AMA Recap: BlackLemon

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Basic information

  • Time: September 13rd, 2021 at 2:00 PM UTC
  • Project name: BlackLemon
  • Host: Kristen from BSC Army
  • Guest speakers: Ghassub|Founder and CEO of Blacklemon
  • Main content:
    • Part 1: Introduction
    • Part 2: Team
    • Part 3: Products and Services
    • Part 4: Marketing Strategy
    • Part 5: Community Q&A



1. Would you like to give an introduction about yourself and your position?

Ghassub: Hi everyone, thanks for joining in, and thank you Kristen and BSC Army for hosting me and the BlackLemon team. My name is Ghassub, I’m the founder and CEO of BlackLemon. My background and my expertise are mainly focused around internal enterprise digital product building, computer graphics, interactive media, technologies, and digital marketing. The experience has been mainly both in fintech art industries where I have worked with many startups, local companies, multinational brands to develop and market their digital platforms and digital marketing, advertising campaigns. During the past 10 years I’ve been living and working between Dubai. I’ve been a Dubai resident for more than six years now. The team and I spent years working in these industries and regions and having known the world of NFTs growing at the speed of light, we thought that we should bring BlackLemon to life and we just did it a couple of months ago, actually three months ago. We want to contribute to the amazing digital revolution called the NFT, the DeFi, and all what the blockchain has to offer


That’s our seed and DVR experience. Basically, at the moment we offer six different categories of seed NFTs. The top one is Divine Amethyst, which allows their holders to access this VR experience, but it will allow everyone else to engage with it as well, and it’s the better version of our VR museum and a gallery that we have been working on very hard lately. Hopefully once released, it’s going to bring a lot of value and it will showcase our capabilities as well

Part 2: TEAM

2. How did you and your team meet up and how did you guys come up with this idea for the whole project of BlackLemon? Can you share a little bit about that?

Ghassub: Sure. So basically just like I mentioned, we’re based in the Middle East region and we have a lot of experience here when it comes to the digital world, art, fintech and so on. We have noticed that the region is still very behind on the NFT adoption and when it comes to the apps and all the advantages that DeFi has to offer, there are limitless opportunities there, and since everyone is still very behind we thought that it’s a great opportunity for us to jump in and fill this gap that we see in the market. And so blacklemon came to life while looking that we have all the skills, all the potential, all the knowledge, and we have the right advisors and partners that will help the integration of something unique. It’s not like any different crypto project that you have seen, it’s very unique in its concept and in its creation, its vision, its missions, the services that we offer,… it’s all crafted just to fill the gap in the market and not just to follow the trend. For more of a long-term perspective, we hope to strive further since we are looking at the gap in the market to try to fill it rather than looking at what’s trending right now and try to follow that.


3. So about the team, do you have anything to say about other positions? How many team members are there and how do they contribute to BlackLemon?

Ghassub: I’ll give you a little bit of introduction about the company: what it offers, the Opal project. We are the first of its kind, NFT production house. We want to provide an experience to earn a model, which is not very common in the market right now. This goes with the main aim to produce, not to promote and sell NFT artworks and experiences to our audience whether it’s VR, AR, 3D, 2D modeling, scanning animation and so on. It’s all media services. We also have the top talents in order to build them all. The team is a combination of a lot of talents and experiences. We don’t just have developers and designers, we are much more than that. For example, myself the CEO, then we have Omar as well, he’s our Operations and Talent Director. We have a very important advisor for us and the company, who is Javier Assad. He crafted our brilliant tokenomics and with this, we believe that it will bring a lot of value. Technology department is headed by Assad as well. Token Swift is our partner who develops our smart contracts, they are well known in the market. Nick is the leader of VR, the virtual reality. The android agile product building team, marketing and advertising is managed by Iom. We have Sarah, our host for all the AMAs that we are doing with the top NFT artists. We have Christine Rima, managing BlackLemon Academy. We have SamUrai, our digital creative and creative mastermind. We have a lot of partners also in the industry who are well known, live token one left with a protocol, secure pad and others who are the team founders and they are our top advisors as well. Solidity finance also has audited our smart contracts as well, so it’s basically the team, the advisory, the right power partners, third-party partners we chose, it’s all mixed up to build the right team, build the right project, build the right needs for a good project to strive further.

Kristen: It sounds like a really great combination of all the expertise and all the experienced people in the field, and you guys have gathered together to become a team for BlackLemon and you all support each other to make this whole project go to the moon.

Ghassub: It’s a great team. We know they’re all talented and experienced people and hopefully together we’ll be able to do great stuff. We have already been doing so much good stuff, people are really happy, the community is happy, everyone who got in early is also happy. So what matters the most is that everyone is a team and it is right to build what the people are expecting and we promise to over-deliver that as well.


4. What products and what services has the team been offering to the market users and how do you plan on expanding in that field?

Ghassub: We have the creators, the launch pad for example. This is a service where we produce marketing strategies and provide the right approach for any creator who is a brand, a talent, an artist, or a celebrity for example. Anyone who wants to go onboard the blockchain, whether from releasing an NFT collection, or releasing different virtual artworks, or he wants help to produce them, not just to mine or to create a strategy. So the creator’s launchpad and the creative factory are the two services that work together to provide this exceptional and unique service. We also have our own VR museum and gallery like that in the video that we shared at the beginning. I have already explained what we’ve been up to. We also have a play to earn game, it’s not our main service but it’s something unique. We are trying to build it very different from all the games that you see in the market, different in its concept as well. We also have the BlackLemon Academy in which we are producing educational content to help non-crypto users and investors to come on board by explaining each step, how it goes, and everything for them. The NFT scene is where we feature all the top NFT artists and all top nft news. We’ve hosted more than 12 AMAs with top NFT artists in the market whether it’s because of their exceptional talent or because they made you know great gains or great sales, they reached the top news so we hosted them on our platform. We have featured more than 80 artists on our website as well, so there’s a lot that’s been going on under the NFT scene and it’s just in the first few months. Moving forward I see a lot of potential for that one. In a nutshell what we do, from a production perspective we have produced six different categories of our seed NFT. They are genesis, non-fungible tokens to be our early investor in our project, so we hosted the private sales and the wireless sales and we managed to sell out almost 85 percent of our seed NFT. There’s a video that’s going to show later on which is going to give more information and details about that and basically these nfts are the only way for our token to exist in the market other than the initial circulation supply. You have to stick to these NFTs and mint our token which is called $BOM, we have a really cool song for our token as well. We will be releasing that later on today on our Twitter, Telegram channel as well so you guys can go there and uh to see it. It’s really fun, the clip is really cool also. So this NFT is basically the one you use to earn our token, $BOM, and you can claim the tokens for a period of 90 days. It’s like investing but it’s in a cool way where we created a really good use case, the first use case for our seed NFT. That’s basically all our services in a nutshell and what we are then up to for the 15% left of our seed NFT, we will be offering them for sale, as per whitelist sale, on the 15th of September, which is in two days from now. It will only be available for two days as per white sale price. But then, once we launch our token on the 17th on Moonlift decks and Pancake Swap any remaining seed and of these will be priced as per public price, so the widest price is only available for two days.

5. You have mentioned all the utilities of the NFTs in your project and how they connect to your token $BOM, so how do you distribute the tokenomics ?

Ghassub: Basically, $BOM’s total supply is 500 million. The seed of NFTs who have the minting power of a total of 55 million $BOM, so 346 seed NFTs. The total they can mint is around 55 million $BOM. The initial circulation supply will be 10 million with the 250k BUSD, so it’s paired by BUSD upon an initial circulation supply, so it’s better to purchase it using BUSD. We’re gonna provide the liquidity for the listing on both decentralized exchanges which is Moonlift dex, and the Pancake Swap, I think most are familiar with this one as well. So the listing price will be around 0.025 cents

6. What would you say to convince the investors to hold or to stake your token for the long-term vision?

Ghassub: Most projects when they start, they try to raise all the amount and then they start to develop their services and products and so on, while for us, we kick-started this all the way from the beginning. We started actually working on developing something not just unique but also started the development of our services and token utility as well, so we are prepared to start making income and hopefully making sales and making gains for everyone not just for six months after we have raised all the amount or after our token is launched, we are very ready to kick-start most of our services. And that’s basically what I believe will drive up the value of our token and NFTs. While there’s also a lot of opportunities to stake our token whether it’s to earn $BOM or to earn NFTs, if you check out the outlooks that we’ve done whether it is the 3D, the VR experience, all the reward NFTs that we gave for the early investors, you will see the the level of complexity, the level of creativity and the talent used to produce these outlooks are really high. So we’re not just sharing random gifts or a small drawing or a different variety of collectibles, we’re offering real artworks that have value over time and not just as for a trend which is happening now and could blow up soon or could lose its hype. Just like I mentioned, our project is more focused on the long term and the gap in the market rather than following certain hypes that would die very soon.


7. How would you promote BlackLemon, all the utilities like the VR event that you mentioned to the new users out there in the market? What is your marketing strategy that you focus on right now? Do you use any kind of influencers, KOLs, or those artists like NFT artists to spread the word about BlackLemon?

Ghassub: To be honest we plan to be all over the place. Since we kick-started this project, we have created the creators AMAs, a program that you’re offering right now, where we hosted more than 12 AMAs with all these exceptional artists. This has just driven a lot of exposure to us and I’ve seen the reach, the PR and the connections. We’re trying to build the capabilities of the team as well. We are also creating a big community of exceptional talents so we featured more than 80 people on our website. Just like I mentioned, all of this together is going to create a big community that each one has its audience and we bring all these audiences together and move forward. That’s a big vision for us from day one. From a marketing perspective, in order to increase our reach, we will also implement all our communication, all our services not just in the English language but in Arabic language as well, which is basically the market that hasn’t been tapped into. This is not a small audience, the Middle East has a lot of potential. We so far have been featured on all my major publications, Bloomberg Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, Crypto Daily, … We have plans even further to expand our PR as well. There’s a lot in the roadmap that we are developing in the pipeline right now. I don’t want to share everything but there’s a lot to come.

8. Where are you on the roadmap currently and what have you achieved so far? What is the plan for the next few months or maybe until the end of this year?

Ghassub: Currently we are preparing to launch our BEP-20 token as explained. It has been a very busy time for us. We’ve been planning, preparing, building, and implementing for a long time. We haven’t been sleeping well, to talk, to craft the best service, the best user experience for everyone who wants to be part of us. What we achieved so far, we’ve achieved a lot. They deployed all our contracts, which have been audited. We’ve kicked started many of our services, started building and developed the better version of the VR, all the seed NFTs and created all the 3D outlooks and environments. We’ve onboarded exceptional talents, we have the right advisors, so achievements have been great so far. It hasn’t been easy. So for the future, we want to move forward, kick off our services to allow more token utilities and to better and to grow and expand the ecosystem, that is what we’re trying to build. In order for our token to be part of everything, it’s a payment currency that will be used for paying for our services whether it’s a creative factory or the creator’s launch pad. It’s for users to buy NFTs as well. These are our roadmap. We have been running really quick and we want to push them all as soon as possible.

9. Did you face any other problems or like challenges and what were the solutions for those difficulties ?

Ghassub: Talking about the challenges, we are a big team and the project is only a few months old so the challenge would be to get everyone on the right direction, the right vision, the communication, and so on. So that is the main challenge that we faced at the beginning by finding the right talents, on boarding the right people, getting all of them together to communicate together and letting everyone feel that they are really a part of one big family, not just there to do their job. That has been the biggest challenge for me to really give that impression that we are a family, not just you know a project that’s wanna just benefit from this industry for the short term. There’s a lot of professional colleagues I’ve worked with a long time ago,there are talented people that are part of my family, they are skilled at a certain service that we can offer. Other than that everything is straight forward. The building concept, the tokenomics working on them and implementing them, building all 360 degree 3D environments and building the VR, … There’s a lot of challenges that came along the way but we managed to get through them all so far, nothing major has been blocking us from getting to our vision and getting to our aim and goals so I think we are in a good state now. I’m really happy with the progress that myself and the team have made so far.

 10. What is the meaning behind the name of Black Lemon?

Ghassub: We wanted a name that’s very unfamiliar to the crypto people because if you notice there’s a lot of repetition in names: DeFi, Crypto or a lot of tech names that they work around. So we wanted a name that’s unusual. It would make people curious at it: what is this about? Is it crypto? Is it NFT related? Is it a farm? When you raise the question why that’s when you create the interest. At the user level, they will be interested to go and to click, to learn and by them discovering the project themselves rather than just understanding what it is about from its name and looking at the other great stuff that we’ve done. This is why we aim that the name would lead our people to understand better. Just like I said, be the one who found the project and found the whole creativity inside rather than just to give it to him right from the name and not create the interest or small user experience exploration. I’ve been working in marketing and advertising for the past 10 years, so we really think thoroughly about the names and how we develop them. Everyone’s asking us about the name and that’s what we want everyone to do so we achieved our goal basically.


​ 11. What are the key points for the community to join this great project? What helps them continue to scale in the market?

Ghassub: By expanding our community, we will be able to increase the trust and the value in our project. I definitely want to grow the community through offering them all these exciting services and where they can also earn from these services as well. We have an area referred to earn, to learn to earn, we have a state to earn model, we have a token buyback strategy as well which will also fit the community and our all token holders with the tokens on a live scale. So whenever we implement token buyback this will go to the polls that basically earn all the users of our services or the holders of our token.

 12. How much do you have to pay to join the NFT academy? Can $BOM token holders be free to assess virtual museums and galleries without being charged ?

Ghassub: No, seed NFT holders and $BOM token holders will be able to access these services and product offerings for free. They don’t need to be charged. We will also allow them to have more utilities moving forward without being charged just by having a seed NFT or holding our token.

 13. BlackLemon’s SEED NFT #Marketplace is the only place for purchasing and staking SEED NFTs. Can you give us more detail about how to purchase and stake in your platform?

Ghassub: On the 15th we will be publishing our marketplace. It’s only a seed NFT marketplace, it’s not for creators or brands to come and mint their tokens there. This is the last chance for investors to come and take part in this early phase of this project. And then on the 17th after the token is launched, investors holding seed NFTs will be able to stake their NFTs right there on the same platform so there will be a marketplace and the staking dashboard. When they go to the staking dashboard, they will see whether there is a stake and they stake them and it will start minting their token automatically.

 14. Will the NFT that we buy at BlackLemon later can be sold on the ETH network marketplace like opensea ?

Ghassub: It really depends on whether we decide to go multi-chain or to go cross-chain, whether with Ethereum or other blockchains. For ETH, currently it has a really high gas fee so we’re not really looking into that. If gas fees problems are solved then we think we could look into the Ethereum network again. But now we are looking at our seed NFT, there are BP 1155 tokens, so currently Metamask, Trustworth and others are all working to develop and support them even further because it’s still new. Just like I mentioned, we try to jump on a gap in the market and be an early people, so I believe there’s a big future for Binance, Smart chain when it comes to NFTs and I don’t really focus ETH, it’s already a lot of competition there already, a lot of opensea. It’s the biggest marketplace, there are millions of NFTs there, projects like us on BSC have better capabilities. That’s why we are focusing there and if we bridge to other blockchains unless Ethereum gas fees are fixed this is when we can tap into ETH and see how it goes there.

15. Do you think the NFT marketplace is like a shower that comes and goes? How do you think the NFT market will develop in 2022?

Ghassub: If you have noticed lately in all major brands, even the ones that didn’t usually accept crypto payments or they didn’t really have any involvement in blockchain, they lately have been all trying to jump on this technology and be part of this revolution. So NFTs when it comes to collectibles it has certain hypes that comes and goes, but when it comes to NFT in all its use cases all these opportunities and the limitless opportunities that are there, I believe the NFT has a great great future and it’s going to be adopted for a lot of use cases for different industries whether it’s going to be a governmental real estate and not just art and and collectibles there are much more into the future of and the limited opportunities that the NFT has to offer. That’s what we are trying to focus on and we were aiming to have it in our vision, basically, the long term limitless opportunities for NFTs.


Up to now, BlackLemon has had outstanding growth with an ever-expanding ecosystem, promising to thrive in the near future.

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