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In the crypto world, investors earn money by utilizing the power of technical analysis. Bakery Tools gives investors access to a set of ultimate data analytic tools for time-saving and profit maximization.

About Bakery Tools

Trading on DEXs can be troublesome for investors. For example, if you want to trade the BNB/BARMY pair on PancakeSwap, the process will go like this:

  • You have to see the chart to find an optimal trading position on another pair explorer. Sometimes, you have to follow the chart constantly.
  • If you want to trade at a high volume, you would like to evaluate the liquidity of DEXs using a pool explorer.
  • You have to form the trading pair with BNB and BARM; or you have to access the saved pair.
  • You will have to repeat the whole process next time you want to trade that pair.

Bakery Tools platform provides different trading tools to solve these problems and ensure a state-of-the-art trading experience. Moreover, it has a hotspot for private and pre-sales listings.

Key Features

Bakery Tools is launching three key features:

Real time data analysis

Bakery Tools displays real-time data from BSC Bakery and PancakeSwap. This set of data enables investors to make trading decisions without having to access many analytics tools simultaneously.

Shortly, Bakery Tools will integrate ERC20 DEXs data into their platform to expand users’ choices.

Multi-Pairs & Pools

Bakery Tools has several pair and pool features that optimize the trading experience.

  • Pair Explorer: Users can access real-time data and charts of the chosen trading pairs.
  • Multiswap Pairs: This feature gives users easy access to five of their most-used trading pairs.
  • Pool Explorer: Users can access real-time pool data from PancakeSwap & BakerySwap to choose the optimal DEX to trade on.
  • Desktop/Mobile Price Alerts: Users will get notifications whenever the price of their favorite tokens changes significantly. They no longer have to follow the charts all the time.
  • My Tracker (P&L Tracker): Users can track their profit and loss. P&L tracker is an essential feature because investors find it hard to manage their cash flow most of the time.
  • Trade Analysis And Pine Scripts: Users who are into the technical analysis can use the tools on Bakery Tools to make better trading decisions.


Bakery Tools Hotspot will list upcoming presales and private sales of validated projects. Bakery Tools receives validation requests from BSC projects and will eventually list the private sale/presale of the projects once they have verified them. With Hotspot, Bakery Tools helps projects raise funds and social attention while offering investors access to trustworthy money-making opportunities.

Verified projects can also book promotion services from Bakery Tools.

About Bakery Tools Tokens

Bakery Tools’ utility token is TBAKE.

Use case

TBAKE is used as a means of payment for Bakery Tools services.

  • Hotspot listing fees: Projects have to pay in TBAKE to be listed on Hotspot
  • Ads fees payment: Projects have to pay for advertising services in TBAKE
  • Baking tiers fees: Users who hold 2,000 TBAKE can unlock full features of Bakery Tools.



  • Ticker: TBAKE
  • Contract: 0x26d6e280f9687c463420908740ae59f712419147
  • Total supply: 100M TBAKE

TBAKE token distribution

The total supply of 100M TBAKE is allocated as follows:

  • Pre- Sale (35%): 35M TBAKE – No vesting period
  • Private Sale (25%): 25M TBAKE – 50% initial unlock followed by 50% after 1 month.
  • Liquidity (20%): 20M TBAKE
  • Team (10%): 10M TBAKE – 10% initial unlock then 10% unlock every 3 months.
  • Marketing (10%): 10M TBAKE – 20% initial unlock followed by 10% every 3 months.

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Fig. 1: TBAKE token distribution

The Bakery Tools team will buy back a certain amount of TBAKE and burn them every quarter. The amount of TBAKE includes 30% of the total hotspot listing fees, 30% of subscription fees, and 60% of ad fees.


Within just a few weeks, Bakeky Tools has built a strong community.

word image 104Fig. 2: Bakery Tools’ Telegram and Twitter statistics


The project has a clear roadmap for 2021, starting from February.

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Fig. 3: Bakery Tools’ Roadmap

Key Social Channels

Final Thoughts

Bakery Tools has been a hot topic around the DeFi space. It intends to create an ultimate experience for users and not only in trading.

Disclaimers: Writers’ opinions are solely their own and do not constitute any financial advice, investment advice or trading advice. BSC Army strongly recommends that you do your own research and seek professional advice from a financial adviser where appropriate.