your plan for global expansion? At present, which market do you focus on, or is it focused on building and growing to gain customers, users and partners?

Jayz: At the current situation, we will focus more on Southeast Asia because for us, the biggest markets of gameplay are Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand. After that, we target China because the population is very big and this is a very potential market. However, at the moment, a lot of issues about Blockchain and Crypto are very sensitive there. That’s why we put this aside and we focus on other markets like Turkey, Arabia, Mexico, Canada and Southern America.

12. How do you balance the economy in the game and how the anti-inflation mechanism works?

Jayz: This one is also a concern from all the players in the GameFi industry and market. We use $GEM as the reward token. We also worry that if we pay a lot of reward in the market, we’ll face inflation. That’s why we use an automatic balancing mechanism to balance back the token price about $1 only with auto burning and auto mining mechanisms. One controls the tokens in-game, one is the governance token. This main token can only collect the transaction fee, that’s why we use this income also to buy back and add more liquidity for the token and add up the value for the main token. That’s why we were confident in this mechanism.

13. MOBA games are very attractive to players. So what plans does the project have to attract players from the traditional market to the game?

Jayz: This is in our marketing strategy, I already explained, I will explain one more time. Actually, for us, our target for this market is that 30% are Crypto investment players, the more important is 70% of the traditional game players. Why? Because for us, when we survey the market, Crypto players can play games because they are all about Blockchain, they’re very familiar with it already. But the traditional game players, at this moment, the Blockchain game is very complicated for them to play because they need to open the world land, they need to download the wallet, they need to kyc, they need to buy the token, a lot of things to do. That makes them feel very complicated. That’s why this one needs a lot of strategy to bring them to go inside the Blockchain industry. How do we make it? Firstly, we team up with all the export associations to organize all the events that make all the tournaments, to bring more people to get to know about our concept, and to know about our game first. Secondly, we also team up with a lot of game communities. This game-building community will educate the traditional game players to go into the Blockchain game. Thirdly, we also team up with all the Internet sources in Vietnam, in other countries. We also team up with them and we use this way to educate the traditional game players to go into the Blockchain game. Imagine one day, when you went on the internet sub, you see people play Zuki Moba on every computer. It means we use the game to encourage and bring Blockchain closer to the community.


Up to now, Zuki Moba has had outstanding growth with an ever-expanding ecosystem, promising to thrive in the near future.

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